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Picked this up recently from Amazon and as the title suggests it’s Tom Baker’s life story. He’s most famous I suppose for playing Dr. Who but any fans of this programme will be in for a surprise as this only forms part of the book. Instead he regales us with tales of his poor Catholic childhood in Liverpool and a series of jobs ranging from a pottery job in Stoke to being a monk. What amazed me most was how funny his writing is and also how crude it gets at times (boy does he have a fascination with male genitalia) – he could easily write a ‘Viz’ cartoon strip. His personal life reveals lots of heartbreak and as a person he comes over as very shy and lacking confidence in himself – much of this down to his childhood.

Baker is still on TV and has gained a new legion of fans I am sure with his voice over on ‘Little Britain’.

Sadly now out of print but you can still get the odd copy when it goes up for sale on Amazon. Well worth a read.

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  • Wally Woolpuller

    You can still get Tom’s Book in Hardcover from the man himself and autographed as well.

    Go to Tom Baker.tv

    It’s as easy as that.

    Wally Woolpuller

  • Eric Olsen

    very nice job, too bad we can only use the American Amazon – thanks and welcome Jason!

  • Gawd yes – Flashman at the Charge opened my eyes to fictional history.

  • If you like this autobiography let me recommend “Peter Cushing and Past Forgetting”, a compilation of two autobiographical works by Peter Cushing. He was an awfully good writer and a remarkably interesting person. You get some feel for how sad his personal life was, though he skirts the details with great care. It’s a great look into the heydey of Hammer films and a lot more. The ASIN is 1887664297

    Also, you can’t pass up “Lights On at Signpost”, George MacDonald Fraser’s autobiography which combines political observations with observations of his script writing career in alternate chapters. He’s one of the best historical fictioneers ever and his commentary on Tony Blair is very telling. Amazon only has the not yet released paperback listed, but the hardback is out there somewhere. Try Amazon.co.uk.


  • Oh, I missed a good one: 0563538155 (Doctor Who – The Scripts, Tom Baker 1974-5).

  • Some ASINs for free: B000067FPC (Doctor Who – The Ark In Space [1975]), 0563486082 (Doctor Who: Emotional Chemistry), 0563486112 (Sometime Never…), 0563486163 (Doctor Who: The Tomorrow Windows ), 0563486139 (Doctor Who: Halflife), etc.