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Why We Don’t Need a Spider-Man Reboot, and Why I’ll Probably See the New One Anyway

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Spiders are creepy and gross. There’s no two ways about it. If a radioactive or genetically enhanced spider crawled onto my hand, I would probably squish it before it could bite me and imbue me with spider powers, which is funny because having the powers of Spider-Man would be awesome, despite my absolute disgust at the creatures.  Suffice it to say I don’t like spiders, but Spider-Man is my favorite superhero.  Is that weird?

I’ve never read the comics, but the recent Spider-Man trilogy has been pretty much the best source of superhero entertainment around, aside from The Dark Knight, of course.  All three movies were fun, (including the underrated Spider-Man 3) and the second is one of the best superhero movies of all time.  After seeing these movies, I was ready for more of the webhead.

Which is why I’m both suspicious and optimistic about the reboot, otherwise known as The Amazing Spider-Man.

Is it really necessary?  The obvious answer would be, “It’s Spider-Man, of course it’s necessary!”  But then I’d have to ask why they don’t just continue with the current storyline?  Why start over?  If you ask me that would be like rebooting Iron Man.  You get a great superhero movie, followed by a fun, if not quite as good sequel, and then what?  Somehow, even after Iron Man 2, I doubt that franchise will get rebooted any time soon, so why Spider-Man?

Granted, Iron Man was the starting point for the Avengers movie, so there’s more at stake, but really.  We don’t need to reboot Spider-Man.  We already have a great Spider-Man storyline.  In some cases I can understand a reboot.  After two horrible Batman films it was time for Batman BeginsSpider-Man, on the other hand, had one movie that, while not as good as its predecessors, was still a fun movie.  Even if you have a different opinion, it was still just one movie out of a three, so the franchise at least had a chance to redeem itself and end on a high note, a chance that is no longer possible thanks to the reboot.

That being said the new movie is about Spider-Man so there’s an appeal right there.  Movies like The Dark Knight have a philosophical touch with a realism that’s unprecedented in most superhero movies, and Iron Man is a fun story that’s more about the man behind the mask than a man in a mask, but Spider-Man has always been the most fun in my opinion.  He’s a superhero, but he’s also the underdog who can’t get his life together, which makes him more relatable than two millionares with fancy gadgets, and I mean a lot more relatable.

Toby Maguire played that underdog really well, and the rest of the team along with director Sam Raimi really brought his struggle to life, so I’m sad to see them go.  However, with them gone perhaps it’s best if we reboot.  Maybe a new director could pick up the story, but without the cast it wouldn’t really be the same characters would it?  Might as well make them completely new characters anyway, especially without the director who must have helped to create them.

The point is, though I’m a little peeved that Spider-Man is getting rebooted so soon, the character has always been something to look forward to for me, so I’m hoping the new movie isn’t any different.  Only time will tell though, so for now I’ll have to be mad and happy at the same time, which I’ll admit is kind of weird.  Still, maybe the movie will turn from a spider bite, (Angry at the reboot) to superpowers, (This is fantastic!) but we’ll have to wait and see.  Until then, I’m so conflicted!

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  • Matt Ritchey

    I raised my eyebrows at first about a reboot, but ultimately I like the idea. I was out of college when the first movie was finally made and I gotta say: as a longtime Spider-Man fan I was REALLY upset about Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire being involved. It didn’t work for me. Fortunately, they changed my mind by doing a great movie, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think it could have been better. (Except SPIDERMAN2 which was stunning.) I wanted at the time to see three or four directors do different takes on the origin story. Add that to the fact that the new Spider-Man script was originally planned to be Part 4 and 5 in the series anyway. More than anything, I’m excited to finally see The Lizard which I’ve been hoping for since the beginning. And I love everybody in the upcoming cast, plus no Mary Jane (who was woefully miscast in the first three movies). I’m currently liking everything about this movie more than I did the original.

  • Jason Richard

    When the first movie came out, I was still in high school myself. I didn’t really know much about directors or anything like that, I just thought spider-man looked like a cool superhero from what I’d seen. Funny how you can go from seeing a movie because it looks cool to debating whether or not it will be. Then again, if I had read the comics, like I’m guessing you have, I probably would have had my own expectations too. It’s cool that you’re excited for the new one, but as for me I’ll probably make up my mind once the trailer hits. For now…you know.

  • Peter Parker

    Reboot of Spider-Man films sucks……as the original franchise is fresh in our minds which is both critically and box-office success…..we all fans of Spider-Man liked it……but now maybe we’ll miss those original cast in the movie

  • Don’t really have much choice. Cast and director split and studio has to being working on a movie within a certain time period or rights revert back to Marvel. That’s why Daredevil and FF are getting reboots. Learn about the business of show business and you won’t be so disappointed by what happens.

  • ralph

    It was nice to finish tha raimi trilogy with spiderman fighting venom