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Wii Virtual Console News and Releases for 2/23/2009

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A bunch of firsts come to the Wii Shop Channel this week, as we get the first downloadable FPS title on WiiWare and a brand new system's games to enjoy on the Virtual Console – the Commodore 64, which was hinted at pretty blatantly last week by Nintendo. In all, we have four new titles this week.

WiiWare this week has one game from Hudson called Onslaught. It's the first FPS game to hit WiiWare, and like most modern FPS titles, it takes place in the future and you get to kill aliens. It's 1,000 Wii Points and features, among other things, online-based co-op modes. The game doesn't look the greatest, but it's been getting some buzz for actually playing pretty well, so if you're still waiting for The Conduit, you might want to check this out.

Over on the Virtual Console, we have a trio of Commodore 64 classics to launch that console's debut in North America. All three are only 500 Wii Points, and they're all decent titles, especially if you never had the chance to own a C64.

The Last Ninja is an action title, and while many gamers love the sequel over the first one, they're both pretty good games. You play as Armakuni, last of the ninjas, as the others have all been killed by the demonic forces of an evil shogun. The whole game is in an isometric-style perspective and features plenty of combat. Plus, for a game that's over 20 years old, it sure kicks the butt of anything on the NES in the graphics department.

International Karate is one of the classic C64 games, and one of the forerunners of the fighting game genre. Quite ironic that it comes out the week after Street Fighter IV, no? Playing against a buddy or the computer, you participate in what essentially is a virtual karate tournament, taking on karate masters all over the world.

Pitstop II is one of the earlier computer racing games, but what made it stand out from Pole Position and that game's ilk was the fact that Pitstop II also required you to make pit stops and actually do all of the work in the pit stop. It's also got split-screen fun in case you've got a buddy over.

All three Commodore 64 titles were previously released over in Europe, where they were lucky enough to get these games on the PAL Virtual Console some time ago. These games, along with Onslaught, are all available for download off the Wii Shop Channel.

Check back next week for the latest round of releases for the Wii's digital download service. Until then, happy gaming!

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