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Wii’re Gonna Fail (Wii Can’t Handle the Truth…)

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The Nintendo Wii's newly designed controllerI don’t buy it.

I like the small controller. I like the backward compatibility. I even like the concept and active movement by the player. But I don’t buy it.

Let me say for the record, I hope it does well. I hope it’s a success. I even hope it is the new revolution in video gaming. But there is no way Nintendo Wii will be a mega-hit in the United States.

Nintendo has a whole iPod-looking website up right now dedicated to their new, small form factor game console. They have gone back to their roots with signature franchises like Super Mario, Metroid, and The Legend of Zelda. This is no surprise — Nintendo always phones home when it’s taking a risk. Two Italian guys, some swords, and Excite Bike (Excite Truck in Wii’s case) didn’t save Gamecube, and nothing is going to make Wii an American hit on the scale of Xbox, Xbox 360, and all the numerical Sony platforms. The Public Relations Guys and Girls on all sides are trying to chip away at public opinion as we speak.

Wii has had plenty of publicity. Most video game consoles tend to generate a fair amount of buzz. Nintendo clearly beat Sony in public relations efforts at The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

E3 is often the soapbox that media corporations use to unleash their latest and greatest onto the world. For all intents and purposes, Nintendo swept the hype awards.

Here are a few peeks at what E3 looked like if you weren’t there:

Wii Promo Video 1
Wii Promo Video 2
Wii Tennis Demonstrated

They should have gotten the English-speaking actors for E3. But here is the reaction some people are giving Sony’s E3 showing.

[ADBLOCKHERE]Sony gave a release date, November 17, 2006. They gave a price, which is expensively $499-$599 depending on the hard drive configuration. They’re even offering their complete online gaming experience for free.

Maybe this is why their marketing initiative flopped at E3.

Sony gave too much away — despite the price of the Playstation 3, which I expect to drop by $100 before the launch. They said, here it is, it’s great, here’s when you’ll get it, and here’s everything you’ll get.

Take another look at the first Nintendo Promo Video. No prices; no exact release date. All you’re getting here is a high energy video in a high energy booth at E3 that teases the assembled journalists so that they’ll want more.

Sony put a gyroscope into their new controller — in effect this could be better than the Wii controller because no external hardware will be required by the Playstation 3. However, they kept the exact same looking “dual shock” design that the original Playstation had. Wii’s controller is different — it looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Thus, you want to touch it, feel it, and get to know the Wiimote. It may offer absolutely sub-par gaming, but it’s different and journalists love different.

So, Nintendo won the public relations battle at E3 over Sony. Nintendo gets a point.

In other news, Molly Smith, senior director of communications and brand development, one of the top public relations officials at Sony, quit June 1. Gamespot reported that the departure came as the result of changes being made at the public relations level, which included bringing in a former THQ executive.

A problem of specs

Simple problem: Wii only supports up to 480p resolution. Xbox 360, released over a year before the Wii will be launched, already supports 1080i resolution. All Xbox 360 games run at a minimum of 720p. Gamepro confirmed what I had suspected as well, Wii will have no digital audio port. This means you’re limited not only to low resolution graphics (and trust me, 480i will be low resolution by the end of the year) and two-channel audio.

Playstation 3, according to Gamespot, will feature support for up to 1080p resolution and will boast built-in HDMI ports (yes portS) and optical digital audio supporting Dolby Theater Sound.

Nintendo Wii will not feature built-in DVD video support. An external dongle will be required. Playstation 3 will support not only DVD but next generation Blu-ray technology. Playstation 3 will be the only console at the time of release to support that technology.


Xbox 260

Nintendo Wii
An Xbox 360 (top) and Wii screenshot of EA Sports' Madden NFL 2007.

Nintendo boasted their new and unique style of gameplay. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata lays out the philosophy:

With each passing year, video gaming has become an exclusive experience. The complexities of some of the newest games have alienated those who used to play games with their entire families. Wii changes all that. Nintendo has created the most inviting, inclusive video game system to date. Thanks to our unique controller, anyone of any age or skill level can pick up and play games on Wii.

I have to say, I agree. Look, when Doom came out in 1994, it basically created the three-dimensional action genre that we know today. And I played that game so much that I am sure arthritis is in my future. But it was simple. Arrows to move, control to shoot, space to open doors. If you really wanted to get creative, you could hold down the Alt key to move side-to-side. Atari featured one button and a joystick to move, NES was two buttons, Sega Genesis was three, Super Nintendo four, and it has risen exponentially since. Nobody is going to argue that gaming has gotten complex.

The learning curve has definitely risen, but this is the price you pay for a better gaming experience. I can play John Elway’s Quarterback for the NES. It features the blue guys versus the red guys. EA Sports has a contemporary solution for modern consoles in Madden NFL 2007.

Sometimes, you have to learn how to fly before you’ll be ready to take off.

The trade off with Wii is that you get easy-to-play games with obsolete graphics and sound technology. People in this country are willing to pay $6,000 for a gaming PC because they want the best possible graphics and sound technology. Price point is not going to make or break any video game console.

The Playstation 3 has what gamers want, great graphics and great sound. Pair that with the selection and variety of games available to the Playstation users, and you have a winner. American gamers are simply not ready to use their other senses in gaming yet, especially when Wii isn’t even trying to max out the visual and audible parts first.

The end result will be in the demographics. Nintendo is marketing to the “masses,” otherwise known as people who don’t currently play games. Sony is marketing to gamers, and gamers want digital audio and high definition video right now.

Here is what I do believe.

Nintendo Wii will gradually continue to be hyped until its release in late fall. It will be priced below the Playstation 3. It will sell very well during the holiday season among families with younger children, new to gaming. It will sell well among hardcore gamers in the 18-28 age range.

It will be one of the most amazingly modded systems of all time.

There is so much potential among those that want to convert to “moving games” that I certainly think that you’ll see baseball bats, golf clubs, guns, and more that employ the Wii technology. I think standup “arcade-style” mods of the Wii will come about. A few, very motivated devotees will even create “Wii rooms” in their houses for a full spatial Wii experience. I think the Wii will fare much better than the Sega Dreamcast did, but I don’t think we’re on the eve of a revolution. I just don’t buy it.

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  • American Public

    Well, thanks so much for making my choices for me. I am after all, only a feeble, simple-minded American, with only the capacity for pick up trucks and guns. I could never hope to understand, or enjoy anything that is even the slightest bit unique.

    No sir, no crazy controllers or non-PFS-shooter games for me. And English speaking actors? Yes please! Who wants to listen to some Japanese mumbo-jumbo ( i.e., the original dialogue ) What do those people know about video games anyway?

    …Are you actually serious with all these presumptions, based on American stupidity? What a sad, out of touch world view you have.

  • Jed Merrill

    Ha ha ha ha ha! Reasoned, but also smells paid for. The chances of Nintendo getting less sales than Sony this holiday season are zero. They may even sell out before PS3 releases, the way people are talking. Never underestimate the power of small simple things to take out giants.

    Nintendo’s formula is already hitting the mass market sweet spot, and believe me, if Nintendo released it for $350 there would still be grumbling, but they would buy it and it would still sell out.

    What Nintendo is offering is new on an entirely different scale than graphics and sound, and people will bite. Not just some people, but 85% of people who play games. Nintendo may say they are after casual gamers, but it is hardcore gamers that are salivating at the mouth.

    Nice to find an opposing voice in a sea of Wii, but I completely disagree. Wii (you, me, and Nintendo) will change everything. Certainly in gaming.

  • EDY

    Omg what are you talking about wii si gonna beat the hell outta PS3 and the thing is who cares if it doesn’t have DVD . I have vcr dvd combo ,a regular one ,the computer and a Xbox360 the last thing i would need is another dvd player…

  • OGY

    Your main argument is the Wii will have to use a dongle to play DVDs. Then you follow that with praise for the success of the Xbox. Are you forgetting the Xbox required a dongle aswell to play DVDs….

  • “The Playstation 3 has what gamers want, great graphics and great sound.”

    Exactly. The Wii has what both gamers and non-gamers want. Non-gaming fans are not the tech type and couldn’t care less about HD and 5.1. It’s not needed, because the chances of those people owning the needed equipment is nil. I would love to have it, but I’m not their key demographic this time because they know I’ll buy one regardless.

    They want to play games in a way they can understand. 16 button controllers, analog sticks, and triggers don’t seem complicated to us, but most people don’t grasp all of that.

    Sony’s marketing to gamers. Nintendo’s marketing to a market 90% bigger: everyone.

  • chris3116

    IS this a joke or what? I completely disagree what you said. You don’t buy it because of the controller is diffrerent. I won’t attack you. But all this opinion is flawness. The D-Pad from Nintendo on NES was considered to be a failure. The PS3 controller is nothing about a PS2 controller without a rumble and has motion sensor and a tilt with 6 movements.

    As for the price, remember the 3D0 and Neo-Geo. Both they have new technology and and have price over $600. Both failed. Reasonable people won’t buy a $600 console.

    As far I can see, Wii is clearly the winner everywhere and I can see you are a Playstation fanboy. I play video games for the games not from a brand. And PS3 is not on my Christmas wishlist.

  • chris3116

    I forgot. Hardcore gamers will play on Wii. The autor is just a casual.

  • This is certainly not paid for. If you want an example, I’m not even a Sony fan. I only owned a PS2 to review it and I thought it always suffered from poor graphics for its generation.

    As for the DVD–that was merely a side argument and not any sort of main argument.

    I’m not rooting for either side–if anything I hope the Wii wins the battle over the PS3, but when you have people who pay $600-$800 for a PC video card alone, you simple can not underestimate graphics and sound. I think the Playstation 3 price will drop slightly as they realize their public relations blunder and the titles and specs will win out.

    Finally, YES this is an opinion–it’s even filed under “opinion” on this site. All previews and predictions are opinions. I welcome disagreement and I made it clear that Nintendo is winning the public relations war, but I’m not sold on the American gamers’ willingness to completely change their style of play for yet another Super Mario title.

  • ggnoob

    An X-Box 260!?!??!?!?!

    What the hell is that? AHAHHAHAHAHA

    Great journalism there buddy.

  • “As for the price, remember the 3D0 and Neo-Geo. Both they have new technology and and have price over $600. Both failed.”

    The Neo Geo had its final release in 2004. It came out in 1992. That’s not a failure.

  • I’ll take disagreement but I take offense to the “casual gamer” comment. I’ve been gaming seriously for many years. Do not question me for my opinion, question the opinion for what it is. Just that.

  • Takhar

    Ah, I see, so the american public prefers several expensive add-ons to play $50+ Blu-ray discs on a $600 console for the ultimate gaming experience? I guess that definetly explains the PSP selling millions more than the DS (sarcasm).

    “Sony is marketing to gamers, and gamers want digital audio and high definition video right now.”

    Actually, I’m a gamer, and I don’t want digital audio and high definition audio if it means I won’t have any money to spend on actual -games-.

    “American gamers are simply not ready”

    Of course, cause changing something is a horrible thing to do, in fact, changing the way games are played is such a bad idea that the NES should’ve never been invented, new platformers like Super Mario Bros. won’t be bought enjoyed by the masses. In fact we should be playing the next E.T. on the Atari 1 200 000 because of the high quality visuals and audio. As long as it looks and sounds better, who cares if it’s new? (more sarcasm)

  • Andy146

    I just have one thing to say.
    Xbox 360 – $399
    Playstation 3 – $599
    Watching Nintendo steal the show at E3 – Priceless!

  • phinehas

    I disagree with what you have to say.

  • Well sarcasm isn’t making your argument here.
    And for you historians out there, the Sega Master came just before the NES and it had that controller technology first.

    Look, progress is a good thing and I made it clear that I like the Wii’s concept, but if you don’t want oposing viewpoints, just stay on nintendopower.com because that’s all you’re going to get.

    I don’t agree with the hype that E3 (which WILL fade) generated. You don’t have to agree with it, but I’ve been around long enough to make a respectable prediction.

  • Ray

    Well yo are all wrong look at the Ds, it beated the PSP with less graphics, I really think that you’re a ps freak and dont want to see that ps3 will not be the winner in this generation, so dont say bull…

  • You couldn’t be farther from the truth. I have never paid money for a Sony gaming system in my life. I–even though I predicted it’s failure too–was a Dreamcast fan because of my nostalgic love for Phantasy Star back in those days and I always liked Xbox better than PS2 because I like the Xbox graphics and titles better. So don’t make assumptions.

  • Obinna

    Your a PS3 fanboys aren’t you and you probably hang around a bunch lame hardcore gamers don’t you. Your probably a poser who always me too aren’t you.

  • Obinna

    “The Playstation 3 has what gamers want, great graphics and great sound.”

    No one is going to by a system just to look and listen to it, you idiot.

  • Richard

    You know those pics you have “An Xbox 360 and a Wii screenshot of EA Sports’ Madden NFL 2007.” …those are actually gamecube pics of Madden NFL 07,there on ign…wow your stupid….and it seems like your like a sony fan boy or something….and who cares if the wii doesn’t have built in dvd support…if you live in america you’d think by now you’d have a dvd player…if you don’t then your poor…but i think your wrong about americans “wanting” a ps3…actually if you look around the internet and talk to people you’d see that most people don’t actually want the ps3 they’d rather have a wii and xbox 360…which would equal the same price as a ps3

  • socketlube

    I read through your article and you have a very closed mind throughout your point. I think you need to open your mind and take into account America’s curiosty for new things. Also, I strongly agree with the previous comments which point out that spending 600 bucks on a system leaves no money for games. :/

  • NO, that is wrong. the screenshots were released by Electronic Arts, and the second one is for Wii.

  • Obinna


    Your mostly wrong because the people on the internet are mostly hardcore gamers ( well Im not) but if you ask people who don’t play games much but own a PS2 whether the would by a PS3 for 500-600$ the probably say yes (I personally think the ones who say yes are either posers or rich posers cause come on a system for 500+ dollars).

  • Old School Gamer

    “Well sarcasm isn’t making your argument here.
    And for you historians out there, the Sega Master came just before the NES and it had that controller technology first.”

    This is factually innacurate. The famicom had the D-pad before the master system. There were a couple of older Sega systems but they didn’t have D-pads.
    Please do your research.

    Also, the innacurate assumptions and flawed logic trains in your argument are too many to mention. Suffice it to say that I am american and a gamers and none of your generalizations are accurate in describing me.

  • Casual Gamer

    I do agree that the smart people will see the potential to get the Wii, and the satisfaction of also seeing quality graphics for Xbox 360 but trust me there are many hill billys and dumbass americans who will purchase that PS3. This is why we have the term American “CONSUMER”. There job is is to CONSUME and many dumbass americans are going to do it. Also unlike us many casual ppl dont read internet blogs so much. They probably go to Gamespt or Ign and read the fastest article and make up a mind.

    I’m telling you, you can sell the cheapiest and wierdest of all things in America, and ppl will buy it. Maybe not all(there are smart ppl) but many dumbasses will.

    Sony is a brand name, and many ppl will fall prey to it just because its Sony but after awhile they might just see their mistake. Just look at the PSP. Beats DS in everyway yet DS sold more because of better marketing technique and clever use innovation. When PSP came out I thought Nintendo’s monopoly on handheld is done, but it seems somehow it flipped upside down.

  • Casual Gamer

    “Your a PS3 fanboys aren’t you and you probably hang around a bunch lame hardcore gamers don’t you. Your probably a poser who always me too aren’t you.”

    Obinna that’s just low, low, low, very LOW….

  • Hoopla

    480p not 480i, Fact checking is critical in any journalism.

  • Casual Gamer

    hope this arguement lasts awhile. I love to see this things in action

  • Casual Gamer

    480p or 480i, it still a low amount for HD.
    (also I have HD tv, and even I don’t want a PS3)

  • Brian F

    You could consider me a Nintendo Fan. I plan on purchasing both the Wii and the PS3 (although, I’ll probably have to wait for PS3 for a little bit). Mario and Zelda sell a system for me.

    I think the Wii will be a failure if market share is the basis. However, in terms of success, I think that Nintendo will make money and compete for other markets other than the hardcore gamer. Hardcore gamers will probably buy all three. It remains to be seen if these “non-gamers” are a significant force in the biz. If they are, then I think that Nintendo will compete with MS for number 2.

    Graphics and “power” have always sold well in the US. I remember the PS laying waste to the saturn (in general). A few saturn games held their own (especially if done by AM2), but Sega missed the mark when their machine was more for 2D than 3d. 3D in general looked a lot better on PS. The saturn had no chance in the US. However, the saturn didn’t have the angle that the Wii has.

  • I’m not exactly sure what part of this article to correct first, I’m surprised no one has made any in the comments.

    Take a look [at this on] codenamerevolution.com

  • Obinna

    well I’m a very low insensitive jerk now aren’t I

  • the man

    how dare you.

    first off, you state that the ps3 gyroscope controller could be better than the wii’s because it has no external hardware

    that honestly sounds like a fanboys excuse. external hardware wont matter when its not frequently moved and if it makes a small footprint. the ps3 controller sesnes motion, but not position, speed, or distance like the wii’s. How can you complain about a tiny amount of extra space when the alternative is a single huge unit, larger than the wii and the one peice external hardware combined?

    you also claim that “The trade off with Wii is that you get easy-to-play games with obsolete graphics and sound technology” though nothing having to do with sound quality has been released, anything with the power to make graphics better than the gc version of re4 is hardly obsolite, and somehow i doubt you know anything about how hard to play EVERY game on the wii will be.

    “The learning curve has definitely risen, but this is the price you pay for a better gaming experience.” the whole point of the wii controller is to lower the learning curve while making a better expirience at the same time, a point you appearently missed.

    “They’re even offering their complete online gaming experience for free.” theyre not the only ones either.

    “This means you’re limited not only to low resolution graphics (and trust me, 480i will be low resolution by the end of the year)” and why do you say this? there is nothing bluray related on the market, and very little hddvd, so i highly doubt anyone will rush into buying high definition. the ps3 launches in the fourth quarter so unless you think that be next year the majority of people will own a ps3/xbox360(with hddvd attachment)/respective player you should retract your statement.

