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Who Is David Beckham?

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untitled.bmpThe latest issue of Vanity Fair sports the ultra-buff soccer superstar David Beckham on its cover. Why? Nobody in the United States gives a damn about soccer (what the hell is the Euro Cup?) or who David Beckham is, except for the fact he is married to a former member of the pop group The Spice Girls– and honestly, nobody gives two shits about that either.

Beckham also released his 400-page autobiography (honestly, his life can be summed on the back of a matchbook) in the United States, which promptly disappeared from bookshelves, not because they were bought by his countless fans (all eight of them), because his publisher realized they were idiots to think a book about an unknown sport star would sell. Off to the bargain bins it goes (most likely the trash bin).

And why would Beckham want America when America doesn’t want him? It’s simple: ego. Beckham is beloved the world over except the United States. He’s on a mission to change that. I say good luck

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  • Who is David Beckham? Athlete, entrepreneur, philanthropist — and arguably the HOTTEST man on the planet.

  • Wow

    #24 needs to chill. All you have is curse words! Americans have always been jealous of Europeans.. WE all come from them anyeay don’t we??? So chill!!! No one cares if you don’t like soccer!! People like different sports ok!?

  • Interested in this

    u guys all suck David Beckham RULES!!!

  • Soccer is cool

    sory about that last, i just kinda spaz, i really like david beckham and im sory if u dont, but i guess that thats none of my buisnes, sory again

    soccer player

  • Soccer is cool

    soccer is the coolest thing, ever, u onestly think that david beckham is not? shows how much u no

  • S.T.M

    Actually, England, the reason they don’t like it that much is they realise, unlike a lot of soccer supporters, that it’s just a game: 22 blokes booting a bag of wind up and down a field, not a matter of life or death … and likely have other, more pertinent, things to do with their lives.

    Plus, it can be as bloody boring as all get out.

    But rugby, now that’s a beautiful game – if it’s played properly – and one of England’s many great contributions to the civilised world.

    While these are too numerous to mention, sadly, soccer ain’t one of ’em.


    No effence but the reason that you americans don’t like football or soccer or whatever you yanks say is because you like crap sports like american football. I tried watching the superbowl or whatever it’s called one time and i fell to sleep it was like watching a rugby match with a stop evry 10 seconds and they were more padded than rugby players why is that exciting to watch. Also if it wasn’t for golden balls then nobody would even of remembered who victoria Beckham not the other way round. X-ENGLAND TILL I DIE-x x-THE BEAUTIFUL GAME-x

  • STM

    Jet: Just read the piece … excellent, really excellent and very accurate about Robbo – with only one minor blue (mistake): rugby league and rugby are two different games, although they might seem similar to the uninitiated.

    One’s played by 15 players to the original laws, while the other is played by 13 with the tackle and kick laws changed substantially. They are both very popular games in the two big eastern states.

    The big difference is that in rugby league, when a player is tackled, the ball is no longer considered to be in play and the tackled player will rise (if he’s not in Disneyland), put the ball on the ground and use the sole of his boot to play it back to a half standing behind him, and the play restarts from there. The team with the ball only gets six of these opportunities before they either have to kick away possession and hope to regain it or score, or hand it to the other side in a turn-over.

    In rugby, at the tackle the ball is always in play and every bastard piles in at the breakdown. It’s fun if you’re on the bottom in there, especially if you like getting whacked in the mouth when no-one can see or getting your back raked with metal boot studs by guys twice your size.

    League, however, tends to be a more front-on game and is very hard on the body as two or three guys will line up the ball runner and cream him.

    Robbo was good at both – running it up and tackling people. As I say, he lost no respect for declaring his sexuality, which in truth might be more of a reflection on Australians’ laid-back nature more than anything.

    We are the lucky country, really.

  • Millwall

    Cheers. Have to log off now – got to go and watch a re-run of the 91 Origin series – the King, E.T et al. Blinding stuff.

    Cheers STM. Take care.

    Oh yeah and G’Day says, “Good on yers! No fackin warries, mate!”

  • Millwall

    Just read the link Jet, – very interesting. I have a suspicion Billie Jean King might also have preferred the female persuasion.

  • STM

    Millwall: aah, we knows our footy … good on you.

    Yep, Bobby Sattler was a hard man alright … but not as, umm, hard as Robbo.

    Blocker’s son went to boarding school with my young bloke and they both played in the 1st XV in one of the top school rugby teams in Oz and remain good mates.

    Young block ended up playing prop for Aussie Schoolboys on the recent UK tour. Great kid, nice family.

