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Why God Allows Bad Things to Happen

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Do you ever wonder why God allows bad things to happen? Do you wonder why He allowed the Tsunami just about one year ago? What about Hurricane Katrina? The earthquake in Kashmir? What about suicide bombers? Murderers? Rapists? Fires? Auto Accidents? Or birth defects? I am sure there are many other circumstances that have come into your life or those around you that has changed your life forever. If this describe you, then I highly recommend this book, Brokenness: How God Redeems Pain and Suffering by Lon Solomon. It will help give you an understanding of God uses this pain suffering for His purpose. If you are going through a time like this, then ask God for the strength to carry on. Feel free to email me as well and I will gladly pray for you.

Lon Solomon is the pastor of McLean Bible Church in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. In this book he relates his personal experiences of his daughter was born with a rare disease that causes thousands of seizures. These seizures have left her brain damaged and totally reliant on others for her care. He relates how the struggles he and his family faced through this experience taught him how to truly rely on God.

Lon explains how God used this process, which he calls brokenness, to show him how he relied on himself instead of God. He reveals how God took all of his personal plans and discarded them. Lon finally got to the point of knowing that God is in total control. He learned that he must rely on God for everything. His ministry has flourished and God has blessed it mightily. It is now larger than even Lon had planned. It is also tremendously more effective now as well.

We may not understand why things happen, but God does. God plans our lives and uses them to further his Kingdom in a way that glorifies him and not us. Lon walks us through why God breaks each of us who wants to truly serve Him. He explains that God must break us so he can fully use us. I’ll use Lon’s words to describe why we must be broken:

We all recognize that a branch can only bear fruit when it is experiencing the vine’s free flow of sap. Christ uses the botanical truth to teach spiritual truth, declaring that, in the same way, we as followers of Christ can bear fruit only when we have the free flow of sap of the Spirit through our lives.

Lon goes through the lives of several people who were broken and then saw their influence and ministries flourish. These examples are D.L. Moody, Moses, Peter, Jacob, Isaiah, Abraham, Job, Paul, Joseph and several others. These examples will encourage you when you realize what each of these men lost and then what they were given by God when He could freely use them.

Brokenness is just over 130 pages long with 6 chapters. It would also be a great book for a Bible Study group. Each chapter has questions that lend themselves to serious discussion and introspection.

You can read reviews of other books at my website, CrossBlogging.

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  • LMAO

  • So, let me get this straight the big G is being cruel to be kind.

    I rather not be a parent/ god who lets bad things happen to his/her children just to teach them a lesson.

  • JR

    God plans our lives and uses them to further his Kingdom in a way that glorifies him and not us. Lon walks us through why God breaks each of us who wants to truly serve Him. He explains that God must break us so he can fully use us.

    Hmmm, don’t think I like God.

  • I used to wonder how Santa Claus could allow bad things to happen. But then I learned it was actually the Easter Bunny causing the problems, because the furry bastard was jealous of Santa.

  • Back On Welfare

    The tsunami and katrina happened because of gay marriage.

  • that last post is ridiculous

  • Gay marriage? Here I was thinking of weather wars

  • gonzo marx

    silly heathens…

    it could just possibly be another bet between Jehovah and Lucifer…you know, like Job

    try and see how much they can fuck with us

    of course, JuJu, may his tusks always glow with the Light of Reason, tells me, it’s because of the scale of time…during all of the last 3000 years the gods have been playing cards and so a bit distracted

    Lucifer is up 13 trillion quatloos, but he is really good at bluffing..Yahweh and Jehovah are about tied, Odin is right behind Lucky Lucifer but Osirus went flat broke around the time of the Inquisition and is off drinking with Zoroaster and Dionysus


  • ss

    So whatever happened to the daughter with the seizures?

  • Their daughter must be under constant supervision. Her disease was finally diagnosed and being treated, but the damage is too severe to reverse. The frequency of her seizures has decreased. She can no longer speak.

  • Brady

    God lets bad things happen to good people because either God doesn’t exist or God is unfair. Choose one and move on.

  • I wonder about a god who “causes” things. I mean, didn’t the Greek gods mess with humans kind of like as an experiment? In the Judeo-Christian tradition the Old Testament god is one nasty dude, but then he gets all soft and paternal in the New Testament (what becoming a daddy does to even the Big G).

    Still, in the end, he sends his only son to a death that could have been prevented.

    Bad things happening to good people? Is it free will or a free for all?


