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Whose Freedom Are We Really Fighting For?

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Regarding the uproar surrounding the proposed building of an Islamic facility in downtown Manhattan, I am wondering if this would even be an issue if the impending project was spearheaded by a Buddhist group, a Ba’hai group, a Scientology group or (feel free to fill in any other religious group that comes to mind) that chose to build a facility in that area? Would it be better that a Christian organization decided first and was allowed to build an institution there?

It’s been reported that 60% of Americans polled are in opposition of the building of this so-called mosque, which, it has also been reported, is really a community center. Do we really give a lot of credence to what polls say? People change their minds all the time. Those polls only survey a select group of people in certain areas. With everything that’s going wrong in this country (from health care to unemployment to the state of our education to two ongoing wars, etc.), is this really something that we need to be up in arms about and directing our focus towards?

How’s this for a poll number–nearly half of the “American People” didn’t vote for Obama for president and look what happened. Just because a significant majority of people don’t agree with something, does that make it right? In an impassioned and eloquent video commentary by MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, he stated that there’s been and still is a Muslim worship center located a lot closer to Ground Zero than the proposed community center, that continues to operate and with virtually no fanfare. Is that wrong too?

We always want to talk about freedom of religion and the right to assemble, but it seems that it’s only pertinent when it’s something that only we ascribe to or get to dictate the terms of and that to me is disingenuous, especially given the fact that we’ve been fighting in the aforementioned two wars for the freedom and sustainability of, say it with me, Muslims.


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  • republicanbblack

    You know, I am ashamed to be an American at this point. This mosque thing is getting out of hand. Isn’t this America. Didn’t we not LEAVE europe for this same reason, religious freedom. Or what!? Don’t we have property rights, or are we still in a feudalistic society, where we only share crop, like blacks did (got to bring in race) in early history. They sold it nuff said, so what is this outrage about, check this story.