    “Playstation 3, according to Gamespot will feature support for up to 1080p resolution and will boast built-in HDMI ports (yes portS)” tsk, tsk, tsk. someone didnt check their facts. as of e3 2006 the ps3 will have a single hdmi port on the $600 version only (the 500 version gets no hdmi, no wifi, and no memorycard ports [so you can say goodbye to taking your profile/saved info to a friends house]) without your precious port you get stuck with the “low resolution graphics” (480i)

    “Nintendo Wii will not feature built-in DVD video support. An external dongle will be required.” wrong again. It has been repeatedly and clearly stated that the device enabling the wii to play dvds will be internal (like the port on the underside of the gc). i guess you just ignored that fact so you could blatently lie to your readers to feebily try to support your flimsy case.

    “A few, very motivated devotees will even create “Wii rooms” in their houses for a full spatial Wii experience.” there are numerous reports of people saying you can play with the controller in your lap and all you have to do is adjust the position of the controller. where you got this idea that you need to devote an entire room to the wii is beyond me.

    I hope to god you werent paid to write this peice of crap. it is filled with lies and incosistancies. you try to buy a little credit in the begining by saying you hope it succedes but i severely doubt that; you seem to hope for its failure against all odds.

    again, how dare you. how dare you blatantly lie. how dare you give false hopes under the disguise of honesty. how dare you.

  • chris

    I agree with the report, wii will do well but not as well as the ps3 or the xbox360 in the long run. Not because of all the crap the ps3 has like blu-ray, downloads, HDD and all the other extras.And i am not a sony or nintendo fan since they don’t pay me to be one.Anyway i try to buy things that are future proof so i try not to buy the wrong one. I believe the future of home gaming(console) will still be in the visual experience. But only time will tell. Look at the games making headlines and awards in america, FPS mostly,action, stategy and a few other types.
    I think people that have the luxury to have all forms of home entertainment in the game(ps2,xbox,pc gaming) i think they would all have the wii. But others that have to choose just one console for the long term. example people choosing between xbox or ps2.
    Also ps3 and xbox360 will offer more mature games(12+ and above) and FPS and better sports games and will have more of the 15-35 yr old male and a few female.
    wii will appeal to casual gamers that the great mario franchise. And games that focus more on gameplay than visuals.i tend to fall in the first category.Also sports games and action games will need better visuals so wii will not offer that so wii will be mostly for kids that like fun games and women gamers mostly and new gamers maybe and also the a few males that have already got the xbox360 or the ps3.
    Dont get me wrong wii will sell out in the short term…like a year or 2 but 5 years down? i dont think the wii will be making the headlines. But i may be wrong.
    Only time will tell

  • WiiWii

    Guys, check out this poll from
    … I guess this means the Wii is the clear winner for Slashdotters!
    By the way, Nintendo makes me go Wii! (a.k.a. I am buying one… ditching XBOX 360!)

  • ” in effect this could be better than the Wii controller because no external hardware will be required by the Playstation 3″

    I HATE the way sony has tricked people into thinking this.

    If Nintendos machine only had the functions of sonys controll pad, then it wouldnt need external hardware either.
    Sony is very manipulative in their speach, acting like its an amazing fact it dosnt need external hardware.
    Wario Ware Twisted, amongst many older games *used the exact same sensor sony is using*
    None of those games needed a bar either.

    Its not a Nintendo or Sony invention, its a vibrating bit of metal that sense’s angular momentum.

    Nintendos controller has thess, and so does the PS3.
    Nintendos controller *also* has a kinda webcam that looks for UV light points emited by its sensor bar.
    It can then work out its position in 3D space,and the exact point its pointing at.

    The DualNoShock3 cant do this.
    It cant aim a gun.

    Theres nothing wrong with this, of course.
    Its just sad sony is so good at missinformation.

  • Blogger said:

    “I always liked Xbox better than PS2 because I like the Xbox graphics and titles better.”

    X-Box… had titles?

    It only had 2 commercially successful games,
    Halo 2.

    Of course, you had your really good exclusive games far and inbetween like Ninja Gaiden, Panzer Dragoon Orta(spelling?) and Jet Set Radio Future, but those games did bad in stores, (except Ninja Gaiden, which did so well, they rehashed it.)

    I don’t want to start a debate, but for every great game on the X-Box (which will probably be looked over,) there are at least 10 hi-profile games that are hyped up and rushed out ::cough::Fable, Halo 2::cough::

    Also, what parent in their right mind is going to want to throw down $600 for a PS3 for their kid when the Wii is going to be “under $250” and will surely get the parents interested with its neat concepts. Nintendo knows how to market this way. They’ve managed to hook my 53 year old, non-gamer, mom on Brain Age.

    And finally, PS3 doesn’t have enough gigaflops for me to buy it.

    (This is not from a Wii fanboy, I perfered PS2 over my GC for everything except multiplayer games. This E3 killed Sony for a lot of people, myself included.)

  • Bunderant

    “The trade off with Wii is that you get easy-to-play games with obsolete graphics and sound technology.”

    How is the Wii tech obsolete, exactly? It is technology that many people (including Americans) have yet to own… If people are still buying things that support this technology, and entertainment is still being developed to support this technology, then how do you conclude that it is obsolete? Not everyone has a TV that supports 480p (and yes, Wii supports up to 480p, not 480i), and not everyone has digital audio (though I do think Wii really should have the optical audio output). Also, to make up for the lack of digital audio, the controller speaker should allow for a very immersive audio experience, regardless of the odds that the speaker is only DS quality.

    Also, why do you say “easy to play”? Certainly, many games will be, but what “easy to play” means for the hardcore gamers is that you as a player become more capable, which means that games will need to be more capable to match you. We could eventually be able to perform actions using the remote with such ease that similar situations using a traditional controller would be impossibly difficult.

    “Sometimes, you have to learn how to fly before you’ll be ready to take off.”

    Okay, one more quote. Where can people who don’t play games ‘learn how to fly’ in these days of the more complex controllers? Wii will be the most accessible training ground for new gamers, and that could eventually lead to more sales for all consoles, making the non-gamer capable enough to handle other controllers.

    I respect your opinion, but I don’t think you’ve given this enough thought.

    Oh, and IGN’s image selections are not always accurate to specific consoles. They may be accurate in this case, but the GCN and Wii versions of Twilight Princess, for example, share some of the same screens.

  • Also lets remember the company’s here.

    Sonys idea of new gameplay is

    “Real Time Weapon Change!”

    Microsoft is putting in effort, and earning their place.
    Sony is more and more showing themselves not to care about gameing, but to merely use it as a back-door for movie/BluRay dominance.

    Also, I think people are missing Nintendos aim slightly.

    It might well be true that existing gamers go after graphics mostly, and those the Wii wont do as well in the long term.

    However, the key phrase is “existing gamers”.

    Nintendo dosnt want to just go after existing gamers, they are far more ambitious.

    “Do you know anyone that has never read a book? or watched a movie? or listen to music?….now..how many of you know people that have never played a video game?”

    Nintendo may or may not get their goal, but they are surely the bravest company that sees right to the heart of the problem with gameing while others squabble over polygon counts.

    At some stage graphics wont mater at all.
    The systems wont be limiting the looks or detail, it will be budgets and development times.

    Nintendo sees this and knows its a dead end.
    The Wii will probably last a good 5 years.
    But in 5 years Xbox360/PS3 hardware will be worthless in terms of internal componants.

    And people will see bumping up specs dosnt increase the look of games anymore.

    The Wii isnt just a great idea now.
    Its a great path that Nintendo has set out on.
    When the graphic war winds down, the interface war will start. And Nintendo will suddenly be the one with a generation head start on everyone.

  • “Playstation 3, according to Gamespot will feature support for up to 1080p resolution and will boast built-in HDMI ports (yes portS)”

    Actualy, theres only 1 port now.
    Did you watch E3s speach? look at the specs.

    Also, only people that buy the more expensive model get HDMI at all.
    The cheaper one lacks any digital outs.

  • chris

    people should stop using the psp and ds comparism for the wii and ps3 comparism because the handheld is for short game play. 10minutes to maybe an hour on a travel or something. But console game that you tend to play with your friends and neighbour for a long time.
    titles tend to buy games, and looks like ps3 will have better fps and sports games

  • chris

    titles for the wii

  • AWooll

    Well, I can see someone is a little bit… out of touch with the gaming world. First: Once again, the supporters of the PS3/Xbox crowd are quick to point out graphics. Heres my point: I don’t care. Graphics, at this point, look beautiful, and they do everything I could want. “PS3 has a gyroscope now too.” Well, not only are they posers, theirs is less powerful, and their controller design will limit it. “People will pay 6000 Dollars for a PC!” Well, they’re typically very rich, and those kinds of people would still buy a Wii, if only to add it to their collection of consoles. “Controllers offer a better gaming experience.” Riiiiighht… I’ve got to learn a button combination 4 long, to swing my sword, whereas a Wii can do it with simple motion.

    A few other points: If Sony is marketing to gamer’s, why’d they flop at E3, the pinnacle of gaming events? Maybe cuz gamers don’t always have half a grand to throw around. A different way to play is upon us, and I think that, unfortunately, this editor was payed, and if not, is just a little bit (read: huge) out of touch with the gaming community.

  • ishoy

    sigh… another sony fanboy trying and failing make nintendo sound like its failing.

  • kernelpanic

    I have to agree with the author. I think that Nintendo is trying to create a market where there isn’t one. However, they’re doing that to the exclusion of where everyone else (ie Sony, Microsoft) is making money. That sets them up to lose a lot.

    Nintendo is banking on the fact that people who don’t play games will pay $200+ dollars to buy a console when they probably already have a computer. These people probably won’t buy one when they discover it can’t do MySpace.

    The Wii will of course sell out at first because of all the Nintendo fans rushing out to buy one, but I don’t think Nintendo will get the market they’re aiming for.

  • R0DJOh

    Oh this article is so full of fanboyism is not even funny.



  • Casual Gamer

    You have to remember guys that the console war started out as a war between specs. The 360 amazed us all, and Sony had to beat that so they ramed up their console. It works out it, because at that moment it was the most sensible idea to do. However out of the door came Nintendo with something that rather than a better ramped up super duper console they decided to focus on the market buy sheer inginuity. It worked and even MS and Sony knows that the console war they were in was just so silly and pathetic nonsense. If you look now Sony is talking about how PS3 is a media center, PC, center of living room, network connector, all things that don’t relate to gaming much. Even they see that Nintendo is going in a differnt yet succesful path.

    Now the big talk between the corps isnt horsepower war, but rather how to aim for the casual, non-gamer world as that world is way bigger than the gamer world. In my own opinion I don’t care if Nintendo sells #1, if they sell well and if it has games on it i’m good. I’ve had a Nintendo console starting from N64 and I’ve never had glitches, technical issues, or any other problems with it. Heck I’ve even accidentally puled my GC so hard that it flew across my living room pretty far and it stilled worked perfectly. Also you guys should realize that Sony and MS are in the gaming biz for the sake of pure money. MS is just more obvious about it. Nintendo don’t have a choice with money. They are a pure gaming corp. and that is the only way they will make money. This is why Sony and MS pumps out what ever the crowd wants but Nintendo always comes with somethin new, and innovative because they have to.

    Also for those that say Nintendo is for kids because it isn’t an FPS monster, that is completely wrong. I live in North America, and I think FPS’s are crap. They don’t give me the sense of immersion as other games might. Also just cause the game may look kiddy doesnt mean it aent fun. Super Smash Bros. is the best fighting game ever no matter how kiddy it looks.

    O and PS3 will not be #1 because when someone will go to store to buy a console, that 250$ besides a $600 dollar beast will make the Wii look ever so addictive.

  • kernelpanic

    BTW: God hates console fanboys Disclaimer: This is not meant to promote or insult any one side. This is just funny, and overall good advice.

  • Richard


    Your mostly wrong because the people on the internet are mostly hardcore gamers ( well Im not) but if you ask people who don’t play games much but own a PS2 whether the would by a PS3 for 500-600$ the probably say yes (I personally think the ones who say yes are either posers or rich posers cause come on a system for 500+ dollars).

    what? i didn’t say the people online were or were mostly not hardcore gamers…and most people i talk don’t want a ps3…and they are hardcore gamers thats all they do is play games…which i think there is more to life than video games but thats beside the point…

  • Richard

    *were or were not mostly hardcore gamers

  • Cate

    While I don’t agree with some of the author’s statements, it annoys me that so many people are opting to call him names rather than debate his arguments. We’re all entitled to our opinions, aren’t we? Personally, I hope the Wii does well. I probably will not get a chance to buy one, poor college student that I am, but I can’t wait for my brother to get one so I can borrow it. Nintendo wins the innovation race hands down. Graphics are good, but gameplay is better, and Nintendo delivers not only with the Mario and Zelda franchises, but with new creative titles that keep gaming fresh and exciting. One of my chief complaints against 3D gaming is that since its development everything has been about optimizing graphics, and it seems that the “fun” element has been lost entirely. Do I really care that the PS3 and XBox have better graphics? I honestly don’t think I’ll notice. When I’m really into a game, it doesn’t matter what it looks like. But this may simply reflect the fact that I’m a girl. Just as the DVD feature doesn’t interest me. If movies go BluRay, then I’ll look into the technology. Until then, I am perfectly comfortable playing my DVDs on my computer or even my DVD player (that is what those things are for, right?). I don’t know how the Wii will fare on the US market, but I definitely don’t think it will be a failure. Those who prefer power technology to play the latest version of simulated football will go for Sony and Microsoft. Those who want a new, accessible, and creative gaming experience will favor Nintendo. It all depends on the individual and what he/she is looking for. So chill, people.

  • I had this huge thing that I wrote.. then took it off because well… it’s useless… here’s the only thing that bothered me the most

    you say Gamers look for Graphics and Sound?!?

    You know what made me drool over the most about the Wii? it’s ability to Download SNES GAMES!
    sure, I’ll get all hyped when I play the new Zelda or Metroid, but SNES GAMES! my childhood!!
    what was the SNES again? 16-bit?

    yes, definatly.. I look for the best Graphics and Sound in a console!

    also, it’s not the console that makes it great. it’s the games on it.
    the Wii offers something new and dynamic. appealing to the public and old gamers.
    Sony offers… RIDGE RACER! and Weapon swipping techniques by pressing X+Square then L-1!.

    and the lack of DVD reader… or the blue-disc/HD/NICE SOUND/Mind Reading/makes coffee/whatever Sony will put on the PS3…
    well it does suck.. if I was looking for an entertaining system.
    but I’m not, I’m looking for a Gaming Console. it plays game. that’s it.
    my DVD player does a super well jolly good job thank you very much. I don’T see why I need another one.

  • LOL at the author

    The author forgot to mention 2-3 crucial factors how many of you own a HD tv capable of 1080p?

    Also Xbox (the original) could produce graphics at 720p resolution… Well name a game done for Xbox which wasn’t ported on the other 2 consoles with the same graphics.

    As for the DVD playback, let’s be serious, the DVD tech was already a standard since late 90s, even so the PS2 has a crappy dvd playback filled with bugs (at least the original console).. So you can expect a cheaply crappy Blu ray player as well.

    Also the author conveniently forgot to mention to mention that the 499 USD version has NO HDMI output which means all Blu ray movies will play at a standard DVD res.

    He also forgot about the recent awards given by E3 critics for moment let’s forget about Wii swooping best hardware award and let’s focus on the games.
    Spore and an Xbox 360 game won prizes in their respective categories no PS3 game was awarded.

    As for the motion sensitive controller of PS3 it’s nothing more than a botched cheaper version of the wiimote. Wiimote’s tech is far superior
    a) it understands acceleration and speed meaning it makes a difference how fast you move the wiimote, the PS3 controller doesn’t have that
    b) it’s a 6 axis sensitive controller, up down right left back and forth, the ps3 is 4 axis sensitive
    c)wireless force feedback or rumble features, the Dual shock 3 for the PS3 isn’t shocking at all.
    d) not to mention the embedded speaker on the wii mote

    Bottom line
    Nintendo said from the start, they want to change course and they wouldn’t go for horse power,their president kept saying that the new consoles graphics wouldn’t be as good as 360 and PS3, but they set out to do the same thing they did with the DS, not the best graphics machine out there but a new way of gamer-console interaction , thus far, they have delivered the goods.

    Microsoft promised dazzling graphics, online interactive content, mergering their messenger and MSN passport services with Xboxlive and connectivity of Xbox 360 making a media hub.They also delivered what they set out to do..

    I am excited about the possibilites of the Wiimote and the back catalog of Sega Nintendo and Hudson as I am amazed with 360’s graphics and online gaming features. But Sony PS3 graphics seem to be in par with 360 and their efforts to emulate Microsoft with Xbox live and Nintendo with their Controller scream

    And don’t feed me crap about Blu ray that’s a double edged sword imagine if HD DVD wins the format wars and we are stuck with another Betamax or worse another UMD.

    At least Microsoft went about it the right way, they just produced an add on and if HD DVD fails nothing stops them from reaching into their deep pockets to produce a blu ray add on…

    BTW Xbox chief Moore and PS3 chief Harrison both said buy a wii after you buy an Xbox or a PS3 respectively… That says it all…

  • Casual Gamer

    The internet allows ppl to have opinions whether your the one stating the opinion or you have an opinion on the opinion (see how that works).

    And yes i agree when your in the middle of a game graphics don’t matter much (but NFSMW did use the graphic powers well, have to admit. Made it so much more immersive with the perfect sound timing and good action camera moments).

    Games like AOE3 have such beautiful graphics but gameplay is bull shit. Aoe2 was way better. I don’t care how beautiful the water may reflect a fake sun but if th game is shit than no point. Most games now give what the consumer wants. Not much creative ideas are put into these games. ALso ppl want things such as DVD players, or other stuff in a console so it can do things outside the range playing games. That’s pointless because pretty much everybody now own a DVD player.

    How many ppl want DVD player built in to their TV?

  • Cate

    I agree with French Gamer… Super NES still has every console beat. I’ve been playing those games for years, and I still enjoy them,whether or not their graphics are “obsolete” 🙂

  • otis gibbon

    I think you put way to much importance in graphics. Ther are alot of games starting at SNES level that I can still pick up and play and have just as much fun as ever with.

    And there’s a difference between having complexity and a high learning curve. A game can be simple and complex at the same time. And simplicity sells. The top selling game for gamecube was Smash Brothers Melee, a very simple fighting game. Yet me and my friends spent hour upon hour playing it.

