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Who Let the Blogs Out

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Since reading it in January, Biz Stone’s book has inspired me to start three blogs and I have plans for about three more. (My public blog is at boredofeducation.typepad.com. The others are internal in-house blogs at my work. Sorry.)

If you are new to blogging you need to read Who Let the Blogs Out, by Biz Stone. If you’re a veteran blogger, just check out his blog.

This will be a really short review since I really should be grading papers, but I think Biz Stone’s book should be mandatory reading. (Don’t buy his other one, there are better sources for the same information.)

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  • You can never have too many blogs. “It’s all hyper-text now, Ma.”
    The diary of society floating in the ethernet — Does it mean we think too highly of ourselves, or too highly of others?

  • Stone has been doing more than writing about blogs – he is one of the lights behind Blogger, my own “little engine under the hood.”

  • As a writer who blogs, I’m constantly asked by the rest of my technophobic writer friends to explain blogs, blogging, and why the heck they should have one? (Which, in itself, is probably the wrong question.) For those who are familiar with this book, do you think it is an easy read for non-tech folks? I had a huge learning curve–and still do–when I began to learn about websites and blogs and it’s not always easy to find books that are geared to clueless but curious.

  • What kind of blog is an internal blog?

  • gonzo marx

    the kind you keep inside yourself, in that very “special” place?


  • Judging from this post it’s a blog with very little content.


  • Um, I think Damon may have meant an “in-house” blog.

    An internal blog sounds a lot like something Richard Gere would go to Emergency with…

  • gonzo marx

    damn you DrPat..cluttering up our bit of fun with such trivia as Facts…

    you and yer little dog too!


  • No, really – I’m all in favor of a bit of fun… especially if it involves dongle insertion!

  • gonzo marx

    damnit DrPat..yer dongle was just run over..let the wee beastie R.i.P. won’tcha?

    getting all kinds of necrophiliac with a dongle…

    there ain’t even a greek word for that!!

    i bet Sen. Santorum will be outside yer bedroom window soon..


  • gonzo – sorry if I’m missing something super obvious but what’s this excelsior thing?

  • gonzo marx

    heh..ok alienboy..for you i will elucidate

    in 1966 i was 5..and did not know that i had mild dyslexia..i wanted to read very badly, and had just reached the age where i could be trusted to walk to the corner store to pick things up for my parental unit…

    the joy was i got to keep the change…the bigger joy was my discovery of Marvel comics..

    there was always an editorial page that contained “Stan’s Soapbox” wherein the editor, Stan “the Man” Lee, would rant about whatever he felt like…

    and the column always ended with “Excelsior!”

    which means either “always upward” or the dross left over from the wood pulp processing facility…

    yer choice as to which i mean…heh

    hope that helps..


  • Thank you all for your comments.

    I never thought my little dongle post would draw so much commentary…

    Go easy on me. I’m still a novice…

  • This *was* easy on you. Be glad you didn’t post about anything people really care about. 🙂

  • gonzo marx


    been going easy on ya Damon..

    it’s DrPat’s necrodonglephelia that creeps me out


  • John Goodman

    We were told some time back that Kutchie Pelaez and his friend Jimmy Buffett, both of Kutcharitaville Key West Fame were the ones that let the blogs-out. I know that this must be true because Dan Aykroyd was the one that told it to us. He also said that Kutchie bakes a hell-of-a key lime pie too.

    John Goodman