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Why Blacks Watch FOX News and Listen to Rush Limbaugh

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Often, I turn on FOX News and Rush Limbaugh to hear their points of view on hot topics. Whenever I repeat Rush Limbaugh’s name or mention FOX News to some of my Hispanic and Black friends, I get two responses; bewilderment or disgust. Then, I am peppered with questions as to why would I listen to “those racist people.” This usually leads to long discussions about the latest comments from Limbaugh about the President or how FOX News is trying to destroy our communities.

This happened last week with me and a longtime friend as we discussed the knee-jerk reaction to the Sherrod debacle by the Obama administration that led to more criticisms by FOX News and Rush Limbaugh. As I was railed against for even mentioning FOX News, I told my friend that many Black folks listen to Rush Limbaugh and watch FOX News for various reasons. She stared at me as if I fallen off a turnip truck and could not believe that anyone would listen to “those racists.”

I informed her that Rush Limbaugh’s producer, James Sheldon, is a Black man who Limbaugh depends on to keep the show going. In disbelief she said, “No Black man would work for someone who spits that venom?” I agreed that Rush Limbaugh “spits venom” but I do not listen to him for news or information. He gives commentary from his point of view. I want to hear what he has to say whether I agree with him or not. My grandfather often said, “Even a broke clock is right twice a day!” Rush has built an empire that generates millions and gives his opinion on everything from a kitchen blender to the President. He makes money by being controversial not because of his fact finding revelations. As a business owner, I am not mad at him.

My friend continued to share her views about programs that she did not watch or listen to until I interrupted her to ask has she turned on MSNBC to hear their resident bigot, Pat Buchanan. I stated that Pat Buchanan gets a pass for his ever-ready racial statements by the press and is far more damaging to Blacks than Rush Limbaugh or anyone FOX News has on their airwaves.

MSNBC is the cable news arm of NBC news. Both NBC and MSNBC are part of NBC Universal. NBC Universal is 80% owned by General Electric and 20% owned by Vivendi, which are publically held companies.

In the world of stockholder satisfaction first, news second, MSNBC Cable News puts on several programs in a 24-hour cycle. The actual journalism arm of NBC Universal is NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. It is on at one time of day — 5:30 in the evening. The narrative of MSNBC may appear to lean more towards the NBC news side, but on further examination of its programming, like Morning Joe, hosted by Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, one will find that it showcases its racial extremist, Pat Buchanan, front and center. Pat Buchanan is one of Morning Joe’s political commentators. Buchanan is not limited to Joe in the Morning; his colorful commentary is sought after for input time and again on MSNBC’s midday programs and Chris Matthew’s Hardball.

One of the worst offenders is Chris Matthews, who gives Buchanan uninterrupted space at the table frequently. Hardball airs at 4:00 PM and is repeated twice in MSNBC’s rotation. Buchanan’s resume includes being an author, a syndicated columnist, and a broadcaster. He was a political advisor to Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Reagan. Buchanan also sought the Republican nomination for President in 1992 and 1996. He ran in 2000 as the Reform Party’s candidate.

From my grandfather’s civil rights history, Buchanan was one of the originators of racial strife in political campaigns in the South known as the “Southern Strategy.” The fears of Southern White Democrats were stoked with ads and stump speeches that were racially charged against Blacks and helped drive whites from the Democratic party during the 1968 Presidential campaign. This scheme was devised to help then Republican candidate Richard Nixon win the Presidency. Pat Buchanan’s racial views have not changed any since his successful implementation of the Southern Strategy; it continues today, front and center on MSNBC. With a tarred history of race baiting, Buchanan is asked his point of view by a “reputable” news organization almost daily. His views on race relations are given a nod nightly from NBC Universal from everyone sitting in glass anchor chairs while throwing rocks at FOX News.

MSNBC took FOX News, Andrew Brietbart, and the NAACP to task over the Sherrod video last week, and well they should have. However, while judging from on high they ignored the headlines that Buchanan has generated while commentating at MSNBC that received little or no rebuke from the network that gives him a seat at the table on racial discussions. In March, 2008 Buchanan authored “A Brief for Whitey.” When “A Brief for Whitey” was penned, the country was at the height of the Rev. Wright controversy. Never one to miss an opportunity to keep the races divided Buchanan stated:

First, America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known.