    Nintendo isn’t trying to make games simpler they’re just trying to make them simpler to pick up and play. The depth will be just as good if not better.

    I think if anything the DS pattern will apply here. developers will throw in the motion sensing just because it’s there at first and then later really learn to use the controller properly later and Nintendo will only see growing momentum.
    To recap.
    Rabid fan base
    lower price
    easy to pick up games
    estimates of game devoloping costing less than half of any of the other consoles (coming from developers themselves)
    The fact that ATI (the makers of the chip in the Wii) has said that what you saw at E3 was only the tip of the iceberg of what the wii could do
    This is one of the only articles I’ve read expecting the Wii to fail
    Homerun for the Wii. I respect your opinion but I think you’ll be very pleased to be wrong

  • StriderXero

    I’m a casual gamer. I enjoy all of the systems out right now. I have more respect for Nintendo though cuz they’ve been making gaming systems longer than the other two companies. I don’t ride the band wagon like other people, especially the PS fanboys. They call themselves gamers but always curse on the Xbox and GameCube. They probably forgot the times when they used to play their NES, SNES, and Genesis.

    I saw E3 I thought Nintendo took the show, the Wii got the award for best in show. What happened to the PS3? Nintendos line was like 8 times bigger than Sonys. I think it has the new record for longest line at E3. Seems to me people didn’t care about the graphics and power.

    People are willing to pay $800 for a video card but how many people have you met buy them. I never did.

    Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind having a PS3 but it’s just a waste of $600. MGS4 is going to be awesome, aswell as Heavenly Sword. In reality most people in the US would have enough money to get it. The Wii is in any gamers price range.

    The reason Sony isn’t charging internet play is because 500-600 dollors is the systems price. Sony will sell but it won’t be making the money Nintendo will be making in Gaming.

    Peter Moore said himself that nintendo would be in second place after the Xbox360, Sony said nintendo will be in second place after the PS3. They obviously can’t say that nintendo would be in first cuz they would probably loose their jobs. Or maybe cuz they have a grudge against each other or maybe both. Either way both companies know that Nintendo made a big impact in the gaming world this E3, they are just going to have to work harder to catch up to them.

    People love the Wii. Hideo Kojima backed the Wii up, even let Nintendo use Solid Snake for SSB Brawl. I think nintendo got a lot of third party support after E3. I hear almost nothing but good comments from the Wii. 75% of japanese people were saying the Wii will take this generation, and 25% said the PS3.

    Microsoft has in my opinion 3 big titles I’m waiting for is Gears of War, GTA4, and HALO 3.
    But here’s where Microsoft has a problem. It has great shooting games but the Wii has the ultimate controller for shooters. All nintendo needs is to make a shooter at the level of greatness of Halo or GOW. Metroid Prime 3 or Red Steel might do it but I doubt it.

    I love the 360 but I still have to get it first. At first I thought I would be getting a PS3 and Wii first but it seems its goig to be 360 then the Wii.

  • akira firestorm

    The Wii will not fail. Even if it is the number three console, it will still be a huge money maker for Nintendo. They are losing very little money if any on the console (unlike the other two companies), and most of the top selling games are in house which translates into pure profit. So even if the big N doesn’t beat the competition, the competition is beating itself by running up a huge deficit in its gaming department.

  • Casual Gamer

    true true.

    Nintendo saved their ass from the huge debt of creating an expensive console this time around. I guess the lower spec range actually paid off.

  • Gamer since Birth

    Just read all of the comments on this page, this is not a Nintendo oriented site, but look at the mass amount of comments left which are arguing against you. Does that not tell you how much support the Wii actually has?
    Food for thought.

  • Guilherme

    Here in my country I can´t even find HDTVs right now, it´s not that important. You should consider people from other countries who buy videogames too. Here one of the things that matters the most is the price (and the ps3 is not the best at this).

    I prefer consoles which play good games. Mind you that the ps2 had less specs than the others.

    What matters now is that the PS3 will have great games, but I can buy a X360 and a Wii for the price of one PS3, so I think it´s a better deal.

  • crabs

    to kernelpanic… [Edited] the wii CAN do myspace, [Edited] just in case u hadn’t heard, it’s going to have the Opera For Devices browswer on it, and i have Opera on my phone, and on my computer, and hey, i can have myspace on both! and i dunno, but i think that the wii has just a little bit more computing power than my year and half old siemens cell phone…

  • Josh Cedeno

    Wow, some one is afraid of change.
    Plus aparently you haven’t looked at our nations finacial issues (and yes this country is obsessed with entertainment) but I would never spend 6000 on a computer just to play games and I for sure will not spend 600 on a PS3 when I could buy a Wii for 250 and get at least 6 games for the same price. Now the PS3 seems great mainly due to Cell and Blue Ray, but unlike aparently you I’m waiting until the 60GB model drops at least under 400 before I buy and if that doesn’t happen by 2008 I might just have to buy a 360.

  • Well I’m glad that this has created a buzz, but seriously, if you can’t make your point without using the words “idiot, retard, moron,” etc to me or the people that happen to disagree with you, then I strongly encourage you to start your own blog. However, I write for this one and if you have something to say, take a few moments to jot down your thoughts intelligently and then disagree the heck out of me. But do it smartly. I’ve seen some great comments that totally disagree with me and I totally respect that, but the fact is, I’m not a moron. Sorry to ruin it for everyone.

    Also, I’m not a fanboy or on the Sony payroll. I just happen to have an opinion. Trust me, it happens.

  • “They have gone back to their roots with signature franchises like Super Mario, Metroid and The Legend of Zelda. This is no surprise, Nintendo always phones home when it’s taking a risk. Two Italian guys, some swords and Excite Bike (Excite Truck in Wii’s case) didn’t save Gamecube, and nothing is going to make Wii an American hit on the scale of Xbox, Xbox 360, and all the numerical Sony platforms.”

    Its Ridge Race everybody! Ridge Racer!!!!

  • “but seriously, if you can’t make your point without using the words “idiot, retard, moron,” etc to me or the people that happen to disagree with you, then I strongly encourage you to start your own blog”

    If you think that’s bad, rip Sony for their E3 press conference.

    Believe me, you have one hell of a comment fight ahead of you.

  • I did rip Sony for their E3 showing. I made it clear and let me make it clear again: Sony dropped the ball marketing at E3 and Nintendo “totally owned” E3.

  • ngSliver

    I love how the Wii has united almost every nintendo-fan, ex-nintendo-fan and new believers (I have 3 friends that stopped playing videogames at snes coming back for the Wii), I was literally leaving videogames for good this gen, I was sick of the games. Right now.. .. I visit like 5 internet pages daily and read everything Wii-related I can find.

    Wii wiill be a revoltion 😉

  • ngSliver

    *revolution sorry 😛

  • wraith

    I think the author of this article (and many of the commentors) have missed the point of why the wii is enjoying such publicity – it’s the change.

    Brian F. (#30) Posted this:
    “I remember the PS laying waste to the saturn (in general). A few saturn games held their own (especially if done by AM2), but Sega missed the mark when their machine was more for 2D than 3d. 3D in general looked a lot better on PS. The saturn had no chance in the US.”

    He’s right – Sega missed the mark for exactly that reason.
    But Sony didn’t take come out ahead just because games looked prettier – this was around the time that 3D was the “NEW” thing. It was – wait for it – a drastic change to the way we played games! Sega didn’t get the marketshare because most of the games were 2D – the old way we played games. Gamers were tired of 2D side scrollers and fighters. 3D offered them something fresh and new.

    This is why the Wii is such a positive item right now, and will in all likelihood be a resounding success. We are tired of “2D control”. We want something different. Something new. Enter the wii with “3D control”. Before it was Graphical horespower that gave us that change. This time it is the way we Control games(incidently – really good control is much harder to create in the 3D realm, and something we sacrificed a part of to get away from 2D).

    I (like many other people) will be willing to sacrifice a little horespower for better control this time around.

    P.S. – (#45) You will in all liklihood be able to visit MY Space with the wii – It’s coming bundled with Wi-Fi, and a version of the Opera Browser. Score another point for the average consumer. And mark my words – if you can surf the net from your couch in the living room using the wiimote like a 3D mouse the wii will be a SMASHING SUCCESS for that fact alone – cause people are lazy.

  • crabs

    I apologize for previously calling kernelpanic both a moron and a retard, but he was ignoring simple facts, and saying that people would not buy a Wii because it cannot do MySpace, which is an outright lie. Nintendo and Opera have both announced that the Wii will have the Opera For Devices browser installed on it (that’s right folks, a FULL internet browser), and as I previously stated, I can use MySpace from my year and a half old Siemens cell phone, which I bought for 80 bucks, with no discount, so it’s not a high-end cell phone, using the Opera Mobile browser. Now if you want to argue that my crappy little Siemens phone has more computing power than a Wii, you go right ahead, but I assure you, the Wii WILL be able to do MySpace.

    Now, for a word to the author of this blog.

    You also seem to be ignoring simple facts. Take, for example, the fact that there is not a single oppinion poll on the internet that says the PS3 will be the dominant next-gen console. Now, oppinion polls regarding gaming consoles will most likely be taken from hardcore gamers. Now, seeing as neither PS3 nor 360 are aiming at casual gamers, or non-gamers, and every single poll of hardcore gamers shows Nintendo coming out on topp, what does that say to you? I’ll leave it at that.
    Next I would like to point out when you said that by next year, 480p would be obsolete. That is a ridiculous statement. DVD players first hit the market in 1999. They did not become completely mainstream until somewhere around 2004 (this is an estimate, don’t kill me for it.) DVD players originally sold for closer to $500 than $1000. Blu-Ray and HD-DVD players, WHEN they hit the market, as both are STILL being delayed, will cost at least $1000. How is it that you are claiming that in under a year, a technology that is debuting at $1000 for a player will become completely mainstream, making DVD obsolete, when it took DVDs close to 5 years to become completely mainstream, when they debuted at a smaller price? Not to mention the fact that any TV can use a DVD player. You also have to have an HDTV for HD-DVD or Blu-Ray to work. It’s still a small percentage of people that have HDTVs.

    You claim that Blu-Ray will make people buy a PS3. Here’s the thing: There are two competing formats that are hitting the market soon, Blu-Ray, and HD-DVD. What makes you think that Blu-Ray will win? No one really knows yet which technology will come out on top, and if it ends up being HD-DVD, then your PS3 will be nothing more than a gaming console with amazing graphics, and ur Blu-Ray drive is worthless. Because if HD-DVD wins, then companies will stop making Blu-Ray discs, because no one buys them. Then you’ll be stuck with an optical drive that no one cares about, obsolete, just like you claim the Wii’s graphics will be by next year. I thought of this as I read your blog, and I thought, “It’d be like having a BetaMax player, who cares?” And I noticed another commentor had the same thing to say, and they also brought up UMD, which Sony thought would make people love their little PSP. (Here’s the thing: It didn’t…)

    And finally, as far as saying that the Dual Shock 3 may be better than the Wiimote, because it has “no external hardware,” that is as ridiculous a statement as to say that HD-DVD and Blu-Ray will be mainstream by next year. The Dual Shock 3 and the Wiimote are not even truly comparable. The Wiimote is a completely free axis controller, able to sense velocity, distance from the TV, height from the ground, as well as 6 different axes of tilt, while the DS3 only senses 4 different axes of tilt. How on earth can you even compare those two technologies? It’s like saying that because a Sony Walkman from the 1990’s (I didn’t even realize it was sony until after I wrote this hahaha) doesn’t require a connection to a computer, it’s a better technology than my iPod Nano. Or to say that the original Mac computer was better than my G4, because the Mac was completely functional with NO internet connection, while my G4 needs an internet connection to access many of its functionalities. Don’t compare technologies that are completely different.

    So there it is. My response to you, with no use of any offensive words, other than saying that some statements made were ridiculous, which they were.

  • Ok, now I can respond to you, crabs.

    I never said 480p would be obselete, I said it would be old, and as High Definition television starts to become mainstream, 480p will indeed be old.

    I didn’t say that Blu-Ray will make people buy the Playstation 3. I merely said that it was another specification that was more advanced than the Wii. I never said that Blu-Ray will be the standard or take over or even win the war with HD-DVD. I said that the PS3 is going to include this forward-looking technology. Blu-Ray/HD-DVD players won’t cost $1,000 and you can be sure of that because the Playstation 3 has Blu-Ray on board and won’t cost more than $600.

    Finally, the third generation dual shock may, might, and could possibly be better and more successful than the Wiimore–we simply don’t know that yet. The lack of force-feedback is certainly going to hurt the Sony controler. But if we’re going to take about ease of use/familiarity/learning curve, I have to give Sony a point (even though it’s terrible from a marketing perspective) the Dualshock 3 is familiar to the millions of people that have played Playstation/PS2 in the past. So, it is theoretically possible to think that consumers will be drawn to what they know.

    So there you go. Thanks for reading.

  • -make that Wiimote

  • crabs

    Apparently you’ve never looked into buying a Blu-Ray player. I, however, being the ever-curious person I am, despite the fact that I cannot afford one, have looked at prices of Blu-Ray players, and there was not a single one that did not exceed $1,000, which is one of the main reasons why Sony will be losing money on their consoles, as consoles often do. Again, do some research before you assume things. Just because the PS3 is going to be selling for $600, doesn’t mean that a typical Blu-Ray player will not sell for $1,000.

    As far as the controller goes, you’re right, we don’t know yet. But what you are assuming as far as the learning curve goes, is that each and every single person that buys a next-gen console will have played a PS2, while Nintendo is trying to do the opposite, to attract new people that may have never touched a controller before, so what it’s basically doing, is eliminating the learning curve, so that my mother, who has probably not touched a gaming console since they owned an Atari, would have just as easy a time learning it as I would, who while I’m no longer a hardcore gamer, I was when the current-gen consoles first came out, and I certainly was with my old N64.

    And my apologies as far as the resolution goes, I misread, or read someone else’s comment on your words, and mixed the two together, but that’s not the point. Just because 480p will be low res graphics, does not mean that people won’t buy it because of that. Thousands of people every day are still buying TVs that are not HDTV compatible. Most TVs you see in any store, including pure entertainment stores like Best Buy, are still non-HDTVs. You cannot assume that because the graphics are old, they will not be bought. because, well, they’re cheap. And Americans LOVE cheap.

  • crabs

    PS. If you don’t believe me about the prices, go here: blu-ray.com that’s the official Blu-Ray website, and if you look, the three prices that are mentioned are at least a thousand dollars

    [crabs, please make your links active. Thanks. Comments Editor]

  • Alucard69

    I just have a few things to say about the blog post. You need to make some changes, for starters the Wii supports 480p and 480i. You make it should like the Wii doesn’t support 480p at all. Another correction would be Super Nintendo (controllers) have 6 buttons (not including start and select) X, A, B, Y, L and R. Sega also made a 6 button controller too. Another thing that caught my eye was your remark about the audio only being 2 channel, while this is partically true it is mostly not, the Wii will support Dolby Pro Logic 2 just as most GC games do. dolby.com Read that…..its the proof with just two RCA Audio cables Pro Logic 2 can create 5 channel sound experience and the last time I checked Eternal Darkness had some amazing sound because of this.

  • It’s still two-channel audio and if you have the external hardware decoder, it can be made into multi-channel sound, but it is not true discreet audio. There are a few different technologies that try to turn stereo audio into “surround sound” but it’s not the same as digital audio.

  • Dega704

    Here is my take.

    I do not think either system will be a failure. The PS3 is an outstanding console that will put any graphics setup in any PC to shame. It is expensive but the hardcore gamers that spend thousands on high-end pc parts and HD TVs won’t really care so long as they can get an EXTREME console that will feed their testosterone addiction.

    Then there are those of us casual gamers that flat out can’t afford it. To us the Wii offers A LOT for such a low price. I, for instance, am not going to get all worked up over 1080p resolution and 5.1 surround because I don’t have that anyway. I have a decent 27″ flat screen tv and it suits me just fine. Sure I wouldn’t mind having a nicer setup but like a lot of us I just don’t have the money.

    Then there is the actual gameplay. I have to say that I have always had much more fun playing a simple game of mario kart with friends than the newest cutting-edge graphics FPS with the same old concept. What happens when we get to photo-realism?

    When it comes right down to it the games are what determine a console’s success. That’s why the PS2 has ruled over all the past several years. It has the biggest game library and the most 3rd party support.

    People aren’t hyped up over the Wii just because of Nintendo’s marketing strategy or because the concept is so revolutionary. We get excited for it because it looks FUN.

  • manticoreeee

    Honestly how can you expect your article to be taken seriously when you childishly attack a console by calling it names. Xbox 260… Great one… I’m a fan of all 3 consoles but this still disgusted me.

  • TYPO
    I’m sure that will get fixed. It was not meant as an attack on anything.

  • EP

    This writer is obviously a Sony Fanboy. In order to have fun, does it really need to be $600? I give kudos to Nintendo for targeting ALL, not just the rich and the techie types. Not many have HD TVs or Hi-Tech stereo systems.

    1 PS3 + 1 Game + Extra Controller = $700+

    1 Wii + Extra controller + 1 game = $350+

    1 Wii + Xbox360(core) = $550+

    No sense bringing up the $500 version because it has no HDMI, reason for having an HD TV, right? So is the Blue-Ray worth forking over the extra $350+? If you really wanted to watch HD movies, woudn’t you rather have the Wii and 360(with HD-DVD) than 1 PS3? Me, I’d rather have much more fun?

  • Great Graphics
    Yeah very revolutionary…
    So all ps3 is gonna be is pretty much the same games with better graphoics n all you bubbas out there r just gonna sit there n wow at the graphics while sony is laughing that they sold mroe than the wii but hold on.. sony just lost a whole ton of money cuz they wasted it all on pointless graphics n blu ray discs??
    The wii is revolutionary. Have you ever seen a system like it? a wiimote, i mean that’s definitely more innovative than the ps3’s idea of a new gaming experience with better graphics. personally graphics don’t really mean a thing, it’s all about gameplay. and the wii is made for jsut that.

  • dan

    nice try defending the PS3. but you should try to defend the PS3 without putting down the wii. no one is really attacking the PS3 because it’s in competition with wii, people attack PS3 cause it costs so much.

  • Your Dad

    Hey kids, go back to school! I haven’t seen such terrible spelling and grammar since…EVER. Sounds like a bunch of school children on a yellow short bus. Stay in school kids!

