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Willie Nelson Reveals America’s Dirty Little Secret

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America's favorite singing cowboy, Willie Nelson, is throwing his weight behind the fight to end the inhumane treatment and eating of … horses.  The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (H.R. 503 and S. 1915) would ban the slaughter of horses in the U.S. and the exportation of the live horses for slaughter abroad.  

Working with the Society for Animal Protective Legislation, Nelson is urging all Americans to call their Members of Congress to let them know Americans won't tolerate the inhumane treatment of horses.  Says Nelson, "It's like stepping on the American Flag."

SAPL's website makes their disgust clear.  We Americans have never raised horses to eat them, yet every year, "American horses are being killed so their meat can satisfy the palates of overseas diners in countries such as Italy, France, Belgium and Japan."

On September 5, Nelson will ride up to Capitol Hill with Bo Derek, Ken Wahl, Jennifer Pryor, his family, and the Barbi Twins (as Dave Barry used to say, I swear I'm not making that up) to throw their support behind the bill, which has already received hundreds of co-sponsors on the Hill. 

One hates to be picky about these things, but bills aren't introduced and voted on the same day, as the news release from his publicists, Schock Ink, claims.  The bill's already been introduced and sent to the respective House and Senate Committees.  Of course, since Schock Ink is the self-proclaimed "most dynamic and respected music industry public relations firms in the world through [the]creativity, diligence and the unquestioned media savvy of its founder, Elaine Schock," maybe they know something about the legislative process the rest of us don't.

Now, some may ask, what's the difference between eating Bambi and Trigger?  And, granted a lot of these horses are ill-treated before being killed, isn't it just part of the American way?  Think about chickens, lobsters, veal, acorn squash, and other items intended for our consumption treated in ways some might call inhumane.  What makes horses so special?  According to the legislative language, "horses and other equines play a vital role in the collective experience of the United States and deserve protection and compassion…Unlike cows, pigs, and many other animals, horses and other equines are not raised for the purpose of being slaughtered for human consumption."  

Well, then, any other questions?

As Willie Nelson says, "It's time for the cowboys to stand up for the horses."

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  • I see nothing wrong with eating horse. I’ve never done it, but why is eating horse so taboo, if eating cow and pig and lamb and deer isn’t? They are all large land mammals with some modicum of intelligence.

    East Asians like to eat dog and cat, as well. I’m not at all fond of that particular cultural practice, but as long as they aren’t eating MY dog or MY cat, let them do what they want…

  • What the hell does Willie expect us to do with all the gigantic horse corpses we get stuck with?


  • Clavos

    Is Willie smoking again?

  • Chris

    Thanks to Willie for standing up for American values. Yes, other cultures eat horses, but we don’t. The American people don’t want horse slaughter and Willie is speaking up for them.

  • RedTard

    I can’t understand why horses are any different than cows either. Some people will always be determined to force their morals on others I suppose.

  • JustOneMan

    I agree with Chris…willie has a long history of standing up for American values…like not paying taxes and smokin pot!!!

  • Yeah, but did you check out the Barbi Twins? Are they the spookist looking people or what?

    Personally, I hate horses. They smell bad, they attract flies, and they won’t use litter boxes. Can’t think of a better use for them than pate de cheveaux.

    In Decaf Veritas

  • Snark, I’m sorry, but I yam what I yam — a horse hater. I hope that doesn’t make you think any the worse of me.

    In Decaf Veritas

  • zingzing

    bring on the dead horses!

  • I’d like to see more humane treatment of all animals, whether we eat them or not. Planning to make them into food after we kill them doesn’t give us any excuse for needless cruelty.

    On this horse legislation I’m undecided. Many of my friends and family members are horse people and I’ve been around horses all my life. So I count the horse among the animals too intelligent to be considered food. (Along with the dog, the cat, the great apes, the whales, the dolphin, and the octopus.)

    However, I’m not so sure this idea is best promoted through legislation.

  • troll

    eat people…leave the equines alone


  • Clavos

    I’d like to see more humane treatment of all animals, whether we eat them or not. Planning to make them into food after we kill them doesn’t give us any excuse for needless cruelty.

    Agreed. I won’t eat veal, and would like to see other animals (chickens, e.g.) treated better, as well.

    On this horse legislation I’m undecided. Many of my friends and family members are horse people and I’ve been around horses all my life. So I count the horse among the animals too intelligent to be considered food. (Along with the dog, the cat, the great apes, the whales, the dolphin, and the octopus.)

    A cultural thing. What’s sauce for the goose may not be…oops, sorry. :>) Heh.

    However, I’m not so sure this idea is best promoted through legislation.

    Again, agreed–for reason stated above.