    And he is definitely a chip off the old block.

    Jet: thanks mate, I’m going there now.

  • We all posted at the same time so you may have missed the link on #95

  • STM

    Strewth to you, too … do we live in the north of England then, G’day, and so know a bit about roogby league??

    Garry Jack was a pretty tough player too, but yes, Robbo put him in hospital for a week.

    Tigers/Sea Eagles game are always a bit rough around the edges, but that one was pretty intense, wasn’t it? and played out in front of the lovely parochial Balmain crowd.

    The guy didn’t play the rest of the season, as the bones needed time to mend.

  • Millwall

    Yes, agreed, STM, that tirade against the most powerful nation in the world, the USA, got out of hand as originally it was directed at MFB (mu’fuckin bitch). Sorry fellow Americans. You’re all lovely really. Bad day at the hairdressers on my part. L.A.’s the coolest town on the planet. And don’t your Philadelphia Steelers fans have a reputation in the 700 level part of the stadium for fighting? Respect.

    Now I’m slightly alarmed at STM’s continual yearning to write about homosexuality. I fear he’s writing these posts from the closet and is sitting halfway out as he composes?? Perhaps you always had a secret desire to be troughman at the now defunct Hell Fire club?

    Regarding Ian Roberts, Blocker would have done him, as would Sironen. Gary Jack got too lippy and got what he deserved. Crusher Cleal would have done an anhialation job on Roberts. As for CLiffy Lyons and Gorden Tallis – make up your own mind. I reckon Terry Hill was a pussy ass wife beating slag. It was a much tougher game in the Sattler, Raper years.

  • STM Check out the sports article I did featuring him, he’s about 3/4 fo the way down, trust me you can’t miss the photo…Click Here

  • G’Day

    Strewth, I nearly pissed me strides when STM claims I’m not Fair Dinkum. You gotta lot of ticker for a young fella I gotta admit, STM.

    Better go and throw another snag on the barbie ya flaming galah!

    Mate, it was Gary Jack who Robbo knocked cold. What’s all this gotta play for 80 minutes bullshit in league? Those wooses have interchange players cos the forwards are too fat!!! LOL

  • STM

    Jet said: “I’d much rather prefer Ian Roberts… actually.”

    Yes Jet, I’m sure you would, but here’s the truth: he was one of the toughest blokes ever to play rugby league – which I believe is really saying something because I reckon it’s the toughest game in the world considering everyone has to a) play for the full 80 minutes (unless they’re subbed) and b) get smashed from pillar to post with the same intensity as American Football and for the full duration without the benefit of helmets and padding all over the place.

    The only people who ever called Robbo a poofter on the field ended up either in hospital or out cold after a big tackle.

    He was, dead-set, a really tough bastard. But a decent guy off it.

    Never judge books by their covers … or footballers by their leather pants

  • I’d much rather prefer Ian Roberts… actually

  • STM

    Millwall wrote: “Let me refresh you about the subtle nuances: back heels, step overs, double stepovers, bananas, curling, no back lift, scissor kicks, bicycle kicks, chest traps, delicate lobs, packet of chips, back passages … and all the rest … ”

    Sounds like a night at the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras, especially the heels and the curling 🙂

    Millwall, it’s all just a gee-up. I don’t mind soccer (I played goalie). I was just giving you a serve for being very rude and naughty to all the nice Americans.

    And you, G’day … mate … come on, use of the archaic term “cobber” immediately exposes you as a fraud. Haven’t heard that one since me grandad passed away. Had a little backpacker visit to Oz, at some point, did we??

  • G’Day

    G’Day Cobbers. How dare do yous claim I’m not a fair dinkum no worries ocker true blue Aussie? Mate, footie and blueing in the pub wearing me 1981 Parramatta stubbies, singlet and mullet are all I live for.

    Go you good things!

  • Millwall

    (I was also a bit concerned that you might spray everywhere in your orgasmic description of the subtle nuances of a game that doesn’t have any).

    Are you alluding to football? If so, then let me refresh you about the subtle nuances: back heels, step overs, double stepovers, banana shots, curling free kicks, no back lift drives, volleys, half volleys, scissor kicks, bicycle kicks, chest traps, first time traps from 50 yard passes, delicate lobs, chips, reverse passes. . . and all the rest..

    And rugby? The grubber kick, the flick pass out the back door, and . . . er . . . the big boot down field, the bigger boot down field, the even bigger boot down field, the big boot into touch, the number 8 holding the ball in the back of the scrum while the scrum progresses at 0.01 mile per hour. The list of consumate skill is endless..

