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Why Sarah Palin Will Never be President

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“But I will tell you … I am not going to sit down. I am not going to shut up.” These words might well serve as Sarah Palin’s political epitaph. While few might care if she sits down, there are many, including members of the Republican Party, Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee for instance, who think she should shut up.  Shutting up unfortunately isn’t a Palin strong point. Having been infected with the Tea Party’s interpretation of freedom of speech: the right to blurt out whatever hateful nonsense happens to flit through one’s mind, she has proven herself incapable of keeping her tongue under the control of her brain.

Tea Party followers can afford to indulge in rash, or even irrational speech. This organization isn’t actually a political party, and its members don’t have to worry about getting elected, but if Sarah Palin is not ruling out a run for the presidency in 2012, she needs to give more thought to what she says in public.

The Tucson shootings provided both Barack Obama and Sarah Palin equal opportunity to prove that they are worthy of the Oval Office, and highlighted why Mr. Obama is, and Ms. Palin isn’t. The president seized the moment, and came up with a speech that pushed all the right buttons to boost his image. Sarah chose to focus on her favorite topic, Sarah Palin, selfishly portraying herself as the true victim in this affair, and once again belligerently lashing out at those who would try to prevent her from exercising her God-given right to recklessly shoot off her mouth whenever the urge strikes.

Her latest attack of verbal diarrhea came at the expense of breast-feeding mothers. With her usual lack of ability to focus on the real issue, she declared that the only reason for Michelle Obama to be urging mothers to breast feed, is the high price of milk. This mother of a large brood, conveniently overlooked the fact that, nursing children are not generally given cow’s milk to replace breast milk, but instead drink baby formula.

These types of statements are even bringing condemnation from within her own party. Mike Huckabee joined Republicans saying Palin should have controlled her urge to lash out at all things Obama. This wasn’t the first time she drew fire form a Republican party notable. On the occasion of her infamous “blood-libel” speech, Newt Gingrich suggested she be “…more careful and think through what she’s saying and how she’s saying it.”

This would-be contender in 2012 should have learned something from her run for the office of vice president in 2008. Her lack of ability to take direction from people with more experience than herself saw John McCain’s campaign disintegrate and her own political ambitions left temporarily in tatters.

Sarah Palin undoubtedly employs professional speech writers, but seems unwilling to let others put words in her mouth; and as she proved in 2008, believes that she knows better than anyone what to say and when to say it. If this were true all would be well, but instead she displays an uncanny knack for always saying whatever might prove most damaging to her political future.

As she says herself, Ms. Palin will not sit down and shut up, nor will she ever be president of the United States.

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  • ImperialRogue

    The shootings in Tucson have stuck to her like glue. So it is rather unfortunate that when she attempted to defuse the situation, people became so fixated on the terminology that they ran around completely rabid.

    Charles Krauthammer is/was right when he said that Palin does not represent conservatism, it just proves that the Left are obsessed with her. I have no qualms about her defending herself, if people were accusing me of being directly responsible for a massacre I’d be contacting my lawyers to demand people either substantiate these claims or quit making libelous statements.

    Which reminds me of a blog I came across and I can’t decide if the author is trying to make light of the situation, or he is more sympathetic to the opposite of Palins politics and is trying to score political points. Anyway, you can all make your mind up for yourselves. Did Sarah Palin Shoot JR?

    The name of the blog kinda sets the tone I guess.

  • Clavos

    Gross federal debt at the end of the Clinton: presidency: $5.7 trillion.

    At the end of the Bush fiasco: $10.4 trillion.

    Two years into emperor Obama’s term: $13.954 trillion.

    Obama’s winning! Go, Bam, Go!

  • Clavos

    That damn Bush! He ruined everything!

    But for him, Obama would be remembered as the greatest statesman in the history of mankind…

  • Boeke

    Our country is not being destroyed, it WAS destroyed by GW Bushes crazy policies that got us into two unending wars , and sent $7trillion debt straight to the bottom line, thus reversing the surpluses and thriving economy of 2000 and turning it into the job-killing 2008 economy.

  • Steve D.

    Our country is being destroyed by Obama and liberal policies. If the author of this article was as smart as he thinks he is he would be writing about how there is no way the American majority is going to re-elect Obama, despite the idiotic anti-Palin commenters on here. Four more years of Obama, or Sarah Palin? No contest. Obamas speeches won,t work this time. Didn,t last Nov.s elections learn you people anything?!

  • Baronius

    Richard E – I’m glad to see a new person commenting on the boards, and I think we agree on a lot of things. But Palin’s experience is going to be an issue for a lot of people (conservatives included).

    Both parties have been without a “bench” for a while now. Neither Clinton nor Bush Jr. built up a strong second tier. There are a lot of new Republican officeholders who may become leaders, but they don’t seem to have a lot of people ready to ascend next year.

  • anne

    I just wish Sarah Palin shoot herself in the head! done! never hated anyone in my life before but this pig really-really is embarrassing the country.

