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Why Are Liberals So Mean?

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As an unabashed Conservative, formerly a Liberal, I like to think I can put myself into both ideological mindsets. But a post recently made to my Blog and Blogcritics called “The Bag” left me speechless with incomprehension.

“The Bag” is a short and sweet reminisce about a trip my sister and I made to NY City. I recounted the story about a bag, very small, one of those Hallmark things, left on the sidewalk and the argument I had with my sister’s eyebrows over whether I should claim the bag myself.

One of my Blog readers sent me a URL that I checked out. To discover, to my complete astonishment, the Blog owner quoted my entire post from my Blog, including the pictures.

Then the Blogger launched into a tirade, the meanness contained within being totally incongruent with the innocence of the story.

I ruminated for a week then came to the only conclusion possible.

Liberals are just plain unhappy.

This makes them very mean.

The United American Blog-Mean-ness HERE

Over these past few years, as my transformation from Liberal to rock-solid Conservative was taking place, it is this very meanness by Liberals that aided in my ideological change.

This and the fact that things have greatly changed since my days of marching against the Vietnam war while carrying candles in the rain.

I’ve listened to the Move-On people rant about nasty Americans. I’ve heard many of the liberal congress critters harp on about Abu-Gharab and Gitmo, even calling Gitmo comparable to Gulags and concentration camps. I’ve seen an unbridled hatred of our current President unbalanced almost in the vitriol.

Do people really believe that the transformation of Times Square and Manhattan happened because of 9/11?

Yes of course, the entire structure of Manhattan was changed since 9/11. It takes years to build buildings, idiots.

Downtown badly needs to be rebuilt, but somehow hasn’t been.

Two things really upset me about this post: it was the author’s first visit to Manhattan in 20 years, and 20 years it was so dingy and horrible. It wasn’t. Obviously you don’t appreciate ornate pre-war (World War Two) buildings, and yes it was less safe–crack epidemic–the years of Ford to city: drop dead had just ended, and we were using mostly private resources to redo the parks, Times Square and other places.

The Blogger obviously takes exception in the quote above to my allusion that the change in NY city since my earlier visit as being attributable to the 9/11 attacks.

Which I will admit was exactly my allusion.

Then the Blogger goes on about the things that upset her about my post. Getting “upset” about my post, let’s state right here, being an enormous over-reaction as I see it. But in my post that gets this poor unhappy human being so upset, I cite specific examples, very specific and TRUE examples, of the change in attitude of NY city since my earlier visit and the recent one with the incident of “The Bag.”

Sure, my examples are but anecdotes in a city teeming with millions of humans and the examples may, or may not, be indicative of a change in the “persona” of NY City from twenty years ago until now.

Although this Liberal Blogger really needs to get a clue. This is how tourists get an impression of places he/she may visit. They then go home and tell their family and friends. It’s a fact. All of us, even Liberals, form their mindsets and opinions on human interaction and our personal experiences.

In fact if 9/11 didn’t help change the atmosphere of NY city, for which an argument could be made that it DID as the city desperately needed to get their tourists back, then I’d argue it was the reign of mighty Rudy Guilianni that did the deed.

Either way, I still argue the NY City of my twenty year memory and the NY City of “The Bag” are almost two different cities in two different times.

The Blogger, who lives in NY city by the way, can think what she wants. Sometimes when one is in the middle of something they lose a perspective a casual visitor can note immediately.

Even more bizarre, the post had many comments after the original post.

“We don’t need or want holier than thou tourists who are so proud of visiting our city because they could be putting their lives in danger.”

“Yet we have the whole (expletive deleted) country telling us that not only aren’t we patriotic because we didn’t vote for Bush but they are for visiting.

you and Karl Rove can kiss my New York tush.”

“Yes I’m angry over a bag because the writer used it to frame a cute stupid story when there was nothing cute about 9/11 or its aftermath”

Dear Lord! These people need to get a grip!

