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Will There Be A Led Zeppelin Reunion Tour?

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I guess no one wants to say it out loud, so I will. There will be no Led Zeppelin tour in 2008. I do not believe it is possible to move the biggest band in the world around the globe in three months when it hasn’t left the garage for 30 years.

Also, vocalist Robert Plant has plans for most of 2008 with Alison Kraus. Besides, you can’t book the biggest venues in the world with a few months warning. I don’t think the band made any decision about a tour until they saw how the O2 show went. Of course, it was amazing. I think they are sitting back right now and counting up obscene offers of cash.

Oh yes, the Zep will tour… but it wont be until 2009. No mortal person on Earth could turn down the gazillions this tour would generate.

Well OK, Roger Waters did. As to why, that is still a mystery.

Scrap the basketball arenas… it is time to follow the Dead & Floyd and hit only football stadiums. Led Zep Summer 2009 world tour. There is no one who has denied it is a great idea, except Plant… and Plant hasn’t said a word since rehearsals began. His silence is a good sign.

As for that Cult singer (Ian Astbury) declaring themselves the openers for Zeppelin next year? No way, for about a thousand reasons. First, would a master of secrecy and image like Jimmy Page let a dingus singer for an opening band blow the biggest story in music? No. Also, why in the world would Zep have an opener? When the mighty Led Zeppelin mounts the biggest tour in history, it will surely be ‘An Evening With Led Zeppelin’.

That is my official prediction, and I very rarely acknowledge being wrong.

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  • Interesting prediction Lono. I don’t think there is any doubt that a tour is in the works. I also agree with your observation that the only thing that makes sense is “an Evening With Led Zeppelin.”

    I still think that by whatever means necessary, this is going to happen this year though. My own prediction is for a fall juggernaut begining in the US in large arenas, before coming back in stadiums in the summer of ’09.

    I will also go on record and predict the highest ticket prices to date — which they will absolutely be able to charge and get. Don’t be surprised to see tix top out at $500. a pop here.

    Enjoyed reading this. I guess we’ll wait and see.


  • cowboy melvin

    may5-22 is a total of 18 days ,the last time i heard an entire year is 365 days

  • Glen,

    I agree. If they play basketball arenas at 20,000 folks a pop… you will see $500 tickets. Also, they would have to play ten nights in every city. Why bother? If they played football stadiums, they could knock out every major city in one night at 80,000 folks. The other HUGE benefit to doing this is they could have tickets at a flat $100 a piece and STILL make a killing.

    Using the figure of $100 a person times an 80,000 seat venue… by my crude math that is 8 million dollar gross potential per night. Then, imagine the spike in the catalogue sales and other merch.

    This reunion isn’t even about millions anymore, at the end of the day… after a two year world stadium tour… we are talking about Billions.

    As much as I love and was raised by the mighty Zeppelin, I will not pay $500 or more to see them in a Pepsi center. It is a matter of principle regarding escalating ticket prices, and the sound in the basketball arena sucks.

    But, $100 to be a part of history at Mile High Stadium? You bet you ass!

    What is left to wonder is whether they filmed the London gig for a DVD release. One can only hope.

    I guess they could move this year, in that they are not getting younger. However, I doubt these guys travel light. Where is Peter Grant and Bill Graham when we need them? They could handle this. Of course, I shouldn’t reference them together. Though both dead, they hated each other. Peter Grant tried to kill Graham’s kid. Then again, there are few who Peter Grant didn’t try and kill.

  • Walter

    Maybe Roger Waters has more decency than to be another vaudeville performer. Yeah, Led Zeppelin will tour, and people will pay 500 or 100 dollars to see them and swear they are part of history and then they will keep touring every couple of years and then make horrible albums a la The Rolling Stones and people with intelligence will quickly get bored with them and wish they never got back together, a la The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, whoever, while the majority of people, with a collective IQ of 12, will still pay to see all of these groups. Maybe Roger Waters can turn down a gazillion dollars because he has enough money! How much more money do these people need? Are people so thick as to look at someone as crazy just because he or she decided not to worship the almighty dollar? Zep fans are already calling Alison Krauss the new Yoko Ono. That shows the intelligence of the average Zeppelin fan. As John Lennon said, “If you want to reminisce, there’s always the albums.” Thank the fates the Beatles never got back together! Maybe we can convince Lennon and Harrison to come back from the dead if the price is right . . . they’d make a killing!

  • Just for the record it was David Gilmour from Pink Floyd who turned down the billions too tour not Roger. Roger wanted to do it and just made a ton of cash from his 2007 world tour.

  • Dr. Jimmy

    They certainly would need opening acts. If you bring people out to football stadiums, you better give them more than two hours of music. (especially for the prices they’ll be charging)

    Plant’s voice most likely wouldn’t hold out much longer than that night after night.



