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Why 50 Cent Is A Fake

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When I think about how the whole Kanye West vs. 50 Cent thing started, naturally I knew it was a publicity stunt. Two guys, talking shit to each other to start a buzz right before their records come out. The thinking is, the more controversy, the more sales. Jesus, they were even on the cover of Rolling Stone. Face to face on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards.
It was crazy, but fun. It was a competition. Now, three days after the albums dropped on 9/11, it has turned into a fiasco. Not so much for Kanye, but definitely for 50. Let's take a look at the quick time-'line of the entire situation…

– Singles from Kanye's new album are released…well received by many.
– Singles from 50's new album are released… not well received by many.
– 50 calls out Kanye, saying there's no way Kanye will outsell him the first week, and if he does, 50 will retire.
– Kanye kills 50 in album presales.
– 50 gets pissed that tracks from his album are leaked onto the internet, goes kinda crazy.
– 50 talks shit about Kanye.
50 tries to start beef with Lil Wayne.
– T.I., Jay-Z, Diddy, 50 Cent AND Kanye all perform together on-stage.

After the albums are released…

– 50 says that he, "probably won't put another album out."
– 50 talks shit about Nas (again?).
– 50 talks more shit about Kanye.
50 declares war with Def Jam Records.

WHAT?! This guy is ridiculous! What kind of farce is this? This is not hip-hop. This guy recycled music from his first two albums and that is the reason his album is not and will not sell. When you are a fake, you get exposed like Milli Vanilli.

Did 50 really think that all the guest spots from R&B singers and white boys like Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake would save his album? 50 Cent has become exactly what Ja Rule was a few years back, when he more or less ended Ja's career… he is a rapper with R&B singers on his wing.

Why does 50 seem to think that people will be so upset at his "retiring?" Real musicians never retire. Apparently he thinks that will make people go out and buy his "last album." Oh wait… it's not his last album. Or is it?

Get real! Starting shit with Kanye, starting shit with Wayne, saying he will retire, saying he won't put another album out… All hype. It's all a cover up for a shitty product. 50 put out a mediocre album and he knows it. So in turn, he must create hype among the media and the fans to up his record sales.

And I know what you're saying, "Whatever, Mike…you're the one following this stuff, so the hype must be working on you."

Wrong. You're wrong. Because where I stand apart is the fact that I am a lover of real music… Not hype. Good music will create it's own hype and speak for itself.

It has to be about the music. Not about hype, not about controversy, not about beef, not about threatening to retire, not about record sales. The music is all that matters.

50 Cent's entire career has been a publicity stunt. It hasn't been about the music…it has been about hype. Like Nas said… "Fuck a bum, whack rapper making his career outta dissin."

Good riddance, 50 Cent.

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  • Acegunners

    U need to get of the ni99as case,he gets money period,try doin the same.

  • Purple Haze

    I agree,mike’s just a hater.get off kanye’s d*ck

  • Classy Redbone

    First of all, 50 is a sore loser and he doesn’t want Kanye to win, so he orders his own record label to buy is cds so that he can win. That sounds like a pathetic excuse for a rapper when your so called fans won’t buy your music.

  • Lady K

    Ok, well I agree with you about Kanye being better. I mean I don’t like either of their that much, but Kanye has put out some tight songs, for real. Like ‘Good Life’ with T-Pain up in it. Man, that is a fly song. And fifty cent…man. Boy, I am sorry, I can’t understand a thing you say when you rap/sing/talk what ever the heck you do, I can’t understand it. And it isn’t because I have hearing problems, oh no. I aced that on my physical four weeks ago, so you must have the problem. I always have to look up your lyrics to find out what it is the freak you are talking about. Pronouciate the words, please. I mean, really, if you want people to feel what you mean, at least let them know what you are saying. As for you, Kanye, you keep doing what you are doing. Man, you blew that compition out of the water, but if you went against Chris Brown/T-Pain or something, that would be a another thing. They are a little better than you, sorry. I still love you! You beat 50 any day.

  • “It has to be about the music. Not about hype, not about controversy, not about beef, not about threatening to retire, not about record sales. The music is all that matters.”

    Okay, I’ve alloted about five brain cells on rap music knowledge and even I know this isn’t true.