It was a NICE story. In fact, the Blogger herself states “Here it is: a cute anecdote in a cute blog.”

There were many more comments, most very nasty.

All of it a perfect example of the meanness Liberals carry in their hearts. Remembering that the Blog cited is a Liberal Blog.

Which makes me wonder why are Liberals so mean?

In my Liberal heyday I felt like I had a cause. A nasty rotten war in a steamy jungle destroyed my marriage when my young husband took off for Canada to avoid the draft. It was the height of the Civil Rights movement; an era when blacks still had to sit in the back of the bus. Women were routinely paid less than their male counterparts for doing the same work.

There was change to be made and as I looked around I felt I had to be a part of it. In fact, in another post made to my Blog and on Blogcritics about my experience with segregation at Baltimore’s old Gwynn Oak Park, the post was picked up by Baltimore’s Afro-American newspaper, I was interviewed, and they’re doing a feature article on it.

Hardly a mean Conservative am I.

In my Liberal days I too disliked the President. Heck, I was one of the five people who voted for George McGovern! But never, not ever, did I hate Nixon, Ford or even the hapless Carter, with the rage coursing through today’s Liberals for George Dubya. And as much as I hated that Vietnam war, I never spit on a returning serviceman, a nasty sport of that era, or took every opportunity to paint them as evil torturers, today’s favored sport.

Yon readers may accept my analysis of mean Liberals, based on events and quotes as they currently occur and personalized by this experience, as being without merit.

As for myself, I am left inextricably with my perception that Liberals are just plain mean people.

Mean people are unhappy people.

There’s a time to be Liberal and, as Thomas Jefferson noted in his concept of “countervailing forces” , a time for the pendulum to swing the other way.

The pendulum across this country is now swinging towards Conservatism. Soldiers are no longer drafted. Our war on terrorism is based on an ATTACK on this country. Little Vietnam never attacked anybody. Blacks not only have equality, there’s been a long period of affirmative action to move things along. Women are now paid equal wages for equal work.

MY brand of Liberalism brought about change.

Liberals today are the unhappy people of the world with a common cause:

To be MEAN because it feels good.

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  • Conservative1

    Liberals are mean because they are constantly on medication.

  • Chuck Gettle

    Thank you Pat. I too am a recovering liberal. Much happier now not having to live the lies and party doctrine. I actually appreciate things forwhat they are now and not what i think they should be.

  • Despite the blacks suffering the olden days most people generally had manners and it was usually the *drunken sailors* you had to watch out for but you could avoid that by not going into areas the sailors hung out at like the Bowery.

  • John

    You know..I was just thinking about this the other day. Very few liberals that I know are actually respectful people that enjoy a good debate. The only way I can describe the other masses of liberals is with a simple name. Two words. Bill Mahr. Especially northern liberals. Those son of a bitches are mean as hell.

  • This article is lazy and absurd.

    Except in the most superficial of ways, conservatism and liberalism are neither opposites or enemies.

    Furthermore, neither grouping is so coherent or ideologically defined and rigid for this kind of observation to be anything other than provocative tripe designed to do nothing but cause confrontation and exactly the kind of shallow debate we have seen in most of the comments above.

    This article was trash when it was first written seven years ago and trash it remains. I hope the author at least has evolved their thinking since then.

  • Even though liberals give off this phoney persona of intellectualism, by the way they dress, act, comb their hair, type of glasses they love, the trendy coffee shops they life.

    If this is the metric you use to determine whether somebody is a liberal, David, then you’ll have to forgive me if I’m skeptical about your 90% figure.

    (Out of curiosity, do you also identify Germans by their ruthless efficiency, marching, constant beer-swilling and insistence on wearing tight leather shorts?)

