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Why UFOs are Often Seen in Russia, Britain, and the United States

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There has been a lot of news about UFO (unidentified flying objects) sightings in Russia, Britain, the United States and even in the Middle East in the last few weeks. People are filming flying "unidentified" objects as frequently as they film flying birds. A sighting reportedly occurred while a BBC anchor dispenses the news, while the heavens reportedly "opened and revealed a UFO" when Iran unleashed their missiles into space, some even suggesting that the "UFO" is simply a sophisticated US aircraft ready to neutralize enemy missiles.

Such news is occupying headlines throughout the globe, satisfying the curiosity of many while giving skeptics more jobs and more headaches.

These sightings occur almost without fail, even shortly after the British government added more funds to the Afghan war effort or when North Korea flexes its muscles or the Iranian government saber-rattles again, to the chagrin of U.S. president Barack Obama.

Curiously, these sightings occur near military installations, like in the case of Russia where people reported seeing UFOs dash from under the sea near naval stations. Others report UFOs hovering above British air fields or U.S. military installations, with some reporters even suggesting that both countries have been testing crafts that shoot faster than the speed of light or are capable of vertical flight almost instantaneously as a house fly does.

But, when all is said and done, and an honest-to-goodness probe is concluded, we find that all of these are part of mass hysteria often seen when the world is experiencing either a crisis of global proportions or when people speculate or express their fears on escalating wars. Months before World War I, people reported seeing heavenly signs or UFOs all over Europe. Same case when Hitler declared war against all Europe in World War II.

Reported sightings often occur in Russia, Britain and the U.S. — countries now involved in the global fight against terrorism. People of these modern societies always report seeing UFOs in their fields, their offices, even in their homes.

I am not, however, suggesting that aliens do not exist or UFOs are not real nor imagined. Microbes found on Mars or moon water are "alien". Same as those fossils found on meteorites, these are "extra terrestrial" by definition. However, living aliens or UFOs peopled with E.T.s have not been proven as yet, and there is not enough reason for people to believe or not to believe in them. When science completes its mission of explaining natural phenomena using the logic of the universe, then we will be able to explain why aliens look like bugs or why UFOs always look like buttons.

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  • James

    Dont ask question, just keep your head in the dirt. People who usually ask questions usually disappear from the planet or are never heard from again. Let the government handle this and dont let it interfer with your life. If you are scared and it is close to you shoot the dang thing down.

  • oscar

    I just finished making a report at mufon.com.  I’ve been surfing the net to see if anyone has seen what my mom, my sister and I saw at 10:45pm PST in San Pedro, California on Halloween.  We saw three unidentified objects in the sky that we initially thought were balloons.  But they meticulously moved left and right as they were going forward.  Then behind them about the distance of the three objects following each other was another one.  All four glowed orange and made a humming sound that pulsated.  We were in awe. I didn’t think I’d ever live to see such a thing. I’ve been doing surfing online and apparently, my hometown of San Pedro is a hotspot of UFOs.

  • birtha

    i think aliens are real.
    the government is trying to hide the truth

  • Alinen dude

    Might be little weird or deviating from topic : – What we see or are able to see is not what is happening (Link it wid The Matrix)

    And why these Aliens are curious to fly only ; why don’t they interact wid us ?

    Are they utilizing something that we have never thought in our best or worst dreamz ?

  • almost all UFOs can be explained away easily. The problem is the 5% that can not be, which, is usually due to classified information.

    anyways, there is no evidence that UFOs are piloted by little green men, nor is their evidence that they would care about our species at all.

    everything that is attributed to these UFOs has been done by humans. I dare you to challenge that

  • The conclusion that these things are of extraterrestrial origin however makes a rather broad leap. My guess is that many of the modern sightings are secret government aircraft made right here on earth.

    Nu – that’s modern sightings. What about the “chariots of fire?” What about Ezekiel 1? What about the “nefilím” and “‘anaqím” in Genesis? Why was the Tower of Babel destroyed?