I take it Buchanan is telling Black folks they should be glad to have been slaves. I could be wrong; however, it would be nice if MSNBC and Chris Matthews asked him exactly what did he mean. With a constant eye on FOX News, MSNBC gave Buchanan unlimited access to its viewers to shape opinions on Rev. Wright by focusing on some of his statements from one speech, while ignoring Buchanan’s constant barrage of race baiting. One look at the titles of Pat Buchanan’s articles shows you why he was so successful with the Southern Strategy:

  • Whitey Need Not Apply
  • PBS is Hiring – Blacks, Whitey Need Not Apply
  • The Color of Crime
  • How Liberals Play Race Politics
  • Pastor to the President?
  • Uprooting the New Racism.
  • To Advance Diversity: Should Chelsea Quit Stanford?

Pat Buchanan’s article discusses racial prejudices in the ugliest of terms. Andrew Brietbart is a baby by comparison.

Many are offended by his comments, but MSNBC allows him back day after day without any repercussions. Now look at the swiftness with which MSNBC handed Carlos Watson a pink slip when he dared to utter the now infamous statement, “Socialist is the new N-word.” Carlos Watson’s words in August, 2009 led him out the door the following month. His show was abruptly ended without much explanation. Watson tried his hand at racial commentary that was off limits for people of color at MSNBC. He learned the hard way that race baiting is Pat Buchanan’s territory: do not trespass.

Since the election of the President Obama, MSNBC has become less diverse than FOX News. When it comes to diversity, FOX actually has the other networks beat when it comes to commentators and guests that support their viewpoint and even those who disagree with FOX’s narrative. You can find Julie Banderas, Linda Chavez, Wendell Goler, Lauren Green, Marc Lamont Hill, Michelle Malkin, Star Parker, Uma Pemmaraju, Jesse Lee Peterson, Al Sharpton, and Juan Williams on the network on a fairly consistent basis. Glenn Beck has had town halls filled with Blacks and, oddly, has had bible study on air with a member of the King family.

By contrast, MSNBC allows visits from Eugene Robinson, who often cannot articulate what he wrote in his own column in the Washington Post. Appearances from Charles Blow of the New York Times are announced on Twitter when “balance” from  every critique of the Obama administration is needed and Harold Ford drops by to hold a cup of Starbucks. Professor Melissa Lacewell Harris was a regular at one point in the morning, but is often found on the Rachel Maddow Show where she is usually limited to race relations discussions. As for Rachel Maddow, she’s gaining respect from fans and adversaries for actually investigating the issues before giving an opinion. Maddow’s show is taped for the 8:00 hour and repeated once before midnight. To Maddow’s credit, Pat Buchanan has been on her show, I believe, once.

This week the National Association of Black Journalists, the NABJ, is having its annual convention in San Diego. Hopefully, honest discussion about how journalists of color have helped create this atmosphere that has led to talk shows that give few specifics and all hype by not challenging news organizations to get back to more journalism and less opinion. I hear more protest from NABJ members about the color of the anchor instead of the substance of the news given by the media outlet. If there were more stories about how to move the country forward, more investigative news pieces, and less talk about racial hate, folks will start to watch the news more for information and less for entertainment. Until then, MSNBC will continue to slip Pat Buchanan into its lineup while telling us that FOX News has a diversity problem.

In closing, my intent is to show it is easier to allow the news to drive the storyline than to actually view the facts even when it comes to reporting on itself. I always appreciate a person who tells me they dislike me upfront rather than one who smiles in my face while plotting my demise. When I see Pat Buchanan on MSNBC, I find myself totally disgusted that his history of race baiting while wearing a Christian halo (smiling in my face) is accepted by anyone, let alone a news organization that spends a lot of time sitting naked in glass anchor chairs. With FOX and Limbaugh, I am told upfront who or what they dislike. With MSNBC, I am given racial commentary from a racist who plays a political commentator on TV.

