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Wii Virtual Console News and Releases for 3/16/2009

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Continuing last week's theme, this week the Wii Shop Channel sees two games enter the mix; one, a classic from the Virtual Console's newest addition, the other a new take on the old-school style of video games. In other words, if you're still stuck in the 1980s, this is your kind of week.

As for the games, they are as follows:

On WiiWare, it's Aksys' BIT.TRIP BEAT, a rhythm game with a retro-style twist. On the outset, it looks a lot like Pong and plays a bit like it, but that whole outward appearance is simply a lie, hiding underneath it a complex and likely very difficult game. I can see this game being one of the best-reviewed and best-selling games on WiiWare for quite some time. If you love rhythm games or want a real challenge, look no further. And it's only 600 Wii Points, too.

The Virtual Console gets a shot of Commodore 64 with Summer Games II. While not technically an Olympics game since the IOC did not hand out licensing for this game, it's certainly an old-school Olympics-style game featuring 8 different events. Like other Commodore games, this one hasn't aged too badly, though the soundtrack is basically just beeps and boops. Still, at 500 Wii Points, it's not a bad deal.

Summer Games II was released on the PAL Virtual Console in June 2008. It, along with BIT.TRIP BEAT, is all available for download off the Wii Shop Channel.

Check back next week for the latest round of releases for the Wii's digital download service. Until then, happy gaming!

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