  • Frankly, I hope they don’t tour. Let this one reunion show be it – it was an overwhelming success and it’s probably because they guys were well rested. Plant’s voice sounded so good because he can do it like that – one night, no pressure to do it tomorrow or even a few nights from now. Put them on tour and he’ll have the problems we all know he has, and he knows it too. I’m fine letting the Zeppelin legacy end with this one final, epic, beautiful show, which I’m sure we’ll see on CD and DVD sometime next year.

    If they insist on playing again, I can see something like a very limited engagement – New York, LA, and a few other shows in key cities around the world, but not a huge world tour like many are hoping.

    And, no, there will be no opener if they do tour. And even if there was … the Cult? Ian, you have to be kidding us.

  • I saw Zeppelin in 1972. Greatness, of course. Will they tour again? They don’t even know. So, let us just wait and see. I can’t waste the brain space otherwise….


  • JC Mosquito

    I’ll think they’ll tour in 2008, but what do I know…… I predicted last December that Guns ‘n’ Roses would tour Chinese Democracy this year.

  • bobby

    It’s a testament to the enduring drawing power and appeal of Led Zeppelin, that only 75% of the mighty Zep is now creating such a stir. Remember what brought down the curtain on the finest rock band in history was the death of the greatest rock drummer that ever lived, John Henry Bonham. John’s son Jason, though not as gifted as his father, (nobody is) is an extraordinary drummer in his own right and did a spectacular job at the reunion. The three surviving members and Jason, (it should never be called Zeppelin without John Bonham), should they decide to tour, will tap into the majority of the vast Zeppelin fanbase and therefore will annihilate all previous tour records. P.S. Walter, someone who makes a blanket statement about hundreds of millions of people that they don’t know (Led Zeppelin fans), is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Please keep such staggeringly ignorant opinions confined to you and your 17 brain cells.


    I dont understand what the BFD is. They are musicians, they obviously still have the ability and personal chemistry together, They should play. Forget the nostalgia, and its opposite the resentment/hatred/scorn thing. Dancers dance, bankers bank, and bands make music. The trying to guess what they will do and why is a crock…none of has any idea. The 3 that are still alive , thats a blessing. While we’re all still alive, just a moment longer really, we should make the best of it.

  • Whether or not they tour in the near future (2008, 09, or whenever), I have to admit to enjoying the constant ‘ping-pong’ like nature of the rumor mill; ‘yes they will tour’ reports are followed by ‘no they won’t tour’ reports, and then back again. Quite the soap opera…

  • who really cares if they cant tour due to recording contracts etc .I’d love to here a new album with new songs (maybe an accoustic album or some blues)that would be more appealling to me .just remember that john paul jones would prefer to play small venues(2000 seats)as to get better sound quality etc.

  • Skip Stone

    If they tour they tour. The price has no meaning – people will pay. And what a huge opportunity for The Cult to get such massive exposure – IF they are to be the opening act.

  • Indian Joe

    Who will Led Zeppelin have as an opening act on their 2008 US tour???
    The rumors have finally been silenced: Plant has personally tapped his illegitimate son’s band–MEAN VENUS–to open all 2008 shows.
    MEAN VENUS’ lead singer, J, when recently interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine, spoke of his utter disbelief at the prospect:
    “I only found out he [Plant] was my dad a few years ago.
    My mum hid it from me for the majority of my life. So to actually be going on the road with my Dad is bloody outrageous!”…..

  • allthegoodonesaretakensoblowme

    dude, I would pay 500 for a ticket just to jack off in the parking lot of the stadium they were playing. But to actually see them? My god, i would be lighting my post-sex cigarette after the first note was struck.

  • I will fly an airplane to whereever they tour and i’ll pay any amount to see the greatest rock n roll band of all time. Many other people will also do the same.

  • Chandler

    That dude from mean venus aint opening for nobody. He died 6 months ago from a heroin overdose. Supposedly he was working with Axl at the 11th hour writing material for inclusion on Chinese Democracy. Guess he couldn’t handle playing with the big boys. only 27 years old!

    This is also supposedly one of the reasons that Plant isn’t doing the tour too. After this Krauss b.s. he is done. Really ashame the Zep guys can’t honor Plant’s decision and understand that losing your son to heroin is something that most people never emotionally come back from.

    RIP J

    MEAN VENUS ruled!!!

  • Jamie J.

    Whitesnake have apparently been unofficially told that they can open for Led Zeppelin, and have agreed.
    At this point though, too many rumours are going around, questionning the entire tour, so I don’t know what to believe.

    They will tour though… they have to!