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Will Finland RAWK the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest?

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LordiAs many traditional media sources have already gleefully reported, the 2006 Finnish Eurovision song contest entry will definitely not be what you’d expect. But let me correct these aforementioned sources – the entry is very much what you’d expect if you knew about the Finnish deadpan humour and mentality.

I am delighted and even a little gleeful that my lovely, quirky homeland has decided to share its sense of humour around the world by entering Lordi — a Finnish Spinal Tap, or thereabouts — into the contest with a song called "Hard Rock Hallelujah". Sadly, and rather predictably, not many people (not even all Finns, judging by the local media reaction) "get" the tongue-in-cheek element of Lordi.

Reports from the Eurovision 2006 host country Greece and from the Finnish church authorities, asking for immediate removal of Lordi from the contest, suggest that some people seem not to be getting the joke. Lordi sounds like a hybrid between all of the ’80s cheesy hard rock bands; a soundtrack to a B-list horror flick; with an underlying pop-sensibility that might even make it popular in countries other than Finland.

The Guardian wrote:

The trauma of losing the Eurovision Song Contest can do funny things to a country. In Finland, where the words "nul points" are burned into the national psyche, they have decided to take radical action and appoint hard-rocking death metal band Lordi as their Eurovision entry for 2006.

A far cry from the breezy folk tunes and ultra-safe pop of traditional Eurovision fare […]

Wait a second there, matey! You are confusing Finland with Norway! I don’t recall any folk song entries from Finland! Oh, I admit. Most people seem to happily lump Nordic and Scandinavian countries into one compartment in their heads, probably entitled "That meatball guy from The Muppets".

Still, I felt it was my duty as a Finn to write the alternative announcement about Lordi, so here I am. Finland has graced the Eurovision song contest with its presence since 1961 and has always entered with a fabulously cheesy pop song in the true nature of the contest. Definitely no folk songs in sight. Who knows, with groups like Värttinä, maybe Finland should have used a folk song once in a while?

The 2006 Eurovision song contest will be broadcast from Athens on the 20th of May.

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  • Richie

    Like the rest of the ESC, the Finnish entry was a complete sack of manure. Europe gets what it deserves. Complete rubbish. Death to Eurovision.

  • It was the best thing I have ever seen on telly! RAWK ON! I have not laughed so hard in ages! Richie, I’m sorry you failed to enjoy yourself. I guess if you don’t find Eurovision entertaining, the trick is not to watch it, eh? 😉

  • Nuka, I don’t normally watch Eurovision as it offends my taste in music but I caught half the show last night and Lordi EASILY deserved to win. Not only are the band great performers, the song had a great tune and I’m still high on Lordi’s use of words like “Arockalypse” and the “rockening”. Great stuff and worthy winners.

    Sadly the British entry’s “performance”, though I had to force myself to use the word, was one of the most inept and embarrassing moments of my entire life.


  • Geoff


    It’s about time a Baltic country won. But I’m surprised Finland’s siter nation, Estonia, did not give Lordi the full 12 points.

    It was definitely the best song on Eurovision.

    Now I’ll say something in Finland’s language:

    Paras kappale voitti! SUOMI JYRÄÄ!!

  • Geoff

    Oops I meant Estonia is Finland’s SISTER nation.

    ‘aven’t ‘ad me tea yet…

  • Yazremski

    Congratulations to Finland and Lordi, the new “Monsters of the Baltic”!

    Eurovision will be in Suomi next year so we’ll get to see Lordi RAWK Eurovision again! But they’ll be a hard act to follow…

  • Thank you for the comments, guys! I was also rather horrified by the British entry (you see, having spent far too long over here in the UK, I do feel somewhat deep fried in Britishness and as such, the humiliation was partly shared. I mean, what WAS that? A 30-something rap version by of “It’s a hard up life”? Uhhhh).

    I will try my best to get tickets to attend the event next year. We’ll see what comes of that!

    By the way; I’m being a bit of a stick in the mud now, but Finland is not actually a “Baltic” nation. Finland borders on the Baltic sea, but Finland is known as a “Nordic” nation. 😉

  • The Man From Del Monte

    Best joke in years. Having avoided the ESC for many years this time it was a must see with Lordi making it the funniest thing I have seen for ages. They deserved to win by an even bigger margin and it is clear that many people across Europe got the joke.

    As for the British entry – oh dear what an embarassment.

    Cheers – The Man

  • was it a joke or did lordi really mean to be so hard rocking he slained all the others lol really cool. i have never seen so nice costumes and also a little funny to see D;. but did lordi really mean to make us laugh? or just some nice music cuz it is pretty nice

  • jhect

    i hope i can see them all without masks

  • It could probably be described as a combination of Finnish weird/deadpan humour, sending up the Eurovision song contest by entering a ludicrously absurd act(thereby making all the other acts look like a parody) and really, a genuine love for gorgeous, cheesy 80s inspired HEAVY METAL music. 😉