  • troll

    cock fighting and pitbull fighting are part of the culture in the southwest…attempts to outlaw them fail regularly

    I’d like to see people treat animals a little less humanly


  • East Asians like to eat dog and cat, as well. I’m not at all fond of that particular cultural practice, but as long as they aren’t eating MY dog or MY cat, let them do what they want…

    I’m not particularly thrilled about it either, being a cat person. However, I might be able to withhold my judgment if it weren’t for the treatment these cats and dogs receive prior to being consumed/stripped for their fur.

    When these people prepare the cats/dogs for market, they dislocate their shoulders so they can tie the front legs tightly behind their backs. This is while they’re still alive. On the dogs, they shove an open-ended can over the snouts so they can’t bite. They can’t pant, either, and it’s a zillion degrees over there.

    In a just world, a cageful of these poor dogs would bite their captors’ nether regions and give them rabies.

  • Nancy

    Agreed: it’s not that they eat them, it’s the horrific torture they’re subjected to beforehand. If I had my druthers, I’d submit the damned asians to their own treatment by way of education. Here, abuses also occur, but at least they’re illegal & CAN be prosecuted, altho I’d recommend the ‘get as you have given’ treatment to violaters here as well.

    Actually, Europeans eat horsemeat, too.

  • Stevie

    “When these people prepare the cats/dogs for market, they dislocate their shoulders so they can tie the front legs tightly behind their backs.”

    That kills them. In fact, taking a dog’s legs and splitting them apart and bending them back is an effective way of dispatching them if you are attacked by one. I have never tried dog meat but I don’t think I want to. They don’t eat a strict diet intended to prepare them for human consumption.

    I have eaten horse meat and I can tell you that it is better than beef when properly prepared. It is much leaner and much tastier. They don’t make good steaks because of the absence of fat marbling so they are best prepared as smoked, thinly sliced luncheon meat. There is really nothing to compare to the excellent taste. Those Frenchmen know how to eat, believe me.

    I think that personalizing and humanizing animals is dangerous to our moral sense and should be avoided.

  • m wiley

    Horses are beautiful animals and should be on the protected list – as most of the animals on this planet should be- or what is left of them. I guess its easy for some people to kill animals because they don’t mind people killing each other – life is not important to them – animals or human beings..I say save the horses now..

  • I’m for not eating horses, dogs, cats, buffalo and quite a few other poor animals considered fair game. Yes, I do eat hamburgers and I wear leather shoes. Not dog burgers, horse burgers, cat burgers, or buffalo shoes.

    I am not a vegetarian, but just because it might be edible, that doesn’t mean we should eat it. Go get ’em Willie!

  • As an omnivore…except for bananas, I hate bananas, can’t stand them, would like to see them tortured forever…excuse me, I got carried away…

    As an omnivore, I have no problem with eating anything, but I have a lot of difficulty with the way too many animals are raised and killed. (Which gives me pause because I love fois gros.) There are some conditions that are obviously inhumane–the problem is that because we tend to personalize animals and give them human attributes, there are other conditions that we might find horrible but don’t bother them at all.

    That being said, look at how we treat each other, which is the point mwiley made. Why should animals get treated better than people? That’s what Enquiring minds want to know.

    In Jameson Veritas

  • Yes! We have no bananas today.

    Of course I’d like to see humans treat each other more humanely as well. These advances in human culture can most likely be arranged to contribute to one another.

  • Lumpy

    Horses are hugh maintenance like some girlfriendsL but you can’t sell your girlfriend to a dogfood factory. Damn.

  • I got a copy of Soylent Green that had overwritten a copy of Sea Biscuit once.

  • Colin

    The taboo of horse meat probably dates to Ancient Rome and continues sporadically through history and culture to today.

  • jim

    hey willie:
    always been a big fan, but if it tastes good eat it. by the way, what are you smoking, because you must not have the munchies!!!

  • jim

    excuse me #20 but what the f— is the difference between any hoofed animal, be it cow, pig, goat, deer, or some poor bastard born with a club foot. please give me a break. any time you raise an animal for consumption some asshole will think it is cruel. oh well what the hell lets all starve.

  • jim

    hey troll:
    eat me. i am organic

  • Interesting.
    Take those darned greyhound racing dogs…every year, literally THOUSANDS are killed when they outlive their usefulnes – right here in the U.S.A… why not crate them up and ship them live to China or Korea, where there is no taboo about eating them? What is the stigma? They are certainly not pets here in the USA – they are run until they can’t, then gassed and bulldozed into pits. What is the lesser evil?

  • troll

    Jim #28- and a tasty morsel I’m sure…a righteous addition to troll’s horse shit stew

  • Foie Gras is a “delicacy” derived from the torturous force-feeding of geese and ducks. It is a cruel abomination.

    Shooting and eating a duck/goose is one thing. Brutally tormenting a duck/goose its entire life simply so some French bastard can have a pleasant appetizer with his dinner is another thing altogether…

  • I’d rather cruelly force-feed a Frenchman and eat his liver (with some fava beans, of course, muahahaha), than do that to a duck, duck, goose! 😉

  • My sister lives in Shanghai and told me this story the other day.