    Also government projects? Whose government? The pharaoh?

    If these are not “extra-terrestrial” then they are “terrestrial”. Are they coming from secret bases in Atlantis? Maybe I could open up a Burger King franchise there and make some money for a change?

    Frankly, the explanations of people like Zecharia Sitchen make far more sense than the mishigáss of the Van Dänikens of 30 years ago or so. All these attempted explanations are hard to swallow, but Sitchen’s make more sense than little green men or super-secret government projects.

  • STM

    Cecilia: “If you do the math, it is actually more logical to think that yeah, there might be aliens from type 2 civilizations that sometimes checks in.”

    Possibly, but if they are checking in, are any of them stayin g for a little holiday??

    That’s what intrigues me.

  • UFOs have been reported, and continue to be reported in every country in the world. Your article conveniently skims over Mexico, as well as South American countries like Brazil which have been particular hotbeds of UFO activity over the years.

    By definition, a UFO is a flying object which can’t be readily identified by conventional means. Reports of things in the sky fitting this description have been witnessed by people for hundreds, if not thousands of years. In the early days of the American west, they were referred to as “airships,” and even some of the stories found in the bible about flaming chariots and such fit the description.

    The conclusion that these things are of extraterrestrial origin however makes a rather broad leap. My guess is that many of the modern sightings are secret government aircraft made right here on earth.

    But clearly something is flying around up there. And since I’ve seen a few myself over the years (my buddy has a secluded lake cabin where you can practically see the things at will on a clear enough night), you can color me a believer — in whatever the hell they are anyway.


  • I have seen one though, as well as my sister and two other friends on separate occasions. I don’t think any military power on earth has discovered a cloaking device, because these things disappear in midair.

    I personally think that although we want to think we know almost everything there is to know about the world. The fact is, there are certain mysterious things that persist through time. The UFO phenomenon is one them. If you do the math, it is actually more logical to think that yeah, there might be aliens from type 2 civilizations that sometimes checks in.

  • STM

    PS, these hats are also effective against chem-trails, but must be teamed with wrap-around sports sunglasses and a surgical mask to work properly.

  • STM

    Does anyone, like, think, there might be aliens among us already?

    You know, like the bloke next door type of thing?

    One of my neighbours speaks what I always thought was a type of Swahili after he’s had one too many, but could it actually be, say, a dialect from the planet Zorg?

    Just curious about this because I can’t see why they’d come here and not leave a couple of folks on ther ground to check the join out. I’ve also wondered whether the intake of earthlings’ recreational substances (beer mainly, but that funnu green stuff too) has a peculiar effect on aliens’ minds.

    And ideas guys? In the meantime, I recommend using one of Dave’s anti-mind-control tinfoil hats.

    They come in a variety of styles, and you just follow the instructions, but the bishops’ mitre one is the best.

  • All my life I’ve heard about flying saucers. Now I know some saucers can fly; those that have been thrown at me definitely flew (I was not always happily married)!

    Since I’ve learned to dodge the flying saucers, they don’t have much interest for me any more. What I’m really interested in are the flying coffee cups and the coffee served in them. Can I get a good quality cuppa joe, or do I have to setlle for the lousy powdered stuff? Also, who pays the dry cleaning bills if the coffee in the flying coffee cups spills on my good Sunday trousers?

    Finally, do the saucers run away with the spoons?

    Curious Jews wanna know….

  • Well folks, there’s not much more to say about all this, the report and all your comments and the object of the report. It’s all happening and it’s all true. All are right because ALL things ARE possible because we are really nobodies in someone else’s creation. The neat thing about it, is we can choose to remain nobodies and talk this or that OR we can ask whoever/whatever it is that brought about this reality (as it sure did not come from nothing and did not come from something less than what it is) if we can be a part of their world or not. Our choice and I’m not talking religion. Religions, to include athesism and new age spirituality are all potential stepping stones or entrenchments into ignorance. Sure wait for science to explain everything is like depending on the religious to explain everything. Now I’m going to be hated by everyone for saying this but as hard as it is to believe there is only one “highest” answer and if one in a million thirst enough, they will get that answer and will know it, but then will have to decide what to do with it as it will change their life but will have it’s great reward, not so much in this life but in the opportunity to come for those that are willing to break out of the human mold. Ask Ti and Do.

