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Willow Smith and the Whip

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The first time I heard Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair,” I felt a shudder travel up my spine. Within seconds, my four daughters shrieked delightedly. Hands were in the air, torsos swayed and a weird combination of singing and rap spilled from their mouths.

I was horrified.

What was this amalgam of Li’l Kim Disney-esque pop sprinkled sexual innuendo and Rihanna gone wild? How could I let these cold sweat-inducing lyrics spoil the ears of my now not-so-innocent children?

“Aw, Mom!” cried my seven-year-old. “That was Willow Smith.”

Say what?

Later that night, when they were softly snoring, and resembling the children I wanted them to be, I went on my own YouTube reconnaissance mission.

It was worse than I thought.

What universe was I living in? Were Jada and Will drinking too much of the Scientology kool-aid or were the dollar signs clouding their vision? How had my daughters heard this song anyway? How would I go about banning this? Was it feasible, considering kids all have their own iPod touches that enable them to view this stuff far from their parents’ censoring eyes? How could I justify it? Age inappropriate didn’t seem to cut it since Willow’s age is hovering around that of my two older daughters.

I felt weak in the knees. The world was changing much too fast for me. I can only cross my fingers and do a little rain dance to keep the hair whipping from happening under my roof.

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  • Kee

    lady,the song wasn’t even inappropriate,i swear i cant stand “grown ups” who clearly “HATE” on a 10 yr old. And than your going to sit up there on your high horse thinking Mr. Will and Mrs. Jada are going to make money off their child…see little willow:don’t listen to this maniac

  • Kee

    Don’t be jeolous because your daughters aren’t like willow smith

  • Kee

    How unmature for somebody with kids to say that…I really hope your children don’t grow up thinking a little 10 year old singing a fantastic song is soooooooo inappropriate!!

  • I was going to say ‘Wow, lots of outraged commentary on this one’, but I see they are all from the same person. Who appears to be approximately your daughters’ age. 😉

    I listened to a lot of inappropriate music that horrified my parents when I was a kid. They didn’t believe in limiting what I listened to (although many movies were off-limits), but they DID insist on listening to all of it and reading the lyric sheets, and asking if I had any questions about what I was hearing. (Specificially, The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” album.)

    I’ve never heard the song. I don’t know anything about it. I don’t like Willow Smith I saw her on the Oprah show and she called Oprah “Girl”. Um, no. You’re a child. It’s OPRAH WINFREY. You’re calling her Ms. Winfrey or Ms. Oprah. Jada should have smacked her.

  • Jennifer O.

    I’m glad someone read and posted, even if the comments weren’t exactly postitive.

    While the song itself isn’t explicit, and it’s not anywhere as bad as the other stuff out there, it does present interesting elements, since the singer is 10 or so. I wouldn’t have let my kids sing it…

    The song has become somewhat of a running joke between my kids and me. I haven’t banned it, and they still listen to it when I’m not in the room. The beat itself grates on my nerves so I try to walk briskly out of the room when I hear its first notes hum over the radio or computer.

    Music I find distasteful is unavoidable. It’s everywhere. I pick my battles, point out the misogyny and ridiculous, and try to move on. I hope my kids stay humble,pray they don’t start acting like many other kids do, and I thank my lucky stars they are as well behaved and intelligent as they are. (Not even close to perfect, but good enough for me.)

    So, thanks for your interest and attention in my first blogcritics article.

  • Mel

    The kid isn’t even singing.An there comparing her to Wacko Jacko.All willow saids is I whip my hair back and forth I whip my hair back and forth.You call that singing.An adult is singing the song the song you morons.Shouldn’t the adult who is really sing the song,be getting the credit.Willow says a couple of words over and over again an dances.An when you look at the way she dances and any of those kids dancing with her.There not that good,an there comparing Willow to michael Jackson.The kid will never be another Michael Jackson because shes not even singing the song.

  • Mel

    Ya call that singing,my hubbie sings more in the shower.The kid saids a few words and repeats those words, that ain’t singing.When the kid sings a whole song. Will tell ya whether shes good or not.

  • Mel

    Who is the adult that is singing the song, I whip my hair back and forth?Cause that ain’t Willow who is singing the song.

  • simya

    wast on my mind is i am glad that school is almost out