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Wii Virtual Console News and Releases for 3/30/2009

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Welcome to yet another week of releases on the Wii Shop Channel! Sadly, this is probably the last week we'll be using this title, and for a very good reason: the DSi launches next week, and with it comes all the new DSiWare titles that you can download off the Wii Shop Channel, which to my knowledge, will be keeping its name. I also have a hunch that we might be just getting DSi stuff next week at the launch.

So here's what's up this week, the last time the Wii gets the spotlight all to itself:

On the Virtual Console, Super Punch-Out! is here. This game is still rather hard to find in cart form, and when it is available it's a bit expensive, so I'm glad it's getting a Virtual Console release. While it differs a bit from the original Punch-Out! in both art style and game play, it maintains the same great core that made the first game so popular. Only 800 Wii Points, any gamer looking for a challenge or anyone looking to sharpen their skills ahead of the Wii's Punch-Out! should pick this one up.

Over on WiiWare, Bonsai Barber comes to us from Zoonami (published by Nintendo) at 1,000 Wii Points. The game is apparently about grooming the foliage of various fruits and vegetables that live in your village. I know, it sounds utterly ridiculous, but it actually makes good use of the Wii's internal clock to determine when customers are available for appointments — miss one, and they'll actually leave a note on your Wii Message Board about how upset they were. Bonsai Barber makes use of the Wii remote in a traditional point-and-click style that many games use. The game also apparently features plenty of unlockables and secrets. So sure, it sounds silly, but it very well may be worth your time, though the price does seem a bit too much for the title.

Super Punch-Out! was released on the PAL Virtual Console earlier in March. It, along with Bonsai Barber, is available for download off the Wii Shop Channel.

Check back next week for the latest round of releases for the Wii's digital download service. Until then, happy gaming!

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  • SUper punch out, what a game! that series has been with nintendo for 25 years now and still going strong, even the snes version gets the dust blown off it