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  • : )Congratulations, writer of the day!

  • Genma Holmes

    The article states that the writer turn to Fox in the very first sentence.

  • Genma Holmes

    The article states that the writer turn to Fox in the very first sentence.

  • Reader

    There are plenty of blacks who watch the Fox News Channel and listen to Rush Limbaugh because there are more than you might think who want to save money on their taxes, want a balanced budget, no over-regulation and who happen to appreciate the greatness of this country.

    I’ve listened to Rush for years and never heard a racist remark out of his sizeable mouth. If he hated blacks, why did a black man reside at his wedding (not to mention the wedding prior), why is a black guy producing his show and has done so for about 20 years now? Ask anyone who won’t listen to him why they don’t listen and after you get the old “oh he’s this and he’s that…” routine, ask them how they know these things without listening.

  • Genma Holmes

    It was announced on Friday that Pat would have his own show! Wow.

  • Benjamin

    Gemma – Great article. As one who views MSNBC, I’ve often been troubled by exactly the notion you’ve pointed out here concerning Pat Buchanan. Why that network continues to give him a pass is beyond me, surely there is a right leaning commentator they could hire without the viscous racist past.

  • Arch Conservative

    “The purpose of showing the aborigines was about questioning whether our culture addresses real human needs, and implies it would be beneficial to ask ourselves if our ideas of progress and what is important are good ideas.”

    When you get right down to it there aren’t that many human needs Cindy………….


    Is there anything else we need to survive?

    The only problem with you saying that Cindy is that you’d never dare ask Mr. Gore about his needs………

    Does Al Gore NEED to fly all over the world in a private jet?

    Does Al Gore NEED to have a huge 9 million mansion in California?

    Does Al Gore NEED to own stock in the companies that would benefit if we enacted a carbon credit scheme?

    If you believe in the green movement that’s fine but please don’t hold up a world class hypocrite like Al Gore as your spokesperson…..

  • I just love that saying…

    actually, I like it too…

    :)I think we all basically want the same things in life.

    so do I…


  • 🙂 Cindy,

    “we can’t just run away and drink from sticks, but we should.”

    I got the point of the video, remember? I just love that saying…You know, we are trying to move in the right direction with alternative power, reducing our carbon outputs, and a host of other lifestyle changes, but damn if something isn’t getting in the way…oil, gas, special interests…how convenient, the new Al Gore scandal…coincidence? Don’t bet on it!

    :)I think we all basically want the same things in life.

  • 38 Dr.D,

    Well Dr.D, I think that all sorts of nationalism (patriotism) may be problematic. My thinking on it, at the moment, is that this group pride in distinction is related to some sort of patriarchal pose. I haven’t finished thinking about this. I have a ways to go.

    Thanks for bringing up a good point that I don’t have an adequate response to. I will have to think about this over time.

  • again, we can’t just run away and drink from sticks. i wish we could!

    Jeannie, I think you missed the point of that video. It was not at all about running away or drinking from sticks. It wasn’t about ‘the good old days’. The purpose of showing the aborigines was about questioning whether our culture addresses real human needs, and implies it would be beneficial to ask ourselves if our ideas of progress and what is important are good ideas.

    There is nothing suggesting that people have to give up technology in order to create societies that address human social needs.

    (and no I don’t think you are macho 😉

  • Sorry, Jordan, I guess I misread your original comment.


  • Jordan Richardson

    You are superior in the fact that your country, compared to here is without fault?

    Uh, no?

    You asked me about specific points related to America as a superpower, like “waging war” and “stealing resources.” Then you asked if I would move out of Canada if Canada became “like that.” And I said “no, I wouldn’t.”

    Where exactly did I compare where I happen to live with anywhere “without fault?”

    And any fool who would say they felt pride in this country is a dope in your eyes…but what if your wife was Canadian and you were American?

    Pride “in this country?” Didn’t say that. I said why I am not a patriot, not why Americans shouldn’t be patriots. I’m proud of Canada’s hockey team for winning gold, for instance, and I like the fact that I’m Canadian. I just don’t happen to think I’m superior to others just for that fact alone.

