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Who Said Catholic Girls Start Much Too Late?

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Artist: The Catholic Girls
Title: Summer Vacation
Format: EP
Genre: Rock-Pop
Label: Cinema Records

My first thought listening to this CD was-How the hell do I review two songs when I am accustomed to covering an entire album? Well, it’s really not that difficult if you have more to talk about besides the music, which I did with this CD.

The Catholic Girls get you ready for their next release with two songs from entirely different worlds. “Summer Vacation” is an 80’s flavored pop-rock tune, think The Go-Go’s and The Bangles. The song centers around the boyfriend left behind one magical summer for a teenaged girl. Then for a real paradigm shift, “Rock ‘n America,” a solid hard rockin’ punk flavored track in tribute to an American institution, The Ramones, specifically Joey, which cuts loose and blows mom and dad’s garage roof off. The women mention Roy Orbison and the Beatles during the interview segments as being heavy influences as well.

I have to say that this was a clever EP to feature two great tunes and an up close, interesting and funny interview with the girls in the band. Who said catholic girls start much too late? I think you were wrong Billy Joel, dead wrong.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

June 15, 2004



Gail Peterson-Lead vocals & rhythm guitar
Roxy Anderson-Lead guitar & background vocals

Stephanie “the snick” Koles-Bass & background vocals
Doreen Holmes-Drums & percussion

01. Summer Vacation (3:21)
02. Rock’n America (3:39)
03. Introducing The Catholic Girls (0:23)
04. Rock’n America & Joey Ramone (0:48)
05. Saved by the Bass Player (0:38)
06. Roxy Gets Nervous (0:26)
07. The Snick’ Influence (0:10)
08. The Untold Story of the First Album (0:55)
09. Boys “Can” Really Cry (0:38)
10. Gail and Writing (0:17)
11. Snick This Band (0:25)
12. Bands We Opened For (0:53)
13. Catholic Self-Promotion (0:16)

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  • MK

    I remember liking this band years ago, but this single has more of an edge than I remember from their 80s output. “Summer Vacation” is the kind of pop-rock single I used to search out at stores like Bleeker Bobs in NY back in the “new-wave” days (Blondie, B-Girls, etc.) It’s a breath of fresh air to hear this now, particularly amidst all of the heavy, crunch music that passes for songwriting these days. Not that I have anything against fast & loud…”Rock’n America” fills the bill there quite nicely as well…a better (and original) Ramones salute than most of the cover material supplied by higher-profile acts on that “We’re a Happy Family” Ramones-tribute CD. Welcome back, girls! Can’t wait for the new album.

  • Joe

    Picked up this disc at one of the band’s shows a while back. If they are ever playing in your area, check ’em out. The two songs here are defintely fun and sound even better live. Plus, there seem to be a lot more where these came from!