    Football tactics – depending on the opposition a team employs either a 4-4-2, a 4-5-1, a 3-5-3, or a 4-3-3 formation. Just tiny, incidental nuances of play.

    Fair play to you though STM, I was well out of order for including “idiot” and “moron” in that last post as you have been very courteous and fairly well balanced in your posts. Apology tendered. No hard feelings.

  • STM

    Millwall said: “And let’s face it, idiot, Aussie Rules players with their tight shorts and wifebeater tops are all so very camp. But originating in a country with the largest homosexual population of any city on the planet (Sydney) I suppose that’s to be expected. No wonder NO other country on the planet plays that dumb game. I’d rather watch the Old Trafford grass grow.””

    More tittering … you just show your ignorance Millwall. Sydney has an ostentatiously camp gay population, so it’s pretty happily out there – but I think you’d find there are larger numbers of gay men in London, New York, San Francisco and Paris. Do the homework if you’re REALLY that interested.

    And we don’t play Aussie Rules in Sydney … yes, there’s a team in the AFL but as I’ve said, it’s an alien game foisted upon us by the heathen Philistines from the southern and western states.

    It should have stayed where it belongs, in Melbourne among the great unwashed.

  • Millwall

    I agree with G’day, although I can’t quite fathom your rationale, being an Aussie (??).

    I gather STM is presumably Australian too, given his allusions to the commonwealth and the use of “mate.” Should have known.

    I couldn’t stop myself laughing at his / her comedic wit referring to footballers and Hollywood acting and olympic diving (yawn). Trite cliched bandwaggon fare. It’s funny how proponents of rugby tend to forget the outrageous gamesmanship and cheating that pervades in that sport, both league and union. But it seems to be exciused on the basis that it’s played by ‘real’ men.

    SO yes, all the deliberate ball stripping and handling in the ruck and shepherding and body checking and voluntary tackles and hair pulling and stamping and punching and spear tackling and holding onto the ball when you should release it . . .ARE ALL BLATANT CASES OF CHEATING YOU MORON!! But because rugby’s played by big macho men, STM no doubt finds this cheating excusable.

    And let’s face it, idiot, Aussie Rules players with their tight shorts and wifebeater tops are all so very camp. But originating in a country with the largest homosexual population of any city on the planet (Sydney) I suppose that’s to be expected. No wonder NO other country on the planet plays that dumb game. I’d rather watch the Old Trafford grass grow.

  • STM

    Millwall said: “By the way, STM old chap, would you be able to qualify that rugby union is possibly the only sport on the planet where one of the most prominent objectives of the game (and one which receives the loudest cheers) is to kick the ball out of play?”

    Ho ho … haven’t heard that one before. You forget the one about 15 blokes pushing a bus around the field. And I’m no bandwagon jumper either; I’ve never seen what all the fuss was about with soccer, probably because I’d already played a decent game first.

    But I digress. The answer to your question: only if you’re playing in Britain, where 10-man rugby is the norm, although to be fair, it’s come about over the years because of the weather. Very hard to put the ball at pace through five or six sets of hands whilst running at full tilt ankle-deep in mud.

    Generally we play a much faster and more open game here, mainly because of the hard nature of the ground surfaces, and the emphasis is on keeping the ball in hand and attacking constantly. It’s also highly entertaining for the fans and the games are rarely a drawn result – the close ones are often decided by a point or two, which is heart-stopping stuff. Super 14 and Tri-Nations rugby is pretty entertaining stuff.

    And before you stereotype me as a toff, while I did grow up playing rugby and yes, did go to a public school, I ended up playing rugby league in Australia – and there’s nothing snooty about that … old boy

    (I was also a bit concerned that you might spray everywhere in your orgasmic description of the subtle nuances of a game that doesn’t have any).

    And BTW G’day … nice try at trying to sound like an Aussie mate, but we can spot a fraud from a mile off.

    Blind Freddy could have seen through that one.

    I’ll agree about Australian Football (AFL) though, the “game” – really, it’s just one long knock-on-a-thon” – played by those philistines in the heathen southern and western states and only because they don’t know any better.

    Australian Football is the only game where you get a point for missing, where the largest number of injuries are nut-tweaks from the tight shorts and where the players look lovely in fetching sleeveless tops like the ones my daughter wears, and hers have matching handbags too.