  • You failed to mention in your blog that Sony is going to take a HUGE LOSS. Nintendo also will take a loss but compared to Sony the loss is nothing. Check out how much Sony is losing out on. You also failed to mention that Nintendo’s controller acts on a 3d axis. Sony’s controller only is like tilt and tumble. I see it being like the power glove only useful for a few games. Nintendo is building their whole system around motion Sony isn’t. Last of all but not least let me tell you how Nintendo’s contoller works compared to Sony. The Wiimote can sense depth so it knows how far it is away from the screen. It also detect full rotation. Sony’s controller does not dect depth or rotation. I mean full 3d 360 rotation. The ps3 controller is like the Eye toy cool but not that useful really. It will work good with flying games and car racing games though but anything else? I see it being more of a gimmick. Just my personal opinion thanks. Check out my blog and my links

  • newman

    the ps3 will be a great system, but cost could be a limiting factor for sony’s success. as pointed out by others, you can buy a wii and a 360 for the price of a ps3.

    basically the people that get a ps3 initially are going to be those that have money and want the latest and greatest in technology. if these people have the cash and really want the best of the best, do you think they’ll only get one system? it’s doubtful. i see most of these people getting a high end system (sony or microsoft) and a nintendo.

    nintendo is in the best position. they have a unique product that people want to try and it will be the cheapest of the three.

  • Maltenrazer

    well i really disaggree with this guys blogs… he clearly doesnt know wot he is talking about

    Wii will prevail!!

  • Isaac

    “I’ll take disagreement but I take offense to the “casual gamer” comment. I’ve been gaming seriously for many years.”

    This is an interesting comment coming from someone who believes that the Sega Master System came before the Famicom.

    “Playstation 3, according to Gamespot will feature support for up to 1080p resolution and will boast built-in HDMI ports (yes portS)”

    It has been known since E3 that:

    1. The $500 (20GB) Playstation 3 has ZERO HDMI ports. This leaves the cheapest PS3 option with a maximum resolution of 1080i via component cables–a pretty hilarious situation when you consider that Sony has been bashing the Xbox 360 for months by claiming that 1080i is not “True HD.” Additionally, those who choose the 20GB PS3 may find themselves screwed out of high definition Blu-Ray content:

    “The lack of HDMI output in the 20 GB model could potentially cause problems with restricted output resolution on Blu-ray video. An ICT flag can be set by content producers, which forces non-HDCP video down to resolutions comparable to DVD-Video. SCEA president Kaz Hirai stated that it is “too early to speculate at this point” whether movie producers will activate the ICT feature.”

    wikipedia article

    2. The $600 Playstation 3 has only ONE HDMI port. Sony cleverly slipped this under the radar by making no mention of it during their press conference, but it did not take long for the Internets to get ahold of official Sony press releases that revealed their little secrets:

    ps3.ign.com article

    Perhaps you will not see such a backlash if you check your facts (as many others here have suggested.)

    As you will also find by reading the two above articles, the 20GB PS3 model lacks Wifi–a feature that Ken Kutaragi declared would be “standard” in the PS3:

    youtube.com video

    –and has no memory stick, SD, or Compact Flash card slots on it.

    “Sony put a gyroscope into their new controller — in effect this could be better than the Wii controller because no external hardware will be required by the Playstation 3.”

    It is physically impossible for the Playstation 3 controller to be better than the Wii controller because it lacks features that are in the Wii controller. The Wii controller offers two motion sensors–one in the nunchuck and one in the wand–as well as a system that allows you to pinpoint specific spots on your TV screen by pointing with the wand. The PS3 controller has just one motion sensor that does not allow you to point at the screen. It requires no external hardware because it is an inferior implementation.

    “People in this country are willing to pay $6,000 for a gaming PC because they want the best possible graphics and sound technology. Price point is not going to make or break any video game console.”

    This makes no sense. The people who are willing to pay $6,000 for a gaming PC represent a minuscule portion of the gamer population, let alone the population as a whole. You cannot dismiss price simply because there are a few people here and there willing to empty their wallets to squeeze more frames per second out of their gaming rig.

    I have yet to encounter more than 4-5 people who were willing to drop that much for video games, even in the fairly hardcore realm of horsepower-thirsty MMORPGs like EverQuest 2. My PC is fairly middle-of-the-road, and most of the people that I encounter have similar or inferior machines. The one person I ran into who had an excessively powerful (and expensive) machine bought it for work reasons, not gaming.

    “The Playstation 3 has what gamers want, great graphics and great sound.”

    No, what gamers want is great gameplay. If great graphics and sound were vitally important, both the Xbox and the Gamecube would have decimated the technologically inferior PS2 rather than being outsold 4:1 by the Sony machine. Among the bestselling games of all time are titles like Grand Theft Auto 3 and Pokemon which, in general, have decent/poor graphics. If gamers care about graphics and audio so much, why do these graphically inferior games sell so much? Furthermore, why is the DS, which is technologically inferior to the PSP, currently beating the Hell out of Sony’s handheld in both hardware and software sales?

  • polka

    errrr………….biggest peice of bollocks article ive ever read. and i stopped about 1/5 of the way down. jesus this guy should be fired. im a ps3 supporter but the ridiculous assumptions this guy makes are just off the wall!

  • Michael

    I must say, sound like you dislike Nintendo. Sony has a better view. What more rip off of nintendo. a motion controller come that is cleary rip-off. where is the motion, what was that sony was suided billions for stealing and not paying for the technology.

    Wii will be great, i cannot wait to play upcoming star wars light saber games and upcoming first party titles. i think clearly you are not a gamer, but someone who likes games. there is a reason why there was a 5 hour long too the wii. i have a 360 and i love it. but i would not say graphics are needed to have a great game. come on i play PS1 and Snes all the time. and i recall that the most sold console is still the NES.

  • It was hypocrits like you that said the same thing about the analog controller in the N64. Then aboutthe rumble pak.

    Then they spoke against the DS.

    And you don’t know “what gamers want”. You know what YOU want. I wan’t more innovation than pretty graphics.

  • Lurch

    Considering I’m a poor college student with no where near the technology to harness the full potential of the PS3 or the XBox 360, all I really want is to have a fun game experience (which the Wii puts at the forefront of its appeal), and in the end graphics do not significantly add to my fun, I think I’m decided on sticking with Nintendo. Besides, I never fully trusted media giant Sony or software monger Microsoft. But that’s just me. Corporate loyalty and all that jazz.

  • Striver

    WII is the culmination of the lessons learned by Nintendo in the hand-held market. The main lesson is this: games which are both easy and fun to play can attract the non-gamer market. My guess is that one of the things that will sell the WII is the DS connection (about which information is just starting to emerge, but which I expect to be an important part of their marketing strategy), and that there will be a lot of synergy between their hand-held and console systems. A hint of this is the presence of a “Nintendog” in the WII SSB promo. I also expect to see a console-selling version of “Brain Games” for the WII.

    The second lesson learned from the DS is that innovation (and again, fun) is more important than high-end tech specs – that’s one of the reasons that the split-screen/touch-screen DS is dominating the PSP, which has the better specs.

    Another lesson Nintendo learned – this one from the GC/PS2/XBox era – is that they’re in the game business, not the entertainment center business. Sony and MS both want to own the living room; their consoles are positioned as home entertainment centers and are priced accordingly. Nintendo wants to be a part of the living room, not the owner, and will happily share the space with MS, Sony, or any other player that comes along. The WII is rigged out and priced accordingly, and – in what I consider Nintendo’s greatest triumph at E3 – was plugged by BOTH Sony and MS as something everyone should buy ALONG WITH their consoles.

    Incidentally, the WII also looks like a great party game machine for college students, etc. (who typically don’t have HDTVs in their dorm rooms OR a lot of discretionary income), and titles like WII Sports or Warioware (games you can play with your girlfriends!) are made for exactly such a market. The pricing is just right here, as well.

    Overall, I think Nintendo has come up with a great idea this time around, and a brilliant marketing strategy to go with it: position the WII as a cheap option for the young male market, a second affordable console for the hard-core Sony/MS market, a family-friendly machine for the parents with kids at home market, and a natural extension (at a reasonable price) for the huge DS market (and of course every member of the Nintendo loyalist segment will buy one; that’s a given).

    If they continue to play their cards as well as they have already, and if the WII proves to be as much fun as it looks, Nintendo will sell massively in Japan and Europe, and very well in the USA. Given a break or two (e.g., a hot game that sways the hard-core market to exercise that second consoole option) they certainly have the potential to have the best-selling console worldwide in 2007.

    Oh, and did I mention the “Virtual Console” angle?

  • Lurch

    One more thing: Dolby Pro Logic II is seamless for a game experience. I think using digital 5.1 is interesting, but ultimately unnecessary. I’ll hook up my Wii to my receiver and be happy with it.

  • Mytharis

    Last I checked, games were about playing things.

    I think you have “What gamers want” mixed up with “What movie viewers want”. The PS3 is a trojan horse – Sony is simply trying to revive their brand name using the last successful brand they have left – their consumer electronics business has fallen behind Samsung.

    The price has been publicly defended by Sony, and I believe they’ve called it “cheap”.

    Why is it that you say that some people will pay 500+ for a video card? First of all, this is a very small number of people. Second, this would probably get you access to a lot more games than buying a PS3. And finally, THIS DOESN’T APPLY TO THE MAINSTREAM. It’s IRRELEVANT. If you have 10% (if that) of the population buying your console, you lose! The PS2 appealed to the mainstream. Sony has stated that the PS3 won’t. It. Will. Fail.

    The 500$ (which is quite a stab in the pocket) model doesn’t even come with an HDMI port. It plays no Blu-Ray, it’s a complete and uttter waste of money. And no one will be willing to buy the 600$ one.

    This is the same thing that happened with DS vs. PSP – gaming will win out in the end, especially when one console is so much more expensive than the other.

  • Rice Man

    People don’t buy a system just for the visuals they buy it for the innovation of the games. The visuals are not the main part, it’s gameplay. This is why Wii is going to win the console war.

  • If that’s true, then explain the Dreamcast in the American market? It was innovative. It brought a new style of play that hadn’t been seen before. It lost.

  • pipi

    Thare is many people in this world. mostly will not pay $600 for a console. Only Wii Or 360.

    some gamer will pay for $600. Not ps3 BUT Wii+360. More game there.

    some gamer will pay for $600. Not ps3 BUT toshiba HD-dvd at $500 and some movie

    ok some gamer+hi-end lover or sony fanboy will buy ps3. BUT how much of this group. poll any poll tell same truth. ps3 fail nuder Wii even under 360.

  • SZero013

    The Dreamcast’s major “innovation” was that it had better graphics. Its other ideas were relatively minor.

    The system itself came out at a time where innovation itself wasn’t needed. Genres of 3D games were still being established at the time, the PSX was still releasing quite good games, and at this point people saw no need to purchase a new system based solely on graphics.

    The comparison with here and the Wii is a poor one. At this point, we know absolutely what games to expect from the competitors, and people are becoming tired of it (a shrinking in the amount of gamers is a testament to that fact).

    Other things have changed the landscape. Games are costing ridiculous amounts of money to both produce and sell, the games themselves are becoming boring, and the companies have little to show for any of it.

    And the Wii is COMPLETELY different. E3 showed that it can be used for current games and genres. However, some other creative games are following suit, and as the companies get to use this hardware even more, these things will come out.

    It’s a better comparison with the DS, a system slated to fail because of lackluster graphics and a “gimmicky” touch screen. But guess what? It’s actually doing pretty damn well and the games in terms of both traditional and those catered specifically for the system are actually incredibly good.

  • “The Dreamcast’s major “innovation” was that it had better graphics. Its other ideas were relatively minor.”

    The Dreamcast also began the online console gaming scene, and the VMU concept could have really taken off if a company used it right. Most of its innovations were with the games themselves. No other company would have published Space Channel 5, Samba Di Amigo, Seaman, Ecco, and countless others. That’s what the DC did best.

  • SZero013

    What I DO agree with is that Nintendo has an uphill battle. They need to get this controller and demos out to people, have them try it out. What’s obvious is that people ARE interested; now it’s time to get the rest of the public into it.

    When MSNBC, Newsweek, and fricken Time magazine have entire articles dedicated to how the system is actually a ton of fun FOR EVERYONE, it catches the eyes of adults, it makes them want to buy it for their kids. Comparing something that costs $250 to something that costs $600 when both do generally the same thing (i.e. play videogames) makes that second thing look ridiculous, especially when the graphics aren’t really THAT much better.

    If Nintendo DOES fail, it’ll have to do with the ignorance of the consumer, those who are excited for the PS3 when there’s nothing they should be excited about minus MGS4 and FF13. But that’s really about it.

    And that’s also assuming that people buy only one console. It’s also perfectly possible that people end up dishing out the extra $200 to $250 for Nintendo’s console just because it IS so different. And guess what? They’re coming out with some awesome games that people actually do want to play, and their lineup seems incredibly strong.

  • SZero013

    “The Dreamcast also began the online console gaming scene, and the VMU concept could have really taken off if a company used it right. Most of its innovations were with the games themselves. No other company would have published Space Channel 5, Samba Di Amigo, Seaman, Ecco, and countless others. That’s what the DC did best.”

    But I think that’s where it suffered. The manner in which these games were advertised wasn’t enough penetration, and there really wasn’t much need for it.

    It may have started out with the online gaming idea for the console and the VMU, but frankly it was limited by both technology and practicality.

    At the time, my cousin had a Dreamcast, and I eventually “inherited” it and loved it (while I still had the cables). But the problem is that, while the games were fun, most of the time I just didn’t know about them at all or didn’t hear anything about them.

    Nintendo doesn’t have this problem. There’s a reason why they’re releasing Zelda and Metroid as launch games, and why Mario is going to be out within 6 months or so. They’re giving people a reason to buy the system rather than on hype alone.

    The DS sort of had this same launch problem, except they were saved by a FLOOD of very good games that came out 6 months after the system was released. The types of games were interspersed between traditional (Castlevania, Mario Kart, New Super Mario) and incredibly creative (Meteos, Nintendogs, Brain Age).

    Innovation alone doesn’t save a system. If you’re able to implement old working genres that people are willing to pay for with new genres, it’s a hell of a lot easier to swallow for the consumer.

  • doom4

    It’s funny but the Wii offers the first 3.1 speaker sound. It has a speaker in the remote for sound. I like my 5.1 on my tv set up and on my pc but that 3.1 sound is going to be sick because it come standard on the Wii. Resolutionw ise who cares… I’m not playing a fast video game on my hdtv… Plus too with the amount of hours you play your games the HDtv is more likly to burn out if it’s a flat screen. Any one thats serious about games with a fast pace always looks for more speed rather than more detail. Design wise the graphic should be displayed in 720 anyway. no one cares about pixels if the art is good any way. A good arts needs polygons and shaders not resolution. I mean Imagine an RPG on your pc monitor at high res then take a step back… you’ll get a head ache trying to read that…LOL

    I’ll buy a Wii for the visuals because in a way it will be just like an xbox360 if they include normal mapping. If you know graphics then you would understand that the xbox 360 and the Wii gpu will be similar. You will be able to push close to the same number of polys but you may looses out on some shaders…and resoultion, maybe becuase it’s the same difference as buying a high end card vs a solid card. The high end is for those punk ars snipers that don’t ever move.. high res and triple AA. I expect nintendo’s chip when finished to be a well rounded chip thats not handi capped by high resolutions. This means any power they put into the wii gpu will be using that bandwidth for better things like more effects and possibly more geometry.

    Oh yeah it looks like the PS3 chips are currently crippled speed wise and bandwith wise… There are many problems assoiciated with high res art and graphics… Until gears of war that detail was not needed and really I’m starting to wonder if that detail will just be a pretty coat of paint or the lighten rod that strike you.

    Your arguments banks on tradition… If your are american then you are sadly out of touch.
    American gamers love this stuff man… We’ve made movies since the 80’s about doing this type of stuff… The theme parks and movies are built on emmersion… Nintendo just added fun to that.

    State of the art wise…
    If the Wii is underpowered to the point the art is really pugly-fied that would be a problem but thats not even a problem with the current GC. But think about it, 4 years from now after the Wii does do good… There’s going to be alot of R&D cash up there for the next system… ATI will prob have dual core chips ready to go by then… Then you’ll see the next gen in graphics… This is only the shader/normal map gen of graphics.

    Secondly there is no art that currently needs the PS3 or the x360s resolutions… Most of the guys that need that resolution for there art are going to head over to the movie houses. As powerful as these systems are they are still no where near what they promise… because they are games first… So they should be fun right?

  • ian

    Fair enough on your opinion but you have missed the whole point in this generation of console wars, Nintendo (iwata) has stated on several occasions over the past months(a year) that Nintendo are not interested or taking part in a console war, so im afraid any kind of comparison becomes moot. Yes technically PS3 owns everything, so what.

  • Dynamo of Eternia

    Well, I read this article and about a 3rd of the comments (too many to read them all), and I thought that I would chime in with my thoughts.

    I think the Wii will do well enough to survive, at the very least. Even if it doesn’t move beyond 3rd place in the rankings of these 3 systems (though, I do think that is stands a reasonable chance of moving ahead).

    I think PS3 is risky. I don’t think its place at #1 is guaranteed yet.

    Sure, nicer graphics and higher resolution are nice and optimal. But, at this point, the type of power that PS3 is trying to put out is rather unnecessary.

    Most of these features are going to mean little unless you have an HDTV. Sure, they are rising in popularity, but I don’t have one yet, and probably most of America doesn’t either.

    Plus, the graphics leap this time from the previous generation of systems isn’t as big as previous transitions. Typcially in the past, the graphics have a really significant difference. This time around, (even with what I’ve seen of PS3) it doesn’t seem like much of a leap.
    Plus, in the past, typcially a new batch of systems meant new types of gameplay. Usually more buttons were added and/or an analog stick, etc. So, not only were the graphics new, but the gameplay itself was new as well.

    PS3 has pretty much the same controller as the previous 2 PS systems. Not much of a leap there. the PS3’s biggest thing going for it is blu-ray and resolution. But again, resolution means little to those without an HDTV… and I doubt people are gonna rush out and spend a ton of cash on one just to make out the stitching on a character’s pants better. And with Blu-Ray, its a brand new format. It will be expensive, and movie-wise it will be a while before anyone jumps on. DVD was already established when it was put into PS2. It was a logical step. What Sony is doing now with PS3 is not as logical. If anything, it would be a logical step 5 or 6 years from now when PS4 comes out.