  • i let go of the notion that God had anything to do with anything about the same time i stopped believing in santa claus…

    i’ve never understood this propensity to credit someone(thing) else with the good things in our lives and the good things we do, and blame someone(thing) else for the bad things in our lives and the bad things we do…
    where’s the sense of responsibility and accountability in that?

    if there is God, it has unlimited powers of creation, and its powers are limited to creation…
    shit just happens, and what we do with it and about it is a direct reflection on our own character…believing that there must always be someone or something to blame is really just looking for a way out…eventually, we have to deal with what life hands us no matter the blame or the credit or the lack of either…

  • Dan

    Maybe God lets bad things happen to people because they have been bad in a past life. Maybe they got good breaks in a previous life, but didn’t handle it well. Perhaps they took it for granted and were cruel to others. He might then re-incarnate them in trying circumstances to see how they handle it. If they handle their new existence with peace and dignity, he might move them back up to a more favored existence. Maybe even to a different, more enlightened planet in the universe. Or if they bitch and moan, they could get stuck in another set of unfavorable circumstances. If they go really wrong, like say Hitler, He might even take away their free will for several life sequences, and make them an animal or send them to a barbaric planet somewhere in the universe. Through suffering, the way they made others suffer when they were on top, they could maybe ascend the evolutionary ladder again.

  • isnt reincarnation a hindu and an or buddhist belief.
    keep coming back till you get it it right. larry

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    That’s what I thought too, Larry. One day, my kid came home from school here telling me how the rabbi was talking to them about “gilgúl neshamót,” recycled souls.

    I asked him to explain it in detail – reincarnation. My teeth nearly fell out of my mouth. And I don’t have a plate of false teeth.

    Apparently, it is a Jewish concept too, a very old one. Go to http://www.signsfromheaven.com to see more about one gilgúl neshamá, a girl named Galia.

  • Dan

    I’m not up on Hindu or Buddhism because I’m not that spiritually curious. Not yet anyway.

    But the main complaint most people seem to have with God, is that ‘he ain’t fair’.

    It seems natural that a theory of re-incarnation would evolve. It’s a perfect system for fairness, and satisfies the “mysterious ways” conundrum that turns off so many of His fans.

    Given the consistency in spiritual lore of a separation of soul and body, re-incarnation seems almost probable.

    If it were applied to the universe, and all the possible existences throughout, the precise reward/punishment/growth opportunity for a wayward/progressive/stagnant soul could be assured.

    On a more secularist scale, I think most of us have witnessed karmic justice work, more often than not, towards fairness in our lives and others lives around us.

    But just like in the news media, it’s those trajedies that grab the headlines. The unfairness of something that gets our attention and challenges our perception of a loving God. If that’s even what we have to begin with.

  • fair, like time, is a manmade concept…
    “fair” only exists in man’s mind, not in the rest of the animal kingdom or elsewhere on this planet or in the known universe…
    as such, it probably doesn’t apply to any god of any kind and serves no purpose in any discussion or debate about any god…

  • In Revelations, it speaks of two witnesses that control the weather. In Biblical times, the parting of the red sea and stange bursts of clouds were seen. In my time, I was at a campground in Tunkhannock, Pa praying and singing out loud when my fellow campers teased me about it. I said, I just read about witnesses controling the weather, let’s see, I know I am a witness, let it not rain all summer long. Folks,
    it did not rain all summer long and they had to order bottle water and their ponds dried up.
    The people came to ME and said they were sorry and to please pray for rain. I prayed and the next day it rained and rained and rained.
    Now, you can say many things but that is not the first time I ever prayed and it was about weather.
    In front of my own mother, I asked God to strike a stump with lightning in a swamp and as soon as I said it, God did. My mother was a science teacher and did not want to believe that God did it so I said, okay, he sees your disbelief and will strike that stump again and it will burn to the ground. Again, it was struck and could not be found the next day. It burned to the ground.
    I am a firm believer of Christ. I know that people are marked with 666 or a gold seal. I have a gold seal. I asked God to mark me one of his own. God is wonderful and truly amazing. I do so pity anyone who does not know God is real.

  • So what does Revelations tell you about the end times and the earth going through a tumultuous shaking and quaking? Read it. Is it purely geological or are the prophecies coming true?
    Maybe a mixture of both? But it was foretold.
    Oh yes, we have had these shakings and quakings for years upon years. YET there is one more sign in Revelations that we had not had. MY BIRTH.
    For it states, THE FAIR AND CHOSEN ONE and calls down the fire from Heaven. I did this. SO I must be the omen you are looking for.

  • In first grade, I used to carry a Bible to school.
    I told kids who teased me, what God says to me and what I have to say to the world is far more important than what they are teaching us now.
    I made predictions and they came 100% true and not only what I said would happen but when it would happen as well. God does not make trash.
    I am not trash.

  • gonzo marx

    “Mary reborn literally” sez…
    *what God says to me *

    seek…professional ….help

    nuff said?


  • Jesus

    You must forgive Mom. She tends to rave a bit.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Gonzo wrote, responding to MRL:

    “Mary reborn literally” sez…
    *what God says to me *

    seek…professional ….help

    nuff said?