    Friend of hers lives in a big high rise apartment with a little puppy. Aparently dogs have only recently been domesticated as pets there, or so she tells me. Anyways some workers came to fix something in her apartment and got hungry. Apparnetly also it is tradition that you feed those who work on your home.

    Having no food to speak of, she killed her puppy, cooked it up and served it as a snack.

    Not sure what that has to do with the topic at hand, but it kind of freaked me out.

  • Mmmmmmm…horse flesh! Yum… BBQ fer me dude! I think we need to repeal the ban on serving horse here in this country. Lets round em up cowboys…
    Sorry I was listning to country music and smoking pot…got carried away. lol

    I thought Willy was gonna save the farmers?

    Cooler stuff at R3concepts.com

  • Soquili

    Well let you tell you I’m all in favor of the legislation. For those of your who are undecided, then walk a mile in us horse people’s shoes. Many, Many horses are stolen every single day. These horses are companions, and also income for a lot of people. Most of these horses are not recovered and a large percentage of them end up at the slaughter house. Now not long ago that very thing happened here and the horse belonged to a 13 year old who had raised it from a baby and trained it herself. Horses aren’t designed to eat, they are a beast of burden and desingned for our use.

    I presently have a 23 year old horse, who is beautiful, very inteligent and I have had him for 15 or so years. I will feed him for the rest of his life, because he has earned it and deserved it. When I purchased this horse, he was headed for the slaughter house because someone had abused him to the point that he was dangerous to ride. With a lot of time and patience we have ridden hundreds of miles and made memories that will live on forever in my kids and grandkids.

    If you raise cows, pigs, etc. then you can expect them to be eaten, but in our culture we don’t eat horses and we shouldn’t have to worry every time we sell one that they will end up at a slaughter house. Thousands of beautiful registerd, well bred horses are slaughtered everyday. We are Americans, lets act like it.

  • ehaaaa

    save the fucking horse damn it soon enough were back
    to riding horses to work.its fucking gas going so high.soon no more oil no more gas shit no more suv.
    what the fuck you gonna do?eat the horse so you can run your fat ass to work.ASSholes

  • Andi

    I’m shocked that not many other the others supporting the ban have responded on here. Because there are MANY. I’m one. I work with horses for a living, and you would not possibly understand the difference between horses and “other livestock” until you took the time with them. Horses are incredibly beautiful and intelligent creatures. They WORK for us. Then we want to kill them so we can send their bodies overseas? (by the way, consuming horsemeat is illegal in the US, yet killing them is not, and the Belgians hardly pay any taxes on this. Food for thought, so to speak). Go research it online. It’s easy to find a video that shows horse slaughter. You’ll change your mind unless you’re a sick moron. And I’m glad that someone is FINALLY bringing this to a more public level!

  • Deb

    Everyone needs to look at the real reason why they are really complaining about this , People just like to talk about what everybody else talks about they don’t like the cows,pigs chickens,cats,dogs,veal,Yea there are people starveing through out the world. People pick what they like or want to eat.Look at Madonna she didn’t like KFC useing and eating chickens. Yea all animals are pets in some form

  • Bob

    I don’t see any difference between a horse and some youngsters show pig that is treated like a member of the family until it is showed and than sold for meat to eat. So tell Willy to drink the beer and let the French eat the horse.

  • craig

    We probably all ate horses in the 50’s. So many horses, so few recipes.

  • RG

    Theres nothing better than a good horse BBQ, if you wash it down with a Henieken it’s like a two for one Horse meat and Horse P–s.

    I personally loce veal, I order whenever it’s on the menu, just out of principle, so it remains available. I prefer it prepared limone with capers and fava beans pfffttttttt.

  • Sym

    Human beings are being slaughtered in Iraq Lebanon and elsewhere, and you talknabout horses.What hip….

  • Clavos

    Human beings are being slaughtered in Iraq Lebanon and elsewhere

    Yeah, but nobody’s eating ’em. This article and thread are about eating what you slaughter.

    If they start eating human beings in Iraq, Lebanon, etc., c’mon back.

  • A great Rebumblingcan ploy! They’re going after the “Willie” vote instead of concentrating on important national business.

    You know one of Willie’s latest songs was “Cowboys are secretly frequently fond of each other”… now I oculd make up a joke about a new song about horses, but even I’m not that tasteless.