  • DavidSawyer

    I consider myself an “Independent” but I’d have to say that most the time when I was treated unfairly or mean by someone that 90% of the time (in my life and experience) they’ve turned out to be a Liberal. Also they all too often think they’ve won an argument by either insulting your intelligence, cutting you off, putting words in your mouth, ignoring your side of things, talking louder than you, or making threats when they run out of ideas to back up their illogical statements. They all too often suffer from what’s called “Cognitive Dissonance” but when pressed they get angry. I’ve actually scored very highly on IQ tests and feel that I have a very logical mind. If someone can’t sway me using science & logic then I’m not going to change my mind. All too often what should be an adult conversation turns mean with a liberal. Even though liberals give off this phoney persona of intellectualism, by the way they dress, act, comb their hair, type of glasses they love, the trendy coffee shops they life. All sort of enveloped act. I’m not saying all Liberals are like this but I feel most of them are. They also are very hypocritical. Acting very moralistic but don’t actually want to be moral. Even though I’m not a Conservative I’ve had better arguments with them. I don’t mean “argument” as in “fight” but the technical definition. Whereas with a liberal it’s usually a fight ending with them spitting insults about how stupid you are just because you won’t buy into their irrational desires. I’ve had a few conservatives talk down to me but not half as bad as liberals. And actually I’ve been able to sway a Conservative with logic & statistics to back up my statements (without fudging facts and twisting truths like the liberals often do). If I make a well stated logical argument I’ve been able to change the mind of a conservative peacefully and vice versa. But arguing with a liberal is hard because they often “flip flop” in and out of the actual “context” of the argument. We will be talking about one thing one minute and when the liberal is lying they bring something else up in place of it. Anyway, I also don’t like how Liberals won’t take “No” for an answer when I don’t want to sign their petitions. Usually they are nice at first but keep coming back to me again and again. Finally it usually ends up with them saying “You just don’t understand” Or “It’s stupid you won’t sign”. Trying to “Emotionally Hijack” me into signing out of pressure rather than logical arguments. Heck I’ve been swayed more by Conservatives when they have presented a well though out and logical discussion on the topic. I don’t like Conservatives entirely because I feel that they want to run the USA like a kingdom in which the Rich & other Conservatives are treated better. But I can see their point that certain (not classes exactly) people are better than others. I am poor myself but a lot of Democrats I know are in jail and prison more so than my Republican friends. My friends that I’ve seen hooked on drugs and alcohol out number my conservative friends that I’ve seen suffering from addiction. Granted Conservatives are war mongers set on instigating wars between countries or flat out starting wars unjustly. But still there is a “hidden” logic to it. Even though I disagree with their conclusions at least they are logical. Though they can lie just as much as the liberals to cover up their own schemes. All in all despite fiascos such as GW Bush I’m more apt to vote Republican. I’m not saying either that all Republicans are logical. I met several that I thought were boorish freaks. But in the end these were also the same people that were nothing more than military fodder for the real conservatives. I think that the democrats are often war too controlled by their subjective emotions whereas the conservatives are more objective thinkers. Though it might not seem it by some of the bad judgments they’ve made but look at their actions verse their words. Even though I disagree with certain policies and war time decisions I have to admit that the Conservatives are actually far more logical (though deceptive). Anyway in conclusion. When I’ve looked back on my 43 year old life and make a list of people that were nice to me verses mean or bullied me the number of Liberals that have hurt or bullied me or treated me unfairly seriously outnumber the treatment I got from Conservatives (sneaky or not).

  • Igor

    Just decide things for yourself, then you won’t have to look for a ‘liberal’ party or a ‘conservative’ party to support your views.

