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Wii U Review: ‘Super Luigi U DLC Review’

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Nintendo is finally starting to understand that we are in the age digital games and DLC.  They are now offering up DLC for Super Mario Brothers Wii U, converting the game into a Luigi-centric title.  The one other major change is that every level except for the boss levels must be completed in 100 seconds instead of the normal 300 seconds given in a typical Mario game.


The new stages, and there are over 80 of them, have been created amazingly, taking Luigi’s characteristics into account. He has the ability float in air as well as jump higher. Since most people are not use to this, there is a learning curve. However, that goes away after the first couple of levels.

Another new addition character-wise is Nabbit. Nabbit is the character in New Super Mario WIi U who steals items from the Toad Houses. Nabbit has the ability to not get hurt, however it is at the expense of not being able to use power ups.


Multiplayer is still in the DLC, offering up the opportunity for four players at once to the end.  It can be a great challenge especially when trying to find all of the hidden items. The only character that is not available in the multiplayer is Mario. So, the four characters are Luigi, both Toads and Nabbit.

The save system in this game is often frustrating, unless you use the quick save often. First, there are no in-level check points. If you die in the middle of your level, you are sent back to the beginning. Since the levels are shorter that is nothing major. However, if you lose all of your lives and get the game over message then you are sent back to your most recent save file. Which, unless you quick save after each level, could be a few levels back. That leads to frustration especially in some of the later levels or if you got through levels collecting all of the Star Coins.

This DLC is a welcome addition to anyone who has finished all of New Super Mario Brothers Wii U and want something else to pick up. It comes in two flavors — a download for or a disc. The download is only available for those who have the original game while the disc is available for anyone. With that said, the download is $19.99 and the disc is $29.99. With how short this content is–it takes about eight hours–I cannot say I recommend buying the disc, but as a download it is certainly worth it.

New Super Luigi U is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB for Comic Mischief.

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