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Widget Review: The Ultimate Flirting Championship

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With September rapidly approaching, the summer is soon to be winding up, but that doesn’t mean all the fun is over. Are you a flirting champ? Have you ever wanted to practice your flirting techniques and get some feedback? Want to test out your flirting prowess? Have you been sending the wrong signals or just not picking up on the signals being sent to you?

Rest assured, now you can gauge your flirting prowess with the ultimate flirting challenge. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll want to check out The Ultimate Flirting Championship – a live widget. When you first sign on, the widget will ask for a user name and will then proceed to ask your gender. You will then wait a number of seconds until you are matched with two guests. You ask the guests a series of questions (already created) – you simply pick the question you want to ask from the question choices and wait for the other players to answer.

After the players have answered, you pick the best answer out of the two and move onto the next question. Five questions are asked. As the last question is answered, it is then up to you to decide who is the best at flirting based on the answers to the previously asked questions. It is entertaining and you will gain some insight into the opposite sex.

The game can also be played at Flirt Champ. While you’re playing the Ultimate Flirting Championship, be sure to check out the following clips for additional tips on how to become victorious while flirting, all while using your hair as your weapon of choice.

Ways to Flirt with Your Hair

1) “Flip your hair,” Lucy Liu told us back in Charlie’s Angels. Seal the deal by flipping your hair at just the right moment. It’s sexy, fun, and very flirty. (Charlie’s Angels: Lucy Liu)

2) Pigtails: Can’t explain it, but it works. (Britney Spears: Baby One More Time)

3) Find good wind. Letting your hair blow in the wind is just sexy. (Whitesnake: Here I Go Again)

4) Twisting your hair with your finger. It’s the Catholic schoolgirl syndrome. Guys love to think you’re naughty and innocent all at the same time. Twisting your hair makes you appear cute and vulnerable. (Charlie’s Angels: Drew Barrymore)

These are some fun tips on flirting but remember, the best tip is to simply be who you are. Do not put on airs and do not flirt recklessly. Flirting is natural and if done correctly, it can be fun.

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  • It’s been so long, I forgot how to do it. Thanks for reminding me of the old stand-by, twirling. It worked for me.