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Wilma blows the House Down: Our Cities are Fragile

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Today the power in our resort came back. An hour ago the internet connection was partially restored.

There was little flooding; mostly wind. Streets are littered with street signs, ripped away metal awnings and lighted signs. Worse, the power has been off and that brought the modern city to a halt. How wierd!. No one seems to have planned for the catastrophe that they knew would be coming. Restaurants and stores are just reopening. The gas stations that are working have huge lines (4 hour waits are normal). Tempers are short.

A curfew from 8PM is in effect.

Police sit bored at intersections that have not signals in this rapidly growing city with exploding traffic.

This is a Google Maps of South Florida around Dade County/Miami. It is growing too fast to function. Its fragility of its strong growth is shown.

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This is the city closer in. Much is now dark and hassled without deaths and smelly shelters such as are described in Cancun but this is America and the winners seem to be the oil companies. How could that have happened?

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The seemingly minor but highly annoying and sometimes dangerous and expensive problems could, perhaps, be lessened in our modern society in what is a new city. It is time to spend our resources creating the future and the cities rather than destroying and hating and throwing our weight around.

Luckily, the President made his first visit to South Florida today. Surely there will be help, solutions and justice following in his wake.

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