  • PurrlGurrl

    Ahem.. These are the three countries that have top secret military/intelligence aerospace hardware, which gets deployed in larger numbers when international “situtations” heat up. It’s not hysteria, it’s Top Gun.

  • Clavos

    In addition to the paucity of evidence, I am struggling to imagine how a group of aliens sufficiently scientifically advanced to create a craft capable of interstellar travel, presumably meaning a faster than light drive, and capable of avoiding detection by humanity would then be so casual as to fly low enough to be seen, to say nothing of why they would come all this way and then do nothing.


  • No, clearly you think some UFOs are alien spacecraft but there still isn’t any credible or substantial evidence to support that.

    I’m practically desperate to meet intelligent aliens but have never seen or heard of anything that made me think it imminent.

    In addition to the paucity of evidence, I am struggling to imagine how a group of aliens sufficiently scientifically advanced to create a craft capable of interstellar travel, presumably meaning a faster than light drive, and capable of avoiding detection by humanity would then be so casual as to fly low enough to be seen, to say nothing of why they would come all this way and then do nothing.

  • Robert Foster

    You put forth one unsupported notion, that most UFOs are seen in the USA, Russia and Britain and then spin a theory about the sightings being the result of mass hysteria based on the fear of terrorism. This ad hoc theory is just plain nonsense. You need to do your research before making yourself look so foolish. UFOs are sighted worldwide, most recently mass sightings occurred in China, and had nothing to do with world terrorism. And lest we forget there have been UFO sightings long before there was global terrorism.

    Robert Foster
    environmental scientist

  • Stanton Friedman

    Try reading the 5 large scale scientific studies I discuss in Chapter 1 of my 2008 book “Flying saucers and Science”. Clearly SOME UFOS are indeed flying saucers.
    Stanton Friedman nuclear physicist

  • Doug Hunter

    Chris #18 has a reasonable point. Also, the article mentions these are often seen near military bases. Since the stealth technology unveiled in the 90’s was developed and built in the 60/70’s I think it is likely that there are also secret experimental aircraft that might perceived as UFO’s bult in the ensuing 35 to 40 years.

  • Whilst it is easy to accept that there are unidentified flying objects, I don’t see how that translates to what everybody is really interested in, the possibility that some of them might be spacecraft from other star systems.

  • STM

    Silly buggers. Can’t fill out the form, that’s why.

  • Jordan Richardson

    UFOs must not know how to cross the U.S.-Canadian border. I think they’re having difficulties with the passport regulations.

  • STM

    I have seen UFOs in Australia.

    Generally about 3am on the way home from the pub (that’s me heading home, not the UFOs … although I reckon I’ve seen a few aliens in the public bar, so who knows???).

    They must’ve been from another planet.

    They were drinking Foster’s.

  • Bill

    Dr Dreadful – I don’t understand where you are going with your comments. I did not say I didn’t believe in UFOs! You should learn to read a comment before attacking it! Get a grip man!

  • Bill –

    I repeat myself for the third time: there ARE such things as UFOs. They are objects you see in the sky which you cannot identify. I have seen a number of them myself.

    Where we appear to differ is in our interpretations of what these objects are. If I see, in the night sky (as I have done), a large, moving triangular-shaped pattern of lights which does not appear to conform to the nav light pattern of any aircraft I know – not to mention being far bigger – I am, with 100% accuracy, going to classify it as an unidentified flying object.

    The moment I claim that what I saw was an alien spacecraft piloted by beings from another world, it stops being a UFO. I have, wrongly or rightly, identified it – and it is then up to me to supply evidence to support that identification.