  • G’Day

    Hey, STM, I presume you’re an Aussie mate? It’s good to see you put that Millwall bloke in his place. Bloody Poms, yeah they invent these dumb sports, ha! I mean, I couldn’t imagine anything more boring than standing in a 75,000 crowd watching a soccer match end to end with a 3-2 scoreline.

    No mate, nuthin worse, maybe aprt from spending ten hours watching a cricket match. I mean how much time is the ball in play? Or worse still, watchin a rugby league game where smash a bloke gets knocked down, gets up, smash gets knocked down agin. thrilling mate. Or rugby union where in a maul you don’t see the ball for ten minutes. ANd how many boring stoppages are there, and how many cheating bastards keep putting their hands in the ruck? That’s cheating for you bro!!!!
    And what about Aussie Rules? That’s like soccer only you can pick it up!!! LOL. and if you miss one bloody enormous goal you get a second bite either side!!!!!!! It’s abouit a million all by quarter time. where’s the tension in that?

    Mate, you’re a bloody shocker you cricketin and rugby blokes. yous can’t see the bigger picture, bro. PLenty of dudes I know luv all those sports but blokes that like rugby or cricket can’t adapt.

    Have a nice day ya twats!

  • Millwall

    STM, I imagine you’re the atypical product of an English public school education, thereby associating you with trouser dropping rugby antics and sneering down your upper class cricketing nose at the plebs who adore football for its skill, panache, flair, excitement and fervour.

    As a typical bandwaggon jumper, you fit the stereotype of somebody who doesn’t understand association football: you must be entertained by sports where points and runs are amassed to ridiculous levels; you fail to recognise the subtelties and tactical chess-like appreciation of a nil-nil draw in football; you fail to understand that a nil-nil can generate more exccitement than a rugby score that boasts a predictable 54-0 thrashing. In Aussie Rules, Grid Iron, League and Union, a point is worth a kiss, in football, it’s an orgasm. Its beauty lies in its rarity. Surely it relies on more skill to execute a Beckhamesque free kick bent into the top corner than some moron with his upper eyelids pulled down over his knees to boot an egg-shaped ball through two sticks with infinite height?

    Surely 2 billion people cannot be wrong about football, the world game?? I think not. With your blinkered ignorance comes the inevitable cliches: “it’s boring”, “they’re all namby pambies.”

    Hogwash. I defy any rugby or grid iron player to stand there while somebody like Vinnie Jones rushes in at full speed, studs up, and smashes his boots into their shins with full force. No, they would quite predictably writhe around in agony and quite rightly so.

    I think Australiansd and Americans should continue to trot out the trite cliches. We have an exclusive little club of 2 billion or so faithful converts and leave you lot to your world domination of , err. . . .grid iron and AFL.

    By the way, STM old chap, would you be able to qualify that rugby union is possibly the only sport on the planet where one of the most prominent objectives of the game (and one which receives the loudest cheers) is to kick the ball out of play?

    I rest my case.

  • STM

    Millwall: Well done. Thanks for contributing to the great British stereotype of the ugly Englishman. You do us all of us in the old countries of that great British institution (the commonwealth) a gross disservice in our dealings with our American friends.

    And mate, soccer really is a boring bloody game. I know, I went to school in England and was forced to participate in it, much to my disgust. In my view, round balls are better suited to pre-schoolers and sandpits.

    It’s handbags at 10 paces. You’ll see better acting than in Hollywood, and that’s saying something, and more diving than the Olympics.

    However, the real problem is that the result is often decided after a 90-minute snore-a-thon by a penalty shoot-out. What a joke.

    The world should hold the English in contempt for inventing it, whilst also praising them on high for inventing those two truly great civilising influences: rugby and cricket.

  • Millwall

    This is for MFB and any other limp dick Yank muthafucka inbred hick trailer trash cunt from the good ol U.S. of A. The USA represnets a boring, soulless violent cultureless war mongering wasteland of dire boredom, with the worst sports available to humanity, a chintz fake plastic shithole populated by loud, brash, blinkered obnoxious cretins, the laughing stock of the world. INSULAR? Who else plays baseball? Who else plays macho grid iron? WHO CARES! I’d rather watch paint dry. As for culture, the United States has less culture than a tub of rancid yoghurt. And less taste too. Grid Iron? Oh yeah, that free flowing game unpunctuated by any breaks – NOT. And you morons call real football boring. Grid Iron: a game where a touch down doesn’t even have to be touched down. Pathetic. Well as far as I’m concerned all 300 million of you can stay cocooned in your war mongering police state. Only 5% of Americans hold passports, testament to your ignorant insularity. Hallf of you wouldn’t even know where Europe is. “Oh Yaaaa, you come from Ostralia – say isn’t that next to Switzerland!!” OH MY GODDDDD, it’s not! I can’t believe that.” Or, “Oh, you come from England!!! Do you know Dave Jones, he lives there.” Fucking thick heads. Well, keep hating Beckkam and Ronaldo and soccer MFB and all you other ignoramouses, and we’ll keep enjoying the world game without any unwanted American interference.