    But let’s get right down to facts here.*IF* PS3 does beat the competition, the main reason for it won’t be the advanced graphics, the higher resolution, or any of that. It will be the fact that it is PLAYSTATION.

    Face the facts. In the mid 90’s PS1 dominated because Saturn was hard to program for AND was more expensive, and because N64 stuck with the cartridge format which was both costly for the games and more limited in how much info it could hold. So, naturally, PS dominated.

    Then the resulting hype made PS2 a huge success. And since it came out a year before its major competitors, it got a jump on the market. And it has remained #1 ever since.

    So, I truely believe that if PS3 dominates, it will be because of the popularity of the PLAYSTATION brand, and not its graphics and resolution.
    Let’s face the facts, if graphics and resolution were the end all – be all determining factor of what will make a system successful, then Xbox should have kicked the crap out of PS2. The resolution is noticably better (even on a normal TV), and the Xbox has consistently remained at the same price as the PS2 (with the recent exception of PS2’s drop to $130).

    So, the PS brand is the main factor now. However, the price of the system and the fact that its coming out a year after 360 could potentially be a negative. Xbox now has the same jump on the market that PS had the last time around. And, Sony’s system will be priced even higher than the 360, giving it more of a disadvantage in that regard (while Xbox did not have that disadvantage the last time around).

    But again, in the end, if PS3 dominates, I believe it will be because of the popularity of the brand more than anything. If you took the Wii and put the PS3 name on it, and you took the PS3 and put the Wii logo on it, then all of the sudden the system that we currently know as Wii (now under the PS3 name in this scenario) would get that same hype, regardless of the lesser graphics and odd new control style.

    Hell, they could probably take pieces of dog crap, wrap them in tin-foil, slap a PS3 logo on them, charge $1,000 for each one, and you would still likely get at least a decent number of people camping out to buy one at launch. That’s just how popular the PS brand is (which I don’t necessarily consider a good thing).

    It’s not that I think PS3 will be a bad system, I just think it will be overly expensive, and I think that the specific features that are driving the price up that high are really only going to matter to a small amount of its overall audience. By the time those features become more standard, it will be time for the next system generation to start, at which point Nintendo and Microsoft can utilize those things.

    It will be interesting to see how things pan out.

  • Dynamo of Eternia

    Just making a correction to something I just said, as it didn’t sound quite right when I just read it again (the part in CAPS is the new part)…

    But again, in the end, if PS3 dominates, I believe it will be because of the popularity of the brand more than anything. If you took the Wii and put the PS3 name on it, and you took the PS3 and put the Wii logo on it, then all of the sudden the system that we currently know as Wii (now under the PS3 name in this scenario) would get that same hype THAT PS3 IS CURRENTLY GETTING, regardless of the lesser graphics and odd new control style.

  • SZero013

    That dominance though is under a great threat.

    Sony used to have some big names to add to their system. Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto, and Devil May Cry were originally all exclusively for the PSX/PS2.

    But with the higher costs of production, and now this incredibly ridiculous price for a VIDEOGAME SYSTEM (which the PS3 actually is), I think developers are starting to either shy away from the system or reduce that exclusivity. GTA is going to the XBox 360 as well, and DMC might even go onto the Wii.

    The only games that people are really looking forward to for the PS3 are FF13 and MGS4. Other games are being ported onto the 360.

    So here’s Sony’s problem. If they were once a company that had ALL of these titles only for their system, AND that exclusivity is gone, AND the 360 is offering similar looking graphics (the difference here is minimal, if it is even possible to see), and the other system is being priced for $200 CHEAPER, then they face losing sales of their system.

    We’re already seeing that name take a hit, as this blog showed. Why he doesn’t take this into account for saying that the Wii will fail just shows cracks in the argument.

  • Danny

    If you want pretty things to look at… then invest in Sony and Microsoft. If you want a gaming system, buy a Wii. PS3 and 360 are and will be awesome systems, however it seems obvious to most people with actual gaming on their minds that the Wii will be a clear winner.

  • First Aid Bandage

    You seem to forget the basics of a good game, … and that’s gameplay. If graphics was so important why didn’t the ps2 lose to xbox? I dont’ have a HDTV , and out of my group of friends there’s only 1 of us who has. Therefore this shows that the $$$ for the graphics/visual performance is not a something everyone can afford, it’s a luxury. Lastly, I don’t see how you can say that the motion sensoring in the ps3 controller is better then the wii sensoring system. Get your facts right, your a journalist aren’t you ? or are you just a random blogger?

  • Wow, what a bunch of CRAP! I know this is your opinions, but, if you think that no one will acutally buy a Wii, then where were you during E3. People liked it. They didn’t like the PS3 as much! We don’t need HD games and Surround Sound to have fun. As long as I have my good games, which is what I’ll get on the Wii and not the 360 and PS3, I’m happy. It would be nice to have that on the Wii but then, I wouldn’t know what to get because, THEY’D ALL BE THE SAME!

  • David

    You people are all ridiculous. Both sides.

    Go Wii

  • I really think the Wii vs. PS3 debate, such as it is, comes down to a bet on whether the HD/home theater crowd is going to become mainstream in this generation.

    Right now, HDTV and digital home theater audio are still toys for the current version of yuppies as well as upper class middle aged people. Meanwhile, video game consoles are considerably more mass-market, though not as mass-market as television itself. They occupy different price points and cater to different, but overlapping, markets.

    Nintendo’s bet is that there isn’t going to suddenly be one Christmas where everyone decides HD+HT is cheap enough for their living room, and has positioned their console to appeal to some of the people who have plain old TV’s but haven’t bothered with videogames because “they’re a guy thing” or more accurately, “they’re a teenage boy thing.”

    Sony is hoping they can ride the wave of HD+HT, betting that in the next year or two they’ll be standard issue in a majority of living rooms, and is pricing their console to appeal to those currently buying that stuff already. They also have a huge bet on Blu-Ray whose success or failure will impact them way more than failure in the video game market would.

    I myself am 37 years old with an income the government tells me is “upper middle class”, and I have a Gamecube and a PS2. They are both hooked up to a 7″ portable DVD player so that I can play games (on those rare occasions when I have time) while someone else watches TV on our 10 year old 25″ TV with a single coax jack on the back and the sound running through our analog stereo with no rear speakers, both of which we’re very happy with. We have a huge DVD collection but are very satisfied with how they look on our plain old TV. We could afford HD, and when they get down to the $600-800 range for a 42″ LCD from a reputable store, we won’t be able to resist any more than other middle class people will. But that’s not going to be this Christmas, nor probably the next.

    I don’t think I can call who’s going to “win” this bet, but I myself will probably end up with a Wii this Xmas and an Xbox 360 when they drop below $200. If Blu-Ray takes off as a format, the players will be under $100 by the time we get an HD set, and we’re certainly not going to use a game console as our DVD player. (We had a media center PC before the term even existed, and it sucked enough that we won’t try anything like it again.)

    And I know many, many people whose only console is a PS2 who simply won’t be able to afford a PS3 or even a 360 this year…. if Nintendo gets enough third parties lined up (I just got an email announcing Take Two’s intention to develop for the Wii) they may just end up as Nintendo households, if such a thing exists.

  • NellyRev

    ok i am a Nintendo fan (fan not fan boy i hate this term regardless of the context in which it is used) and i reckon that PS3 has great potential i think it’ll prevale over the Xbox360.. but i have always disliked Sony Playstation product for the simple fact that the product screams “i stole the technology that made me haha”..

    Analogue sticks, rumble, tilt functionality all of this was taken from somewhere else and adapted for Sony Playstation systems and this is what kills me that everyone buys this shite… I mean come on… if someone is working with you in a project and you have done most of the work yet your mate hasnt done a tap and they get more marks, thats not fair is it! well the Mate is Sony.. but again this is how the real world works so why not says Sony!!!

    anywho this is why i think Sony dont deserve to be where they are lol beyond the point but had to be said!!

    Looking at the specs for the Wii they are Xbox specs with some better aspects and i think that the Xbox graphics are quite hot.. They are like the new graphics i mean if your half blind like some gamers are and hence the graphics will be blurrd anywho.. but graphics really dont matter as seen with PS1&2 in its generation! all the Wii needs is support which it has and will always have as seen above.

    and if americans are silly enough to pay the fee that Sony asks then i say eh now ya have no money left for the $80 games that follow :p i mean come on $80,

    the only route to go is the Wii and hey ya get exercise right?

    I cannot wait

    may i ask the writer of the article what he thinks he will be getting in terms of console and how Sony will prevale even at its high price?

    -Viva La Wiivolution-

  • I will have all three consoles but I don’t think I count…

    I also would say that I think the Playstation 3 should come down before the launch date but if not it is going to have to come down quickly after launch–within 6 months. It’s too expensive, I’m certainly not doubting that, but keep in mind that I never said which console would come out on top, #1. I just said I don’t think it will be the Wii.

  • SZero013

    There’s something more worrisome about Sony’s (and frankly Microsoft’s) products that people should be worried about: reliability.

    Sony has had this problem several times where their products don’t last for more than a few years at a time in many (not all) cases. The PS2 had undergone a class action lawsuit on the issue, while the PSP has had some issues when it was first being sold.

    Maybe they have fixed this problem, but I’m not willing to pay $600 to take a risk on something that’s going to break on me in a span of two years.

    Nintendo has reliability on its back, and on average, people haven’t had many problems even with their Gamecubes. Heck, my NES still works, and I’ve been playing that system to the ground. I did have an issue with my GC within the first year (about 6 months in), and that issue was easily fixed. Also, I paid $99 for the console, so really I didn’t have much to be bummed about. In any case, as a consumer I have found to trust Nintendo.

    I can’t say the same thing for my PS1, which ended up croaking a year-and-a-half in. And I know plenty of people who are on their second PS2, and some that are on their third.

    I know that many people (again, not all) have this reliability issue. Why are people so gullible then into getting this?

  • Jack The Ripper

    Oh Come on John whoever you are you should of known your ass would get ripped for this one lol. I’m a nintendo fanboy but I respect the other 2 major consoles as well. but man in your article here you got it all twisted. May I quote “Sony put a gyroscope into their new controller — in effect this could be better than the Wii controller because no external hardware will be required by the Playstation 3”. Ok two is better then one, the Wiimote picks up 3D motion in 3D space with the Nunchuk controller including a three-axis motion sensor which is the same technology in the Ps3 Dualshock3 controllers. What I’m trying to get at is the Ps3 controller doesn’t have full 3D capabilities, and rumble at that when its in use. Anyway the external hardware makes it look better when playing a game, my reason for saying this is the Warhawk demo showed by sony.

    Get your facts straight! The Ps3 is going to be a great system, but sony is going to lose a lot of already owned Ps2 owners with that $500 and $600 price tag. Remember not every Ps2 owner is a hardcore gamer, and willing to spend that much money plus $60 or more on games. That’s making those gamers available for Xbox360 for $399 and for Wii for only $250 or less. Wii is going to be easy to developed for, new, and fun and plus I herd that Wii’s graphics are just the tip of the iceberg. Its rumored that Wii will boast a PowerPC 750GX CPU that runs up to frequencies of 1.1GHz and includes a 4-way set-associative single core with 1MB L2 cache and the GPU named Hollywood would be base on ATI R520 family which is a well-equipped gaming PC chip. That ones for your inaccurate madden pics of the 360 and Wii. Where I can remember the team that is developing Madden for Wii said that they were focusing on the controls first and graphics later in the games development. But anyway where as the Playstation 3 will always have its exclusive games which it will do good from. I still think sony will have a slow start in the race. Until they actually drop the price down that is when the Ps3 will be selling out for sure everywhere. Hardcore gamers are only 30% of the market which leaves 70% of the casual and non-gamers behind. So before you say anything and come at me on this one get the facts right and just accept that sony has a tuff fight this next generation and may not come out on top with 360 and Wii on the market, there is no need to down Wii and there is really no reason to compare it to Ps3 cause we know there totally different.

  • Jack The Ripper

    I will have all three consoles but I don’t think I count…

    I also would say that I think the Playstation 3 should come down before the launch date but if not it is going to have to come down quickly after launch–within 6 months. It’s too expensive, I’m certainly not doubting that, but keep in mind that I never said which console would come out on top, #1. I just said I don’t think it will be the Wii.

    I respect that but that’s not what your article said. Wii has just the same potential as do the the other two consoles. Which system is going to be #1 Xbox360, Ps3, or Wii. We will just have to take the wait and see approach.

  • te informer

    As for the graphics the N64 had better graphics than the playstation but who would you say sold the most.
    So the PS3’s graphics won’t guarantee it sells.


    What a load of Moose P**s!

    Just because a number of PC Hardware whores spend $600 bucks upgrading their rig everytime Nvdia/ATI release new GPU’s does not imply the same mentality applies to console gaming.

    I have what I consider to be now a middle ranking PC I bought roughly 2 years ago. It still caters for my needs when I need to play games with all effects turned on.

    Doom3 and much of it’s like may excel technically using nextgen effects. But you sometimes come away from these games somewhat dejected because the story and gamplay fails to enthral you. Hardcore gamers who invest the amounts you suggest are the minority not the majority.

    Nvidia/ATI make more money cascading there new GPU manufacturing processes on the majority of Casual gamers, because there are more of those gamers around.

    Nintendo offer something that differs from the other two.

    The spec’s for Wii hasn’t been finalised yet and some things won’t be released for fear of cloning.

    Many naysayers said the same about DS when originally comparing it to PSP. Need I remind you who has the 3rd party support all successful consoles crave? It isn’t necessary the most powerful!

    The least powerful home console prevails this gen even though others far exceed it in ability!

    If I wanted a true leap to Nextgen I’d stick to my PC and upgrade. Something all consoles lack the ability to do.

    I wish my console experience to be different to mainstream gaming.

    Wii fits that bill!

  • Brad

    Pleas tell me why I would wait another few months to buy a $600.00 console, when I can play 99% of the games on my XBox 360 (sitting in my room right now) plus Halo?

    I, along with many gamers, will put my Wii next to my XBox 360.

    I know, I know, I might have to still use my new DVD player if I want to watch DVD’s…but it will do I guess. (obvious sarcasm…)

  • Aielyn

    How ironic that you are comparing the “360” visuals of Madden NFL 2007 with the Wii version.


    Because the one that you are calling the “360” version is actually the GameCube version.

    ign.com article

    Oh dear, it seems you made a mistake.

    Also, it isn’t fair to compare screenshots of a final version of a game with screenshots of a game still in development – graphics are boosted during the polishing stage right before release.

    There are many other mistakes, but other people have already pointed them out.

  • You’re wrong here. That’s the same screen of a different console. The one in the review IS in fact a 360 shot and a Wii shot as released by EA–stop going to IGN for every screenshot, they get them from the same place I do.

  • Kenny

    Nintendo is not a normal gaming company. It has literally been a company for 100 years, and the day it dies out, there will be a big hole in the gaming industry.

    Nintendo is still the best gaming company ever. Do any of you know how many NES consoles have been sold world wide? 80 million. This is a big number for a 2nd gen console. The xBox: 22 million. The xBox 360: just over 5 million. I own a PS2 and a GameCube. The PS2 has sold over 103.6 million, and the GameCube has only sold 20.85 million. But it’s funny; the GameCube is so much more enjoyable and layed-back then the PS2.

    Nintendo is currently winning in the handheld battle as well: Nintendo DS: 18.6 million, Nintendo DSLite: 2,056,107 (this is pretty good; it’s only been out acouple of months), 17.03 million SHIPPED. You will find that also the games on the Nintendo DS are much more fun and less-stressful than the PSP.

    Nintendo is about gaming. Not HD graphics. Nintendo once said it wanted to put a gaming console in every household; not a Nintendo console. They have almost succeeded. I bet that only afew loyal Nintendo gamers know the story of Sega and Nintendo. To put it short, Sega was losing in the video games industry, so what did Nintendo do? They helped produce better games and extra for the Sega, and paid for the manufaturing of the consoles. Nintendo will not go down very easily in the gaming battle. The Wii won every E3 award at the show. This doen’t mean nothing. It means a whole lot. It means that the customers thought it was the best. And a gyroscope in the new PS3 controller? Please…a complete Wiimote rip-off. And the PS3 controller is also dodgy the way it is. It’s a boomerang that will cramp your hand after 2 minutes of play.

    Nintendo rulz.xBox is a rip-off, and PS3 is a copycat

  • gamer

    Dude, I can perhaps see saying that the Sony will do better than people expect but that Wii will fail? Yeh watch yourself, your bias is showing.

    If you count the initial $600 dollars to get a ps3 (and not some piece of crap $500 wannabe) and the probably $60 games, no one can afford that. The ps3 seems like it tries to do what my computer can do…play movies, huge graphics, go online, wash the car….I have a computer. It cost a lot. If I wanted a new one, I very well could…and for less than $600 dollars.

    Open your eyes! They’re basing their price on a piece of equipment that costs $1000s of dollars… who buys that?! Who even makes that? I didn’t even know what the heck blu-ray was until ps3 and you can bet I wouldn’t buy one. I don’t see blu-ray dvds being sold around. I don’t see them at best-buy, wal-mart. I don’t see them at blockbuster. I never see them, so why would I pay $200 more than an Xbox 360 which can play the dvds I DO see and the ones I DO have just as well as the ps3? The Wii being probably just as close.

    Sony is targeting something people don’t care about. If I wanted to oogle at something and just stare and listen, I’d watch a movie. I play games and if the game is fun, I don’t care if it’s 2d graphics (which is why I still play my genesis).

  • SGR

    OK, John Guilfoil your such a hardcore gamer that you only care about the graphics. Tis A sad indeed, a very sad day. Oh and being such a hardcore gamer, you would know the HOLLYWOOD (writen big so you dont forget it, you fool) Graphics GPU, its still in development by the team at ATI.

    “This is no surprise — Nintendo always phones home when it’s taking a risk.” i would prefer to have well known characters than a bunch of sequeals and ports, gta anyone, wait didnt one of the games start of as PSP only, and where is it now, oh PS2

    “Pair that with the selection and variety of games available to the Playstation users” be honest, 8 out of 10 of them are rushed, shite and never heard of.