    Let’s see how many warped minds are offended in how many ways by that last paragraph…

    Invaribly Decafinated

  • Ruvby in Jerusalem

    I ‘d eat cow brains and heart if I could. I used to. But somehow, I can’t eat horsies. They stink, have flies and beer smells like horse-piss (ain’t got nothin’to do with the issue, but it was a good line) but I’ll let Mark Schannon sup on paté de chevaux for his sabbath meal with his bride…


    Shabbat Shalom,

  • Barbara

    If Willie was a real cowboy, he wouldn’t be supporting the bill! I’ve had horses all my life, and they are my passion. There are two problems with this bill. Number one, there are thousands of horses out there who are unwanted. They are in people’s pastures, not getting proper care, and basically living miserable lives. Number two, there are thousands of people out there breeding horses who are conformational incorrect, have no athletic talent, etc. They just think it’s a neat idea to raise a colt. Thus, when these “useless” horses are floating around, plus the horses who are bad off enough that they should go to slaughter, then guess what? Then there is no base line value (the killer horses, ie per pound), so the value of our well-bred registered horses goes to hell. Basically, thanks to idiots like Willie, us cowboys and cowgirls who used to make our living off selling good horses, have to quit being cowboys and go find another job! In fact, AQHA is the largest registered horse association in the world, and they are opposed to this bill! They recently had an article on their website, explaining why this bill was going to hurt horses more than help them.

  • You are all sick puppies. I’m ashamed to be amongst you. I’m also ashamed that I’ve been laughing my ass off reading these comments. I’m amazed there are so few standing up for Trigger and so many waiting to BBQ his big rump.

    It’s a bizarre world we create for ourselves and then we wonder why everything is so weird.

    In Decaf Veritas

  • It’s those damned hetrosexual I tell you! They’re always stirring up trouble…

    Indepentant Vegetable

  • jimmy hawk

    The Barbie Twins are unreal ..what a couple freaks

  • Stevie

    Hi again,

    I would like to bring everyone’s attention to Bovine Spngiform Encephelitis (BSE) or Mad Cow Disease. It has been established that the disease is caused by feeding cows the rendered remains of other cows, reconstituted as protein powder and mixed with their feed to enhance their bulk and increase the protein content of their meat. Like the disease called “Kuru” it is linked to cannibalism. Cows in the field can get it when they eat parts of the remains of the afterbirth from cows that have calved.

    The point is, the animals that are sent to rendering plants will in all probability wind up as reconstituted protein powder and mixed with the feed of animals that are intended for human consumption anyway.

    So, okay, let’s not eat horse meat, let’s just let the cattle eat horse meat, and then we’ll eat the cattle. What would Willie have us do with old arthritic horses that can barely bend over to eat or walk to the water through? Would he let them suffer until they died of natural causes? Would he have us shoot them and bury them? Or perhaps incinerate them and use the heat to power electricity generators? When he eats steak does he know that horses went into the feed that the steer ate? What is Willie’s solution?

  • Wonder if Willie will pick up the horse poop his horse dumps in Washington DC.You can use my “SUPER-DOOPER POOPER SCOOPER”..or better yet…Willie….. please ride that horse outta the country…….

  • In hunter-gatherer cultures, hunting was done with a degree of regret for the necessity to take life. Ceremonies were created to thank the animals and to appease their spirits. We’re entirely to unreflective and glib around the whole matter. I’m not a vegetarian, but we eat far beyond necessity when it comes to animals. All in all, we’re pretty voracious, with appetites that can never be satiated. We seem to never get at the real hunger.

  • “My sister lives in Shanghai and told me this story the other day.

    “Friend of hers lives in a big high rise apartment with a little puppy. Aparently dogs have only recently been domesticated as pets there, or so she tells me. Anyways some workers came to fix something in her apartment and got hungry. Apparnetly also it is tradition that you feed those who work on your home.

    “Having no food to speak of, she killed her puppy, cooked it up and served it as a snack.”

    I HOPE that is an apocryphal anecdote…geez…

  • Having spent time around horses, there’s no doubt in my mind that killing them to eat them would be immoral.

  • reasonableperson

    “My sister lives in Shanghai and told me this story the other day.

    “Friend of hers lives in a big high rise apartment with a little puppy. Aparently dogs have only recently been domesticated as pets there, or so she tells me. Anyways some workers came to fix something in her apartment and got hungry. Apparnetly also it is tradition that you feed those who work on your home.

    “Having no food to speak of, she killed her puppy, cooked it up and served it as a snack.”

    I am pretty sure this is just a joke your sister’s friend wanted to make, but somehow, your sister thought it was true.(culture differency?)

    In China, you can easily find a mini-grocery or mini-restaurant nearby, everywhere. No food? What a joke! And buying some food to feed those worker is definitely cheaper and easier than buying a pet and killed it to feed somebody there!

  • reasonableperson

    One more fact in China: Only some chinese eat dogs (most of those damn eaters are Chinese korean) and cats. Most chinese think dogs are very close friends to Human, dogs are always loyal to their master or people who treated them well. Most chinese will never think cat is a “candidate” for food. There is a taboo of eating dogs and wearing any dog fur product in one chinese minority: Manchu. In ancient time, dogs helped them hunting and saved their majesty’s life. They like to have dog as pet.

