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Why Obama Can Still Win. For Now

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About pessimist

  • El Bicho

    I hadn’t realized brooklynbadboy had weighed in. Better alert Obama and his team. They might consider stepping down.

  • Tommy Mack

    The last thing that Bush or Christie wants to do is to run against Obama and lose. It is better to run against Obama’s Democratic successor. Besides, the out-of-power party needs to purge itself of its right wing bile and of its conservative posers. Come up with a plan for the country to succeed and 2016 voters will flock. Running against the incumbent is not smart. Let the dummies do it.


  • Igor

    #2-Tommy is right.

  • Igor

    Good article, Realist. Lays out the contenders pretty well. My overall take on the republicans is that all the candidates were so anxious to rush to the far right gunnel of Good Ship GOP that the big boat will capsize, dumping everyone in the cold water and then sitting there rather forlornly like the “Costa Concordia”.

  • Deano

    At the end of the day Obama is a fairly centrist “big-tent” style politician. As much as he may piss off the mmore ideological hard-left Dems for not implementing the radical change they demand, and for his compromising approach, at the end of the day, they don’t really have anywhere else to go. The majority will support him.

    So long at the GOP continues to pander to the far right nutbars of their party, and to marginalize the mainstream, the Republicans are going to lose. The basic insanity of the far right of the party just doesn’t appeal to moderate Republicans, many of whom don’t want to live in a Santorum-ruled theocracy. Obama, for all his faults, is a more palatable, less divisive and frankly more practical conservative choice.

    If Romney wins the nomination, my prediction is he will veer hard left, aiming for the mainstream political “big tent” and distancing himself from the hard right, otherwise he hasn’t a hope in the next election.

  • Javonta Howard

    I think that Obama is the one for this country. This country needs Obama to break this cycle and move this country forward. Obama has been doing his best to keep this country going and back on track. The Democratic didn’t mess this country up the republicans did and it’s going to take the democratic eight years or so to get this country back on track. Obama has my vote

  • Javonta Howard

    I wish that everyone one in this country will stop fighting against each other and start working together like president Obama says. Thats why we need Obama back in the chair so we can make all these good thing possible. I’m a high school student and I know all this. Normally you dont find much high school students talking like this, but I see something good in Obama feels as if i know him so lets vote Obama
    Obama 2012 got my vote