  • David S

    I’m an “Independent” but I’ve had easier times talking to Conservatives because a majority of Liberals that I’ve talked to get very condescending. They also get verbally abusive and say mean things. Either by insulting someones intelligence or by name calling. They also love to twist facts out of context or put words in my mouth I didn’t actually say. They also want their 1st Amendment rights respected until they get angry at someones post or message. Then the Liberal will tell that person to stop posting or that nobody cares about their opinion. Or that they shouldn’t say anything. blah blah blah So Liberals are also total hypocrites as well. They want their Freedom of speech respected but not that of others. Liberals are also extremely pushy when it comes to getting signatures on their little clip boards outside of theaters and such. Heaven forbid that you would say NO and have them leave you alone. I mean if a liberal says “NO” they’d want that NO to be respected. But if you don’t sign one of their hedonistic signature sheets for abortion or pushing the church around they will come at you again and again and again with ever increasing insults about how stupid you are for not signing. Don’t get me wrong, I happen to be gay myself and I’m not a Christian. But I respect the Church’s right to worship as they see fit (one of the reasons we started America in the first place… freedom of religion without the government forcing its will). Also being gay doesn’t mean I’m for abortion either. But my point is that as an Independent I side with the party rep that reflects my standards. But I do lean more towards conservative views. I just don’t believe in things like Reverse Discrimination via special rights that only creates more inequality in this country. Though I’ve been known to party down I’m just not that hedonistic to believe in abortions or pushing the church around. Also I believe in respecting peoples points of view without getting all insulting and negative. In a lot of cases when I’ve a Republican has disagreed with me he or she is typically nice about it. They might get a little over heated but in general they don’t get half as POed as a Democrat would. Man, Liberals can get vicious with their words and insults and even make threats of violence. Like saying things like “stupid people like you should be shot and killed” simply because I disagreed with them. I’ve always been confused to what party I wanted to affiliate with. I’ve been a Democrat before but I just didn’t seem to fit in. I couldn’t relate to their rudeness and mean tempers. Though I don’t exactly see eye to eye with Conservatives either, specially with their constant need for wars based on false evidence. But I feel that I truelove understand why both parties act the way they do. I’d have to say that I agree with a lot of the reasons why Conservatives do what they do. Sorry to go on and on like this. I’m not saying all liberals are like this but most of the ones I’ve met are. They also flip flop a lot on moral issues and or back out of promises. I simply don’t like that. Any time in my life that I was either bullied, used, mooched off of, or abused in some way about 8 times out of 10 it was a Liberal that hurt me. They smile to your face and act all laid back at times then they next minute they are mean and abusive.

  • Kyle

    Then the taxpayers wouldn’t be paying $$$ they can’t afford for me to rot in a cell which I will be given medical coverage with 3 hots and a cot for the rest of my life once convicted of killing people.

    But then again family won’t to pay me money to buy food at the Commissary which is the jail store.

    Here is a list of items at the jail store.

  • Kyle

    While both sides are pretty bad one had more of a negative vibe then the other and it’s not cons that have that vibe.

    I hope you Liberals enjoy it when people aren o longer allowed to own guns which will encourage criminals to buy them illegally and move to areas where defense is weak.

    If I were a criminal I wouldn’t start randomly shooting people if I knew most people owned guns as the chances are next to none on me getting away with it scot free.

    I’d be a dead criminal

  • Mr Truth

    No matter who you met or waht background status you have *first impressions* are always the most important moment in YOUR life and will cause unseen consequences down the road.

    Seems like in todays political world they don’t want people to realize first impressions are a big deal and can make/break a relationship no matter what background and status is all that counts.

    If you have a PHD or a MD you are a good smart person and that’s all that counts no matter how nasty your attitude is.

  • Mr Truth

    Funny thing really is this author never ONCE painted/labled anybody into the same group or whatever you liberals call it.

    This author only stated his/her experiences and nothing more and nothing less.

  • Spurwing Plover

    Liberals had better learn to behave or they be in deep touble with the big guy up there

  • Sorry to say, Spurwig, but that’s not much better. Did you suffer a stroke or is English not your native language?

  • Spurwing Plover

    Sinster liberals would rather save the redwoods then save their own relitives becuase their so wacko out on reading THE POPULATION BOMB while having their brains turned to mush by their steady diets of stupdidy

  • Let’s go easy on our twitcher friend. He’s probably spent so much time squinting into binoculars that he can no longer see to type properly.