    To my knowledge, no-one has successfully done this for the (what must now be) hundreds of thousands of sightings since World War II.

    In plain and simple language, then: Yes, there are UFOs. Duh. So what?

    And Bill? Some people who see unexplainable objects are hallucinating.

  • Bill

    Dr Dreadful – Who do you think you are? You sound like some pompous old retired english professor who takes everything literally by the book. For a start there are officials who are in denial and tell people they must be hallucinating when they see unexplainable objects. And I did not suggest I believed nothing exists and everything is imagined – that was a reflection on what some people say! Not my invention dear sir. I was having a go at these buffoons who can’t accept what they cannot see. And I don’t watch Sci fi channel – in fact I rarely watch trashy television full stop. SO I’m not one of these morons who see things on the telly and believe it. Sorry to deflate your analogy of me – but you got it wrong Mr. Now I could rave on and pic you to threads with your statements but would be the point? Recycling comments over and over for the sake of getting name in print? no than you.

  • I’m glad you liked them, the cigar shaped one orbited around it for a while and definately wasn’t attached.

  • Jet, I’ve respected your wishes and deleted your e-mails and the photos, although I think there was probably no need. I suspect most if not all of them are in the public domain: I’m pretty sure I’ve seen at least one of those photos before (the head-on shot of the plane with the UFO tailing it).

    As to what I think: certainly very interesting, and as good as some of the clearest UFO photos out there. What are they? Don’t know… although that last one (the cigar-shaped object) kind of looks as if it’s attached to the roof of the aircraft – radar equipment maybe?

  • Doc, what’d you think of those photos I sent?

  • Bill, your reasoning skills need some WD-40.

    First of all, who are these ‘officials’ and when did they tell ‘us’ that? Or did you just catch a screening of Men in Black on the Sci-Fi Channel?

    Secondly, it does not follow that nothing else exists if you are told a particular thing doesn’t exist. After a few too many lagers and chicken biryanis of a Saturday night, you might be convinced you saw a seven-foot poppadom bouncing towards you as you waited for your cab ride home. You’ll take it as read, I hope, that there aren’t really mutant specimens of Indian cuisine roaming the streets. So since giant bouncing poppadoms don’t exist, does that mean you and I don’t exist? Of course not.

    Lastly, as I said earlier, of course there are UFOs – nobody’s disputing that. As to what they are… well, perhaps physicist and PBS TV personality Neil DeGrasse Tyson can help straighten out your thinking.

    As he points out: the key word here starts with a U

  • Bill

    What the officials are telling us is we are all having a mass halucination; seeing things that aren’t really there… So in that case we don’t exist! We are all just a figment of an imagination. A load od capitol BS! There is more credible proof that UFOs exist than God!

  • My Father was in the air force and I inherited his computer, I have some military images of UFOs following air transport planes that’d blow your mind!

  • Ian

    I live in the UK I’m always looking for UFO I even challanged them to abduct me ha seen nothing I thing there scared

  • Of course UFOs exist.

    Anything you see in the sky that you can’t identify is a UFO. I’ve seen numerous such objects myself.

    But it’s an unrealistic leap from that to conclude that these objects are vehicles built and/or piloted by extraterrestrials.

  • Hundreds people saw AFOs(Aliens Flying Object) in the night sky under my guidance in New York and New Jersey, including 5 PA MUFON UFO field investigators, chief investigator Butch Witkowski, Jonh Ventre (director of PA MUFON), well-known Ufologists, etc – at UFO conference (Montgomery county community College on 10/09/2009), be one of them.

  • UFOsAREReal

    Undeniable Proof of UFOs… do your research buddy. There’s TONS of evidence out there if you sift through the mix.

  • What side of the fence are you sitting on? Seems to me that you’re trying to straddle both sides. Can’t do that my friend – take a position! If you need to take a position based on “proof” to date, simply YouTube them. Granted, even if 95% are bogus, what about the other 5%? They are out there!