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Wii Review: The Smurfs Dance Party

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The Smurfs Dance Party is the latest Ubisoft dance game based on the new Smurfs movie. The Smurfs Dance Party is a motion dance game similar to the Just Dance series of games. The game tracks your movements while you are holding the Wii Remote. There are three different modes available in The Smurfs Dance Party. You can follow their adventures in Story Mode or dance along to the songs in Dance Mode or Playlist Mode.

While the Smurfs are preparing for the Blue Moon Festival, the evil sorcerer, Gargamel attacks them. To escape, they go through a portal and land in New York City. In the story mode, you dance along to the music that plays during the Smurfs’ story. Game Mode allows you to select a song and dance to it one at a time or in shuffle. In Game Mode, you can play in Regular Mode which is the normal dance mode or you can play in Team Mode and team up with other players to earn a higher score. You can also select Freeze & Shake Mode where you stop moving or shake the Wii remote as hard as you can when the icons are displayed. You can choose to dance without the Wii remote but your score won’t be kept. Playlist Mode allows you to add songs of your choosing to a playlist and then play from only those songs.

There’s quite a variety of songs on The Smurfs Dance Party. Some of them I have honestly never heard of like the ones by Barbara Streisand. There are also several songs by Katy Perry like One of the Boys. Some of the songs are *Smurftastic* which basically means they have changed some of the lyrics to be Smurfy so instead of Who Let the Dogs Out, you have Who Let the Smurfs out. Walk this Way is Smurf this Way. I would have preferred a few more popular Top 40 songs as that makes it easier to dance to but younger children probably won’t notice the difference. My definite hands down favorite is Smurf this Way. Great song to get moving with. There are slow songs and fast songs which is great for someone who is new to this type of game because the slow songs are easier to move along with. If you want just the faster songs, play through the Playlist Mode.

The Smurfs Dance Party is easy to follow along with and the Wii Remote vibrates when you get the moves right. It’s fun to watch the Smurfs dance and move to the songs. There are a few songs where a real person (Gargamel) is the one you are dancing with which is a bit odd looking but still fun. It’s also possible to earn awards by completing things during the game like completing all the dances or finishing a song without any misses or burning 1000 calories.

There is also a parent section that allows parents to track game play statistics like date played, calories burned, play time and the number of times each song was played. You can also turn the lyrics on and off and sort songs alphabetically or by how hard they are. This is a great feature if you’re trying to encourage your child to be more active. The lyrics are a bit hard to see because they are down in the left hand corner instead of all the way across the screen in big letters like in most sing alongs.

All in all, this is a great game to get younger kids or any Smurf fan up and moving. Adults won’t likely find this much of a workout although if you’re brand new to dance games, it’s a great way to get started. The pure novelty of dancing along with the Smurfs was more than enough to make it fun for me.

The Smurfs Dance Party is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB for Mild Lyrics.

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  • Malene

    Cwn you tell me, how you add players in the game for the team mode?

  • Callum Dare

    Smurfs Dance party is good fun