  • Cindy D

    Damn sinister, saving trees and all that. I say, turn the redwoods into junk mail!

  • Me too, I’ll play! Spurwing, in “our” official language, it is America, Communist, English, language, and you’re, to correct only the five more blatant of your errors.

  • Cindy D

    Spurwing Plover,

    No comprendo Commrade.

  • pablo

    You tell em spurwing……….yeah such good writing there.

  • Spurwing Plover

    Liberals wont be happy until america is a communists nation why else do they oppose having english as our official langue and want to tax us from cradle to grave to fund their sinister ideas. You know your a liberal when you have a bumper sticker reading KEEP ABORTION LEGAL right next to your SAVE THE REDWOODS,SAVE THE RAINFORESTS bumper stickers

  • liberalsarebutt

    you’re right! we do want to use your tax money to kill babies! but you’d be happy to know that they’re gay fetuses that would eventually grow up to destroy the institution of marriage that conservatives have held up so strongly. well done to defend your position!

  • AV

    Liberals are unhappy because they want to destroy capitalism and make sure my tax dollars directly fund abortions. They are very tolerant unless of course you disagree with them. They attack Bush with such bitter hatred with no actual proof to back it up. They want OBAMA for president because he’s young, black and liberal. I guess that’s all that matters. They say its ok to kill the innocent unborn in the name of “choice”, but wrong to kill a convicted killer. It is hard to take you people seriously anymore. Go hold up your signs that say “we support out troops when they shoot their officers” and all your other “compassionate” messages, this author is just expressing her views and you attack, real nice. I guess your reaction to 9/11 was we had it coming, and we should say sorry to those poor people who had no choice but to attack us, so seriously, don’t make it sound like your the more “open minded” group, because thats a two way street.

  • JN

    yes, we are unhappy.

    we are unhappy for a myriad of reasons. we are unhappy because we do not want to blind ourselves to the individual stories of the millions of suffering people in the world, to do that would accept their lot as fate, and to accept their lot as fate is to deny the possibility of change, progress, and growth. It is the American liberal’s belief that we as a society have to provide some sort of capacity to let people prove that possibility. Contenting yourself with not thinking about other people or society as a whole may make you a happier person, but it makes morally corrupt.

    we are unhappy because the president lied and lied and lied in order to line his friends’ pockets.

    we are unhappy because the dissonance between the goals of the american promise and the reality of everyday life in america is so great, that it is absurd. absurd not as in “silly”, absurd as in “mind-blowingly beyond the capabilities of comprehension or common sense.” You may think that billions of dollars of debt to pay for a military-industrial complex that will eventually fail due to unsustainability may make sense, but generally taxes PAID fund governments, not trillion dollar credit card debt.

    so please, go on and on and on about how being liberal was a fancy of your youth. good. i’m glad that at some point you cared about something other than yourself. too bad that part of you got lost when you entered williams sonoma.

  • Dear America,

    Happy Birthday.

  • The Duke

    Mean Liberals scratch and claw; bite and kick!

    Mean Conservatives blow things up.

    Why walk when you can ride.

    Chicken Track! Brothers and Sisters!

  • WTF

    James Carvelle is a kind liberal.

  • BB

    Well said Eric.

    I believe that is the sort of dichotomy that jojo was trying to point out in a satirical way.

    People find it much too convenient to smugly label one another.

  • Dawn

    Maybe New Yorkers don’t like you saying mean stuff about their city. Heck had you been insulting Cleveland like that, I’d have called you a dirty rotten bitch, but since you didn’t I won’t.

    Lots of people are mean, liberal or conservative, this was a really biased analogy if you ask me.

