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Whose Fault Was Katrina?

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Well, they finally have it all figured out.

Bush did plan for Katrina! As a matter of fact, he thought Katrina into existence to wipe out the Democratic vote. After all, all blacks vote Democrat right? So, instead of going into New Orleans with military force, he telepathically sent Katrina (after he created it, of course) into New Orleans, the beautiful city everyone wishes they could live in. Then after he realized that Katrina did not cause much damage, he sent Red Cross workers into the area to sabotage the levees. Under the cover of broad daylight, they attached bombs to the levees and set them off. Luckily, we realized from looking at the satellite images given to us by Google(of course we overlooked that picture of school buses sitting in water) that those levees were next to canal water (all bad guys are stupid enough to make mistakes) which does not move at all, even in a category 4 (or 5) hurricane (like Katrina). Forget about the tornadoes commonly caused by hurricanes. They would not cause any damage to the levees even if one touched down nearby.

So, you can clearly see how Bush has tried to destroy the Democratic vote. But wait, there is more!

Now that the only people who survived New Orleans are white people, the place is going to be turned into a white, upper-class hangout. All the black survivors will be scattered across the country, and reeducated in the way of, um, Bush. Don’t believe me? Ask the FEMA workers that I talk to every day who were not allowed in by Louisiana’s governor.. I mean… um, Bush!

And that is a synopsis of the radical left’s view, etc. of what happened during Katrina (from my inbox, comments, etc.). Please note, I did say radical.

Some of you might read that and say, “I never thought that all along!” Good for you. There are still lots of people that I meet daily that believe some derivative of the above.

What is the flip side?

Well, lets see what this comment from unnamed viewer (Slashdot label: coward) #1 states (which some un-informed people might mistake for Bush):

Primates (blacks) are not designed to live in a civilzed society with laws and codes of conduct. Their actions during the Katrina crisis should come as no surprise. Primates do not understand what they were doing was wrong. Their understanding comes from a base primal urge that has no concept of law and respect for your fellow citizens. They are the American cancer…

Wow, well, that is nice of him to say, but I don’t think he understands the situation in New Orleans, or anything at all. The rest of his post is really a racist rant about black people, welfare, their non-education etc. Did anyone catch the spelling mistake in the quote? Yes, that was the best spelled section of the comment. He also failed to note that most people on welfare are white. And even though evolution supports this guy’s claims, as it did the claims of others (Hitler?), evolution is not how man came on this earth. The black community (or African-American, for you politically correct people, even though all my black friends call themselves black) is not un-evolved or just highly evolved primates. They are humans, like the rest of us, created in God’s image.

Now, here is what I can piece together what really happened. The local governments messed up. They really thought that Katrina could do no harm. The city was evacuated only after Bush asked the mayor to. The Louisiana government did not allow food into the area for fear of the people staying longer… Great idea! lets starve them out!

Much of the media does not look at the facts, it seems. They report what is fashionable, and unfortunately not always the truth. But it’s fun to bash Bush, isn’t it? Or to rabidly poke the blame at someone and twist what they say to make it fit your ideals.

By Abelardo Gonzalez

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  • steve

    an agreeable post with a touch of satire towards the left. loved it.

  • Georgio

    Talk about radicals…I nominate you..!

  • steve

    without a doubt. I hate liberals. They make absolutely no sense and have no moral fiber. I saw a funny bumper sticker the other day:

    liberals. soft on terrorists, hard on fetuses

  • bush is an ass holes who don’t desevre to be president

  • Mominee

    I loved the post. If I were homeless and knew that the hurricane was coming -I would find a way out. It is totally the local governments fault – They have been trying for years to get more independence from the fed’s – Well they had it and look how it ended up. Why put blame on the Bush administration when the Gov and mayor are the ones to blame.

  • pro-bush

    this is not bush’s fault, he tried to get control to get people out of the city but blanco wouldnt let him. blanco also didnt sign over for buses to get people out until after the hurricane hit. much good that will do huh? and it was real nice of nagin to leave the city right before it hit! and the whole racism thing? yea fricken right!

  • Check out a site dedicated to the absurdity and satire nature of saying “It’s All George Bush’s Fault!”

    Notta Libb

  • Anthony

    Hurricane Katrina is to blame…people should not rely on the US Governemnt.