    America – the land of the free, whoever told you that is your enemy.

  • heidi

    beckham is NOT dumb…you don’t even know him!

  • -E

    Heh, I actually am one of the folks that bought his book. I bought it for the pretty pictures of him. But then, I bought Michael Owen’s too for the same reason.

  • anna

    David Beckham is cute and very sexy but dumb as dirt.

  • reggie von woic

    Phillip, [[American]] football is almost solely played in America, as its name suggests…soccer on the other hand is only the most played sport in the world.

    Only Americans can give a rats ass about American football.

  • Funnily enough, Beckham and I have one other thing in common apart from a love of Manchester United, we’re both Brits in Spain. Mind you, I was here first!

    Dennis Rodman is exciting and talented and does more than sport. Becks has 2 skills, he can cross a ball well and he’s good at free kicks, otherwise he is simply marketable, not remarkable. United sold him too cheaply though, 35 million euros was cheap.

  • Reggie, Christopher is not an American, nor does he live in America.

    I disagree with your basic assertion, too. I believe that folks in the United States do appreciate the British, and demonstrate their appreciation in many ways.

    Not with soccer/football, to be sure, but then neither does the rest of the world give a wet slap about American football.

    Beckham reminds me more than anything of Dennis Rodman. If you have to ask who that is, then I’ll rest my case and say no more. If you know, though, that ought to tell us all something; I’m just not sure what.

  • reggie von woic

    Good Lord Christopher!! No vulgarities, please.

    I’m guessing you are an american, as are most people in here because americans rarely appreciate anything British.

    I think its unfair that Americans are highly regarded by the British yet they do not reciprocate. Take for instance the charts–Americans rule everywhere. They even scoop most of the prizes in British and European awards.
    Same goes for sports.

    It realy bothers me to see how Americans advertise their ignorance in the sport…i think that Americans should just stick to what they are good at.

  • Sadly, David Beckham is seriously over-rated as a footballer and a role model. How he got to be England captain I have no idea, I’ve seen more leadership in a muppet. Seriously fucked up shit.

  • D

    #71 & #72 WTF were you smoking when you wrote that? Do you even realise you’re not posting this to David Beckham?!?!?!?
    Not to mention I can’t believe some of you are even trying to compare American Football to World Soccer. World Soccer works on a much bigger scale, and if this argument is about payroles, ARE YOU FUCKIN CRAZY?!?!? soccer players get payed alot more, I won’t go into details because it’s already been argued over. Not to mention you think you can make an American team that could beat Chelsea? Please, that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Is it just me or is the brick wall outside eminating more intelligence than you?
    And about all your criticisms towards David Beckham and other such male sports figures, yes you’re quite true, but you’re not acknowledging that they actually do play the game, and they play it damn well, so why not earn the rewards for doing what they do THE BEST. They may not deserve some of the aspects that entail stardom as a sports superstar but they do their job.
    Just for the record too, American football is not known as football around the world, soccer is. American football is known as…well, quite frankly, I personally don’t know anyone who really gives a shit(don’t worry, I’m sure it’s at least half as reputable as soccer).

  • Casandra

    David you are soooo cool.
    you are my hero.
    mayde we can talked sometime, I would like to be your friend, please understand, I am your biggest fan.

  • RoZaNa

    heey i love you david oo much heeh like my boy friend .!
    soo i wanna ask you..
    when did you born ?
    and what is your babies name ?
    and i wanna bs a friend with you plzZ and your babies hh 😀
    what is you baby emaile i wanna chat with him hh
    thxXxX and bye

  • Well, judging by the low-rider aspect of Beckham’s drawers on the Vanity Fair cover, he must be nearly as free-bobbing as the aforementioned Great Dane.

  • MFranklin Blake

    Do you think that these athletes are the “Great Danes” of the world?

  • That in a nutshell is why male sports figures become (and remain) celebs – the gals just LOVE the way they handle their balls…

    …apologies to Hink van Moerkirchen…

  • MFB, oh god, I’ll have to go to therapy to remove that vision! Maybe not….LOL!