    “Sony is marketing to gamers, and gamers want digital audio and high definition video right now” could it be they belive this that much that they have got rin of the hd support on the lower package.

    “They should have gotten the English-speaking actors for E3” yeah sure great idea, bring some unknowns on, rather than the likes of Shiggys, Genuis, God help you if you ever run a games company.

  • Halogen

    “And for you historians out there, the Sega Master came just before the NES and it had that controller technology first. ”

    You made a mistake my friend.
    The Master System was released in Japan in October of 1984, whilst the good old Famicom (as it was in Japan) was released in 1983.

    Pah, I hate ignorance.

  • Dr Pneuman

    Simply put:

    Nintendo is offering a NEW system with NEW playability and NEW game designs, not only with NEW hardware and NEW technology, but at an INCREDIBLE price.

    Something DIFFERENT than what the other two systems are even attempting to offer.

    Better graphics do not mean anything when compared to actual game play. Who CARES that you can play yet ANOTHER Madden Football game with better looking graphics.

    Playstation and Xbox will go down just like Sega did with their feeble attempts at a better system.

  • SZero013

    The reasons WHY he said they would fail are pretty shitty.

    It’d be better if he said that the majority of people are superficial idiots that are easily impressed by “nicer graphics” than something that’s actually fun to play.

  • Casual Gamer

    im gonna get a 360+Wii. most companies that are supposed to be building for PS3 are supposed to be giving the same games on the Xbox360 (not all however). Ill get games that are gonna be on HD sets and games that are gonna be amazing gameplay.

  • Juan

    Greetings from Spain. First I want to congratulate the person who wrote this article, because obviously he has a good salary, so he can buy the PS3 and few games with no problem. Also with your salary you can afford a television with HD, so you can use the high quality video of the PS3.
    (Maybe that sounds ironic, but really, you should be happy)

    Now, considering that PS3 will cost 600$ (475Euros), and each game should around 75$ (60 Euros)…
    PS3 + 4 games = 900$ (710 Euros)
    Maybe you are right , and all the people in USA will not mind the price when it gives high video and sound quality. But is there any limit? I mean, how much is the limit for you? Will you ask for a credit in the bank if needed?
    Also, with your salary, why don’t you buy both Wii and PS3? You will have both game concepts.

    Now my opinion. I have been a hardcore gamer since the 90’s.But I did not buy NEO GEO for example. The games where much better in video and sound quality , but the price was not worth, because I got a lot of fan with SNES. I don’t think I would have more fun because the graphics were better but because the game was interesting, amusing. I got entertainment. Also, I could buy more games as they were cheaper.

    I think this case of SNES vs NeoGeo is similar to the Wii VS PS3. One is better, both will be fun.

  • The only thing that PS3 has going for me is MGS4. I’m a rabid Metal Gear fan (must collect all games, beat with no kills, alerts, etc) but the price tag on the PS3 is enough to (reluctantly) stop me. I can only pray they port MGS4 to Xbox 360 (or Wii, but that’s doubtful) where I can pay a reasonable price to play it.
    Until then, Wii for me.

  • ishoy

    I think that this author is a PS3 fanboy, and is jealous of all the attention that the Wii is getting, so he tries to put it down.

  • I shouldn’t entertain that with a response suffice to say if you took the time to read my comments, you would see that this is not true. I’m rooting for the Wii, think the Playstation 3 has better specs, and like (though this is not relevant) the Xbox 360 the best out of all of them because the 360 offers 720 min. resolution on all its games for a much lower price than the Playstation 3 is predicted to offer, and with a few exceptions you can get many titles for both/either system. Plus it’s out already so you know that the price is going to come down a little the Xbox 360 by Christmas. I think Sony has done a terrible job marketing their product and I think both Microsoft and Sony made a tremendous mistake creating two variants of their products. I also think Sony might be #3 at Christmas if their prices don’t come down. But what I AM saying is that by Christmas of 2007 (a year and a half from now) the Sony and Microsoft systems will still be on top.

    So I’m sorry if our opinions differ, but I’d take the time to learn mine if you’re going to comment on it.

  • Cit

    to start with, get your facts right, controller isnt as good, HDMI, ect ect

    hey, you guys think you’ve got it bad, over here in the U.K. the ps3 is gonna cost about $800. after last years E3, I was all for the ps3, and was seriously doubting the 360. but now things have changed. it looks like the ps3 graphics are only just (in the first generation of games, anyway) better than the 360. and with the Wii looking so good, I think sony might have seriously missjudged this one.

    $800 dollars, $399, or less than $250. And thats not just going to affect my choice, either. think about it, if a 10 yr old child asks his mum for a $800 console, whats she gonna say. infact, i dont know many people my age (15) who have that kind of mony to spend on a console, or anything for that matter.

    Last time i looked, GAMES consoles played GAMES. anything else is just a plus. it plays DVD’s? thats nice. surfs the web? thats cool. plays music? downloads TV shows? thats all good and well, but what about the GAMES? hmmm? coz I have a computer that does all those things real good, and i’v already payed for that. its all these little, stuck on non-game related things that make it so expensive, and I personally think that I will stick with a seperate computer and games console, which are both specialists at what they do.

  • Casual Gamer

    good point, you have to understand though is that sony, and MS are both giving into their system the best from their strong points.

    Sony is a leading company in entertainment systems, and if you guys seen their TVs, DVD players, Computers, they are all very stylish and technologically advance. Sony is trying to implement that idea on to the PS3. MS is a leading software company and this is why they have such a superb online(Xbox Live). Nintendo is a gaming corporation and this is why Nintendo innovates so much. Because they have the time and skill to do so. MS and Sony have entered the gaming market recently, while Nintendo has learned many mistakes from the past. If MS and Sony can live through this generation I bet they will never think of putting out such price tags again. Actually they probably will folow Nintendo Wii’s idea of hiding in the screcy, huge publicity, low price point etc. They do it every other generation.

  • I think one of your arguments is that Wii is diverting attention from its poor qualities to its unique gameplay. I agree. Nintendo has done an excellent job so far at marketing the Wii, simply by magnifying the good and minimizing the bad. That said, though, I think their marketing resounded with many gamers. Nintendo has a listening ear from gamers and thus developers. Therefore, people will play the Wii, and will decide for themselves whether or not it is revolutionary. But Nintendo has already won in a sense by forcing them to make that decision. Nice article. Pete

  • Thanks for your comment on my site. Sincerely, Pete.

  • Joseph

    Your stupid….lol thats all i have to say lol and for the record that “XBOX360” pic is actualy GCN lol and the bottom one is the unfinished wii game haha im so sorry.

  • For the third time, it IS in FACT an Xbox 360 screenshot.



    that’s THIS WEB SITE and click on the third picture. And look up..XBOX 360.

    Dammit get it right and stop saying stupid things like “you’re stupid” when you clearly have no idea what you’re saying and you end up being WRONG because you can’t take 5 minutes to read.

    Unless Electronic Arts is purposefully lying on their web site, you’re looking at an Xbox 360 picture.

    All these nintendo fanboys who didn’t even read the second graf of my story where I basically say “I love the Nintendo Wii…but.” all you hear is “I hate Nintendo” which I am NOT saying AT ALL.

  • whosupforsmoothies

    it’s sad really, that tech nerd like you really think that graphics are the only thing important in games.

    Oh, don’t make it fun at all, I just want something pretty to look at.

    It’s also kind of funny that you had to zoom in the 360 screenshot to make it look better.

  • I made no changes or zooms to the screenshot. They’re both plucked fresh from Electronic Arts and I just wanted to show quarterbacks in both pictures. The Wii one that you see was the best quarterback shot that I found.

  • Aielyn

    You’ve made it nice and clear that the first of the screenshots is truly from the 360 version, and that it is simply the same image as shown by different consoles.

    Isn’t it interesting that people can’t tell the difference between the GC version and the 360 version?

    Why do you have to tell us that the one you showed is the 360 one? Maybe because there is so little difference that it really doesn’t matter?

    Besides, I notice that you do not respond to my point that the Wii screenshot is of an unfinished game, and that polishing is usually done last, right before release. With 4-6 months until the release of the game, they have plenty of time to spruce up the graphics – besides, if you were being anything but disingenuous, you would have chosen screens that are similar in situation, rather than a close-up shot for 360 and distance shot for the Wii. Maybe if you had shown a distance shot for each, I would be more inclined to accept that you are trying to be unbiased.

  • SmokeyA

    Not to mention all of the ‘amazing’ PriceY footage shown was pre-rendered movie, not in game graphics, and the only game actually shown running at E3 had worse gfx than the 360, and we all know there are no ‘graphically next generation’ games out on the 360, well PGR3 comes closest.

    GFX don’t make a game, looks like sony have lost this battle already,

    $600 for a PS3 or $550 for a Xbox 360 AND a Wii. you do the math.

  • Linkgx1

    Wow, plastic looking models are “realistic”. I swear Madden 2007 looks more or so like toys playing than real people.

  • Jay

    To the consumer, a video game console is just a conduit to beat the daylights out of some poor electronic slob in “Madden NFL Football.” But for Sony and Microsoft, game machines are key weapons in a battle for control of the digital home.

    The design and functionality decisions underlying Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation 2 reflect the differing strategies of their makers for controlling the flow of digital content through the home. Microsoft maintains a computing-centric vision of the universe, while Sony remains committed to digital evolution through consumer electronics.

    “If you look at the overall company strategy, Microsoft views the PC as the center of the home, and Sony views the TV as the center,” said Schelley Olhava, an analyst at research firm IDC.

    The distinction has sharpened, as the two powerhouses compete head to head in the game market, where they are taking strides toward digital convergence–the combination of diverse multimedia and communications technologies in one device.

    There are important consequences to the development of PlayStation and Xbox that transcend the game businesses of both companies, as they map out broader strategies at critical junctures in their corporate histories. And because Sony and Microsoft are leaders in their respective fields, analysts and competitors are monitoring the rivalry for clues to the future of consumer technology.

    “If you draw a map of the connected home, the PC industry’s version–and that includes Microsoft–has a PC in the middle of it, with content flowing to multiple devices for consumption,” said P.J. McNealy, an analyst for American Technology Research. “That could be a game console, a handheld–take your pick. The Sony version is very much electronics-focused, with no PC required.”

    Sony is facing its most dire financial difficulties in years, recently announcing that it will cut 20,000 jobs amid a drop in worldwide demand for traditional consumer electronics. That is a far cry from the brash company of the 1980s that expanded into movie studios and music labels in a bid to control content, from its creation to the hardware that would play it. The company has identified convergence projects that capitalize on its consistently profitable game business as a key element of its turnaround strategy.

    Microsoft, meanwhile, has encountered its own problems in trying to fit content and media into its software empire. Some analysts speculate that the company, which has largely returned to its computing roots under CEO Steve Ballmer, may eventually withdraw from the costly business of making game consoles, once the Xbox has established itself–a move that would be consistent with the Microsoft philosophy of licensing its software to other companies that make the hardware.

    The move toward convergence is still in the early stages in the game industry, but Sony says the PlayStation 2 is already succeeding in its new role because the company has made a conscious decision to use a design flexible enough to accommodate emerging consumer needs.

    “What we’ve been able to do with the PS2 in the last year or two has shown how a sensible strategy toward convergence can lead customers into these new activities,” said Andrew House, an executive vice president at Sony Computer Entertainment America. “We haven’t relied solely on software to motivate customers. The key difference this time around is adopting an evolving hardware strategy.”

    Sony is keeping everything in the same box with the PSX, its first attempt at a multipurpose PlayStation device. Just plug the PSX into a TV signal, and the box provides everything needed for video recording, game playing and media playback.

    Microsoft, not surprisingly, views the PC as the logical centerpiece for any digital entertainment experience. “We look at it as the PC being the hub of the digital lifestyle, and it’s great for that,” said Cameron Ferroni, general manager of Microsoft’s Xbox Live online service. “It’s got tons of storage. It’s very flexible.”

    In that vision, the Xbox is just part of a network of consumer devices that can shift content to wherever people want to consume it, with Microsoft technology ensuring that everything works together. “We want to be in the business of creating protocols and standards to make it easy to move stuff around the house,” Ferroni said.

    Roping in Longhorn
    A larger part of that strategy will emerge with the company’s next iteration of the Windows operating system. Code-named Longhorn, the software will include a new search-and-storage system intended to make it easier to find any digital content stored on individual PCs or across a network.

    The exact role that Longhorn will play on the Xbox is unclear, but Microsoft is expected to revise its software so that the game console can be linked into a larger home network, in what Microsoft terms the “Longhorn time frame” of 2005 or 2006. Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates told CNET News.com recently that “every group at Microsoft is talking about the Longhorn wave.”

    Analysts say that schedule is particularly important because home networking is on the cusp of mass-market acceptance. Today’s network technologies, whether wired or Wi-Fi, often have spotty connections and are too complex for most consumers, they say–but that will change soon.

    “Microsoft and the PC industry have a two-to-three-year window to simplify home networking and moving content around the home,” American Technology Research’s McNealy said. “After that, you’ll see a real wave of reasonably priced consumer electronics devices doing the same thing.”

    Microsoft recently showed how Xbox can fit into a PC-based home network with its first nongame application, the Music Mixer. The technology allows Xbox to be used as a karaoke machine but also includes more-advanced functions–such as loading digital photos to run slide shows on a TV set–that require a computer connection.

    To that end, many industry veterans believe that Microsoft got into the console business to ensure that PC technologies would have a lasting role in the game industry.

    “I can’t see Microsoft continuing to be interested in a hardware battle with Sony,” said Matt Rosoff, an analyst for research firm Directions on Microsoft. “What’s more important to them is that everything supports a format that guarantees the PC won’t be locked out, and they’ve done that with Xbox.”

    Microsoft battles Sony with new online sports network
    James Bernard, Xbox marketing manager, Microsoft
    Rosoff said there’s a good chance Microsoft will license the specifications for the Xbox hardware at some point, as it’s done with the Tablet PC and other devices. Such a move would help popularize the game console’s format by allowing electronics manufacturers to build support for Xbox games into DVD players, video recorders and other devices. At the same time, it would allow Microsoft to cut hardware-related financial losses.

    “Microsoft likes to be a software company and a platform company,” Rosoff said. “They want to sell the software. They’re not particularly interested in selling the boxes at a loss. If they can find some way to release Xbox technology as a platform, that would be a very Microsoft approach.”

    Xbox executive Ferroni acknowledged the obvious bottom-line appeal of leaving the hardware business, but he said licensing the console’s design to multiple manufacturers would undercut one of its strengths.

    “The games space is obviously where most of the money is made, so it sounds great on paper to just license the design. But as soon as you get into the reality of it, you lose the magic of the console–the fact that it always works,” he said. “By having a platform with a single manufacturer–that allows you to guarantee that it always, always works.”

    If Microsoft’s approach to the game business is defined by its PC orientation, Sony might reasonably be expected to exploit its dual role as a producer both of entertainment content and of the devices that play or broadcast that content. Yet to date, Sony’s extensive entertainment portfolio has had little apparent effect on the PlayStation business.

    Sony executives have talked for several years about the PlayStation 2 becoming a conduit for downloadable media, but the arrival of such content–and the hard drive needed to store it–has yet to materialize. That’s partly because of larger company concerns about copyright protection, which were part of Sony’s decision against introducing an MP3 player.

    “Copy protection is sort of a pain in the ass for these guys, especially Sony, but they have to get around that,” said Jay Srivatsa, a senior analyst at research firm iSuppli.

    Sony has also been constrained by internal balkanization. Divisions within Sony are notorious for not working with each other, as exemplified by Sony Online Entertainment’s hit PC game “EverQuest,” which was ported to the PlayStation 2 well after the launch of online games for the console.

    “I would argue that those units–music, movies and games–have been very siloed,” McNealy said. “Getting them all on the same page is a big challenge. Traditionally, the business units there just haven’t worked together very well.”

    That may change by necessity, as the company grapples with its harsh economic realities. For instance, Sony-produced content will be among the downloadable media services available for the PlayStation 2 shortly after an add-on hard drive is released next year.

    Sony’s House said time and technology are coming together to allow more cross-fertilization between the PlayStation business and Sony content.

    “You’ll see us moving forward with the kind of innovation that really shows Sony at its best,” House said. “We are at our best as company that really understands entertainment and the consumer part of consumer electronics and how those two come together.”

  • Jay


  • Anonymouse

    I just want to point out that the GameCube supported 5.1 Surround Sound or Pro Logic II ( I cannot for the life of me remember which) via a non-standard cable set, similar to the original Xbox.

  • neonT

    whoa, tough crowd.

    for the record i don’t think the wii will fail – but what i really want to say right now is that you’ve dealt with the foaming-at-the-mouth-happy-to-rip-your-eyes-out fanboys in a quite graceful manner given the ammount of abuse you’ve gotten.

    also using words like “fail” and “obsolete” was probably a bad idea.

  • Ignatius

    Okay. So you say gamers want digital audio and high definition video.

    Yes, I just _love_ how my games look great and suck arse. Duke Nukem 64 was a port from the PC game, the graphics were terrible, the game was _awesome_. Couple years later, Duke Nukem: Zero Hour comes out. I have never had such a frustrating and annoyingly boring game, it wasn’t scary, it wasn’t surprising, it was dull.

    If you buy into the stupid idea of graphics versus gameplay and ‘graphics always win’ crap, go ahead, buy a PS3. Play Final Fantasy XIII and Genji 2 (MASSIVE DAMAGE).

    Or, if you’re looking for entertainment, instead of a multimedia money machine ($600 for a gaming console? Who the hell spends that kind of money to play a couple games that _look_ pretty, and suck?), buy a Wii, because you know, for $200-$250, you’ll get entertainment with your family in simple, but fun games. Sure, Final Fantasy is fun, but when has it ever been multiplayer?

    Red Steel, an interesting concept, no? FPS with sword-fighting as well, bullet-time, simple norm features from famous FPSes and other TPSes (third person shooters). Then comes the swordplay, being able to imagine yourself in the game, to play the part of a swordfighter. Okay, so… you push a few fancy buttons on the PS3 and that Giant Crab goes down. … okay? Fun?

