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Wii Virtual Console News and Releases for 2/25/2008

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Following GDC 2008, Nintendo dropped a few things on Wii owners, and not just two new Virtual Console titles:

Wii Pay and Play announced: At GDC, Nintendo unveiled Wii Pay and Play, which appears to be some form of online service that we’ll have to pay for, and not everything will apparently be Pay and Play compatible. Any further information is not yet known, as the announcement was very ambiguous, but we are currently seeking further information on the new service.

Mario Kart Channel coming: Also announced at GDC 2008 was some news on Mario Kart Wii, including the brand-new Mario Kart Channel. The new channel will serve as an in game feed of the leaderboards and other vital info. Players can also download and upload ghost data, as well as compete in tournaments and weekly challenges. Sounds great!

Commodore 64 Games to European Virtual Console: Yes, you read that right. Starting off with International Karate and Iridium, Commodore 64 games will start appearing on the European Virtual Console at 500 Wii points each. Will they come to Japan and the United States? For the former, maybe not, but for the latter, there’s always a chance.

Besides, Smash Bros. Brawl isn’t coming to Europe until fall 2008 and Nintendo has to make it up somehow. You poor, poor souls.

This week, we’ve got another two games coming out. Which games are they? Let’s find out:

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (Nintendo 64, 1-4 players, Rated E for Everyone, 1,000 Wii Points): Kirby’s first 3-D adventure is also his Nintendo 64 debut, and it finds the always-versatile hero battling a new enemy called Dark Matter. Dark Matter is after a distant land’s powerful crystal, but a young fairy named Ribbon attempts to save it by escaping with the gem to Dream Land. Now the crystal has been broken, and it’s scattered around the world. Take control of Kirby and help him journey across six worlds, battling a wide variety of enemies and challenging bosses, as he tries to collect all 100 pieces of the shattered crystal. Along the way, you’ll use Kirby’s trademark copying ability to use enemies’ strengths against them. Not only that, but try combining any two abilities to create a brand-new one that is usually stronger than the original. Throw in three exciting multiplayer minigames, and you’ve got a package of which even King Deeded would be proud. Fans of Kirby and action games with bright, colorful graphics should vacuum this one up.

Psychosis (TurboGrafx16, 1 player, Rated E for Everyone – Mild Fantasy Violence, 600 Wii Points): This is a side-scrolling shooter played in a world created from the mind of a twisted demon. Your soul has suddenly wandered into that evil world that exists in every person’s heart. The only way out is to blast your way past the grotesque creatures that block your path in five “causes” (stages). You must face the dangers of this psychedelic world by making full use of three shot types and the satellite option. With power-ups, you can change your shots to a wide-coverage beam, a satellite-generated laser and more. Each shot type can be powered up to three levels. You can also block enemy fire by rotating the satellites to a desired position. How you use these features will be the key to successfully escaping this strange and surreal world.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and Psychosis are North American Virtual Console debuts. How about that? Both games are available for download right now off the Wii Shop Channel.

Check back next week for the latest Virtual Console/WiiWare news and releases!

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