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Whose side is Satan on, anyway?

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This general does not get it.

“Our enemy is a spiritual enemy because we are a nation of believers…. His name is Satan.”

Atheists do not get it.

Christian fundamentalists do not get it.

Islamic theocrats who have declared war against this country did far more than declare war on Christianity. Or on Judaism. Or on Judeo-Christianity. They also declared war on atheism, secularism, agnosticism, and paganism.

NOTE: Atheists and pagans are often considered synonymous by Muslims.

While traditional Islam considers Judaism and Christianity to be infidel religions, once they are conquered, they are nonetheless permitted to maintain their religions, but in a subordinate status which means payment of special taxes, legal imposition of second class citizenship, prohibitions on public religious practices and proselytization, etc.

Not so for atheists, Buddhists, agnostics, and pagans. Unless they convert to Islam, these groups are to be exterminated.

Fundamentalist Christians have trouble recognizing that they are considered less of an enemy than many of their fellow citizens, and this makes me wonder whether they have trouble facing the simple fact that this is a secular country, and we are hated more for religious tolerance than for religious intolerance.

Likewise, atheists seem to have trouble with the idea that a radical fundamentalist religion has attacked Judeo-Christianity along with atheism, secularism, and all other religious or non-religious beliefs which do not conform to the beliefs of radical Islam.

It is not in the interests of anyone to call this a religious war, precisely because so many divergent groups of Americans would then have to see themselves as being allies whether they like it or not. Atheists no more want to defend fundamentalist Christians than fundamentalist Christians want to defend atheists. However, I have not seen too many atheists declare that this is a war between atheism and Islam — even though a lot of Christians paint it as a war between Christianity and Islam. But logically, one can make the claim that it is both. And, considering the total annihilation promised atheists, in contrast to the second class status promised Christians, one could make the argument that atheists have more to lose in a defeat by Islam of the West.

It is by no means a foregone conclusion that “Islam” is in fact at war with “the West” because Islam is not the monolithic monster it is so often claimed to be. (For starters, there is a distinction between radical Islam and moderate Islam.) So I am not arguing that “we” are at war with “Islam.”

But, let us assume for the sake of argument that a radical Caliphate is somehow established, and all Islam is united under radical Islam, which then declares war against “the West” — or against the United States and Israel as “Great” and “Little” Satans. Characterizing this war as between Islam and Christianity distorts reality, and leaves many millions of Americans (along with many Israelis) unspoken for.

Atheists and fundamentalist Christians facing a common enemy — and one which considers atheists the worse threat of the two?

No wonder there is a consensus against calling this a religious war.

That would be far too messy for the various ideologues….

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  • jadester

    interesting. I had not picked up on that (well, i suppose i might have but just not noticed =+) despite watching several different tv programmes that talked in depth to Islamists. I think in part though the interviewers/reporters/investigators did not ask questions that went into enough depth. I just got the impression that the view of radical islam is that all westerners are filthy pigs.
    To a certain degree, i can see their point – we have an astonishing problem with pedophilia, rape and other kind of sexual crimes. We have a very large, thriving porn business (which i personally don’t have a problem with), an apparently-thriving illegal porn business (which i do have a problem with), a great deal of companies (not just multinationals, although they are for obvious reasons more known about) whose only interest is to make their executives as much money in as short a time as possible, steadily increasing divorce rates, a number of western countries have a real problem with drinking culture (including my own Great Drunken Britain), not to mention that sometimes the various mainstream religions seem far more interested in making money than actually helping people.
    Whilst being conquered by Islam would not be my chosen solution to any of these problems (indeed, i wouldn’t be surprised if they too have similar problems, although possible not so bad as us) i would not say they are completely wrong. They are probably also scared that western culture could quite possible engulf theirs, and slowly twist it to be something entirely different (similar to the fear we might have of Islam taking over the west). the fact is, the whole of western culture has some big problems, and the sooner we can all face up to this and realise there is no superior culture or religion, the better

  • adil

    Yeh jadester is right, westerners are evil… I can’t even leave my house without seeing horrible sin taking place… it seriously does corrupt ones mind… thank god for islam, the quran which has the ways and means to fight against their evil… praying seriously prevents western demons from taking over your body, and not eating their evil food also makes your cells not make you do bad things.. (halal food) If one reads the quran it is not rocket science to figure out that western people do EVERYTHING OPPOSITE to what god says in the quran from this fact we can distinguish that SATAN is real and it’s in these people, the devils are working in these people… which should frighten everyone of the consequenses after death… these idiot westerners didnt create this world, who are we to follow them!.. follow the creator!… follow god, CHOOSE RIGHTOUSNESS, when you choose rightousness westerners become hypocrittes looking for every way to make you look BAD… its FEAR… they fear the truth… dont let them take you away from god and rightousness… cos you could die tommorow.. and the test is over.

    Death is proof your returning to the creator (source) (god) so.. how can these idiot westerners be so ARROGANT!..theyre not gonna live forever!!!.. 19 miracle proves quran is from god.

  • ADIL

    Quran is embedded with code 19.. even your life, everywhere you saw inspirations of god have an embeddment of 19.. we were born in the century (19xx) search your life.. there is code 19 everywhere to show you angels of god.

    Offcourse you really need to pray alot and purify to get rid of devil from blinding your eyes, with gods light you can see the truth and will leave you gushing out with tears.

    Try praying once in your life.. oh thats right your a westerner, your ARROGANT, SELFISH and EVIL.. who offers no thanks to the force that sustains him/her.

    They also call the prophet crazy like it says in the quran… they are lost.. cannot believe how evil westerners are… they dont even feed the poor!.. they mock beggars in the street.. how evil are these people?