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Wikileaks: Gaddafi Inc., the Lindsay Lohan of Dictators

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State Department dispatches obtained by Wikileaks describe Moammar Gaddafi and his family as “Gaddafi Inc.” And the leaks show that the Gaddafis, like Lindsey Lohan and other U.S. celebrities, can do anything and generally get away with it.

Of course, to be fair, Lohan never killed anyone or arranged for their murders, although Charlie Sheen is accused of threatening to kill his estranged wife. And Mel Gibson, well, that’s another story, though he never really became a real life Mad Max, except verbally.

Two planes sabotaged by Libya claimed more than 400 lives. Like Lohan, Gaddafi got away with it, paying more than $1 billion to the families of victims. The colonel never even spent a day in jail.

His family has spent billions on things ranging from setting up a personal army to paying American singer Mariah Carey $1 million to sing four songs at a soiree on St. Barts. Nice work if you can get it.

This hardly seems to be information whose release would harm the security of the United States; rather it throws the spotlight on how oil money can pay off anything, even murder.

Libya has admitted responsibility for the downing of the Pan Am Lockerbie flight in 1988, and the destruction of UTA flight 772 over the Sahara in 1989.

And yet Gaddafi has been able to cozy up to the U.S. Under President George W. Bush, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice visited Gaddafi in 2008. Gaddafi met with a U.S. delegation the next year that included Sen. Joe Lieberman, who said Libya was “an important ally in the war on terrorism,” the New York Times reported.

If he is deposed, Gaddafi might be able to get his own reality show, which would demonstrate beyond all doubt that he is a survivor. If that doesn’t work out I understand there are some openings in the Somali pirate navy. After all Libya used to be home to the Barbary pirates.

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  • Just when you thought Gadaffi couldn’t get any more surreal, he’s now blaming Osama bin Laden for the insurrection in his country.

  • kurt brigliadora

    Your exactly right…Gadaffi is a lucky guy so far!That whole area is a “powder keg”Question; when will he be held accountable, where’s our military? but watchout~ you know the ole navy seal- saying;”warheads on foreheads” could be coming to him very soon.