    Sorry Gonzo. It’s the wrong thing said. Some people feel G-d very strongly. They don’t need professional help. They are the people you feel lucky to know, because they are the ones who make you realize that there is a G-d and that He does watch over us – all of us.

    I am married to such a woman. My faith journey has been made much easier because of her, a woman who feels G-d surrounding her like a warm blanket. And there are times that she feels G-s speaking to her. I don’t mock – I pay close attention. I have never NOT benefitted by doing so.

  • gonzo marx

    Ruvy, there is a vast difference between someone who is spiriually “aware”…for want of a better Term

    and someone that believes “god” speaks directly to them

    the former, i envy their “gnosis”…the latter, need professional help

    just my one sixth billionths of the world’s Opinion

    your mileage may vary


  • Dan

    “fair, like time, is a manmade concept…
    “fair” only exists in man’s mind, not in the rest of the animal kingdom or elsewhere on this planet or in the known universe…
    as such, it probably doesn’t apply to any god of any kind and serves no purpose in any discussion or debate about any god…”

    Seems like a strange argument, but, OK. What concepts aren’t manmade?

    Some would argue that God and religion are manmade concepts, and that fairness is encompassed within those concepts. Some would say it is the perceived need for fairness that gave rise to the concepts of God and religion.

  • Paul Roy

    When I was a child, my mother used to tell me that THUNDER was just God up in heaven bowling. Is that true?

  • “Some would argue that God and religion are manmade concepts, and that fairness is encompassed within those concepts. Some would say it is the perceived need for fairness that gave rise to the concepts of God and religion.”

    if it can be observed, it is nature made…violence can be observed; malice cannot…destruction can be observed; motive cannot…smiles and laughter can be observed; happiness cannot…you can observe two or more people being nice to each other…you can’t observe fairness or kindness as either is to interject forms and measurements of equality and deserving that don’t exist anywhere else but in man’s mind…for all we know the two people are being kind to each other as a polite gesture before quietly slitting each other’s throats…you can only acknowledge that the concept of fairness has or has not been applied and measure it according to man’s standard, and even then you might be wrong about what’s really going on…in either case, neither can be observed…

    saying that anything manmade gave rise to the concept of God is to say God is manmade…and i’d have to agree…God has yet to be discovered through any manmade concept — even enlightment…
    God is not observable; rather, God has not been observed and thus (far) only exists in the mind of man…

  • Bennett

    “Some would argue that God and religion are manmade concepts…”

    Well, of course they are! Just as the Greek myths and gods were manmade – the Norse gods, the Japanese spirits, and the Hindu gods are all inventions of the human mind. Follow that train of thought right on up to the present day.

    The masses kowtow to the gods currently believed to be responsible for “all creation”, but then abandon them for new gods as prayers go unanswered.

    Or whenever some clever (or deranged) bastard decides to come up with some NEW god to worship…

    “Step right this way folks, for just a ten sheckels you can visit with The Man Who Talks With God!

    For fifty sheckels, he’ll bless your business, or send warts to your enemies. Come to our church every Sunday (don’t forget the sheckels) and your place in heaven is ensured!

    Step right this way!”

    If enough people fall for the pitch they become a voting block and the politicos get in line too.

    The next thing you know, it’s an established religion.

  • Amos

    I have a friend who believes that God is somewhat like a fairy tale. She said that reading the Bible probably wont help her at all. She said she is mad at God because he allowed bad things to happen to her at a very young age.She stated that if he so great why did he let it happen to her. Why did she deserve it. So thats why she doesnt believe and doesn’t worry about it. What should I do??? [Personal contact info deleted] Thanks for any advice.

  • Amos,

    Your personal info will be deleted – more to protect you than anything else. But to answer your question.

    Plenty of Jews were awful mad at G-d some time ago. Six million of our people died in the worst possible ways. One and a quarter million children were murdered off.

    “Where was G-d!”, they scream. They either say “G-d was not there”, or they say “it is impossible to know”, or they deny the existence of G-d altogether.

    You have a friend who is mad at G-d? This is what you do. You link her to this essay. This is not an easy read, especially for someone who is not Jewish. And even if you can get through the religious terminology, it is not a pleasant read. But it is must reading for any person who is “mad at G-d”. Then tell your friend to get out her mirror and look real hard, and then to examine her parents and their characters real hard, and finally to examine the possible benefits of the hardships she has suffered.

    If after doing all of this, she isn’t somehow helped, you’ve done all you possibly can.

  • Amos, you should congratulate your friend on her wisdom and insight.

    The notion of a singular god was invented about 6,000 years ago by some people trying to explain their world.

    They did the best they could with their limited knowledge and understanding but nowadays their perceptions are serving to literally drive people mad.

    That is why there are so many problems centred around the Middle East, as people are involved in a bitter and pointless feud about which inaccurate understanding is the correct one. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.