  • would you eat your cat dog parrot like these horses are pets civilized people dont eat horse horses give kisses and do tricks and give love thats a whole diffrent behavior than most edible meat. please dont eat the horses . and there has got to be a better way to make money for these people. someone has to stand up for animals against animal cruelty. its simple are you starving going to die if not whaT IN THE HECK ARE YOU DOING EATING HORSES…

  • Scott Barkley

    As an Alaskan and a confirmed meat-eater, I am all about eating wild game. I enjoy the hunt, and I eat what I kill. But, there is the rub. Wild game. I consider horses to be wild game that we humans have learned to somewhat domesticate for our use as working animals. No different from reindeer or caribou. All CAN be domesticated to the point that they are useful to humans, but they are basically wild range animals. Far different from cattle which for centuries have been bred in human captivity for the sole purpose of filling our air with methane, and our bellies with burgers. Sadly, if all you had to eat was horse, caribou, or reindeer you would die. Native cultures have known this for centuries. I love a good reindeer stew on occassion, Caribou roasts seasoned and cooked correctly are awesome, and I would imagine that a horse steak properly prepared could be pretty tasty as well, but none warrant raising for human consumption. All would have to be mixed with domesticly raised animal meat in order to have life sustaining content in the long term…so why bother. Leave the horses alone…catch them and train them to the point that they are useful when you have use for them, or raise them on your ranch to serve its needs and when they have worn out their use and it is time to put them down for humane reasons, slaughter them and eat them as you will along wiht the animals that you raise because of their life sustaning nutrition. But to condone and support horse “farms” in the same vein as chicken or turkey farms where beautiful, intelligent, and extremely useful animals to humans are forced to live in conditions that are horrible in order to make a profit on meat that is substandard as sustenance is aborrhant! And if you wish to raise them for their meat, then we should DEMAND strict regulation on their treatment…which of course, due to the expense would make them unprofitable and put an end to it anyway! I also agree with a previous post, if you ever actually WENT to a turkey, chicken, or pig farm you would likely never eat them again. Nasty, horrible places where animals are forced to live their lives in terrible conditions. I do not at all believe that animals should be treated “better” than humans…but pop into one of these death camps sometime and then show me a place where even the poorest and most underprivleged humans in this country live like that. You won’t find it. Not even in the worst of our ghettos. We do now nor will we ever treat animals that are raised for profit better than we treat humans.

    Our country was built on the backs of horses, mules, and donkeys with the higher intelligence and much greater overall usefulness going to the horse. As Americans, that should stand for something. Our country would not be what it is today had it not been for the horse and all that it made possible when this country was being developed.
    Leave them be, and if the Europeans and the cat and dog eaters want horse meat, let them raise their own. I could care less what they do in their own country. In my country, we used to take care of those that took care of us. I count the horse in that group!
    As to Willie, leave him alone. He has the right to his opinion the same as you whether you agree with him or not. The only thing stopping you from going to Washington and opposing his view is you. So put up, or shut up. Whether you like him or not, he is part of the American landscape and its history just as the horse is, and for that reason alone deserves the respect of those who love this once great country.
    Oh, to all of you who made disparaging remarks about Willie and his marijuana usage…..enjoy your beers this evening and try not to kill any kids on your way to the liqour store. I would much rather see Willie coming toward me in his pickup after induging in his drug of choice than to see you after yours….hypocrites

  • This horsemeat thing is a load of crap: I’m not a vegetarian because I love my meat, and I realise that unless I become vegan, I am going to have to kill and exploit another living creature (or consume a creature that has been killed and/or exploited by another) — whether it be a cow, a tomato, a dog, a chicken, a grape, whatever — if I wish to eat. Therefore, all I can ask is that whatever I end up ending be treated as humanely and as respectfully as possible. (One could make other arguments in favour of vegetarianism or for a dramatic reduction in our consumption of meat, but these are beyond the scope of my writing.

    That being said, I fail to see how cannabis use is unamerican: What’s unamerican is the fact that The U.S. government not only banned a substance less dangerous for human consumption than alcohol, tobacco, nicotine, or pretty well any prescription drugs was banned because corporations were scared to compete against hemp and cannabis-based fibres, fuels, medicines, and intoxicants and used both left and right-wing allies to create a moral panic against the drug centred around its association with “lazy” and “inferior” Hispanics, but also launched all sorts of ridiculous campaigns against the drug (which basically consisted of junk science, religious lunacy, draconian censorship, and outright lies to the American people) ande used blackmail and political influence to force other nations to follow suit. If the U.S. refuses to tell truth to its citizens and respect Mr. Nelson’s civil liberties, then why the fuck should he feel guilty about cheating on his taxes, a legitimate form of civil disobedience centred around his refusal to support a regime centred around lies and outright contempt for human freedom and basic decency?

    Maybe I sound pissed off, but I’m sick of my Canada and countless nations around the world being slaves to Zion, slaves to pan-Arabism, slaves to Washington, slaves to Beijing, and slaves to Moscow! I’m sick of not being able to live in a society that is strong, that is free, that is just, and that is sustainable!