  • CR – we need a like button here @ BC.

    All that you just mentioned PLUS border issues. I read somewhere a while back that CA made millions on cannibis in the last couple of years in taxes. And that’s just things like property taxes and paraphenalia sales. Just imagine if they regulated and taxed it like alcohol!

    But hey, as far as Chicago goes, Rahm is gonna take care of all of that!

  • The scale of the problems caused by the drug wars may not be readily apparent to any of us.

    As just one indicator of the scale of the problem and the numbers of people and money involved, consider this info from a documentary report I watched last night.

    In Chicago alone there are at least 50,000 heroin addicts (not users, actual addicts who aren’t taking heroin to get high but to stave off withdrawals) who are spending $50 to $100 a day to support their habits. This money is rarely being earned from employment or legitimate businesses but usually through petty crime and begging.

    That alone equates to between $912.5 million and $1.825 billion a year, money which goes to support the biggest internal threat to America, the gangs, plus illegal weapons, prostitution and other organised crime.

    These users are mostly poor, working class people or formerly respectable middle class people who have been sucked in.

    Add in the rapidly growing numbers of still respectable suburban users plus all the money being spent on other drugs and the scale of the problem takes on pretty horrendous proportions.

    Given that is just one city and that gangs are now spread pretty much right through the USA and the scale of the human tragedy and the finances involved on a national basis take on truly daunting proportions.

    It really is quite disgusting that such a situation appears to be of little concern to those seeking political power in America.

  • Hi CR – I agree with all of those! If they legalized pot and taxed it, we wouldn’t have money problems! All the money saved on the “war on drugs” and the tax revenue would be incredible!

    I’m not a tea party type either, but it’s been my experience that most of them are independants that don’t like either side or the way they’re running things.

  • Hi Andy, I don’t know that much about them but I would have thought the Tea Party wasn’t actually a political party because, if they only stand for limited government and lower taxes, that is just a policy and not a program of government.

    What exactly do they want to reduce spending on?

    Personally, as I have said before, massively reducing the scale of all the many security forces in the USA, scaling back the military, taxing churches and stopping the war on drugs would be four good moves.

  • I can’t seem to get past the first paragraph and I’d like to get something straight…

    The Tea Party stands for blurting out any hateful thing that comes to mind? Funny, I thought they stood for limited govt and lower taxes. WTF was I thinking?

    I’m not a Palin fan and I agree with the title of this…whatever it is…but I really wonder how some people have the time to write “stuff” like this while they’re busy fawning over the president and his fat-assed wife.

    Where do you get your opinions from now that Olbermann is off the air? Maddow? O’Donnell?

    Speaking of diarrhea!!!

  • Viper 1,

    Perhaps you did not read the results of the two polls listed a few comments above. After you have done this, I am confident that you will have indeed found “the vaguest statistical or polling proof which unambiguously eliminates Palin mathematically at this point in time from being elected president”.

    If not, then, that is fine as well. It would be a development in keeping with the trend as of late on both the far-right and far-left in which reality is cast aside for the make believe.

  • Viper1

    Perhaps Mr. Stevenson and the rest of the “Palin-never-will” crowd can cite even the vaguest statistical or polling proof which unambiguously eliminates Palin mathematically at this point in time
    from being elected president.

    My guess is they can’t because there is none.

    Realistically, Palin should have spun in a year ago and should be down to Obama by the 30 points Marco Rubio was down to Charlie Crist last year, rather than the 11-point edge he allegedly holds now as his approval rating has plummeted to its lowest point since December (44%).

    He is again a mere five points away from that almost inescapable political abyss of a “sub-40” job performance rating.

    Re: Diana Prince: How about something a bit more empirical
    than the “grifter is toast”–or is that the best you have: a belly-full of contempt for the woman and betting the rent on currently totally meaningless polls (if you know anything about the woeful inaccuracy of these shell games 21 months before an election.

  • junoone

    Wow – this is a fantastic article, Mr Stevenson. You nailed it. I NEVER voted for her and on behalf of Alaska, I’d like to apologize to the lower 48 for Sarah Palin – there simply is no excuse for her. And yes – we thought John McCain was crazy to select her for his running mate. BTW – we don’t want her back!

  • sodakhic

    If she’s as dumb as rocks where does that put you, Corrine. She just helped the GOP trounce the loony libs in the House,retake a bunch of governships, and led a bunch of state legislatures in the GOP direction. Not bad for a nitwit.

  • Dianna Prince

    @Richard E. Sorry. I hate to break this to you, but the grifter is toast. And all your ba-ba-ba-baing-Beck won’t change that. Tho. I can understand your sharing Tracy Morgan’s “views.

