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Why I Enjoy Smoking Cigars

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Why do I choose to smoke cigars instead of cigarettes or pipes? Here are just some of the reasons I think cigars offer the superior smoking experience.

Cigars are all-natural products. When I buy a cigar, I know that I’m getting a product made of real tobacco leaves and other natural ingredients. I can even buy organic cigars using binder, wrapper, and filler leaves which were grown without the use of chemical pesticides. Not only does this make me feel more secure, but I think there is far more quality to a product which is made this way.




Cigars offer a more complex smoking experience than either cigarettes or pipe tobacco. Since the construction of cigars allows for the inclusion of a filler, binder, and wrapper, each can contain one or more notes which enhance the smoking experience with a unique blend of scents and flavors. I enjoy a cigar the way I enjoy a glass of wine. Like wine, many cigars take on extra character when aged.

The craftsmanship which goes into cigars is usually top-notch. I don’t like mass production. I feel that the quality suffers, and something else is lost too, something human and real. I don’t like to support mass-producing industries, I like to support real people who enhance my own life with their creativity. The cigar industry is one of the few handcraft industries on the planet which has survived the advent of industrialization.

The premium cigars I buy are hand-rolled and I know that a human being has ensured that class and ingenuity are intact in every one. The tradition of cigars spans back to pre-Columbian America, and cigars have played an important part in history in America and in Europe. The style and allure of cigars has been well established by historical figures like Winston Churchill, King Edward VII, and Ulysses S. Grant. I enjoy being a part of a tradition of greatness.

I also enjoy being part of a broader cigar-smoking community in the modern day. The community of cigar-smokers worldwide is a great group of people to belong to, and I enjoy being able to partake in events and conventions with other aficionados. Cigars provide a way to connect with strangers and meet new people in cigar lounges and online. This has become such a fulfilling part of my life I started my own website, Cigar Inspector. On this site I share my own smoking experiences and help smokers to find the best cigars, and welcome communication from others. It’s been a truly rewarding experience, and I’ve met a lot of fantastic people this way, and discovered a lot of smokes myself.

Cigar smoking offers an opportunity to enjoy a handmade, high-quality product which has evolved over the centuries but retained its original character and charm. Cigar smoking also offers me the chance to connect with people around the world and share the experience. Maybe you’ll be the next person I’ll connect with. Who knows?

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  • I’m not a cigar smoker but unlike some people, I have warm feelings associated with the smell of cigars, because my grandfather smoked them. And thanks for this break from all the Mother’s Day articles!

  • Kevin Freitas

    As a recent convert having never smoked in my life, I must admit, nothing beats a good cigar. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you for your comments Jon, Kevin and Julia. I will make sure to be a regular contributor here.