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Why is Alexa on the backburner compared to Google.

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In the last few years users have found out how to skew Google search results to their liking making it lose its overall integrity. Alexa is more refined with the necessary human touch that makes it a more reliable and effective search engine. I have found the Alexa search engine to be a much better search engine than Google. It is in-depth, easy to use, and it provides better search results. The user is enabled to search by subject, view the top 500 sites, and get the heads up on the sites that are moving and shaking. Alexa is definitely going to make a big impact on Google and other search engines once it gains the attention it deserves. As for Google they need to shift their focus from worldwide domination back to what they used to do best!


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  • It appears as if Alexa is powered by the Google search engine, and it seems to turn up pretty much the same results, as far as I can tell. The only thing Alexa seems to have over Google is more shit clogging up the search page. Oh, and less results per page, too.

  • Correction: the results per page are the same, that was my bad. The site picture/preview thing threw me off for a minute. Still, the ratio of results to ads per page is certainly worse than Google.

  • This is straight from their site. They use the toolbar to rank.
    About Alexa

    Founded in April 1996, Alexa Internet grew out of a vision of Web navigation that is intelligent and constantly improving with the participation of its users. Alexa Related Links and Traffic Rankings are the embodiment of this vision, growing and getting better as more people join the Alexa community of smart Web surfers.

    Making a better Internet
    Alexa could not exist without the participation of the Alexa Toolbar community. Each member of the community, in addition to getting a useful tool, is giving back. Simply by using the toolbar each member contributes valuable information about the web, how it is used, what is important and what is not. This information is returned to the community as Related Links, Traffic Rankings and more.

  • Im looking at the overall value of the extra traffic and site info that Alexa provides.

    And It was evident to me that Alex is powered by google

  • Maybe I should have not referred to Alexa as a search engine but more of a resource built around an existing search engine. My error.

  • If you’ve read any of my other work then you may realize I have a record number of botched articles but not on purpose. Maybe I should work at FOX. LOL!

  • J.A.

    Just kidding LOL!

  • J.A.

    Not botched but just error ridden.