  • Nancy

    Eric, you are spot-on about that. I suspect a lot of folks are actually like myself, smorgasborders: depending on the issue, we can be to the left of Karl Marx or to the right of Karl Rove, and sometimes even come down in the middle.

  • KC

    Aiming for decency isn’t trying to be better than anyone else.

    Dragging someone else’s blog out to pick it apart isn’t necessary. It would seem an attempt to humilate them. Why do that? The person on the other end of that blog is just another human being.

    Remember discussing things without getting underhanded and crossing the line into hurting the other person? Enough of these tatics and the wounds will never heal. It’s like a small, lame, snaky version of a civil war. As yet there are no real axes to bury, all we need to lay down is this useless, bitter vocabulary and the desire for the next silly act of revenge.

    The real bad guy is tall, has a beard, wears a turban and sits around waiting for us to rip each other apart.

  • Eric Olsen

    Pat, nicely done but a few things: from where I sit in the middle, I see about equal mean-spiritedness as one gets closer to both extremes. Ideological rigor seems to inspire hostility toward those not equally inspired.

    Even more so, the labels “liberal” and conservative” only apply to a relatively small percentage of the population because, besides the middle, there are many people who pick and choose their positions by topic and don’t buy any ideology across the board.

  • Another Liberal Meanie

    Dear Resident Film Genius, “Hairspray” was written by John Waters. It was not
    written by Barry Levinson. People in NYC
    are honest & direct. They do not suffer fools kindly.How you analogize attitude
    to political leanings is just downright bizarre.Gardens,birds,grandchildren and books sounds so fun.You left out feeding
    pigeons,fluffy sweaters,kitties,sunsets & Barry Manilow records.Now that’s what I call bloggin’,Toots.

  • oh yes, pseudoersatz, between ‘compassionate conservatism’ and it’s plan to ostracize, between the platform of ‘small government’ and the building of the biggest government ever, etc. we could all have great fun listing the hypocrisy of the conservative realm. Kind of like passing the time counting cows as you drive down the road.

  • And this post’s formatting is still is effed up. I guess I can clean up the mess if i have to, I just thought you know better where the bold and the itlaics should end.

  • PseudoErsatz

    Oh come now, Mr. S.! Liberals don’t have the corner on hypocrisy! Cons have plenty to heave around also. Let’s try to be more open-minded!

  • JR

    I read the first half of comment 19 as satire and thought it was absolutely brilliant. Then it stepped out of the frame and got confusing.

  • jokes about liberals on a ‘why are liberals mean’ thread. Hmmm.

    Both sides might have a ‘mean’ streak, but one side clearly dominates when it comes to hypocrisy.

  • it’s TalkRadio day! yay!!!!

  • jojo

    Definition of a Liberal:

    A young single person who uses abortion as a contraceptive, has a homosexual cousin who just came out of the closet and believes that Teddy (Chappa) Kennedy was innocent.

  • PseudoErsatz

    Old joke:

    What’t the definition of a Conservative?

    A Liberal with a teenaged daughter.

  • jojo

    Dear Diary:

    Note to self. Today Shark was mean to my good friend Patfish.

    I really hate people who like to hate like that. Full of hate, hate, hate.

    But we have to be tolerant of those who really can’t help themselves.


    Till tomorrow deary diary.


    P.S.: People like him will probably go to hell anyhow. Justice served.

    I’m a liberal and very proud that I am an enlightened thinker and above all this hate, hate, hate.

    Gosh I feel really good about myself because I know that I’m better than them.

    Sweet dreams and nighty-night. Ahhhh

  • I’ll say this…New Yorkers are getting better…a while back…they would have blamed us Jersey boys for any bad attitude you may have run into in NY!