  • Clavos

    a legitimate form of civil disobedience centred around his refusal to support a regime centred around lies and outright contempt for human freedom and basic decency?

    Uhh—actually, his business manager put him into some questionable tax shelters. There was no protest involved.

  • Scott Barkley

    Right on Clavos. Willie was guity of loving music more than money, and of not paying attention to the business side of his world which he could care less about. On top of that, when he found out what had happened he acted in THE most honorable way and paid the debts that had been incurred. He gave up nearly all that he loved to pay his “debt” to his government and he didn’t become bitter about it, or protest anything. He played music, the thing that he loves the most. I am the farthest from a country music “fan” as one could be, but I love and respect the man and his music. I have seen him in concert and I can’t listen to his music without smiling.
    May he live as long as he wishes and continue to bring joy to millions through his words and his music.
    As to the second paragraph in #57, everything that you say is true and this country spends billions of dollars a year and turns thousands of otherwise lawabiding americans into convicts through these arcane and ignorant laws. How alcohol, killer of both the individual who partakes long-term and the people that come in contact with him/her can be legal and acceptable in this country yet marijuana with its opposite effects be illegal has perplexed me all of my life. Sadly, it was economics that originally made it illegal, and it is economics that keep it illegal today. I suppose so long as Americans continue to put drunks instead of stoners into office there will be no change….and our society will continue to suffer because of it.

  • A working cowboy

    I raise horses and depend on them to make my job doable. I have no dought that your horses are well taken care of as are mine but thousands are not and they are being propogated at an alarming rate aparently it is cool to raise babies. After they are through being cute then what sell them to someone else so they can continue the cycle? I am not trying to say slaughtering horses is a pretty picture. Not everyone is willing or able to provide the care that a horse needs and their needs to be an outlet for the ones that are neglected . Slaughter houses are inspected and have to meet standards of care besides it is simple economics bruised carcasses have to be trimmed which results in less dollars of product. Contrary to much of the commentary from those that want to protect us from ourselves.Plant workers do not work ankle deep in blood and those of us that depend on agriculture to provide for our families care about our animals. I wonder how many people that are so offended by eating horses ever got out of bed in the middle of the night and went out in the rain or snow to check to make sure their stock was OK

  • Stephanie

    My comment is directed at all the responses that compare the horse to cattle, pigs, chicken, deer, etc. Let me enlighten you with a bit of information on this subject: the horse has served people throughout time, they’ve carried soldiers to war. They’ve made civilization possible, the horse plays such a prominent role in American culture, business, and history. We watch in awe when a horse “wins by a nose,” we find it therapeutic to sit atop a horse as it trots through a field, and throughout history, we have relied on these able-bodies creatures to plow our fields and explore our continent. We as Americans, hold the horse in a very high regard – for good reason. Horses do not fall into the category of livestock, they are considered to be recreational & compainion animals. Americans don’t eat horse meat, the horse is not raised to be eaten like the cow, pig, chickens, etc. The horse is NOT a wild animal. The Mustangs of America are considered to be descendents of the Domestic horses brought to America by Spanish explorers and are not “wild” in the sense that other animals would be considered wild.
    The horse is a large part of AMERICA’S heritage! If Paul Revere were riding a Cow or a Pig on his Midnight ride America might not exist today!
    How do we reward the horse for their endless hours of work on our behalf? By sending them to meet the most horrific and painful death possible, suspended head down in abject misery, drowning in their own blood to be served to some overindulged European as a “delicacy.” Americas horses should be protected from this unspeakable fate and I will fight for this kind, gentle animal until every Slaughterhouse is closed.
    My Cowgirl’s Hat is off to one of my favorite Cowboys – Thanks Willie we love you!

  • Stephanie

    Now my comment is directed to “a working cowboy”
    I don’t “raise” horses but I own eight a few of which I rescued from backyard breeders that didn’t have a “market.” All of my horses are gentle, kind and can either go down the trail or work a cow all day-they just needed a second chance and someone to believe they deserved it.
    Throughout my life I have had to humanely euthanize 4 horses all who lived into their late 20s. They died peacefully and without pain. The Slaughterhouses still in operation that slaughter the horse for human consumption are not regulated! Our government agencies do not inspect them anymore, instead they are allowed to hire thier own inspectors. Are you so naïve that you believe these Slaughterhouses are going risk their millions wasting time by treating these poor animals humanely? I ask you is it “humane” when their laborers drive the “Penetrating Captive Bolt Gun” into the horse’s brain? Sometimes they have to do this several times as the device was designed for Bovines and their skulls are different than an Equine’s skull, not to mention horses are flight animals and try to flee the “kill chute/knock box.” Or when a mare in foal is slaughtered? I don’t just love my horses, I love all horses, and yes I have gotten up in the middle of the night many times during bad storms to check on them. Sometimes though, I go down to the barn late at night to see them just because I like their company.

