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Why I Am a Patriot

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Why I am a Patriot
by Frank Giovinazzi

In my days I have enjoyed the fruits and the comfort of life in this great land.

But more important is the nourishment America has lent my heart.

It has created in me a sense of optimism, of faith in progress.

Of confidence that all adversity can be overcome with labor of the hand and mind.

Of belief in God, that there is a divinity to which we are accountable and by whom we are cherished.

Of a sense of wonder, that no matter the temporary wrong, goodness prevails.

Of freedom, that each day is given to me to be acquitted as I see fit.

Of community, that as we each work for ourselves and our families, the whole benefits from our labor.

Of individuality, that I have worth.

Of responsibility, that I am expected to contribute my best.

Of serenity, that life is enjoyed free of ancient fear.

Of brotherhood, that each is enjoying the same as I.

Of conviction, that no other people, no other place, has ever guaranteed so much to so many.

Of gratitude, to have been so nurtured.

Of strength, that this is worth defending.

This is why I am an American Patriot.

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  • mike

    by Stevie Van Zandt {performed by Jackson
    Browne, Pearl Jam)

    I was walking with my brother
    And he wondered what’s on my mind
    I said what I believe in my soul
    Ain’t what I see with my eyes
    And we can’t turn our backs this time

    I am a patriot
    And I love my county
    Because my country is all I know
    I want to be with my family
    The people who understand me
    I’ve got nowhere else to go

    And the river opens for the righteous
    And the river opens for the righteous
    And the river opens for the righteous

    And I was talking with my sister
    She looked so fine
    I said, Baby, what’s on your mind?
    She said, I want to run like the lion
    Released from the cages
    Released from the rages
    Burning in my heart tonight

    And I ain’t no communist
    And I ain’t no capitalist
    And I ain’t no socialist
    And I ain’t no imperialist
    And I ain’t no democrat
    And I SURE ain’t no republican
    I only know one party
    And it is freedom

    I am, I am, I am
    I am a patriot
    And I love my country
    Because my county is all I know

    And the river opens for the righteous
    And the river opens for the righteous
    And the river opens for the righteous

    And the river opens for the righteous…