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Winning Through Extinction

If Conservatives, Red-staters and those who believe in the holy directive to “multiply and replenish the Earth,” are patient, they will never again have to campaign against the Left, because Liberals are sprinting down the road to self-extinction.

Non-procreation has been a fashion trend among Liberals for a lot of years now, especially European Liberals. Just this week, the face of climate hypocrisy, Al Gore, called on women to save the planet by “stabilizing the population.” That is a euphemism the Chinese one-child bureaucrats would have loved. But of course it is just another float in the parade of anti-human ideas that ooze from the pens and mouths of the environmentalist Left.

First we had to cease using DDT because it made the eggshells of certain seabirds fragile. The result has been the needless deaths of millions of people each year, primarily in equatorial Africa, from mosquito-borne malaria. Then came abortion on demand. The human cost is staggering; upwards of 55 million dead humans in the United States alone since 1973. The “women’s liberation” movement derided the nuclear family and the children it produces and protects. Birthrates fell as women bought into that lie. Next in the parade came gay marriage. What could be more anti-procreation than fashioning a model for sex and marriage that is irrevocably sterile? The ideologies of the Left are fundamentally anti-human; National socialism, Facism, Marxism, Communism. If you haven’t noticed yet, all governments based on those ideologies kill lots and lots of people (Liberals included). And now we have arrived at the juncture where having babies is not an eco-friendly thing to do. Children and the human race be damned! ‘We don’t want to inconvenience the planet with the dreadful dumplings’ dastardly landfill-clogging diapers,’ goes the reasoning of the enviro-Left.

The modern Left is on the path to extinction. But this is not the natural selection of weak species dying out while the adaptable and vigorous species thrive and evolve. This is human-selected extiguishment of a species (although the Left is not, technically, a separate species). Oddly enough, they are selecting themselves to eternal banishment from the planet. A self-destructive movement using the scalpel of fecundity to kill itself in a single generation. This is fascinating from a theoretical standpoint. There are, of course, a lot of variables which go into reproduction and population dynamics. But generally speaking, the Left is trending itself out of existence.

Red-staters, Christians, and Conservatives are ensuring political domination simply by having more babies that Liberals and Blue-staters. Abortion rates are lower in Red states. Conservatives have higher birth rates than Liberals: 2.7 children on average in the Red state of Utah vs. 1.7 in very blue Vermont. Evangelical Christians and Mormons have nearly twice the birthrates of their secular neighbors. Perhaps it boils down to the fact that most Conservatives believe IN God, believe His word, and believe that He is SERIOUS when He gives commandments. Liberals answer first to political ideology then self (God is stuck some place where they can pull Him out if it is convenient), so “multiply and replenish” to them are a blasphemy against their overburdened Mother Earth.

I frankly feel bad for the broads and dipsticks that somehow feel their environmental awareness will compensate for the awful void of children that never were. Mother Earth will not like you any better just because you skip producing a batch of little eco-destroying nasties. Nature will eat you up in an eyeblink because it is dispassionate, and vast, and you can do nothing to impact the planet for long term good or ill. You are a flyspeck on the cosmic timeline. But your human heart may long for a family, especially when Al Gore and the Environmental movement are remembered only as a hoax. Your heart may break. Your Heavenly Father may be a little miffed.

But, hey. In just a few years Conservative candidates won’t have to do any fundraisers, stump speeches, or social media campaigns. There won’t be any Liberals left to run against.

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  • Dan

    This article, although intended as semi-satirical, hits on a lot of observational truth that would make for more interesting discussion than this tired tail chasing about leftist indoctrination in academia.

    What makes some conservatives think that pathologically indoctrinated Alinskyites even care about objective reality? They don’t believe in it.

  • Clavos

    Point taken, Dan…

  • zingzing

    clavos: “If it’s left, it’s taught as gospel…”

    clavos: “I didn’t say that; don’t quote me falsely, zing, it makes you into a liar, like some others on these threads.”

    how else do you want me to take it? really. so i paraphrased, but you shouldn’t take it so harshly when i put your words back into your mouth. and you know that there’s little distance between what you and i said. if you want to explain the difference, go ahead. please.

    “and they even teach you how to do it…”

    how do you do it? how do i see through your words and predict that you’re posturing? my parents certainly had something to do with it, as did my innate intelligence, but certainly, my teachers helped me to develop this ability to question as well. you need someone outside the family and yourself to make you question your family and yourself.

  • zingzing

    and i’m not a liar (in this instance). so suck it up, clavos. either stand behind your words or don’t. i respect you as a person, but you’ll get no guilt from me on this. i’m certainly not in the wrong.

  • El Bicho

    “The following Gallup survey includes all Americans.”

    Really? I didn’t take part in it. And looking at the numbers the vast majority didn’t either. Also, I didn’t notice a breakdown by race or ethnicity on the page so not sure why you created the link as it doesn’t support your position. Plus, it doesn’t even take into account that how people self-identify is not necessarily how they vote.

  • Clavos

    …my teachers helped me to develop this ability to question as well.

    As did mine. We question different entities, you and I.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    So Clavos – why don’t you question the propaganda your own side feeds you?

  • Clavos

    I farm that out to you lefties, Glenn. You do a much better job than I could; you’re all smarter than I.