    You tell me, deflecting your enemies attacks by guarding with movements in real life, then slashing at them, making them bow to you, or simply pushing a few buttons, making your character rush forward and slice at a poorly misplaced crab (CRABS IN ANCIENT JAPAN ARE NOT THAT BIG, thank you very much) and flipping it over to stab it in the middle.

    Well, you figure it out, what’s more fun?

  • Sadly, this is an example, again, of how poorly Sony performed at E3. Your post is not unique..a lot of people have mocked Sony’s E3 failure and used it as an argument here. Heck, I agree with you in that regard. Maybe game designers should stick to what they (should be) good at, writing code and making games. Leave the stage play to the public relations pros. Giant crab…lol…

  • Casual Gamer

    Either way according to some people Xbox 360 graphics card is actually more powerful than the ps3’s its just that ps3 has a huge memory storage with a tougher processor

  • whosupforsmoothies

    “I made no changes or zooms to the screenshot. They’re both plucked fresh from Electronic Arts and I just wanted to show quarterbacks in both pictures. The Wii one that you see was the best quarterback shot that I found.”

    You aren’t looking hard enough.

    You just can’t handle the real truth.

  • Pancakes

    Since when was a DVD player and graphics more important then the real game?

  • Mr McLumpy

    Seems to me like the author is a hypocrite. He just did a huge article about why he thinks the Wii is a bad system, yet he continually stats in his comments that he is rooting for the Wii.
    Suspicious. Wooooooooo

  • Miles

    You forget, not everyone has bought an xbox-360 (I myself am firmly against Microsoft’s entry into the console market). Most are going to be putting down their PS2 controllers, and looking up this holiday season to see what to buy. And at that point, 1080p might be standard, but the PS2 gamer doesn’t know it. They’ll see the Wii and be amazed at its clear graphics and low price, and it’ll be a quick sale. They won’t even bother with the PS3.

    And another thing, there’s a difference between buying a $6000 gaming pc and a $600 console. The pc you can use for tons of other things, like e-mail, chatting, shopping, word processing, updating your silly blog. You can’t do all that with a console. It does gaming and very little else. Sure you can watch movies, but that’s about it.

  • Jake

    The Wii may fail, and the PS3 may triumph. But, it won’t be for the reasons that the author puts forth. If the Wii is as fun as a lot of the people at E3 thought it was, they will do just fine. The Wii will be a monster in Japan. Yes, in America is debatable. But, the controller lends itself perfectly to FPS and Sports games, so with some software support it could be a must have for many people. People who spend $6000 on a computer won’t have trouble getting a Wii for $250 just to try out the controller.

    The DS is kind of showing that people are willing to pay reasonably large amounts of money for something they tried with a friend and liked. After the Wii is out a couple of years, especially if they use an aggressive marketing strategy, a lot of people will have had a chance to try the Wii out. If they enjoy it like people are enjoying the DS, it will be successful.

    The DS PSP battle probably is a good indicator of what is to come. The DS dominates Japan, and the PSP does best in the US. However, if the PSP were to cost 3x what the DS costs, this could very well be a different story altogether. It can’t be overstated how much $600 truly is for a console.

  • port

    Re: From “Sometimes, you have to learn how to fly before you’ll be ready to take off.” to the end of the article.

    Herein lies the main problem with your article. You talk from the perspective that console gamers have the exact same preferences as PC gamers. That is completely wrong; they are completely different beasts. You say you’ve been writing about console gaming for a long time and are seriously involved with it, but with comments like these, I can’t believe you.

    P.s. No, not portS. Sony axed HDMI down to one.

  • “I just want to point out that the GameCube supported 5.1 Surround Sound or Pro Logic II ( I cannot for the life of me remember which) via a non-standard cable set, similar to the original Xbox.”

    The Gamecube can handle Pro-Logic II. You can’t have 5.1 without an optical port. The Xbox was the only system that had full 5.1 support in-game with the proper cables.

  • crabs

    John, I commented a long time ago, and I just looked back to see if it was high time I made this comment. See, I noticed something when I first read it, and that was the MASSIVE ammount of disagreeing comments. Now, I know you’re probably thinking that it’s because you’re only getting Nintendo Fanboys on here reading this article. And I’ll admit, you probably have a lot. BUT a title like “Wii’re gonna fail” will not only bring in the Nintendo fanboys eager to tell you of your ignorance and utter wrongness, but also Sony and maybe some Microsoft fanboys who want to come feel justified in their positions. And yet, even with the fact that you would have a broad range of readers and commenters, what do a VERY high percentage of the commenters say? That you’re wrong. Utterly, utterly wrong. I didn’t look through the last 30 or so comments, but up to that point, I had read a total of 3 positive comments. 3, out of 160. That’s above 97% disapproval rating. And we thought George Bush’s was high. But what I’m getting at by this, is that the very fact that you’ve had a 97% disapproval rating PROVES that you are completely wrong, because THESE are the people who will decide the next-gen console war. and if 97% of them say the Wii will not fail, and that they want it, then the Wii WILL NOT FAIL. It’s that simple. With a 97% approval rating, a console DOES NOT fail. It soars. And that’s what the Wii will do. And you’ve just proved that to the world.

  • Holy

    Some things you’re, but the most part of gamers dont have a super HD TV and 600 for a PS3, the PS3 is amazing, but SONY is forcing us to mix GAMERS With other market (PC AND MULTIMEDIA).
    Like the BLU-RAY TRICK! they are getting “free” 1 million blu-ray players in american houses… I don’t want a blu ray player, I want a system with grat games and fun

  • Jay


    SECOND THE PLAYSTATION 3 HAS ALREADY 230 ‘officialy’ announced games the playstation 3 sure more expensive but look at the bravia lcd’s more expensive than the competition and like i said it went flying to the top

    you get the point
    microsoft got its own fan base
    but microsoft made the same mistake that sega did when marketin the game gear ‘sega does what nintendon’t’ you get the point fellas
    loyalty counts
    and if you force people to take sides or something some ppl will not buy the xbox 360 because of microsofts arrogance at saying they could easly beat sony in a one on one on time magazine and all those other things
    (not that they like the comment by kaz hirai that next gen dont start till we say it does) but yall get the point……………

    the fact is that sony is forcin the company to play catch up because their on top
    now haters go on and say all you want about nintendo but the fact is that the n64 launched with just 2 titles ok big mistake
    the game cube had no first party title at launched if i remember right if they did then sure as hell they had no mario title at launch big mistake too also the game cube was the most compact and inexpensive of all
    also the hole early launch dont mean nothing because the dreamcast launched before ps2 just to gain some ground and it did sell and all but yall know how that turned out

    NINTENDO NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • wiiwillrockyou

    The reason why Sony failed at E3 wasn’t because they gave out too much info, it was because their presentation sucked and the info they gave out was disappointing or just repeated statements. Who in their right mind is going to pay $600 for a game consol. I sure as well not and I know parents won’t. If a kid want a new videogame system for xmas, what do you think the parent will decide on: The Nintendo Wii at $250 or the PS3 at $600. That is why it will be huge.

  • Kirk

    I think you are being very naive here…

    If you don’t get the Wii then fine, but all the points you make are just a little too far skewed to your own take on things as opposed to actually looking at them from an objective and indeed intelligent point of view…

    No one would be so arrogant as to say the Wii will destroy the competition and rule the roost but I think anyone with any level of intelligence and the ability to analise the information infront of them can see that it is going to be a success and indeed maybe more so than many people are aware of…

  • I guess the moral of the story is “how dare I give my own perspective” in an opinion piece. How dare I give my own take on things…in an opinion piece. How dare I…

    If I end up being wrong, good. It means the American consumer has changed for the good. But If I’m right, you’ll see a, non-opinion piece, much more objective, with sales numbers and all kinds of fun things.

  • Dynamo of Eternia

    In response to Jay:

    The problem is that brand loyalty is about the only thing Sony has going for it right now. And that may not be enough to keep it on top. I’m sure a lot of people would love to get a PS3, but the price will be way to high, particularly for most average, middle class people.

    While there are some Sony loyalists who are still on the “I’m definately getting PS3” bandwagon, I’ve also seen many PS/Sony loyalists who were all for the system up until after E3 happened and the price was announced. The overall disapointing presentation combined with the high price has made many people who have been PS fans up to the point debate whether or not they should get the system, and others even go as far as stating that they will simply not get it at all (at least not until the price drops quite considerably).

    As far as the games go, I’ve been hearing differing information, a good portion of which is in the general nature that many gaming companies have not yet gotten kits on how to program for the PS3, and its questionable how many games (if any) are ready for launch (odds are there will be something available, but it could potentially be in the same neighborhood as the number of N64 launch games from what I am hearing). It’s all speculation at this point, but nothing is certain yet, and in general a lot of iffy things are being said about PS3.

    So, really, the only significantly positive thing going for PS3 right now would be brand loyal people, and even they don’t seem like they will be enough to outweigh the negatives.

  • Linkgx1

    @ Jay


    Brand Loyalty doesn’t mean anything. If so, the Nintendo 64 would have beaten the PS one. Why didn’t it? Well, the PSone provided something different, much like the Wii and it was cheaper (pfft, remeber the $60 N64 games as compared to $40 PS1 games?)

  • Linkgx1

    “SECOND THE PLAYSTATION 3 HAS ALREADY 230 ‘officialy’ announced games the playstation 3 sure more expensive but look at the bravia lcd’s more expensive than the competition and like i said it went flying to the top”

    Jay, that doesn’t mean anything. Announced doesn’t mean it WILL come. If the sales are not good (and I’m not saying they won’t be) then third party support wil drop like flies. The N64 had Final Fantasy VII shown in CG form, yet it ended up going to the Playstation.

  • Linkgx1

    NINTENDO NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    How in the world is music and movies anything related to gaming and the hardcore market?

    Second, Nintendo is including the hardcore market, they said themselves that’s their main concern at E3.

  • Linkgx1

    The biggest rumor from EGM’s rumor section is that many third party developers are ditching their PS3 projects in favor of the Wii. This change can most likely be attributed to a combination of a strong Wii showing at E3, and the high pricepoint of the PS3.

    LucasArts is hearing the cries of Wii fans everywhere. A rumored Star Wars game is coming to the Wii (exclusive), and lightsaber battles will be the main focus of the title.

  • Jay


  • Jay




  • – eL –

    Mr Guilfoil, personally i am a big nintendo fan, and i am definetely getting the wii. but i must admit, uv nailed it. i completely agree with ur opinion on the wii’s success. (I’m only buying a wii cos im a cheapskate! 🙂


  • Dynamo of Eternia

    Yes, I agree that typing in all caps is annoying (hmmm, cough *jay*, cough). Equally annoying is the lack of complete, reasonable sentence structure or just a decent, basic knowledge of the proper english (again, pointed at jay). It’s not that I expect everyone to type out everything 100% perfect (minor gramatical errors and typos will happen from time to time, including when I type), but at least make it so that the sentences are clear, separated, and make sense.
    Now I must question of he has ever gone to college?

  • Linkgx1


    Speak english, then I might be able to understand you.

  • kungl

    I disagree with the article but seriously, most of you fanboy nutcases are just making the article seem good just by comparison to your own insane ranting. I hope Wii does a lot better than GCN (I actually hope PS3 bombs…) but I’m definitely not going to make outrageous generalised claims like ‘people will see the Wii for $200 and the PS3 for $600 and say hey i want that’. Buying a game console is not an impulse decision, people spend days or weeks deciding whether to spend $200+. As for some people buying expensive graphics cards and $6000 PCs, they are PC gamers (hence the huge cash outlay on a PC…), they most likely won’t buy a PS3 or a Wii.

  • magicoddeffect

    This simply isn’t true. I’ll just say that.
    The Wii’s discs are FRIGGIN DVD’S IN THEMSELVES!!!!!!
    It’s GOING to have DVD video support built in whether you like it or not.
    It can also have files transferred to it via SD cards. Those can also expand the flash memory by up to 2 GB’s.
    And who cares about text messaging or video chat? You’ll have to buy a camera to do video chat anyways. And you’ll have to hook the PS3 up to your computer the same way the PS2 did to do anything online, using the ethernet ports.
    Nintendo’s Wi-fi hooks up wirelessly. It’s also completely free and has a matchmaking service.
    Seriously, I’m not getting a PS3 because of the price and because of the immense amount of things the Wii has going for it.

  • Yes, clearly graphics are the determining factor of the quality of a system and it’s games. It’s not like every Final Fantasy has been terrible compared to 4,6 or 7. Or that no 3d fighter has managed to come -close- to matching the popularity of Street Fighter.

    Besides, it’s in everyone’s best intrest for the Wii to succeed. If it doesn’t, then we really are stuck just hoping devlopers take the next step forward for 1-2 systems instead of repackaging the same crap time and time again.

  • I think this guy is stupid.The Wii will beat the hell of Sony you stupid Sony fanboy.

  • Casual Gamer

    oh god jesus don’t say arrogant things like that. o yes and i completely disagree with the author. I am a North American consumer and yes many of my friends are going to buy the Wii. Just goes to show you not all Americans are dumbasses who is gonna buy anything for any price

  • Dascy

    Wow, you bunch of biased Nintendo fan-boys. The guy is being sceptic about the success of the Wii in America. He raises some good points. A lot of gamers do want good graphics and sound. A lot of gamers are willing to spend a lot of money on that.
    A lot of gamers will buy a PS3 and not a Wii.
    Live with it.

    P.S.: Not everyone who doubts the Wii a bit is immediatly an enormous Sony fanboy.

  • ValiumMan

    I generally disagree with this article because your main point is wrong. Your main point is that the PS3 will sell better than the Wii because gamers want good graphics and sound. I’ll tell you something: They don’t actually. And the past proves me right. Nearly every console “war” since the NES era has been won by a technically inferior, but cheaper console. Lemme make a little chronology:

    NES Vs. Sega Genesis: Better graphics: Sega Genesis. More sold units: NES

    SNES Vs. Sega Mega CD/32x: Better graphics: SNES
    More sold units: SNES

    PS1 Vs. N64: Better graphics: N64, More sold units: PS1

    PS2 Vs. GameCube Vs. Xbox: Worst graphics: PS2 Best sales PS2


    Gameboy Vs. Sega Game Gear
    Better graphics: Game Gear, Better sales: GB

    DS Vs. PSP
    Better graphics: PSP Better sales: DS

    See? With the exception of the SNES (because Sega didn’t really make a new console) it’s exactly like I said. Gamers care more about price than graphics really.
    You also stated that people are “spending $6000 on gaming PCs”. Well, I know a lot of gamers, and not a single one of them would spend $6000 on a gaming PC.
    But it appears to me that YOU care a lot about graphics yourself. You made that clear in several of your own comments. So I view this more as you being disappointed that the Wii doesn’t have HD and 5.1 and all and implying that, because you care about graphics, everyone will.
    Don’t get me wrong though. I think that the Wii will probably sell worse than the PS3, or at least by far not as good as expected, because of Nintendo’s huge “kiddie” backlash among casual gamers. In days where games like GTA or Counter-Strike (two games with outdated graphics BTW) are the most popular, 12-year-old casual gamers don’t want to see fat italian plumbers jumping on turtles’ backs, as long as it doesn’t happen with loads of blood and gore. Therefore Nintendo is regarded as “for kids” these days among most younger casual gamers (who make up the lions’ share of sales).
    BTW: I wouldn’t take the handheld market as (where the DS sells better) as a sign for Nintendo “coming back”. Handhelds are also considered “toys for kids” amongst casual gamers, which is why a lot of casual gamers are embarassed to buy a handheld…
    I could go on and on, but I guess I’ll have to quit now.

  • Destin

    Let me say that I own a high powered PC. It has good graphics and it is fast. However, out of all of the next generation consols I am ONLY interested in the Wii.

    Why? Because PCs will always have superior graphics to any video game consol. A high powered PC will outperform any consol out there by ten fold.

    I’m not interested in pretty graphics, gameplay is the most important element. If you want good graphics you should just get a power PC and forget about consols completely. The power PCs of today already make the graphics on the PS3 and Xbox look like they came from the stone age. Hence, the PS3 and Xbox360 loses in graphics to PCs.

    Wii heads in a different direction, they are selling a new game experience. This is something I can’t get ANYWHERE else. There have been attempts in the past to create movement sensitive controllers in the past but never with this much polish.

    Thus, I will be getting a Wii for the new game experience. Nintendo has created a piece of art and they deserve the praise they are recieving. I cannot say who will win the next generation consol wars but I can confidently say that Nintendo will not lose…

    -Just my 2cents

  • curtmack

    The author of this article stated his opinion. He thought it through and presented it in a logical fashion, citing his sources and presnting evidence as he went. As a debater, I can say that this guy did a good job of presenting his case.

    The Ninty fanboys who responded to this are horrible debaters. They stated their opinions, not as opinions, but as facts, and accusing the author of many different sins for denying these “facts.”

    It’s okay to state your opinions. And it’s okay to disagree in a comment. But if you just get angry at whatever anybody says contrary to your “facts,” you’re not going to get anywhere. Oddly enough, you can debate someone’s argument without denying their facts. His facts were sound. Your “facts” were not.

    I personally am getting a Wii. I’m getting it because I want to play the games that are coming out for it. Many other gamers feel the same way about the PSP, or the DS, or the Xbox 360. I, personally, do not like any of those games, and because the gamers I talk to have open minds, they accept my disagreement and go on with their lives.

    I don’t think they have ever flamed me, calling me a loser because I don’t agree with them. And that’s what you’re doing.

    In summary, play with your toys, because if you keep insulting people for not agreeing with you you’ll never have time to.

  • Casual Gamer

    Curtmack what gamers do u hangout with????

  • Sai

    Who the hell are you to tell me what I do or don’t want? >_>

    I personally couldn’t care LESS about graphics. I want *fun*. Therefore the PS3 fails *hard*.

