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Will Florida Follow The German Plan?

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Prior to the outbreak of World War II French military planners were convinced The Maginot Line, a long reinforced wall with heavy gun emplacements, would afford the military time to repel German invaders. The Germans knew about the formidable structure and simply went around it and in some cases, after gaining entrance to rear areas, allowed units to move through it.

Ohio State appears to be a formidable fortress and few outside of Gator country give the University of Florida much of a chance in the National Title game. The prevailing theory seems to be the Buckeyes are simply too strong. Football coaches comment that another big, strong powerful team like Michigan is one of only a few teams that could knock off the mighty Buckeyes. Perhaps.

Florida is loaded with speed and a young coach who certainly thinks outside of the box. Urban Meyer’s methodology is questioned and his offensive scheme is puzzling to many who prefer a power game coupled with an air attack if necessary. This could be the deciding factor.

Ohio State’s talent is three deep in many positions and they possess speed, but they are used to facing other teams playing a power game or pro-style offense. Florida possesses extraordinary speed at all positions and will simply run around your blocks of granite in much the same way the Germans skirted the Maginot Line. Their offensive style isn’t something a month of practice against the scout team can prepare you for any degree of success.

If Florida comes out and withstands the early pressure of playing in the biggest game of the year, an upset is probable. It’s been done before, and Meyer — of German descent — is cocky enough for his players to buy into what he’s saying. Thus, my pick for the national title is Florida over The Ohio State University, 27 – 21

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