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Why was David’s Penis so Small?

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Why is the willy on Michelangelo’s famous statue of David so… tiny?

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  • mvh

    ummmm… folks? Some context: classical art exalts an idealized version of the human. That human is defined primarily by [his] Reason. When you sculpt a body and want to express the higher order of existence (mind) over the baser (Body) you size things correspondingly.

  • whiterunners

    It depends if your a grower or a show-er
    A grower shrinks to almost any size and
    balloons when erect. Flaccid state varies.
    But a shower is as big flaccid as erect.
    Thus the art work is a grower-in flaccid state.

  • Erik R

    In other words:

    The culturally attentive detail of the small penis is a complement to the the artist Michelangelo, as a Renaissance artist, aspiring to the ideals of the ancients.

  • Erik R

    Jason is quite close to home with his comment. The size is indeed connected with the esthetic standards of the ancient culture of Greece. However, it is not simply because they found it more pleasing to the eye. It’s connected to the way they understood the body. They understood the body to consist of certain fluids (humors/latin); blood, phlegm, yellow and black bile. They understood health as a certain balance between these, and disease as a result of unbalance. Now the quality of any man, physiologically speaking, derived from his degree of vital heat. In fact, it was lack thereof that forced the female genitalia to go inwards into her body. In other words, the Greeks saw the female genitalia as inverted male genitalia. Now, for the same reason, i.e. the concern for the body’s vital heat, they thought that a penis that was hanging all the way outside the body was a poor construction. The sperm (blood that had passed via the mans intellect, and had obtained “spirit”) required heat too. If too much of the penis hung outside, then chances are he would keep his “junk” at a rather poor temperature.

    Davids penis, in other words, is not small. It is predominantly inside the body, rather than outside. As an additional point, adding to the idea of small penises as ‘well made’, the larger part of Davids penis is protected, while a “larger penis”, or a penis hanging mostly outside, is more likely to get injured or maimed.

    Had Michelangelo given David a big penis (by our standards), then that would be the same as saying he was a barbarian (who were considered sub-human, or “sub-greek”, and prone to having bodily flaws, such as poorly heated and badly protected genitalia).

    I appologize for my poor english, I am Norwegian.

    Ad Fontes!

  • Lizzy

    David’s penis is small because he is a child. If you know anything about bible stories you would know that David is only like 12 or so and so of course he doesn’t have a giant penis. His balls haven’t dropped. Also, in the time period that David was made the male penis was not an important part of the sculpture. They were not so obsessed with the male penis I’m sorry to tell you.

  • Sam

    It was common practice to make penises on male statues small in Renaissance art. It was to suggest modesty. Large phallic symbolized sexuality, which was not the intended purpose of the David statue.

  • goldenboy8995

    no the pope back in the day had them all removed

  • ME

    Maybe it’s cold.

  • JP

    Mine sits similar when flaccid, but when erect is well above normal. Thats why there’s the term, ‘growers and show-ers’…besides it’s more important that you know how to use it than anything.

  • Henner42

    That’s a paradoxon, David’s penis can’t be small.

  • jj

    OMG this is a riot! No one was willing to have this convo with me in Florence.

  • Peter S

    It is a perfectly normal penis, when relaxed, naked and perhaps a bit cool. Most penises are not big when relaxed. The people in here seem porno-wrecked and have little sense of what is normal.

  • Marcus Morris

    What’s that, Michele?

  • Michele

    God you’re all so dumb. It is true what they say about young Americans and English then.

  • Marcus Morris

    After looking at David’s penis for a while I got bored and started looking at the rest of the statue. Hey! It’s pretty good!

  • happy

    Its cause a normal sized one would have been considered rude at the time

  • Chris Smaller

    The real point is why is the King of the Jews represented as being uncircumsized?

    It just goes to show the lengths to which the Catholic Church wanted to distance themselves from their Jewish origins.

  • peej

    Davids penis is small because he is scared or threatened. If the statue is view from above there is fear in his expression. Like most men/animals the peen shrinks. Its a natural adaptation to preserve the gonads.

  • Jade

    Back in those days, people used them on amulets to ward off the evil eye, with no more thought for sexuality than we consider crossed fingers to be a Christian symbol. Small penises might also have showed the difference between mortal and immortal (like fertility Gods). If sexuality were the main focus, their penises might be quite large, eh? Jus’ sayin’…

  • Jamie

    People are so stupid lol. Most of you probably are not in the medical profession, if you were you would know that practically every man has the equivalent size penus when it is erect. Meaning there are growers and showers. If your going by percentages David’s penus would probably grow 200-400% larger. A man that is of larger size normally will grow very little…if at all when erect. This is an adequate representation of the male body for most men. I assume most of you have seen adult films, which is why you are downing the size of david’s penis and I’m here to tell you that most of the men you see are A) abnormally big, that is why they are in that profession, B) They take pills or have had surgery, C) They are normally david’s size, but they are quite large when they are erect. This penus is around 3~3.5 inches in length on a normal man and is just slightly under the length of the normal penus (5 in) when the penus is not erect. Also many visitors are correct small penuses were beautiful and large penuses were grotesque and humorous in those days. It’s time people stop thinking of becoming bigger and bigger, women don’t want this, large penuses hurt during intercourse, it is not better to be larger nor do most woman really care.