    We can talk in hypotheticals all day long, but that won’t change what I think.

  • zingzing

    archie: “I’m always amazed at the attitude that many black and white liberals have toward black people that call themselves Republican or conservative. They’re often referred to as uncle toms oreos, tokens, house ni&&ers and other such racial slurs.”

    actually, i’d have to say that i’ve only heard such terms in exactly the same circumstances as above: archie complaining about it. i’m not going to say that what he describes never happens, but i’ve never actually seen it. i wonder if he has, or if he’s only heard about it from fellow conservatives…

    either way, after years of passively listening for the “uncle toms oreos, tokens, house ni&&ers” of the world, i’ve yet to hear one. except from archie.

  • If Canada became more like the United States, and under Harper it’s going in that direction…I’d see more of a reason not to flee the scene of the crime(s) than ever.

    see, there it is Jordan, You are superior in the fact that your country, compared to here is without fault?

    And any fool who would say they felt pride in this country is a dope in your eyes…but what if your wife was Canadian and you were American?

  • Jordan Richardson

    Jeannie, I married an American, so I obviously have little problem with Americans as individuals. In that respect, I doubt I’d move from the country where my family and friends live because of the actions of the government and powers that be. I don’t equate a country’s citizens with the actions of a country’s powers.

    I’m just not a patriot because I plainly don’t see a reason to be one. I like where I live, but my being Canadian means little more to me than an accident of my birth. It doesn’t, on its own, make me personally better or worse than anyone else. Simple, really.

    If Canada became more like the United States, and under Harper it’s going in that direction, I don’t imagine I’d move. Not only would I rather continue to live around my family and friends and wife’s family and friends, I’d see more of a reason not to flee the scene of the crime(s) than ever.

  • Horace Mungin

    The title of this article is misleading. I was expecting to learn why black people watch Fox News and listen to Limbaugh – instead I learned why the author thinks Patrick Buchanan is a racist. Someone’s been looking at Fox News.

  • Arch, I can only speak for myself, but I would never use the terms Uncle Tom or oreo or the rest. [Neither, I suspect, would Olbermann or Maddow, to name two.] Where do you get this stuff?

    Do you speak any other language besides Angry Hostile Cartoonese?

  • Arch Conservative

    I’m always amazed at the attitude that many black and white liberals have toward black people that call themselves Republican or conservative. They’re often referred to as uncle toms oreos, tokens, house ni&&ers and other such racial slurs. It’s as if the left and the Democrat party think they own the mind of every black person.

    What could be more racist than expecting a person to have a certain set of sociopolitical beliefs for no other reason than the fact that they are a member of a certain race and then ridiculing and/or demeaning that person when they do not conform to your preconceived notion of who they should be?

    But that’s the left for you. Preach one thing, practice another.

  • MSNBC invites a likeable token white male racist like Pat Buchanon on their network for the same reason that Fox News invites a likeable token black minority, like Juan Williams: it makes both networks appear balanced.

    Pat Buchanon and Juan Williams are the chumps against which the ideological commentators (i.e. the show’s champions) can spar with and inevitably always defeat.

  • Jordan,

    I just read your article in CUD and have some questions for you.

    What if Canada became more like the US?

    waging war, stealing resources, and disregarding all other forms of government but their own

    :0 What would you do, move? Where would you go?

  • Jordan Richardson

    Sometimes you have to pick the low-hanging fruit.

  • I was just kidding. I know you were rubbing it in.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Nope, still believe in the same things. Just would generally rather write about music and film.

  • Are you saying the old age got to you, ole boy, and made you mellow?

    I don’t believe it.

  • Jordan Richardson

    This is an article I wrote called “Why I Am Not a Patriot.” I wrote it a year or two ago, perhaps when I apparently wasn’t so “lukewarm.”

    Incidentally, it’s the follow-up article to “Why I Don’t Support the Troops.” You can find that article on the site, too. Somewhere in the archives.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Being proud of one’s country is one thing. Touting the supremacy of one’s country over all others, as though other countries do not also provide excellent ways of life and standards of living for people, is another thing altogether.