  • Stephanie

    To All:
    America’s Horses are not being slaughtered to feed the poor people in Europe. Far from it the 3 FOREIGN-OWNED Slaughterhouses that slaughter horses for HUMAN consumption sell OUR horses in EUROPE for $15-$20 a pound! A lot of people think that they only get the old, skinny, sick horses, unfortunately this is not true, because horses slaughtered for human consumption can’t be sick, and the Slaughterhouses can’t make any profit on skinny horses because the EUROPEANS want meat not bones! The Slaughterhouses send out “killer buyers” that answer ads in newspapers, on the internet, and go to Auctions looking for suitable horses for slaughter. The killer buyers find horses that are a bit lower in price and convince the owners that they would love to give this nice horse a “forever” home with their granddaughter, niece,etc. but the price is just a little too high and the unsuspecting owner believing the lie lowers their price sometimes even giving the horse away to them. Thousands of horses are stolen every year and taken to the Slaughterhouses because they have a “no questions asked” policy-they don’t care if the horse is stolen – someone’s beloved riding partner never to be seen again.
    America’s horses aren’t being eaten in Europe because of MAD COW DISEASE, their meat is being sold as “designer food.” We as Americans have a responsiblity to protect the horse and stand up collectively and tell our ELECTED officials to support H.R. 503/S 1915 The American Horse Slaughter Protection Act.
    Please before you respond to something this important do some research and find out the facts! Just Google “horse slaughter” and you’ll have all the facts you need, you can help end this atrocity!
    “If we see cruelty or wrong that we have the power to stop, and do nothing, we make ourselves sharers in the guilt.”
    Anna Sewell, author of Black Beauty

  • solje

    What I don’t get, if horse meat is a “Delicacy” in France, what does that say about the people eating meat from sick, old, and lame animals?

    What is so wrong with euthenasia of these animals? We do it for our dogs–and gawd knows there are thousands more unwanted dogs and cats out there than horses.

    Horses are being bred for Hormone Replacement Therapy pills (Prempro, Premarin… ever wonder how they come up with the name? Pre(nant)mar(e)u(rin)e. The babies born from the mares standing in pee lines become the product of our slaughterhouses for human consumption.

    It’s time to stand up and stop the continued BREEDING of horses, creating more horses than can be cared for. A good place to learn the truth is at http://www.uan.org looking under the section for Premarin Mares.

  • Tonto

    Kill muslims, save horses??

    He must be from the south..

  • Stacie

    Thank-You,Willie from the bottom of my heart for helping us end the senseless slaughter of America’s horses. They are companion animals.

  • mmmm. . .reading the posts, I relize that other countries do not have the same awareness and pride that some of us do in America. Awh, good take a look at China. . .there dogs and cats skinned alive (because they seem to think terror increases the adrenalin to make the meat taste better) They have a real passion for their meat, don’t they! I’m not here to judge what is right or wrong to eat or put in our bodies. . .I’m here to tell you that others have an acceptable standard, which they regard as a higher nature. America values horses as companions and past legislation in 2002 to protect their dogs and cats from cruelty and making the sale of these animals here and abroad for the fur trade illegal. But also in 2004 after 30 years of federally protected wild horses, legislation failed them. These wild horses were regarded as living treasures to the American people, horses descended from wars fought in this country for FREEDOM. Calavary horses or Army remounts and others such as the spanish conquistadors. We don’t expect you to value our ways or traditions but it looks like we will have to force you because you have no respect for another’s cultures beliefs and standards. Horses aren’t raised here for meat. Simply put America isn’t China and Horses aren’t cows. Thanks for reading.

  • Hi, everyone.

    There is a big issue for horse lovers before the Senate right now. Three foreign-owned horse slaughter plants here in the USA are killing American horses to sell to diners in Belgium, France and Japan. They kill the horses, harvest the meat, and then ship it overseas. There is a bill before the Senate right now to ban this practice in all 50 states.

    Me and some friends are asking people to send an email to their senators asking them to push this bill through and vote to end horse slaughtering. The bill has already passed the US House of Representatives and this is the last hurdle before it goes to the President for his signature.

    A common misperception is that the horses are old or sick – not true. Many are under 2 years old and healthy, and are sold simply for money.

    Here’s how you can help – everyone needs to contact their senators and indicate they don’t want our horses dying to feed other countries.

    Go to http://www.congress.org/congressorg/home/ and type in your zip code. Send an email to both of your US senators and tell them to stop this terrible practice. The vote is coming before the Senate next week so please do it NOW! 🙂 Thanks!!!

    And here is a blog that we set up so you can read more information about it:


  • Dan

    I don’t think horses should be raised solely for food. So, I’d probably be against that. But if France want’s to gnaw on old,dry, stringy, -had to be put down-, horse meat, we should let them, and allow them to compensate handsomley for their advanced sophisticated ways.

    didn’t they give us bottled water?