  • Aaron

    He’s supposed to be a boy.

  • Shelley

    It symbolized his innocence…

  • PoorOldEdgarDerby

    The statue of David was done in the ancient Greek tradition. In those times, smaller penises were seen as civilized and thus more desirable. Large ones were belonging to barbarians and savages.

  • lol

  • Even the tiniest acorn can grow into a mighty oak. Michelangelo used Italian models and was meticulous. So the “larger” question is, is David’s penis size typical of Italian males? And, if so, which one of us wants to tell the cast of Jersey SHore?

  • Megan

    Maybe Michelangelo liked small penises!! Since it is HIS statue. And NOBODY (including Michelangelo) would have been alive to actually see David’s penis, so nobody knows. And, btw, small penises are pretty gross!

  • Jason

    The penis is small because it follows classical standards. The Greeks found the glans to be obscene, so the foreskin is always covering it. And for whatever reason, they found smaller genitals to be more pleasing (to keep from distracting from the rest of the statue, maybe). So you get these small baby penises on grown men, and gigantic horse-phalluses (with foreskins unretracted, no less) on satyrs and other comic figures.

  • Frankenbeans

    Yeah, so the shaft sits on the sac. that is not normal for non-arctic temperature.

    Might this be a hold over from Greek pederasty?

  • art history major

    He’s a grower not a shower!

  • Aesthetics?

    Perhaps having a vestigial virgin-vandaliser was desirable in Renaissance Italy.

  • Why should you worry about a man’s ego? It’s their greatest weakness.

  • My comment was pretty insensitive. Okay, so most women probably don’t know much more about their own sexuality than most men do. The thing to do is go out and learn. There’s plenty to find out. 🙂

    (good luck)

  • Hi, Cindy,

    Just got the message. Respond.

  • Size shmize. Most men could use a lesson or two about what to do with it. The size of the statue is adequate. And if he knows what he’s doing, hypothetically, he’d be better than most. It’s not for sword fighting after all.

    P.S. Italian men (from Italy not the US, it’s not in the blood after all) seem to know better than most American men I’ve encountered. Maybe they were spurred on to be their very best by having that statue to contend with.

  • STM

    What worries me is that so many people are commenting on the knob size (or lack thereof) of a sculpture. I’m sure Italians would be rather miffed too if they thought David was representative of “average” knob size.

    Having said all that, all the conjecture over the years is that David was a) a boy, and b) Michelangelo didn’t want to offend anyone with a small knob by making David’s any bigger.

    The real issue, though, is why it’s such an issue. The real factor, as well know, is the so-called “stretch” factor”.

  • Tyler

    I know why is everybody saying this is average size? Maybe to yours, yeah but not 95% of the rest of men.

  • Scott

    It is not normal sized for any race. That is extremely small in proportion to his body. It would be the equivalent of an averaged sized person having a 1 inch penis. All of you people who say that is an average sized wee-wee… I’m guessing you say that because yours is the same size. I hate to break it to you, but that is not average by any means. Don’t feel bad, there’s always surgery! 😀

  • willow

    It is normal size- for Italians, not for Africans.

  • garry

    in that time large penis was conidered grotesque, and ugly.

  • Goliath was David’s cousin?? I didn’t know that.

    Anyway, apparently there was this big lump of marble lying around a quarry that someone had started sculpting a statue out of and then abandoned. Since it was a really nice lump of marble, they weren’t about to let it go to waste, so they put out tenders for an artist to make something out of it and Michelangelo got the commission.

    The head, shoulders, arms and upper torso are larger than they would be if David had been sculpted in true proportion. It’s thought that Mike intended for him to be displayed on top of a wall some way above eye level, so that to the viewer beneath he would appear to be proportionate. That also probably explains the teeny todger.

  • Goliath (a cousin of David) was supposed to be 17 feet tall. Who was this guy sculpting anyhow?!

  • The penis is normal-sized.

    Unfortunately, the statue is 17 feet tall…

  • kot

    imagine that you are a homosexual guy. your vision of perfect male body wouldn’t rather include big penis unless you are a masochist too.

  • Mephisto

    then ur penis is rather small

  • BOB


  • anish

    Probably Michaelangelo sculpted his own…