  • juskev

    50 reached his peak with his first album “get rich or die tryin” while kanye is far from his peak and is growing as an artist with every album. if you blow up as fast as 50 did its almost impossible to stay on that level. unless he reinvents himself… its a wrap for 50 cent.

  • Tanner

    50 Cent talked all this shit about Justin T. and Timberland at the VMA’s. Saying if it wasn’t for Timberland JT would be nothing. Nice comment 50…you douche stick! If it wasn’t for Dr. Dre and the “In Da Club” beat, you would just be broke ass street f*g that raps to the people that buys drugs from him. This dude is a joke. Oh 50…please write more songs about guns! I have never heard that before. 50, your a hack.

  • Adam

    Why do people love 50 cent?
    He had one good album, and only fools joining the hype bought the second one. Same goes for the new one. People like the 2nd poster really need to judge music beyond the image. If he didn’t have Dre and Em, he would suck big nuts. Mostly Caucasians buy his stuff cuz he had Em sponser him. Simply politics. Kanye doesn’t need it. He just makes good music, but he could lighten up a little. He won’t get any awards because he’s not white ala Timberlake. Just make your cash.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    “Okay, I’ve alloted about five brain cells on rap music knowledge and even I know this isn’t true.”

    I still think that is way too much to figure out that this shite is all about the image & not the f*cking music… I mean if you wanna call all that computerized beat-boxin,nowadays,”music”?!

    The entire genre went from artists with a flair for composition & a true message to a bunch a clowns renting Lambos for their videos..
    Obviously, there’s nothin left to say or be mad about when Flava-Flav’s had a reality show on VH1.

  • LB

    Actually the author of this blog and the rest of you haters need to do your homework. Fifty first had the September 11, 2007 date and it was Kanye who decided to put his album out the same day. It was a smart move marketing wise by Kanye because he knew that the many haters would purchase his album despite 50. I have family members who do not even really like hip hop who ran out to purchase Kanye’s album because they wanted him to win. But screw the haters I still roll with 50 though. 50 is on pace to sell over 600,000 albums the first week in this current climate while the only other rapper in hiphop this year besides Kanye and 50 cent that is selling is TI and people say 50 flopped. If selling over 600,000 your first week out with all the bootleg copies of Curtis being sold on the streets and barbershops in America, and the kids who are downloading your music for free and another big artist cutting into your sales is flopping then the whole rap industry would love to flop just like 50. Besides this is just the first week. In the next 3 or 4 months we will see who will sell the most you broke blog writing clown.

  • Eve

    I think 50 cent is wack. He has nothing positive to rap about. All he wants to do is start fights with other rappers and i mean the real rappers the one that know how to rap without bragging about their riches cars jewelry.He alwaya has something to say about nas and he is and neverwillbe half as good as nas.50 just has good beats thanks to dre.He needs to look at these kids and not wanting them to listen to that violent mess.But its all about him makinghis money

  • Money

    You don’t know what your talking about. I can tell just by looking at your picture… What do you know about hip-hop? You went to central michigan university hahahah. 50 and kanye used this beef to hype up sales. If you listen to any 50 interviews he says that the sales cannot be accurately counted because Def Jam is notorious for buying their artists’ cd’s to pump up the numbers. ALso 50 is a lot more popular worldwide so those sales will also push fifty way up to and pass kanyes inflated numbers…. Like 50 would say youz a Wanksta…and like Kanye quoted fifty in his song “Good Life”…”Like 50 said, let them haters hate and watch the money pile up…” Ur opinion is wack homie don’t quit your day job…

  • G-unot

    To tell ya da truth 50 cent could of win da contest and beat kanye west but da only reason he didnt cuz everybody hate him like me i used to think he was cool but after da shit i heard of and the things he be doin wasnt aware of like the beefs he start for no reason,what he did to young buck,and i just got his second album massicere and it sucks

  • Hellbound

    fuck all of y’all bitches 2Pac is the king of Hip-Hop!!!!!!

  • fitygaye3dollar bill

    dipa dipa duh
    come and give me hug
    cuz I’m mutherfuckin dumb
    sittin in the club
    playin wit my nub
    come an give me a hug
    cuz I’m mutherfuckin dumb…