  • carmine

    Your experiences echo my own. I too was once a liberal with a chip on my shoulder. I even wore a button that said “I believe Anita Hill.” Then I had a son, now an adult. And when the very feminist and liberal ideologies I had mindlessly embraced as a liberal meant, after my wife kidnapped my son, that as a Man I would not be allowed to see my son more than a few hours a week. I had a transformational experience: Liberals are not actually liberals. Classical liberalism is defined by an openess to reason and argument. Contemporary liberalism is merely ad hominem (attacking the man rather than his argument) raised to the level of doctrine. Contemporary liberals do not actually argue, they merely malign people and then pretend it to be reasonable. Now I know Anita Hill was likely a bald faced liar and and that is not an ad hominem for all the evidence demonstrates it. Anita Hill was a watershed moment for the return of classical liberalism, now known as conservativism. Yes we conservatives are the only ones who conserve our most cherished values: common sense, empirical evidence, reasonable dialogue.

  • Nancy

    Yes. You could WERE in NY, you could have just run afoul of a stereotypical NYer, altho I must observe that when I spent 6 weeks housesitting in Riverdale, in the Bronx, NY, I frequently walked or took public transit all over NYC doing the tourist bit, & was usually lost, and I have never met more gracious, nicer people than the NYers, of all colors & backgrounds. I even got lost in Harlem. Maybe God looks out for idiots like me, but I never met anyone there who was less than lovely to me. Several persons went out of their way to make sure I got where I was going in safety. Me – an obvious out of towner.

    So, maybe you just met someone having a really bad day. I doubt it was aimed at you personally. Hope you go again and have a much better time.

  • KC

    First I’m sorry this happened to you, it looks from what you’ve said as if someone wished silence you. I’m glad they weren’t successful.

    However I don’t think the reason they did what they did is due to their political view, but rather a reaction to someone having a different viewpoint. It’s easy when you’re confronted with an opinion completely opposite from your own to lump the speaker in with everyone else you’ve heard voice that argument. Once you’ve labeled them this way you don’t have to show them empathy or respect. Once labeled you’re free to assign them motives without checking, blame them for past slights inflicted by someone else, or make overall judgments that go far beyond their stated difference of opinion. In short you don’t have to see them as an individual or even human anymore. You can say whatever you wish about them or to them with no remorse once you�ve placed them in such a category, after all they are the OTHER. He/She forgot you were a fellow human being in their zeal to over ride your opinion and argument.

    You have to admit there�s a lot of that going around these days, but helpfully we all can at some point put the sharpened knives down and actually listen to each other. We need to remember to respect the people behind a different view point even if we don�t respect their ideas. Glad to see you didn�t pick up your ball and go home, but have stayed to play the game. 🙂

  • Nancy

    Yeah, what Sterfish said: I know lots of conservatives who are the soul of kindness & sweet reason, & I know plenty of liberals who could stand to study the meaning of the word ‘liberal’. I also know plenty of the opposite who fit all the stereotypes of either party. Meanness per se has nothing to do w/political affiliation, but more likely with whether the person being mean got no sleep, is upset about something, didn’t take their meds, drank too much coffee/coke/Code Red for breakfast, is going thru a PMS phase (if female) … all kinds of reasons unrelated to you personally. Fortunately, the Ann Coulters of the world are few & far between – those who are genuinely, gratuitously, deeply malicious & hateful all the time, regardless of their political affiliations.

  • That’s it Shark…I’m calling my mom…and I’m calling RJ’s mom too…and I’m calling Patfish’s mom too…just for picking on him…now you’re in really really big trouble!

    You just wait til your father gets home!

  • Meanness is an affliction that affects both sides equally. The sad thing is that all it takes is one mean person to taint the way a person views an entire side.

  • Shark

    It’s posts like these that remind me why I often hate the internet, the ‘democratization’ of “communication” — and its resulting shit-flood of confessional and/or personal whines from semi-literates who equate the ability to type with the ability to think.

    Ten or twenty years ago, this post and similar mindless crap would have been confined to a locked-up “Dear Diary” under some distraught meth-addled teenager’s bed.

