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Why I had the best Super Bowl Ever

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Not the game, you dingus. The game was a very predictable disappointment as New England was simply better. By that I mean they fumbled less. I don’t know that I have ever seen that many turn overs in my life – ever! It was like watching pre-season. I guess that is good defense, but I would rather watch good offense. It makes for better TV.

So how exactly was this game the greatest, and what in the world am I talking about? Glad you asked. I didn’t go to a party or have anyone over. It was that simple. Normally I go over to a buddies house, and drink myself silly. While doing that I eat myself silly, and somehow still manage to jam at least half a pack of smokes down my face. Of course, in all of this guy cameraderie I miss most of the game and commercials.

Not this time; I sat home by myself making Chili and drinking beer and watching the game. It was awesome! I didn’t miss a play, or a commercial. I also didn’t smoke a single ciggie, and didn’t have to drunk drive home… like the 2/3rds of America that just did.

It was the simplest and best approach to a Super Bowl ever, and it may just be an annual event. I’ll make the play offs fun, because they are. The Super Bowl, though, should stay all mine. It is the last game of the year which makes me sad anyway.

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  • RJ

    I watched the SB at work. Made 25 dollars too. 😉


    If by very predictable you mean most people believed the Pats would win ands they did, you are correct, but how can you say this game was a disappointment?
    I am not a rabid sports fan, I can take it or leave it, but every minute of this game was very much worth watching.

    I too watched it alone, no drinking though, I had to drive into work, but I don’t mind being alone watching the game, or doing a lot of other activities.

  • Bill Belichik

    “The game was a very predictable dissappointment as New England was simply better.”

    The game went down to the final minute, you moron. Stick to topics you have a fucking clue about.

  • Eric Olsen

    I have drifted away from the NFL over the last several years and hardly paid any attention at all to it this year, but that was an amazing, exciting game that held my attention to the last second, which based upon the Super Bowl track record is not a very predictable result.

    Dawn and I were talking about the party aspect of the game last night as well: we watched at home by ourselves and didn’t get crazy and said we sure didn’t miss that part of it