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wilderness survival

Wilderness survival requires a can-do attitude, the knowledge and skills appropriate for the situation, and the right tools and equipment to accomplish a specific task. It is absolutely imperative that a person dress appropriately for the climate in order to keep the body at a stable core temperature. Keeping the body warm and dry will save a person from much suffering and possible fatality.

Shelter plays a big part in wilderness survival. Protection from extreme cold and heat, the wind, and other severe weather conditions can mean the difference between life and death. Camping gear such as a sleeping bag and tent are foundational for protection from the elements.

Those spending a lot of time in the outdoors understand the need for an adequate supply of fresh drinking water, and access to a body of water is always a high priority for the survivalist and outdoor enthusiast.

Living off the land takes practice and patience. Learning to use the tools of the outdoors is an acquired skill. Besides having food and water, bloggers tout the critical importance of packing outdoor gear like a knife, a flashlight, a compass, and matches for fire. Bloggers also speak of having a contingency plan.

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