  • Cindy,

    Have you ever read any comments made by me that sound, machismo my country is better than yours?
    I admire many other countries and the way that they treat their citizens and their environments.

    🙁 again, we can’t just run away and drink from sticks. i wish we could!

  • Cindy,

    Your thesis on patriotism only works if we are talking about American patriotism as it’s practiced today, or a similar form of it in, say, China, France or North Korea.

    But there are plenty of examples of patriotism which do not pander to the ruling system. For example, a Lakota Indian might feel a sense of pride in belonging to his or her nation, even though that nation has been subsumed beneath the political entity known as the United States. Or, to take an example from my own island, Welsh patriotism is alive and well despite the fact that technically there is not even any such thing as Wales, and has not been since the Acts of Union passed during the reign of Henry VIII.

  • “I’m not talking about a thing I haven’t both experienced and even believed.”

    Or at least tried to subscribe to in moments of inadequacy and delusion.

  • Dan,

    The mindset that Americans have of thinking they are giving others what must be ‘some of the best stuff on earth’ IS the colonial mindset. Can you see that?

    It is not that we are not being colonialist. It isn’t as if colonialists are all salivating monsters (though some are). It is the mindset that they are superior, their world is superior, everyone else is beneath them.

    I am white, I’m not talking about a thing I haven’t both experienced and even believed.

  • Jeannie,

    Patriotism, as I see it, is a point of view that encourages one to be proud as opposed to encouraging one to question.

    The reason it is called the ruling class or dominating culture is because the way things are now support them. It is not as if they got power without affecting the entire way people think about things. Patriotism is a way of making people feel special and belonging to a group. They tend to question the motivations of that group less than if they simply look at it unemotionally. Patriotism is what gets people to fight wars that are not in their interest. Telling them they are fighting for “our” freedom becomes enough to get them to willingly and uncritically go and fight in wars that the US started and that are in no way defending our freedom–but are rather in the interest of military positioning, oil acquisition and domination.

    We don’t have all those commercials selling ‘GI Joe’ type muscle figurines for no reason. We are taught from childhood to be patriotic–long before we can understand what just accepting the rhetoric behind ‘patriotism’ means.

    And if that doesn’t work for you, I will say I am not proud of being from or having any country. That sort of community always needs to exclude others. That is how wars start. I want one world in solidarity. My country is the world.

  • John Wilson

    Dan: I’m guessing that you were being satirical. Too hard to follow. That’s why I don’t write satire: what seems clear and obvious in the writers mind too often becomes an uncertain jumble on the page.

    Just my 2cents.

  • Dan

    I guess that, according to Cindy, the only thing worse than white colonialism is no white colonialism. How dare Americans assume that the refugee boys would feel more “freedom” here than back in the Kenya refugee camp? The sheer audacity of these presumptous Americans to suggest the boys not enter the stores of frightened– and probably racist– store owners in packs is an affront to humanity.

    I hope some one will rescue these boys from further exploitation in this hell-hole known as USA, and return them to their Kenyan paradise.

  • On Pat Buchanan:

    Just as Fox News has its roster of “liberal” doofuses (including the Rev. Sharpton) whom it wheels out on a regular basis to make the left look bad, so MSNBC has Buchanan.

    Whether, because of these folks, you perceive Fox News or MSNBC to be diverse or not is beside the point. They’re patsies, plain and simple. Literally.

  • Finally, a writer that is proud of their country!

    Er, sure.

    How about a writer who’s proud of somebody else’s country for a change?

  • those (forgot)

  • Hiya Cindy 🙂

    Oh, it’s patriotism that’s controlling this country? I thought it was all of special interests groups.

  • Correction: “can you imagine them actually voicing any of their negative] experiences [about America] in such a way as to presume they actually do have the right to do so?

    They would be accused of being ingrates. Dominators love to feel proud and special and like they are helping everyone and no one can live without them and their best* way of life.”

    *Which I find, frankly, inhuman, hollow, alienated, materialistic, shallow, narcissistic, and sad.