  • JLL

    Geez..what where those Alaskans thinking giving her a job approval rating of 90% 18 months into her term…man they must all be nitwits to do that…I mean the really smart people know Obama and his 45%ish approval rating while destroying the nation is really where it’s at. Just keep listening to the George Soros and liberal media and mail in your next presidential absentee ballot courtesy of those idiots since you probably stopped thinking for yourselves some years ago.

  • El Bicho

    Richard, John Doe isn’t running.

    As of Friday the 18th, the “latest Public Policy Polling Institute poll shows Mr. Obama leading Ms. Palin by 12 percentage points, 52 percent to 40 percent”, margin of error is +/-4.0 percent.

    A couple of weeks back, “42 percent of respondents said they’d vote for Obama, while 37 percent said they’d pick the former Alaska governor, the Tennessean reported”. Couldn’t find a margin of error.

    In a Newsweek/Daily Beast poll of likely voters, “Obama would clobber Sarah Palin by a hefty 11 points, but with [Donald] Trump in the race Palin would be crushed by a 23-point margin.”

    Do you have a poll supporting Sarah who has much higher negatives than an unnamed candidate? We’ll wait while you look around

  • Richard E

    One more comment on this subject. For anyone to say that Sarah Palin is not qualified for the Presidency is absolute lunacy. Liberals hate her precisely because she is qualified, and isn’t afraid of speaking honestly and straight-forward. Otherwise, why waste their precious time with all the hatred and vitriol over someone who doesn’t have a chance at winning. Sarah Palin is just another person who may or may not run for the office of Presidency among a crowded field of at least a dozen Republicans. But, liberals are most afraid of Sarah. She is a woman who refuses to bow down to your prejudices and bigotry. Liberals can’t beat her into submission, so they try to create the illusion that she is the equivalent of Joe Biden, the only person on the planet who, when compared to Dan Quayle, can make Dan Quayle look and sound like a world-class genius. Keep it up liberals and you just might deliver Sarah Palin the keys to the White House, because at this point in time polls show that any John Doe can beat Obama in 2012.

  • Richard E

    Never say Never. If voters will elect a local community organizer who served less than one full term in the Senate, then Sarah Palin is a viable candidate. The one thing we can count on is that whoever wins will be a “new” President, if Obama can’t get his numbers above 50%.

  • Morris

    All I have to say is I feel sorry for those Alaskans that had deal with this nut while she was governor. She truly ran Alaska into the ground. She is just pretty face with the legs.

  • CorrineK

    I wouldn’t vote for her for dog catcher. She’s as dumb as a pile of rocks.

  • El Bicho

    “But she is doing the job that was bestowed upon her.”

    Except governor of Alaska

  • Saying that Sarah Palin will never be president is akin to stating that oil and water shall never mix. It is not only a forgone conclusion, but a fact enshrined in nothing less that pure granite.

    Nonetheless, as much as I disagree with the direction it has taken as of late, I cannot say that the TEA Party Movement is in any way, shape, or form in the bag, so to speak, for Palin. The core base of her support can be squarely attributed to extreme fundamentalist Christian theocrats, social authoritarians, anti-intellectuals, and crazed Huey Long-style populists. These groups may choose to identify themselves as Republicans or TEA Partiers from time to time, but in truth are neither. They are actually the loons of which William F. Buckley warned so many years ago, while he was restructuring the American Right in order to shore up mainstream support for it. Needless to say, this element represents the same, or perhaps even greater, threat to the American political landscape today as it did back then. Therefore, it should not be given any serious credibility in the Right’s vast marketplace of ideas.

  • Susan

    I hope to God you’re right — there are too many Teabagging morons in this country who still think this idiotic half-wit is qualified to be President, and it frightens me that in some circles, she’s considered ideal for the job. There are any number of highly-qualified, intelligent Republican women who could run for President, and though I absolutely do not agree with their politics, I would be a lot less scared. She’s not going to sit down and shut up — but the real problem lies with those who are listening and drinking that kool-aid…

  • Sally

    Sarah Palin has gone from being the attack dog for McCain to being a farce. She lies, whines, and never, ever admits that she was wrong. We do not need a narcissist in the White House, particularly one dumb enough to give her infants cow’s milk (you know darn well she never breast fed any of those kids…she was too busy milking her contacts for positions out of the house.)

  • Alaska Girl

    My comment above “Well said!” was pertaining to the article, not to the above comment.

  • Alaska Girl

    Well said! I am an Alaskan resident and now the lower 48 knows what painful torture we have been put through by having this baboon in our state politics. Sarah Palin is a farce beyond farces. She was only elected our governor because we voted for anyone who wasn’t the incumbent at the time, Frank Murkowski. Wow, did that ever back fire on us. Mickey Mouse could have won. Mickey would have been much more loyal to us Alaskans than the selfish quitter. She chewed up the people that voted for her in this state and spat them out as fast as you can say “Rupert$$$Murdoch”.

  • Pat

    She may not ever be President. But she is doing the job that was bestowed upon her. Campaign against Obama for the next four years. Too bad she took challenge.