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Why the Celtics Will Beat the Single Season Win Record

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The 2009-2010 season is barely crawling and the buzz is about the power houses that are ruling the east — Cleveland, Orlando and Boston. Out of the three teams, there is one in particular that I think will beat the all time single season win record that's held by Michael Jordan's 1995-96 Bulls (72-10). 

That team? The Boston Celtics. 

Despite being an absolute homer — born and raised in Boston — here are five reasons why I think the Celtics will beat the record:

1. Team Depth: Not since the Bird days have I seen a Celtics team so deep that even the third unit is capable of putting up a combined 20-30 points. The bench is ridiculously deep and as anyone that follows the NBA will tell you, if your bench outscores the other bench, you typically will win.

2. Lack of Legit Contenders: Orlando and the Cavs are the two toughest teams the Celtics will face in the East. Yes, the West offers some challenges with Kobe's Lakers and Tim Duncan's Spurs, but the Celtics will face their Eastern Conference counterparts a tad bit more than the Western teams. Now, I'm not saying that the Celtics will walk all over every team they play, but from a personnel standpoint — man to man — the Celtics have players that can compete at every position at a very high level.

3. Sheed Being Sheed: The fact that you can have an All-Star and proven champion like Rasheed Wallace coming off the bench with the potential to drop in 20 or so points, you're doing ok. As Sheed gets stronger and finds his place in the Celtics system, it's going to very difficult for teams to double anyone on the floor for the C's. Who do you double? Sheed? KG? Allen? Daniels? This team with the addition of Sheed creates defensive nightmares for coaches.

4. An Apple A Day: A healthy, motivated, angry KG. That's all I have to say.

5. Veterans A Plenty: This team is built for the playoffs. There is a high basketball IQ from top to bottom (with the exception of a couple of players). The team is playing in the early stages of the season like they are in mid-swing. There is a lot of talk about the chemistry on this team, which was an important factor pointed out during the 2007-08 run.

Overall, this team is motivated not only to host another parade in the streets of Boston, but set records galore, especially that MJ-Bulls record.

Yes, I know, I'm an absolute homer. I'd probably say that the Celtics were going to take it all even without the big four (Sheed added to that mix). However, if you're an NBA fan, you have to admit that you really don't want to see the Green Team lined up on the other side of the floor. They are just too deep, to experienced and too hungry.

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