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Why Did It Take 10 Weeks to Bury Michael Jackson?

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Somewhere along the way to yesterday, I missed the fact that Michael Jackson's body hadn't been laid to rest. It just never occurred to me that his family would have waited for ten weeks to grant him his final resting place. What in the world took them so long?

Being curious, I went to Ask.com and typed in, "Why did it take ten weeks to bury Michael Jackson?" I received over seven million responses, including an Ask Encyclopedia biography on Michael Jackson and, strangely enough, a link to Quaker Oats Life Cereal. Did you know Quaker Oats made Life Cereal? I didn't, but I don't read cereal boxes very often. Since there was no way I was going to read the websites of the seven million responses, I decided to check out the headlines on three news sites: CNN, Fox and Yahoo.

From the title of the Yahoo article, I found out that the people there cried. Really? It was a funeral. Okay, maybe I'm being a little harsh.

According to CNN, the reason for the delay in burial was “division among family members.” Also, according to CNN, “Katherine Jackson would make the final decision.” How in the world could you fight amongst yourselves for ten weeks, denying your brother his final resting place? Can't they get along?

I feel bad for his children. First, they have lost their father, which is a blow, and then they have to wait ten weeks for their final goodbye. It's bad enough that they will probably hear more horrible things about their father in the coming weeks and months, as the Los Angeles Police Department continues its criminal investigation. I hope that Mrs. Jackson will be able to shield them from much of it.

I should mention what I learned from Fox News: Al Sharpton Twittered (tweeted?) at least once about the event. I would say that is in poor taste, but it's becoming more and more popular. A Time Magazine reporter did it during Teddy Kennedy's funeral (I know because I followed his tweets), and I did it, but from my couch. I wonder if that's how celebrities and politicians will know they've made it – when someone twitters their funeral. I wonder if someone will twitter mine.

Getting back to Michael Jackson, I sincerely hope that he finds peace in the afterlife. I pray that his children have a good life and aren't scarred by losing their father at such a young point in their lives.

God Bless.

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  • micheal jackson

    jenet jackson,ketrin jackson rest in peace.

  • jim

    micheal ,that is good for you,why did you do sugery, brother take it like that.

  • Sahil

    Michael Jackson how could you invent pop music and die so soon.I am really sorry to his parents,family and relatives.Now Michael Jackson I shall not disturb you rest in peace.Thanks

  • Real Talk

    Black people don’t decompose as fast as Caucasians, so what difference does it make? He’s dead, it’s not bothering him, his children, or family apparently. Why is it bothering strangers and non-kin?

  • Jolie

    I believe it took ten weeks for 2 reasons . One that they were probaly waiting for the final results of the autopsy and two katherine jackson is a Jehovahs witness .Alot of the things the family wanted to do with the body were completely against her beilefs . And its also very hard for her . She has to raise paris , prince, and blanket ( which requires protecting them from the on going media ) and has to make sure no ones taking advantage of her Son’s will. THursday she had the most distraught look on her face and that look said it all . Remeber guys she is a 79 year old women . I pray for the family and children each and everyday .Like rebbie said in michael’s memorial leaflet Im looking forward to the time where I can see him again , in a new world without hurt or sorrow .Sleep tight michael . See you soon. I love you moree

  • sc341

    It’s been 10 weeks and I’m still heartbroken that we lost this man too soon. I wasn’t even that big of a fan and yet since I am only about a year and a half younger than he was I grew up with all of his music. I didn’t realize how much he touched my heart till after he died. His death reminds me once again that we are all mortal. Oh well, at least we can honor his memory by listening to his music and watching his superb music videos. May Michael Jackson R.I.P. He will never be forgotten.