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Why Does The Inner Child Need Healing?

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Remember that scared little child version of you crying silently because he didn’t know what to do? Don’t you sometimes feel like going back in time and consoling that poor soul that everything will be fine? We can’t time travel yet, but what we can do is recognize that scared child hidden inside us and console it. This would automatically make us feel stronger, less vulnerable and happier.

Not all of us have a perfect life, perfect parents or a perfect home. Actually, there are hardly any people who can claim all these three things in their life.

Our childhood experiences mold us into the adults we become. Some of us might have suffered a great loss, while we were young, which changed our outlook towards life; some of us might have parents who were either too busy fighting with each other to notice us or too busy working and having a big social circle. Some of us might have undergone physical and verbal abuse.

Different incidents set our lives in different directions, usually serious. You become way more serious than you thought you would ever be. Your become  more guarded, so that no one can hurt you. Or you may get offended too easily or be anti-social. All these are signs of a marred inner child which needs to be healed for you to have a happier life.

This child within you is responsible for your creativity. If we do not recognize, embrace or heal our inner child then we would never be able to revive the creativity we may be induced with. Human brain is full of possibilities of continuously creating and discovering new things. All these things need your creativity to work at its optimum level.

It is also  important to get hold of your inner child to get a hold of your emotions. If our inner child is dammaged, we may become impulsive and take decisions which could affect our lives in the worst way possible, and we might not even realize it then. It’s not that we are dumb not to realize the harm that we may cause ourselves; rather, it is that at times like these we feel it’s not us who’s making the decision for ourselves. At times like these, our inner child is at work.

To save ourselves from impulsive life changing decisions, to open up our mind to new possibilities and creativity, to open up ourselves to our near and dear ones, to become better adults, better parents and to get a strong hold and understanding of our emotions, we need to heal our wrecked inner child.

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