    Or maybe it would have been manifested as a phone call to Mommy to complain about something someone at work said…

    Nowadays, it’s not only NOT EMBARRASSING, but it’s posted in public as a source of pride.

    Good lord!

    Get a clue and some shame, people.

    (Oh… and some standards, too!)

    Blogcritic’s “*Simon Cowell”

    * mean? Or just trying to be helpful by being brutally honest?

  • I personally don’t like to use a brush…I paint ’em with a Wagner Power Painter!

  • I’ve seen an unbridled hatred of our current President unbalanced almost in the vitriol.

    As a liberal who is both happy and (mostly) kind, I must conclude that you interpreted the right’s attitude toward the Clintons to have been some sort of lovefest, and that you think Ann Coulter is a sweetie-pie. Meanness knows no political boundaries, Patfish, but I suspect you already know that. If anything makes me tend towards feeling grumpy, it’s when people choose to paint an entire group of people with the broad brush of generalization.

  • Shark

    Pat, how ’bout an article explaining why Conservatives are such whining, overly sensitive pussies?

    Or how ’bout one on how hasty generalizations about others can often be a sign of repressed ignorance?

    But my suggestion: your next “book” should be a compilation of ancient cliches for upcoming writers:

    “…needs to get a clue”

    “Dear Lord! These people need to get a grip!”

    — are a great start!

    SHARK (A really mean, evil “rock-solid” Liberal who used to be “unabashed” Conservative)

  • Danny

    Didn’t they coin the term “compassionate conservatism” to offset the image that wingers are cold hearted bastards? If there’s any group in the political landscape who’s more prone to meanness, it would be cons. After all, we liberals are wimps who bend over backwards to accomodate your intolerance.

    And last time I checked, hate radio is a rightwing industry.

  • I, personally, do not think this sort of petty “meanness” is related to political/socioeconomic leaning, left or right. I think it goes much deeper. It is fueled by passion, frustration, and a feeling of helplessness. People who are comfortable in their own skin with their own thoughts – regardless of their philosophy – are not inclined to attack, with such venom, a dissenting opinion. They prefer, for the most part, measured discourse and discussion.

    I do not learn much from people who share my belief; I learn a great deal from those who do not.



  • sorry to hear that some people were mean to you. I have faced a lot of meanness from the right. Perhaps I don’t see much of the meanness of the left and you of the right because we ‘live’ on each side. Do you know what I mean?

    Conservatives demonize me, compare me to predators, animal lovers, tell me how my relationship is going to cause the downfall of civilization and all sorts of stuff.

    So I’m not going to bother to click on the link to see how bad it was for you, I’ll take your word for it, but there is meanness on both sides.

    I try to never be mean unless I feel you are supporting a harmful ideology or if you wake the baby. Otherwise I try to always be nice.

  • Well, Jojo, I think you showed us that personal meanness is present in the right wing.

    There are a lot of unhappy people on this site and I’ve had problems with them. I don’t think that tarring all liberals with that brush is fair. Personal meanness tends to be more prevalent in left-leaning sites (although there are lots of nice people too) while I find the reality created by right wing beliefs mean.

    When there started to be more right wingers and born again Christians here, I was thinking that just such things as you described would happen. There are people here who will attack anyone for any reason, but there is also compatibility of different groups, and this group may be trying to encompass too many ideologies to remain collegial.

  • jojo

    The conclusion I have come to is lefties are sexually frustrated and/or just too stupid to think logically or put together a sensible argument.

    A kind of political retardation that normal people are immune.

    Let’s face it. How smart can they be if they consider themselves liberal?

    I believe the actual medical term for it is “shit for brains”. Now watch the expletives explode. Heh.


  • Also, after a few minutes, photos do not work if you try and attach them from blogger / blogspot. It’s their limitation not ours.

  • I’d say that one guy was unhappy.

    However, me? I’m unhappy with your italic and bold formatting 🙂

    I’ll read again more closely tomorrow. Er, later today.