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Win Lil Jon & THE ESB AOL MUSIC LIVE Tickets!

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You feeling lucky punk? If you’re in New York and feeling lucky, go to the following link NOW!!! You might win tickets to the AOL MUSIC LIVE event featuring Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz at Webster Hall on April 12th! Pitbull and the Yin Yang Twinz is the special guest as well. No tickets are being sold at all for this event, it is strictly invite, so act fast! (I got mine, right Bronwen-hint-hint)

The show will air live on as well, so if you lose, you can watch it online. Make sure you check Lil Jon & The ESB new track “Get Crunk” and e-card!

Get Crunk” e-card

“Get Crunk” (NEW radio edit) –
WM hi

“Get Crunk” (NEW radio edit) –
WM lo –

“Get Crunk” (NEW radio edit) –
QT hi –

“Get Crunk” (NEW radio edit)
QT lo

~Ying Yang Twinz are blowing up the charts as well, with “Wait (The Whisper Song)”. According to TVT, “Wait” is at 40,000 spins TD and a weekly audience of 67 million.
The new album “U.S.A. (United States of Atlanta) is set to hit the streets this summer. “My Brother and Me” is in store now. Check the goodies below for more Ying Yang than you can handle!

“Wait” – video (Director’s Cut)
WM hi

“Wait” – video (Director’s Cut)
WM lo

“Wait” – video (Director’s Cut)
QT hi

“Wait” -video (Director’s Cut)
QT lo

“Wait” ecard available now:

“Wait” Audio (explicit) Windows High

“Wait” Audio (explicit)
Quicktime High

“Halftime (Stand Up & Get Crunk) feat. Homebwoi” Audio –
Windows High

~Pitbull is making noise too! His album M.I.A.M.I. is gold and he has a new single guaranteed to help push it to platinum status soon. Check out the video to “Toma” and watch the e-card for an interview with Lil Jon, Pitbull and hip-hop director Jesse Terrero.

“Toma” e-card
feat interviews with Lil Jon, director Jesse Terrero and Pitbull + “Toma” video and more!

“Toma” Video (Explicit)
Windows Hi

“Toma” Video (Explicit)
Windows Lo

“Toma” Video (Explicit)
Quicktime Hi

“Toma” Video (Explicit)
Quicktime Lo

“Toma” Audio Download



That’s just the tip of the iceberg, as TVT has product from Jacki-O, Teedra Moses, Ambulance LTD, Sevendust and more. Listed below are some links from TVT. Enjoy

Poe Little Rich Girl (Explicit and Clean versions) – in stores now
E-card, feat “Break You Off”

“Break You Off”-Audio download

“Break You Off” Audio streams also available upon request
Jacki-O “Fine” Video (Explicit)

“Fine” Video (Explicit) –

“Fine” Audio (Explicit)

Dirty E-card (Explicit Version of Video)

Clean E-card (Clean Version of Video)

Teedra Moses — Complex Simplicity – in stores now

The Blue Van – The Art of Rolling – in stores 4/5/05
“The young Danish masters of the rave-up with the tools to superheat abeat…
The Blue Van has the tunes. Retro fun – with forward purpose. Get inthe Van.”

“The debut from these up-tempo rockers will make you want to want tosteal your glaucoma-riddled grandmother’s therapy bong before terrorizinglocal mall security.”

“Great Danes! Jaunty rockers The Blue Van prove that Denmark is the newSweden.”

“Revelation of Love” Ecard

“Revelation of Love” Video
Windows Lo

“Revelation of Love” Video – Quicktime Lo –

“Revelation of Love” Video –
Windows Hi –

“Revelation of Love” Video –
Quicktime Hi –

“Revelation of Love” –
Audio download

(I should have posted this in Hip Hop Hollywood)

Be Cool OST
feat Christina Milian with tracks by Alicia Keyes and the Black Eyes Peas, in stores NOW!

Be Cool Movie Trailer
Quicktime Lo

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