  • Hiya Jeannie,

    Nice to see you. 🙂

    True I do believe in your freedom to be a patriot. Doesn’t change my view that patriotism is what allows control of the masses by the ruling class. If you are a patriot, you will support their system of oppression, whether you want to or not.

  • Sorry Gemna, no need for me to be so crabby. (puts down the rocks) Thanks for being understanding.

    I recently watched the film God Grew Tired of Us. About the more than 27000 orphaned boys Lost Boys of Sudan who walked for 5 years to a refugee camp in Kenya (the British colonialists –reported elsewhere as the most CIVILIZED people in the world–decided to pull out and haphazardly created a country out of two disparate peoples and then left them with the result that one side began slaughtering the other.–OOOPS!–ain’t colonialism grand? Jolly good show.).

    These boys cared for one another, the older caring for the younger, whilst they starved and fought of attacks from wild animal and soldiers. You can see pictures of what starving to death looks like when they arrived after 5 years in Kenya.

    They lived in this refugee camp for about 20 years. They hoped for lives outside the camp. The US took some of them and relocated them. The film details some of their experiences. Some things stood out for me.

    One: The reaction of these boys to the American way of life, witnessed our culture of isolation and failure to care for one another. The boys were very used to working together in an environment of community, love, and caring–despite that it was a refugee camp. One boy talked about people passing by a woman who was upset and not helping her by talking to her. That is what he had learned to do. There was shock at this culture change. One could see the alienation and loneliness.

    Two: Store owners in the NY town where some boys were relocated were afraid of the boys because they traveled on a group. Rather than introduce the boys to the store owners to correct their perceptions, the boys were now told not to travel in a group.

    Three: A boy who was being interviewed was asked the leading question, “You probably have a lot more freedom here than you did.”

    It was a ludicrously presumptuous question, in my mind. One born of the indoctrinated rhetoric about America. In my mind, these boys were better off at the camp in Kenya, where there was humanity and love rather than slaving away at two and three jobs and kissing American butt because we presumed what we gave them is so much better than what they had.

    And if you don’t think ‘butt-kissing’ is required, can you imagine them actually voicing any of their experiences in such a way as to presume they actually do have the right to do so?

    The interviewer was expressing a presumption she got from her patriotism. Patriotism is nothing more than a narrative of the power culture. Unless you are a white male who owns a Lear jet, believing it is not in your interest. You will make presumptions much like the interviewer. You will fail to see reality as it is for other people who are not in power.

  • Finally, a writer that is proud of their country!

  • Cindy,

    Patriotism is for anyone who wants it. Aren’t you a professor of total freedom?

  • Gemma,

    Please place your url in the bottom line so we can see your website. if that’s what you want.

  • jeannie danna

    Anyone questioning, Gemma, ought to read this.

    She has written a great article and shouldn’t have to prove every single word. After all the articles I read here that are missing any links to back them up…you all have a lot of nerve.

    :)aren’t i right?

  • Paul

    Genma, please provide some evidence as to how Pat Buchanan is a racist.

  • www.genmaspeaks.com

    Grow up? Yikes, that’s personal. We are having a discussion and you throw rocks…at least say hello.

  • Perhaps he isn’t interested in playing my country’s better than your country. Grow up.

    Patriotism is for the blind.

  • www.genmaspeaks.com

    Then why not mention your country…I just so happen to be proud of my country.

  • Jordan Richardson

    The USA is the Best country on earth for ALL people.

    Must you Americans ALWAYS play this tune?

  • www.genmaspeaks.com

    Thanks for commenting. The USA is the Best country on earth for ALL people. I did look at Mr. Buchanan through lens of objectivity in the same way I looked at my neighbor’s ugly baby and said, “He is a healthy baby boy”.

