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Why I Regret Writing “Kanye West’s Racism”

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When I wrote the post “Kanye West’s racism”, my intention was to point out that malicious race baiting and name calling by some is counter productive. I am not excusing Kayne West or other race baiters like him; may they be Black, White, or Latino. My goal was to make the point that doing so is counter productive, and that we need to work together.

Instead the majority of comments left by posters are “N this” and “Cracker that”. My intention was not to create a forum for bigots. Let me just say this:

“America, from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry for unwittingly throwing this fuel on the fire of intolerance.”

America is known throughout the world as an ethnic melting pot. This is something we should take pride in, not be embarrassed or angered about. Despite our history of segregation and racial and religious intolerance, we are the most diverse country on the planet. I don’t think it is any accident that we are also the most successful country on the planet either.

People like Kanye West and David Duke want to divide our great country into ethnic groups with special rights and privileges. If we are to move forward as a nation, towards a greater good, we need to leave these fools in the dust bins of history.

There is, unfortunately, a select group of other bloggers here at blogcritics.org who will continue to promote racial intolerance and hatred. This is however another thing that makes America great, the freedom to be a “jackass” if you want to be.

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  • illmode

    By the way, America isn’t viewed as the ‘melting pot of ethnicity’.. In fact its perceived as quite the opposite. And if you think that having a Black president instantly reinforces your remarks your quite wrong. As good a candidate as Obama is, regardless of his colour, anyone is a breath of fresh air compared to that illiterate imbecile who the public voted in previously. I’m just glad that Americans now realise how important voting is.

  • illmode

    Firslty, the lack of help given to the people affected by Hurricane katrina was not a race issue, it WAS a class issue, and it happens all over the world, YES even in America. White people live in New Orleans too, as do Latinos, Asians…probably even Albinos.
    Secondly, dont believe everything you read in the media, some of the ‘looting’ occurred because people had their food and water supplies cut off. If you had a family to feed and there was a boat in the way of your local ATM, i’m sure anyone of you would break into a supermarket or drug store. Thats not to forget that some people weren’t looting for food though.
    Everyone all over the world know’s Bush wasnt the best president the US has seen, but thankfully his reign is over now. Bush’s shortfalls of duty were happening well before hurricane katrina landed and long afterwards.

    Anyway back to Kanye West, I dont know the man and i’m sure that no-one on here knows him either, but seeing his behaviour at certain award ceremonies and on national TV leaves alot to be desired.

    “You can be my black Kate Moss tonight”… Now tell me, what is wrong with Kate Moss they way she is?
    Thats like saying Halle Berry would be attractive…if she was white.

    I am from the UK and I have visited the US a number of times and in many different locations. There will always be classism, sexism and racism, what makes a nation great is how they deal with it.

  • Rings.

    Wow, You Just Made Yourself Sound A Million Times Worse By Declaring America As ‘The Most Successful Country In The World’, How Big Headed Are You? Who Cares If America Is The Most Successful Country In The World? Don’t Try And Push Yourself Up The Heirachy, When There Shouldn’t Be One In The First Place.

  • fuck kanye

    kanye is a straight up bitch all his shitt sucks [Edited]

  • Jarvis

    First off I support Kanye for speaking his mind.. I may or may not agree with him completely but anyone saying that the Federal Aministration couldnt be prepared for the disaster just wasnt paying attention.

    All over the news was the worst case scenario for a full week before the storm. Even Bush himself stated this could be the worst natural disaster in decades. He stayed at his ranch for 3 days after the storm before he up and did something useful. Also I tend to believe it was more of a class issue like many people, but regardless of it being class or race its a complete discrimination of a whole mass of fellow American People that I am still very upset about.

    You cannot tell me that if this was Manhattan in a similar state it would take that long to get a response and aide to people. I think Kanye probably had more to say and could have conveyed his message more clear but anyone could tell he was nervous and emotional when he tried to speak his mind on national television. I would probably have been just as shakey if not more. This is just my opinion on the matter.

