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Wii Review: Wii Go Vacation

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Wii Go Vacation is the latest mini-game collection for the gaming system. Wii Go Vacation follows in the tracks of Wii Sports Resort, Wii Sports, and Wii Party. Go Vacation is very similar to Sports Resort with the location moved from Wuhu Island to Kawawii Island. One main difference from Sports Resort is Go Vacation allows the players to travel around the island and interact with the surroundings. The game offers over fifty mini-games along with a few hidden surprises, a treasure hunt, and several other little activities for their Mii.

The games in Go Vacation are separated into four resorts. There is the Marine Resort, The City Resort, the Mountain Resort, and the Snow Resort. All the resorts have a central village where the Mii can change clothes or request transportation to one of the other resorts. One of the coolest things about Go Vacation are the different modes of transportation throughout the resorts. The Mii can travel by horseback, Jet Ski, roller blades, ATV, snowmobile, snow board, and many other options depending on what resort it is in. The resorts also offer mass transportation in the form of hot air balloons, ski lifts, and trains.

Players can access the games either by selecting individual activities or through the resort modes. Individual activity selection has to be unlocked as players complete games in the resort mode. Upon entering Kawawii Island, players will be sent on a stamp dash. Players must earn 20 stamps playing different mini-games to complete the first round. Upon completion of the first round players will be granted their very own vacation villa. The villa can be custom decorated by the player, which sounded more fun than it actually turned out to be. The decorating itself was a somewhat tedious task of dragging and scrolling through different colored furniture. Nonetheless, it’s a nice personalized touch some may get a kick out of.

There are many other little personalized touches throughout the game. My favorite was the ability to add your own pet dog character to run around with you on the island. Players can also unlock new outfits to wear and choose friends to pal around with. Features aside, it’s the games we are here to play and they honestly offer a mixed bag. Each resort offers games appropriate to the resort theme. There’s snowboarding, skiing, skydiving, racing, scuba diving, snowman building, roller blading, and all kinds of games in each resort. Some are very fun and challenging, while others are a little boring. Sky diving simply involved rotating your Mii until it was in the right formation with the other sky divers. Building a snow man was basically stacking two or three balls of snow on top of each other and then choosing what the snowman would wear.

Other games were a little more exciting. One of my personal favorites was the snow tube bowling. In this game you sit on an inner tube, slide down a snow packed hill, and try to hit some snow man shaped bowling pins. The levels get increasingly harder as each is completed. Skiing down the big hills is also a lot of fun, and you don’t even have to be playing a game to do it. The controls are fairly easy to use on most games, but steering can be a challenge on some. The kayak never seemed to go the direction I wanted no matter what I did. There is also no warning that some modes of transportation cannot always be used. In this game the player must travel to each new game, and if you need to get up hill skis are not going to work.

Each resort can be visited both day and night, and they all offer some hidden goodies. There are treasure chests hidden throughout each resort, and there is also different bungee jumps scattered throughout the game. Information balloons offer hints about different aspects of the games and the island itself. Overall, there is a lot to do with this game. Though not all the mini-games are winners, there are plenty of different activities to choose from, and the increasing levels of difficulty will provide extra challenge return appeal. Go Vacation does not require a huge amount of movement, which was a little disappointing since that is what Wii is for. The game makes use of several controllers including the Wii Zapper, and the Wii Balance Board, but games can be played without them. This game is a good for anyone who enjoys the mini-game format and wants a wide variety of games to choose from.

Wii Go Vacation is rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) by the ESRB for Cartoon Violence.

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