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Why Ben Roethlisberger Is an Elite Quarterback

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Excuses, excuses. Ben Roethlisberger — who just won his second Super Bowl in five seasons — is an elite quarterback. He is up there with Peyton Manning, Terry Bradshaw, and Dan Marino despite of what 24-year-old Dallas fans working for the Bleacher Report may say. Ben just is. He’s that good. Let’s take a look at some of the arguments in the article:

“Big Ben has been an excellent game manager, but not a catalyst to the Steeler’s success.”

Ben is much more than a game manager. He’s a game winner. There were five times this season the Steelers have won due when Big Ben driving the offense to the end zone to win the game — Baltimore (twice), Jacksonville, San Diego, and Arizona (Super Bowl XLIII). Was the defense on the field then? No?

Not to mention that Ben plays on Heinz Field, which is outdoors. I’ve been to games there — it gets very cold very fast. He’s playing in 20 degree weather. Imagine what he would be like if he got the luxury of playing in a dome like Peyton Manning.

“It would be inexcusable for him to put up pedestrian numbers, and with the exception of one magnificent year, that is exactly what he has done.”

Really? Do your research, Dallas fan. Ben went 15-0 in the regular season as a rookie. That takes talent.

Ben not being elite is absolutely absurd.

The same place that said Ben isn’t elite also wrote that Carson Palmer is a better quarterback. Give me a break. That’s just laughable. How many rings does that guy have? Zero. Zero. Zero. You’re not a better quaterback if you can’t win.

This is just ridiculous.

More Reasons Ben’s Elite, From Yours Truly:

Many people say he’s not up to the elite status. Whining, saying things like, “It was the refs! The refs!” and “It’s such a good team though. Remember the defense? Ben gets all the credit.” They say he’s only a game manager. Are you kidding me? What more does this guy have to do? Win four rings like Bradshaw did?

Well, if it wasn’t the defense that won the Super Bowl on the last drive, it had to be the Steelers excellent running game and offensive line this year, right? Really? Because the Steelers have such a great offensive line. If you actually paid attention to the Steelers, you would realize: they don’t! The offensive relies on Big Ben. It was Big Ben that won those five games. It was Big Ben that won Super Bowl XLIII. That’s why he’s elite.

Yes, Ben had the great defense, but just because he had a great defense doesn’t mean he isn’t an elite quarterback. Let’s start with Ben’s postseason this year. Ben Roethlisberger threw one interception in the playoffs. One interception in 89 attempts. (And that was in the Super Bowl and was tipped. Clearly not his fault.) That’s the lowest among all playoff quarterbacks who appeared in more than one game, including Philip Rivers, Kurt Warner, and Donovan McNabb. Did the defense do that? Wait … did the refs give psychic vibes to Ben, so he wouldn’t throw the interceptions?

And while we’re defining elite, let’s recall that Tom Brady is generally considered elite, because of his Super Bowl run. In Tom Brady’s winning fourth quarter drives, his team was tied, so he didn’t need a touchdown. Ben did, because the defense collasped in the fourth quarter.

So, who can we compare Ben too? John Unitas? Maybe. We’ll see. There’s a great article by Bob Labriola in the Super Bowl addition of Steelers Digest. It campares Ben to Unitas in the 1958 Championship game and Joe Montana in Super Bowl XXIII.

Bob Labriola always wrote, “Roethlisberger isn’t getting the credit he deserves for the Steelers’ win in the Super Bowl … He had to be a leader abd inspire others to do their jobs … He had to be calm … He had to be their source of confidence.”

The Indiana Gazette says Ben has a strong arm, good vision, and confidence, which makes him elite.

“He’s won several games before,” says defensive end Brett Keisel to the Indiana Gazette. “We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for his heart. He’s a prime-time player, and there’s a reason why he’s gonna have two rings on his finger.”

I think the elite quarterbacks in the league are: Ben Roethlisberger, Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner, Brett Farve, and Tom Brady. Drew Brees and Donovan McNabb may be ones too.

On an online poll on the Bleacher Report article asking if Big Ben is elite, 73 percent of people said yes! He is an elite quarterback. Although very young, Ben Roethlisberger is on the right track to the Hall of Fame and if he continues to play at this elite rank, he will go there.


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    Dittos, Maddy!!