  • Whitey

    Pat Buchanan is one of the only true conservatives left in our country. His views on modern political issues are almost always spot on. In fact, he is one of the most historically accurate political commentators of our day, and is really the only reason why I would ever even tune into MSNBC. If you were to look at him objectively, instead of through a racially hypocritical lens, you would understand what he is trying to say. His points in the aforementioned articles are precisely right. America is the BEST country on earth for black people. In less than 200 years we have gone from the days of slavery to having a black president. Yet, you call him a racist for stating that. How can you dispute that? Honestly, the real racism that is most prevalent today is against white people. White Christian hetero-sexual males are probably the most discriminated against people in America. We are at a disadvantage every time we apply for a job because of “diversity standards.” Dr. King stated that we should be judged by the content of our characters and not by the color of our skin, and yet modern day liberal political thought seems to think the exact opposite. I am sure that most of the people that read this blog post will probably disagree with me. But, I would like to thank people like Pat Buchanan for giving me the courage to tell the truth about issues like these, no matter how unpopular it may be to mainstream liberals.

  • www.genmaspeaks.com

    Victor and Jordan,
    The NEWS should be the focal point which is often missing. A snipet of what is going on in the world, then we asked to hear from commentators. Most are peddling book, auditioning for speaking engagements, or selling gold. By tuning in knowing in advance that I am listening to an entertainer, I have not expectations.

  • Jordan Richardson

    The various news outlets will claim that they’re giving the people what they want to see/hear. The extent to which that’s actually true is debatable, obviously, but when news becomes about making money and getting ratings, you’re going to lose something in the translation.

  • I think was has been missing in the television news is what Genma has noted: NEWS. There is such a concern about the entertainment factor, that hard reporting is forgotten about.

    What would Edward R. Murrow say about what’s happening today? I’d love to hear it!

  • jeannie danna


    non corporate sponsored news
    Democracy Now!__the War and Peace Report

    :)check it out

  • Jordan Richardson

    It’s a good idea to get varying perspectives on news stories, I agree. But sometimes the perspective of your ranting and raving racist uncle is just flat-out useless. That’s generally the way I feel about Rush. I can do without any “insight” he may bring, frankly.

    Good article, by the way. Really nice, thorough job.

  • Genma Holmes

    I blog often about the media take on various subjects. I can hear about a story and want to get everyone version of events. Eventually, I get the truth. I recommend small doses to you build up your immunity.

  • I wish I had your attitude, G. I like to hear and understand the points of view of people I generally disagree with. But I can’t listen to these guys (Rush etc.) without getting angry and stressed at how wrongheaded and so often pointlessly vindictive and disturbingly idiotic they are. I can positively feel the destructive chemicals bathing my body and shortening my life, tick tick tick. So I just have to avoid them. I salute you!

  • I’m not sure I understand why you can’t get the same entertainment value out of Buchanan as you do from Limbaugh. Both are rhetorical bomb-throwers who say provocative things purely for effect.

    On MSNBC, the other [mostly liberal] hosts and commentators depict Buchanan affectionately as eccentric old Uncle Pat, smiling or giggling at his latest outrage. Rachel Maddow has often noted how strongly she disagrees with him, but how much fun it is to argue with him.

    I may be wrong, but it’s hard to imagine Limbaugh agreeing to debate Maddow [or, more volcanically, Keith Olbermannn]. Would make a great show though.

  • Genma Holmes

    I don’t listen to Rush daily..but I do tune in. I think it is entertainment, honestly. As for submitting it to culture…the message would have been lost over in Politics.
    Have a great day.

  • jeannie danna


    Smart idea to submit this to culture.

    I have watched Pat’s game for years. He probably isn’t even fully aware that he relates every word uttered back to the Nixon and Ford admins.

    But how can you stand Rush?

    “If not for the American labor movement Rush wouldn’t have a mic in front of him, he’d have a serving tray!”

    :)nice to talk with you, Gemma, I’ll be back later today.

  • Genma Holmes

    No I have never watched it..but I am going to look into it.

    He mentions the Nixon Administration every opportunity he can!

  • Genma Holmes

    Thank you. Hopefully we can have discussions about news with substance. Right now, I am being entertained most of the time.

  • jeannie danna


    Great article, I need to give FOX another chance.

    It’s good to see someone else has this view of Mr. Pat! I count the minutes until he mentions the Nixon Admin…

    Do you ever watch, Democracy Now with Amy Goodman?

  • This is one of the most brave, intelligent, and honest discussions about television news that I have ever read.