  • matt

    ahaha that’s funny man. the barbi twins are real creepy. hahaha all these commenters were makin points about this and that, and that guy Mark Schannon says “did you even check out the Barbi twins? they are the spookiest lookin things…” so i looked em up, not knowin what to expect, ahaha damn man, and they DO look creepy. i’m a little scared. hope they don’t see my comment and come find me.

  • Matt, at least someone got the central message of the article, LOL. I haven’t looked at them for ages, but they still give me shivers.

    In Jameson Veritas

  • Mary M.

    The slaughter has to stop. Plain and simple. It is anything but humane, and too many young, healthy horses are suffering. Imagine being stuck in an undersized truck for days on end, bloodied and suffering due to overcrowding, and lack of food and water. Young colts have been killed while being chased down and rounded up, or have perished during shipment. The suffering is real. It is heinous. It is nothing to be joked about.

    Horses are a proud, magnificent breed. To lose the horses, is to lose the true heart of this great nation.

  • Mary M.

    The slaughter has to stop. Plain and simple. It is anything but humane, and too many young, healthy horses are suffering. Imagine being stuck in an undersized truck for days on end, bloodied and suffering due to overcrowding, and lack of food and water. Young colts have been killed while being chased down and rounded up, or have perished during shipment. The suffering is real. It is heinous. It is nothing to be joked about.

    Horses are a proud, magnificent breed. To lose the horses, is to lose the true heart of this great nation.

  • Mr.Ed

    A horse is a horse, of course remember Mr. Ed. NUKE THE UNBORN GAY HORSE’S.
    What say you Indepenant Vegetable#48?

  • Cowgirl

    So huge uproar about horses being slaughtered, but not cows? Why is that? Many cows don’t even live to see their second birthday because they get slaughtered first. Why are horses so great? A cow holds the world record for the highest jump with a rider standing on her back…not a horse. Cows can do anything a horse can do. Can horses provide us with quality milk? NO! Can horses fur be made into blankets and coats? NO! Cows also helped Americans settle this country. Who provided the milk? Cows, not horses. So why are cows still being slaughtered? If horse slaughter is banned then all other animal slaughter should be banned!

  • Billy Bob

    Dont know much about eating horses. We have this old lady at our trailer park that lets her horse inside at night. Last week Jimmy Joe shot and killed a pit-bull. He put that puppy on his charcoal rotisseri and said it was a pig. That dog being skinned looked just like a pig, apple in mouth and all. All I know it was sure good with the potato saland and red beans. Just wonder if you all have a good receipt for horse.

  • Darlene

    you go Willie, people do not realize that if it wasn’t for the horse and their dedication to humans, humans wouldn’t be as far advanced as they are today. Give credit where credit is due!
    Horses DO NOT deserve to be eaten! Even today horses are serving man in many aspects of life.
    Just think, where would you be without the horse?…in the stone age!Grow up people and get a life!

  • mr. finn

    that would be dumb to eat a horse anyways its sick not good meat.just stick with deer.

  • Kayla

    Great Job Willie I Think Your Doing A Terrific Job..

  • To all the blood-thirsty beebop cowboy azzholes of which Willie IS NOT one of and is one of the reasons America Loves Him So Much;

    As for RedTard: You got your name right alright, and you dont like “us” forcing our morals on you but how do you think “we” feel by you trying to force your Ill-moral ways on US?

  • Horsing around

    Why would anyone eat something they name and ride, you don’t ride cows,pigs,chickens, why dont the ones that are opposed to it eat just grain.Horses are treated worse than any any other. How insane,may as well eat humans too, I don’t smoke pot and I own a horse lol, not high maintenance no more than all the techo gadgets or girlfriends you have to have dude, that’s why stupid people need smart phones…so go eat your veggies omg did I hear them scream from pain…at least the good o Texas pot smokin cowboy has done more than you could in a lifetime. DAMN

  • Horsing around

    There’s abundance of deer,possum,armadillo,wild pigs that destroy everything.Would you eat them? We do where I’m from…give me Teds way any day!

  • Bubba

    I personally think eating any meat is cruel. What the fuck gives us the right to treat any being this way?!? I’m with Willie on this one!

  • Igor

    Driving through the farm country of France you will see pastures of meat horses raised for the butcher. There are only minor taste and texture differences between horses, cows, sheep, bear, deer and elk. I’ve had them all, tho now I’m no longer a meat eater.

    Withall, horses may be better people than humans. You might read Tolstois fine short story “Yardstick, the story of a horse”, if you don’t believe me.

  • Roshmi

    Can we say specie-ist? This is the typical stance and more than likely beyond just being American and more like being human. We favor and protect one over another. Most people will see nothing hypocritical about Nelson’s stance. That is sad.