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Why your vote may not count, Nevada and Oregon edition

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Republicans have been tearing up and throwing away Democrats’ voter registration forms.

Let’s start with Las Vegas, where "what happens there" will likely land in court:

Group accused of trashing Democrats’ registration forms

The FBI and state officials are reviewing comments by Eric Russell, a former employee of Voter Outreach of America, who claims to have witnessed supervisors throwing away Democrats’ voter registration forms.

Destruction of the forms is a federal crime, according to Clark County attorneys.

Russell, who was paid $8.50 an hour to register voters, said he was fired last month after protesting his supervisors’ destruction of Democratic forms.

"I didn’t think it was right to register Republicans when there are others out there that should also be allowed the opportunity to register," Russell said Wednesday. A supervisor "right in front of me was tearing up the Democratic registration forms."

A Chandler, Ariz., political consulting firm, Sproul & Associates, was hired by the Republican National Committee to register Republicans in Nevada, according to the Associated Press. In Nevada, a hotly contested swing state in the presidential election, Voter Outreach carried out the registration effort. [Las Vegas Review-Journal 10/14/2004]

This is serious, as they had up to 300 canvassers a day collecting signatures. And on November 2nd, many, many Democrats who signed up are going to find that they’re not registered to vote.

Sproul & Associates is run by Nathan Sproul, a former director of the Arizona Republican Party. He denies any wrong-doing, blaming a disgruntled employee, but it’s the same Republican Sproul that’s under investigation in Oregon for the same crimes:

Oregon opens criminal probe into charges that Democratic voter forms were thrown out

Oregon’s attorney general opened a criminal investigation Wednesday into allegations that Democratic voter registration forms were destroyed or discarded by a political consulting firm working for the Republican National Committee.

The allegations involve a voter registration drive conducted by Sproul & Associates.

Sproul has become entangled in controversial allegations in at least three states [including West Virginia] where his company was conducting registration drives paid for by the RNC. [LA Times 10/14/2004 Subscription]

Honest Republicans are, of course, outraged by these rogue Republicans trying to steal the election.

And I’m sure they’ll express that outrage as emphatically as they did in November 2000, when 75 right-wing thugs violently invaded Miami-Dade Country offices and stopped the recount.

Don’t you agree?



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About Hal

  • Nice Hal, real nice that you are being so selective in your condemnation of voter fraud. With something that should not be debated along party lines you have chosen to make it a political issue vice a rights issue. Why am I not surprised!

    Besides, about 80% of the potential voter fraud reported so far has been linked to the Democrats. Read it and weep.

    And I will restate for the record, this is a rights issue not a political issue.

  • Shark

    After Bush’s terrible showing at the debates, the ReBubbalicans are afraid they might lose the election.

    NOTE: They will not lose this election, NO MATTER WHAT THEY HAVE TO DO.

    ~the ol’ “By any means necessary” trick…

    — which includes stealing votes and/or destroying registration applications of potential Democratic voters.


    Thanks to Bush and these closeted fucking Chrisoid Nazis, we’re living in the End Times for the Good Ol’ U S A.

    Whimper Fi!

  • Amen to Marc! Both parties commit major voter fraud.

    I have personally witness voter fraud in two locations- in Cleveland and in Indianapolis. In both places, it was committed by Democrats. Simple explanation is that in the precincts I visited, the Dems controlled the game, and shaved a few points off the GOP. I was an official Libertarian Party Poll Watcher in 2003, which gave me complete access to the polling places. I blogged my observations in last year’s elections.

    I am slow to throw rocks solely at the Democratic Party for this. I have little doubt that had I visited GOP-dominated precincts, I would have observed similar behavior. Hal, despite claims of independence, shows no such restraint.

    To Hal and Shark I suggest this: on election day, go to a precinct that historically goes 80% Democrat. See if you don’t have campaign help bringing campaign materials too close to the booth, ‘accidentally’ leaving brochures in the booth, coaching of voters at the booth, tearing up of straight ticket Republican votes, removal of GOP signs from polling sites, and more. I witnessed all of these things done by the Democratic Party.

    Or don’t. Keep the blinders on. It helps.

  • l clark

    the same company — sproul — has also been registering california voters, and there have been numerous accounts of them destroying Democratic registration forms. and we’re not even a battleground state! they are based in phoenix, are being investigated doing this crime in nevada and oregon, two battleground states. i wonder how many thousands of democrats will show up thinknig they are registered and find out too late that they aren’t?? This goes beyong partisan politics — this is a federal crime.