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Who is Going to Give to Obama in 2012?

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It was pretty much a given that President Obama was going to run for re-election in 2012 and he officially made his announcement this week. With this announcement the president stated that he wanted to raise one billion dollars. This is a wonderful ambition set by the president, but who exactly does he think is going give money to him. Does he think the same people are going to go out and help him raise that money?

He surely cannot think to count on the most liberal people in his Party to give. I mean he had two years with a Democratic Congress and the most pressing liberal social issue that was passed was the removal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. The health care reform that the president likes to tout is at best another reason not to support him. He clearly did not bring to the table what the people to the Left of his Party wanted. The Left wanted a single-payer system, and the president seemed to cave in to what Republicans wanted more than his Party. Despite any accomplishments the president my think he had, the Left sees his accomplishments as not closing Guantanamo Bay, not getting our troops out of Iraq, and not getting us closer to leaving Afghanistan. Plus, the president has now reversed himself on having the 9/11 terrorist trials in civilian court, and has started another conflict in the Middle East.

The Left, feeling jaded and abandoned, is not going to be giving towards the president, so who could the president be expecting to give? It surely cannot be the Green People of his Party? The Green Party has watched President Obama save a car industry that have for years ignored and fought against change. The money he gave them did not come with any expectation to become greener, just more competitive. Also, the Green Party has seen a commitment to have more drilling. If it was not for the Gulf Oil Spill, more and more oil platforms would have been built off the coast of the United States. It was only because of the accident has Mr. Obama taken a second look at his policy. Now, the nuclear accident in Japan has the president rethinking his policy again. The Green Party can not just sit back and hope for accidents for this president to take notice of issues they support.

So if it is not the Green Party people or the people on the left who are going to be giving to President Obama, maybe he thinks college kids will again. This demographic voted largely for him in the last election, but the thing about college kids is that they do not stay in college forever. There have been two long years for those now college graduates to go out and feel out tough this economy is. These recent graduates do not have money to give as they face mounting student loan repayments and trying to get a job in this economy. If these college kids are working it is probably in a field that is completely unrelated to their major. They are in a job just because it was the only one they could get. These college kids wanted change in Washington only to become disenfranchised in seeing that last two years have been “business as usual.”

This same type of feelings that are felt on the Left, Green, and colleges are also felt across the Independent and Middle American voters. You have a voter now concerned with higher gas prices, higher food prices, and no higher wages. They have struggled and are wondering when they can get out from under the burden of high prices. Independents do not have the extra ten to twenty dollars a month to send to a campaign. They need that money to feed their kids, pay down the bills, or buy enough gas just to get to work. Surely, with all the struggles that Middle America is going through you can not expect them to give you over a billion dollars in contributions.

The apparent fact that the president can not count on middle America, Independents, college students, the Left, or the Green Party to give him much money makes you wonder where is he going to get that kind of money? Certainly Wall Street seems to be doing better; I bet the president could go there. It also appears that there are plenty of bonuses to companies that were bailed out; maybe they are going to give some to him? In the end no matter how much the president can raise all American have a chance to give him something and that is our vote. Our vote speaks louder then any contributions and getting as many votes as possible should be Mr. Obama’s goal, not the billion dollars.

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  • Baronius- You are correct that Young people have always been a small part of campaign funds, that was until Obama election of 2008. The figures can be found here.

    I completely agree with you that they are increasing relying on large donors, but the goal of the Obama campaign is the small donor, where he was very successful last time. I have no doubt he will be able to raise his one billion, but it won’t be like last time.

  • Baronius

    I don’t know about this article. Young people have never been important as a source of campaign funds. Their value is as volunteers. And with an increasing use of professional marketing techniques, I don’t know that volunteers are as important as they used to be. The Democrats particularly rely on large donors, and they will probably be faithful.

  • El Bicho- I absolutely believe the voice of Middle America is not being heard, and is why my blog and others like it are widely read.

  • Baritone- You are correct in the idea that most of his support is not going to switch to the other side, that is not the point. The focus is that the President’s goal of one billion dollars comes on the backs of people that are not as energized as last time. Less energy equals less money.

  • looking at your bio, are you claiming that the opinions and voice of Middle America are not being heard?

  • First: Obama already has several hundred million in his war chest. The billion dollar goal won’t be particularly hard to reach.

    Yes, there is some dismay amongst all the groups you noted. But, do you really think they are going to switch over to Mitt, or The Donald, or to Michelle or to Sarah, or to Tim, or to Newt, or to Haley, or to yada, yada, yada…? I think not. A goodly number of them DO remember the cluster fuck that was the Bush years. They are being reminded of that everyday by radical Right governors and state legislatures.