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“Wikked L’il Grrrl” Back With First Full-Length CD In 7 Years

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Just months after releasing a mini-disc entitled We R In Need of A Musical Revolution , Esthero is headed back to her “heart and home” of Toronto to perform at the eye Weekly Magazine Canadian Music Week Showcase with opening act controller.controller. She’ll play a second show at the Canadian Independent Music Awards (7:30pm). Wed, Mar 2. Even though her first full-length offering in about seven years does not hit the shelves until April 2005, the “pink pirate” is already back to playing shows again. Additionally, she’s collaborated with many big names that include Black Eyed Peas, Goodie Mob, Nelly Furtado, Ian Pooley, DJ Krush, Blue Man Group and more. Many Esthero fans can’t wait to hear what the new CD, entitled Wikked L’il Grrrls will sound like.

Seven years is quite a long time for a hiatus after only one debut CD, but despite this fact even fellow Blog Critics have awarded Esthero the honour of being a top name in Trip Hop music alongside arguably much more well known musical talent such as Massive Attack and Bjork.

And even though the fiery red head claims she is not as recogized in her home town of Toronto as she is in other cities such as L.A., Toronto’s eye Magazine has her sex-kitten image plastered across the front cover this week, focusing not on the past seven years of her career (or lack thereof), but instead looking into the artists future.

In an interview this week with eye writer Liisa Ladoucer , Esthero told the publication that,

“I get no special treatment [in Tornoto]. In LA, I can get into any premiere. I’ll go to one of those clubs they write about in the tabloids and I’ll get paparazzi. Not here. I go to meet someone at a Toronto club and they’re like, ‘Who are you?’ The upside is that I don’t have people going through my garbage. The bonus of being Canadian is we’re all equal. I appreciate it. And the creativity is here, which is why I stay. Once you’re doing well as a musician, you don’t live anywhere anyway.”

Despite the fact that the singer thinks Toronto doesn’t offer too many roads to International success (“You can win MuchMusic awards and Juno awards up the hoo-ha and still live in Regent Park in a shitty apartment with no cash,”) she still resides in the same place I first had the pleasure of meeting her, < a href="http://blogcritics.org/archives/2005/01/19/144441.php"> Toronto’s Annex neighborhood. I guess we’ll all have to wait until April to find out how the next chapter of this talented singers career unfolds.

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  • Bjork is trip hop music? I never thought of it that way but whenever I listen I feel like I’m on a trip and I should hop.

    A beautiful woman with a beautiful voice is always attractive, whether it’s Bjork or Esthero, Missy Elliott or Christina Aguilera.

    We need a Blogcritcs radio so we can listen to all this esoteric music and see if we like it.

  • I think her biggest obstacle and greatest gift is going to be her own love for music. She frequently lists the music she’s listening to on Estheronline and it’s pretty diverse stuff. It’s apparent, in the music of late, that she’s working with those influences. When you can’t be put into this or that cubby-hole, it’s a really steep uphill battle.

    It’s nice to see a new album coming out. I’m really looking forward to it.

    Thanks for the link!