  • krandle

    curtmack, unfortunately, he did NOT cite sources, and 70% of his “facts” were wrong. so uh, i don’t really know, but generally, in debate, don’t u need correct arguments? cuz uh…his weren’t. i’m fine with him posting his oppinion that the wii will fail. that’s his choice. BUT when he uses incorrect arguments to back up his oppinion, that’s when i get mad. so how bout u go back and read some of the commenters who DID present their arguments in a logical fashion, like ValiumMan, and Destin, and from the earlier ones, Crabs, and StriderXero. so yeah…if ur going to present a logical argument on why we’re all stupid, how bout u back it up with facts, by reading the comments

  • Longline

    Personally I’m just a 30 year old gamer. i’ve owned the atari 2600 2nd version. the nintendo, sega genesis, a 3DO, ps1 (for resident evil or the N64), then N64, then ps2 , xbox and now xbox 2. i also have had the first handheld nintendo with dot matrix black and white graphics, and a psp. I will say that I loved the PS when it first came out. it had better more mature games i was out of high school by a few years and then xbox came out and i had to have it because i had the money and i wanted to play halo really bad not because i heard anything about it or from hype or friends but from just what the game had to offer and the graphics it represented on the back. the selling point was also the built in hard drive and 5.1 surround in games. that turned me quickly into a audio/visual nut. i got a bigger tv, 32 inch. i got a surround sound system with cheaper equipment like sony receiver, surround backs and center with jensen fronts with infinite sub 10″ 150 watt. It was awesome at the time. well i started playing xbox more for these reasons: i could have true surround sound in games and i could downnload all my music onto it and that was awesome. especially if friends were coming over to hang. unfortunately i needed some money which meat parting with one of them. which do you think i chose. sure i loved sony cause i had mostly sony things but i had true surround and a hard drive. when 360 came i bought one naturally. it is even better and so i upgraded everything again. this time i got a yamaha reciever with klipsch reference speakers 10″ 200 watt sub and a 52″ mitsubishi widscreen lcd. now my problem is im really into hdmi and my 360 doesnt have that but the ps3 does. i dont make a ton of money. my wife and i gross $100,000 a year so i can afford things i want. that aside the ps3 does have selling points. 1. hdmi-greatest quality hands down 2. hard drive. 3. surround sound. and most importantly bluray drive. economically its a better drive for me cause i know im going to buy either an hd-dvd or bluray or both. blu ray is $999 at highest dollar. hd-dvd $599. this is a battle like beta versus vhs and it came down to capacity. vhs won. so bluray will win i belive and ps3 is cheaper than player alone and comes with media reader and harddrive along with games it can play. logically buying a ps3 would be the best investment and also it is setup for when i buy my next tv which will be native 1080p instead of 720p and 1080i. as for the wii ill buy it even though i think the graphics will suck compared to the other two which it may get put away because ill end up playing the other two more. but, another reason to own it is because its different. sometimes different is good but then again i dont remember ever getting excited about duck hunt either. now light saber dueling would be a huge selling point for them if they could have that as lauch title. lots of people love star wars. anyway, thats my take

  • Jay

    That’s all cool but keep in mind that vhs was inferior to betamax…
    From Wikipedia…

    “Sales dwindled away and VHS emerged victorious – despite being the least sophisticated of the three main rivals. VHS however benefited from continuous development from multiple manufacturers (including Sony) over the years, and innovations such as high speed picture search, Hi-Fi stereo sound and fast-load tape mechanisms saw it keep pace with and eventually surpass Betamax, making the format war largely academic by the turn of the 1990s.

    In 1988 Sony began to market their own VHS machines, and despite claims that they were still backing Beta, it was clear that the format was dead — at least in Europe and the U.S.. In parts of South America Beta continued to be popular, and in Japan the format was developed into ED-Beta and SuperBeta, and was still produced up to the end of 2002. The rise of DVD finally took away the niche market that Betamax had survived in during the 90s, giving the home format a total lifespan of 27 years.

    Today, the only remaining aspect of the Betamax system is the slang term ‘Betamaxed’, which, predictably, indicates something that had a brief shelf life and was quickly replaced by the competition.

    Despite the failure of Betamax, its technological successor, the Betacam tape, would become an industry standard for video recording, production and presentation. Despite the many improvements in VHS for home use, Beta technology remained at a higher quality and continues to be used to this day, only now beginning to be supplanted by direct hard drive storage of video.”

    many factors determine whats accepted by consumers…
    i do hope and know the ps3 will fare well along with the Wii
    i do belive microsoft’s wack ass xbox 1.5 with neither the game or anything else ppl gonna realise its just hype

  • i hope and pray everyday that the nintendo wii will fail why,well for one i do care about graphics,whats the first thing you noticed about a game,its graphics..i know people say graphics don’t matter but i think they are kidding themselves if they had to choose a zelda game,one with bad graphics and one with good graphics i’m pretty sure they will choose the better one..another reason i hope nintendo fails is that stupid controller,my god ,what were they thinking,i haven’t tried it, but i’m not about to play videogamesfor maybe three hours or more and have to constantly have my arms moving all the time.developers can’t port over games to nintendo’s system,so i wonder how many third party games will not see the light of day on that system,but that’s ok because we can expect the same first party games i’ve grown sick of,oh good more mario, zelda, metroid. my message to nintendo this is next generation time just because you have a different controller does not mean you have the best system,i think i will stick with xbox 360

  • Sean Takahashi

    Wow, these comments are full of nintendo zombies, People that say, who in their right mind would buy a 600 dollar system opposed to a 250 dollar one? its just like saying who would buy a 2000 dollar gaming laptop opposed to 300 dollar notebook… I as a gamer do like great graphics and sound but you dont need a wiimote to have great gameplay. Although I may be wrong… the wiimote may become a bit gimmicky? after a while that is if developers are not producing repetitive games. And I see the wiimote as being sort of a light-gun in which is fun and innovative at first, but it will get tiresome real quickly. The ps3 is too expensive though and the blu-ray tech may not be the standard format so both systems are a big risk. Lets hope nintendo does not turn out to be the next virtuaboy system… 😛 Go Assassins Creed!

  • Casual Gamer

    in any case, im gonna invest in the Xbox 360, and the Wii for simple reasons. The 360 has many games right now, and many great games that are coming out for it. Also I have an HD tv and trust me there is so little HD media out there that its not worth buying it at the moment. The 360 has games in HD so I guess thats about the only electronic device that is making use of the HD power right now for me. Wehn the Wii comes im also gonna buy it because Ive always bought a Nintendo product. Why? because they have excellent quality. I’m not willing to give out 600 dollars and end up having my PS3 with errors and glitches which are not under warranty, and I have to buy a new one. I have never heard complains about glitches or errors from Nintendo products so to me they are very reliable machines. Also I cant imagine myself having to give up the Super Smash Bros. series, one of the best games ever made. Plus, its different and it might just change the industry, and its cheap meaning that they have a chance at a bigger share of the market, which means more developers are gonna go to that system,(yes developers go to the system that can give them the biggest profits, not the one that has the highest power), and more developers means more choices for me to pic from wen it comes to games. Also because of the controller, Nintendo will have if not all, most of their games exclusive to the Wii. Which in gaming indstry spells popularity. Also small time developers can’t afford the expensive dev kits of Sony and MS, although MS is very easy to work with, wher the Cell is brand new system.

    Lastly, long time dominant industry leaders become uncreative, and arrogant after many generations and end up loosing to their competators. Its only the nature of business, and to me it seems Sony might just see their time, just like Nintendo did many years ago. I dont know when MS will but im sure they will some day.

  • Jay

    with all your deserved respec my brother thats just talking fanatic crap casual gamer because if u read about the nintendo and super nintendo and the n 64 on wikipedia or anywhere else you would know that there were many many complaints about faulty nintendo’s out there and also games like assassins creed (exclusive or not)
    metal gear solid 4 ace combat next gen final fantasy 13 final fantasy versus, heavenly sword plus all the 200+ titles announced will defenetly sell that system

  • ManuChan

    I respect you opinion but I am buying it… I can’t wait to put my cash on Wii.

  • can anyone tell me what is so good about the wii, besides it being the cheapest console,i don’t like the mario, zelda, or metroid games, is there any other reason for me to buy this system

  • michael

    im getting the ps3 when the price drops because it will rule!!!

  • misterS

    both Sony and Nintendo are going to crash and burn. Ps3 is too expensive for most people to afford, and Wii’s controller is too different. i like new ideas, but people aren’t going to waste 200 dolllars on a system with a control that looks like it’s used for a tv instead.

  • jamal

    im so getting the ps3 & wii when they come out
    screw microsoft & their box named X

  • Casual Gamer

    although im getting a wii, it wouldve been better if it had atleast decent HD output cause its a bummer for those who have HD. Also even if the PS3 is better, the price factor cant be ignored.500-600 isnt something that a person will ignore for performance power. Im just suprised Sony never looked at the history of consoles to see how consoles that are priced so high have all failed… its a shame really…

  • hi john, that’s an interesting take, but ultimately i think wii will do great.

    sure, it’s the least powerful console, but it’s all about coming up with great games, getting casual gamers hooked and making gaming a family experience again.

    of course, i’m assuming nintendo and its partners will actually deliver innovative games. the ability to play all those old games is great, but it won’t get people to buy the wii unless you have exciting new games that truly take advantage of the unique controller.

  • pierre

    “I’ve been developing since 1981. I am a hardcore programmer who developed in MS 3D and now I develop exclusively in OpenGl. The reason the PS3 is going to take the gaming industry by storm is that they’ve made an open source decision that really plays to the cross-platform needs of the game developers. From the start they were forced into MS hands since no other 3D platform had a real market. At the time, OpenGl wasn’t a necessary alternative as no OpenGl system had a market, even though it ran on Windows, much like the MS DirectX 3D Sdk. Since OpenGl will run on Windows, Linux and now the PS3, game developers will only write one set of code of OpenGl code for a game. That breaks the MS/Intel monopoly as PS3 uses the cell and OpenGl. All the games will now run on Linux so you can see the end of the MS PC gaming rein coming. No wonder IBM helped design it. They’ve had a score to settle for a long time now.


  • conspiracy theory

    im getting the ps3 for metal gear solid 4 tekken and formula one racing!!!!!!!

    viva la ps3 (when the price go down a lil bit)

  • Deshaun


    get a social life & fuck women n entertain yoself or somethin man

  • Jay

    damn slow down

  • Jay

    Oh and by the way talk your trash now fanboy but “The controller is based on the technology that Nintendo acquired when they purchased Gyration Inc in 2001” talk about comin up with your own things now

    oh and while im at it this goes out to no. 54 “LOL at the author” He also forgot about the recent awards given by E3 critics for moment let’s forget about Wii swooping best hardware award and let’s focus on the games.
    Spore and an Xbox 360 game won prizes in their respective categories no PS3 game was awarded.”

    Heavenly sword

    At E3 2006. the game won the following Game Critics Awards: Best Fighting Game. [1]
    Next-Gen’s Top 20 Playable Games of E3 – Number 1 [2]
    GamePro’s Top 20 games – Number 1 [3]
    Gamespot’s People’s Choice Awards [4]
    IGN E3 Award for Technological Excellence – Winner [5]
    IGN E3 Best Artistic Design – Winner [6]
    Meristation E3 Best PS3 Game – Winner [7]
    GameDaily E3 Nod Award [8]
    GameZone – BEST OF SHOW (Overall) [9]
    IGN E3 Best Action Game – Runner up [10]
    IGN E3 Best Graphics – Runner up [11]
    IGN E3 Game of the Show – Runner up [12]
    GameSpy Best of E3 2006 – Top 10 Console Game

    Assassin’s Creed

    The following awards were won at E3 2006:

    Game Critics Awards: Best Action/Adventure Game. [1]

    IGN: Won: Best Action Game, PS3 Game of the Show, Best PS3 Action Game, Best PS3 Graphics Runner-up:, Best Console Game, Best PS3 Artistic Design, PS3 Award for Technological Excellence Nominations: Game of the Show, Best Graphics Technology

    Gamespy: Won: Best PS3 game of the show

    Gamespot: Won: Best PS3 game of the show Runner-up: Game of the Show, Best Trailer, Best Graphics, Best Action Adventure Game

    Gametrailers: Won: Best of Show Runner-up: Best Trailer, Most Innovative, Best Action/Adventure

    1UP: Won: Best PS3 game Runner-up: Best Visuals, Game of the show

    number 54 you sir are a big dumbass

  • Ok, ignoring all the fanboy banter I want to state the following.

    Nintendo is trying to capture not just gamers, but non gamers. I believe that they are going to hit one our of the park with their new console. Why, check out any gaming board and you will see how much gamers are loving the new console. The reason is simple and something that people seem to miss in the industry. It is not how many polygons you can push or what kind HD format you are going to support but gameplay.

    The gamecube never impressed me, but the Wii just in videos is already taking me back to the excitment level I had in 1985 for the very first NES.

  • wasa

    here are my opinions on this article
    pc gamers (spend that amount to play the games at a reasonable frame rate with out sub par graphics as compared to say the ps2)

    xbox360 (have 4 already broken down in our store, and seen way to many for it to be bad luck)

    ps3 (more cutting edge stuff to break down early with nothing more than pretty graphics)

    wii (laughed at the controller, bought a ds for upcoming mana title, surprised at how much fun it is) (watched gameplay and looked at what was going on, and now sold on the wii)

    i’m a sony fan boy, yep, but very few games have i enjoyed, and most, the graphics have’nt mattered
    ex. katamari

    i also own a pc, i play games on it as well and do highend 3d graphics, if pc games didnt require such insane specs (two things) i would buy more games, pc companies would suffer from dropped sales

    my day job is repairing game systems
    ps2 is typically cleaning or laser (they get dirty easy)
    xbox, typically power board or dvd drive

    gamecubes are disposible, they break you go buy a new one

    have’nt liked a nintendo system since the n64 with 3 handed controller came out (uggg)

    i must say, the wii looks good and best of all, looks like it will finally bring some much needed fun back to my gaming

    regardless of what anyone buys, there are going to be good and bad points

    but as long as you enjoy yourself
    that’s all that really matters


  • Chappo

    John Guilfoil – I would close this thread!! The amount of uneducated children that have replied to your comments/opinion is outstanding! I guess i wouldn’t expect anything else from childish Nintendo gamers (not all nintendo gamers, just the silly kiddies)

    P.s i own a GC, 360, PS2, DS, PC, HDTV and circulate amongst a lot of gamers, no gamer i know (ive been gaming for 20 yrs) is doing backflips about the Wii!! I think its cool and looks fun & i’ll prob buy one for some quirky interesting games. Nintendo said it themselves, they are not competing in the “next gen” war, i would agree & as before expect Sony to dominate (though they don’t deserve it) & sadly the 360 (which is continually proving to be fantastic) will come second.

    Long live games and all systems their played on!!

  • Well put.

  • I O D I N E

    Next time back up your opinion with actual facts. Research before you post incorrect information. It will make you look like less of a chump.

    And screw all you fanboys. You guys are ruining the whole gaming scene with nonsense. Sit back and play the games you want to. Instead of crying over the internet. That is all.

  • Well Well Well, if this isnt a nice writing.

    I only recomend you one thing :

    For X-mass buy you a 360 and a Wii so you shall not fail.

    Here at europe people laught at the PS3, people say PS3 is TOO expensitive and wo rule the markets ? the People of core.

    Europe will not allow an console to be 600 euros, because its simply too much for a console who cant promise a thing, i was a sony fanboy i though nothing could kill sony. I was wrong, the first time i played Xbox 360 Sony died for me, my only dream was that capcom, Namco, SquareEnix and alle the other great game makers would go to Xbox and it happened there realy going to make great games without stress or reduced buget like with sony and there it is ! sony’s going to fail, its writen.

  • Eddie W.

    how much did sony or microsoft pay you to put such nonsense and stupidity on the internet.
    you may never touch a keyboard again.


  • Casket

    Totally off the mark this time. But it’s ok, you did write this article months ago. Better luck with PS4, XBOX4 and Wii2 predictions. 😀

  • I said it when I found out the price from E3 about PS3, that it will become a slightly more successful Neo Geo. The Neo Geo bombed.

    When it comes to graphics, giving the normal person the chance to describe the differences between toystory 1 and cars… they really can not tell too much of a difference.

    Eitherway, your colors were showing in the whole article. Good bias article.

  • the guy

    the reason you dont get it is because your a fool. yes, the xbox 360 and the the ps3 can do amazing things, but nintendo is doing one better and changing the whole aspect of gaming. so to conclude, you are a fool

  • ~Rob~

    Unfortunately, as of today, you’re totally proved wrong.

    Wii sales are skyrocketing. PS3s still sit on the shelfs, unwanted, unattended. The X-Box360 had its solo go at the world, but its hype didn’t quite meet what the Wii has done.

    You can buy two Wii’s (with everything included, even an extra controller if you’d like) for the cost of your precious ps3.


  • fistpittingnork


    I’m just curious to what your input would be now that it’s been 2 months and Wii’s don’t sit on the shelf long enough to even justify stores clearing a spot out for them.

    Let us know!

  • i’m just curious are those the same wii’s that had there controller recalled or are those the same wii’s that recieve low game scores that i have been reading about, let’s see should i choose another legeng of zelda with low res graphics and unprecise controls or gears of war or even lost planet.nintendo fanboys you can have your little wii wii.

  • fistpittingnork

    Yes.. You could play Gears of War for about 3 months before you encounter the dreaded Red Circle of Death, then Microsoft sends you a refurb (you lose 1-year warranty) with only a 90-day warranty and 3 months later it happens again and you’re footing a $130 service bill or a $399 new xbox bill.

    Or you can buy a solid product from a trusted GAMING company and have a whole new fun way to play console games, and the price you paid? $250 and a few less pixels… seems fair enough, I’ll play with my “Wii Wii” then. If I wanted a white paperweight I’ll spray paint a rock.

  • Nintendude31

    games are not about graphics or namebrand, they are about gameplay & fun. would you rather play a game that sucks, but has good graphics or a game that is great, but has lower detailed graphics. i am willing to sacrifice graphics when i know i am getting good games. i also have too many dvd players as it is.

  • boogieboy

    Now I love “Earth Defense Force” on 360, but that’s about it. I’m not a casual gamer, but would fall more into the “classic gamer” camp.
    My friends have 360 and PS3 (well, one friend had a PS3- it’s out for repair already, and he only played one game on it), but a lot of them have the Wii and are playing it a lot more than any other console.
    I just picked up a Wii after months of casual searching and I am one happy owner. It adds a new , but nostalgic way of playing games that will appeal to more than just the normal “gamer” crowd. This to me is better marketing, and will ensure the longevity of the Wii.
    Btw, my local Game Stop has a full stock of PS3s and they haven’t sold one in over a month now. They still have people calling in every day about Wii availability. That is all I have to say.