    On a side note not regarding Kanye at all… I think more people should hear this broadcast about the day after Katrina from This American Life. It’s insightful…

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  • Luke

    Kanye West Is da Shit Hes Got Some Of Da Best Music hes better than 50 cent hes definetely better than biggie hes just not old school enough to beat 2 Pac(Rest In Piece Homie) But Hes STill Fucking Good to even b compared to 2 pac make u ood so respect 2 my man KANYE WEST

  • Zahir

    This country is in denial! You hate to see someone stand up and tell the truth! You’d much rather have a president and his cronies stand up and lie to your face and cause the deaths of thousands of soldiers overseas and hundreds of hurricane victims here at home! Just the fact that everytime a Black Man calls out racism, lots of white people and some sell outs get offended, is in itself racist! It shows that you only know the truth when it is in your favor! When the truth is something you dislike, you villify the messenger instead accepting it for what it is…THE TRUTH!

  • Jason

    In my own opinion, Kanye West is completely out of place when he made that unfounded remark. He should apologize to every single human that put their effort into that tradegy.Kanye West was well off when his jaw was wired shut…Interesting how he followed his ridiculous statement with the fact that he knew everyone was doing something positive after the storm. Strangers taking in follow americans and offering them housing, etc. They had gotten the warning to leave and i sure as hell would’ve been GONE ASAP, but i do think the evac should’ve been driven by the gov’mt, no options but to live.

  • Was that there in the original and I missed it? Equating Kanye West and David Duke?

    That’s sick. The mea culpa, mea failed.

  • RogerMDillion

    Learn to use punctuation, Bitch!

  • Honkey

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Learn to spell Bitch

  • RogerMDillion

    “my intention was to point out that malicious race baiting and name calling by some is counter productive.”

    Since you wrote “some” and not “all”, does that mean you find malicious race baiting and name calling by the rigt people to be productive?

    When was the last time David Duke was revelant?

  • Nigga Bitch

    Kenye West is a great African American.
    He’s on of my niggas. Don’t dis him because he speaks the truth, you is going to hel for whet you say abaut the flood people. Why don’t you care? most of the people are black just to let you know. Mutherfucka

  • Libby

    Kenye West. I never heard of this ass until that stupid stunt he pulled. As far as I care he should be burned on a cross. Put it on pay-per-view. Since when did being poor mean you’re stupid as well. They had more than enough warning to get out. I guess being poor means your legs don’t work either. Why didn’t they walk out of N.O. don’t feel one bit sorry for them, and the feds shouldn’t have helped them. Dumbass’. Kay Sara Sara PLus they media lies.

  • and still do it seems.. birds of a feather.. you think like the nazi’s but hide behind your weasel words and code words… btw.. equating david duke to kanye west is a bit disingenous.

  • Dave

    Thanks to Kanye I will never submit another penny to the Red Cross. I’ll wait until a storm affects only white people to send money if thats the way he wants it.

  • slick willy

    kandy ass is nothing but racist trash



  • Elina

    I just have a couple of things to say:
    “Why are we still having this racial war?” You know it seems to me that racismn was starting to dissapate over the past few years and now that Hurricane Katrina ravaged the gulf coast racism is flaring right up again. There is no reason for Kanye West to go on National television, ignore the tele-prompter and state the President Bush hates black people. Him saying that in itself is a very racist comment and he is dividing the races. He points out that he is black and that black folks aren’t getting the attention they need, well he is just separating colors. Why can’t we all just step out of ourselves in times like this, look past outward appearances of people and help each other. Let’s not flare up racial tensions again Kanye! You are a fantastic artist and I always loved your music, but now I will never buy any of your cd’s. You are a bad influence on the younger generation that is watching your every move and they listen. Try to let God judge, for we are not here to judge others. If people are persecuting others because of their skin color, trust me God will take final judgement on them. Let’s just all try to be color blind.

  • it should be noted that the racist comments made on the other post were not from blogcritics members but from anonymous commenters, and how many we cannot be sure.

    Blogcritics can write alot about hatred, intolerance, supremacy, hate groups, etc. and there are key words that attract an unsavory element. They’re not members, but they are fucked up.

  • you wrote a post, not a blog.