    Witnessing Ben’s ongoing success has been very enjoyable, especially after a few of the self-appointed experts proclaimed that his rookie season was a “fluke.”

  • He has certainly fell into a great position with the Steelers when he was drafted. Rivers and Manning had to work their way up a little more — Manning, since he was up against the NY media and Kurt Warner, and then Rivers, against Drew Brees and his own hubris by missing training camp. Roethlisberger just needed to be noticeably better than XFL legend Tommy Maddox.

    Roethlisberger’s stats don’t look great compared to others because they really don’t have a stat for sacks avoided or tackles shaken. I don’t know how he does that.

    I think the argument is that if you put Roethlisberger in the Arizona or Indy offense, he wouldn’t be as productive. And they would be right. Fortunately, hypotheticals like that mean nothing, and he’s the perfect quarterback for the Pittsburgh system. Manning and Warner would do worse in black and gold, but they found their strides in the domes in which they roam.

    One ring means nothing for a quarterback unless an MVP trophy with it, because Trent Dilfer has one. But two rings … that means something.

  • Ben is one tough dude…

  • BettorFan

    Big Ben is an amazing QB. We don’t get to see half of that talent on most of the QB’s that enter the league. He will definitely be one of the greats and he just got started.

    – BettorFan

  • Tony

    Ben is definitely a winner but elite? To be elite you have to put up elite statistics and he hasn’t. No where in this piece was there a mention of passer rating, touchdown passes, touchdown to interception ratio or any other statistic that puts him in the class of elite.

    I think the comparison to Bradshaw is a good. Terry Bradshaw was a winner that played on great teams but he is not in a class with the very elite. In fact, Ben is much better than Bradshaws 51.9 career comp. % and his 212 td against 210 picks.

    Lots of solid QB’s win the big game on great teams (Dilfer, Johnson, ect.) While Ben is obviously better then this group I believe his stats show he is one rung under the very elite who have played the game. Especially considering he plays in an era with exponentially more passing than say Unitas. Totally different game.

  • Debbie

    Ben has more perfect passer ratings then Brady and in 2007 season his stats were best only second behind Brady. When that team needs to come from behind is when Ben plays his best football, when he goes to the no huddle, calls his own plays and drives down the field to score. This team has every confidence in the leadership of Ben and his abilities. This is not the last time that you will see Ben in the SB and most analysts agree that Ben should have been MVP.

  • steeeeel

    Anyone with any sense at all could tell from season one that Ben is an elite QB.Most of what you hear is…he doesn’t do this right,he does this wrong.But when you look at what he has done there aren’t many QB’s that can match him and the Steelers.He plays to his teams strengths even when there are glaring weaknesses that would have crippled other teams.You can Bet the Steelers will be back at the big dance again soon!

  • releets

    Manning is a record holder but what does he have to show for it.Big numbers don’t mean anything if you can finish the job.Ben(and the Steelers) has proven he can finish the job in an electrifying manner.
    If people need 2 more rings to believe he is among the best ever….so be it.Lets go get 7 and 8!The Steelers own the SB,at this point even the elite teams are playing catchup.

  • Ryan Egan

    If you think he is elite. you are a steelers fan or an ass clown. He is damn good but not elite. You my friend are an idiot. You can only give Ben TEAM STATS, winning percentages. He puts up such shitty individual numbers that without the best elite defense in the league he would get killed. He makes great plays yes, but during a season he lives on second chances. He makes just as many bad plays. hence last year 17 tds. and 15 int. in one season. Yes he has had the blessing of a great organizational defense and running game. He is lucky for that. He finds a way to win but the majority of the seasonal games he plays he wouldnt have the chance if the defense wouldnt of held the opposing offense. There are only two elite qbs in the last decade, they are manning and brady. REASON WHY. THEY HAVE SUPER BOWLS, STATS OUT OF THE YIN YANG, RECORDS, AND MORE IMPRESSIVELY THEY WON WITH A HIGH POWERED OFFENSE. ya so call me a whiney bitch when most of the steelers fans actually are. I watch football, a lot, I know what im saying ive seen him make a ton of plays to hurt his team, later in the game he ends up winning it because of his TEAM. He is a good QB, untill he puts up some INDIVIDUAL STATS, and doesnt just have TEAM stats then well talk. SAYING HE WENT 15-0 in his first season is BS. the team did it! he had horrible individual stats that year, sure he did good enough, but that still is not an elite status.