  • MFB

    Damn, I can’t top that one with my usual crudity. Sometimes I envy the GreatDane strolling through the park. It must be liberating to let’m bounce.

  • #63, MFB, Nescafe and scrotums? Wouldn’t that be known as ‘teabagging’? LMAO!! Oh god, help me. This is getting sick, in a good way!!!!


  • From the wires, David has dropped out of the list of 50 most popular names in Britain

    David has fallen out of the top 50 names chosen for baby boys for the first time in more than 60 years.

    It has slipped to 52nd from 48th last year in a survey of 300,000 babies born in Britain in 2004.

    Last night the well-publicised problems of David Beckham – who has faced allegations of affairs and suffered a loss of form on the pitch – were being suggested as one reason for the name’s drop in popularity.

    For the record, the most popular name for boys was Jack, and Ellie for girls

  • MFB

    I was only kidding about the 2nd teamer’s. Just trying to get on the nerves of the bearded Scottish lady.

    Sandra has a high afinity for Nescafe and scrotums.

  • Oh, Sandra, this thread really never got off the subject. The arguement was “how come this guy who plays soccer so famous?” Pop culture and sport. The thread actually stayed on track.

    And exposed the fact (to north americans and to europeans) that futbol/soccer (ssaawwkkkeerrr…) is taking hold in the US.

    And, uh, we will get good at it. To the point of dominating the world. And that will sure piss off the rest of the planet because the USA took soccer away from the rest of the planet. Pretty fitting for the concept of the rest of the world domination the USA seems to be involved in.

    The world can’t escape the USA. People from the USA can’t escape. Run to Canada? No, you would still be victimized by US foriegn policy.

    OK, wars have been started over this game. Does this help make sense why this thread got so gnarly? Fukin’ A…!!! OK Sandra, hugs and kisses. MFB, second teamers more popular?, here. The world is way bigger than here. On a world scale, being popular here is like being ‘big in New Jersey’. Beckham is bigger than the Spice Girls. Good move, Posh.

    Ah, fuck it. MFB, lets go get another beer and piss on it all….

    peace and love and find where you are going….

  • MFB

    He is anything but a phenomenon. He got his 15 minutes with that so-called movie and for marrying a damn spice girl. There are many second team athletes here in the US that are more popular than Beckham.

    More like a fagnomenon.

  • jon

    David Beckham is a bit of a phenomenon and you are doing your bit towards the phenomenon by witing about him..

  • MFB

    #56 Sandra is now having fantasies of strange men’s scrotums. Lay off of the Nescafe or switch to decaf. Take a cold shower.

    The thought of a soccer crazed / scrotum loving Scotish women is scaring me. Think Soccer balls Sandra not my balls.

  • Actually two things that draw me to this article. There is the aspect of pop culture icon and then straight out futbol (soccer).

    MFB, scrotums? Gotta have leather balls to do that! hehehehhahahahahohohoho!

    thanx man!

  • Ooh! I Love David Beckham! – Can I have his phone number and email – look at that bod! What does he do again?

  • Sandra Smallson

    My last comment on this..MFB. My first comment stated clearly that I no longer give a toss about Beckham so if u read my post u will see it’s not being beckham crazy that got me into this topic, it’s the soccer issue. I am done. Let me leave you and Doug to play with your scrotums.

  • Oh Sandra, also in regards to the football/classical music arguement, try this one.

    OK, the NFL has an amazing library of film of its play. Give Steve Sabol (sp?) credit for that. I saw one film of football highlights set to classical music (no narration, just music). Between the editing and music selection it was outstanding. there is a grace in quality athletics of all sorts. I mean, even in tossing a caber (sp?)

    Anyway, blah, blah, blah….


  • MFB, funny stuff!!!! Nescafe with powdered milk! Oh yum!

    Ok, Sandra, look, I send you hugz and all that happy shit. I’m not all bent at ya or anything. You sure have some attitude though…

    OK, Beckham I am a fan for his playing style. His strategy is what I am good at on the field. Like Beckham, I love playing the perimeter of the box and placing a lovely pass to the head or foot of a teamate making a run on goal. Then on occasion, spanking the keeper with a long driving shot to the upper corner of the net. Beckham is a master at setting up the play. Remember Stan Collimore when his mind was still together and played for Liverpool? Sometimes the guy could not be stopped as a finisher! Beckham leading the strategy and developing the play is art…

    Anyway, talkin’ shop…


  • MFB

    Damn Sandra I think it’s you who is smoking the kind-bud. Nescafe? Is that what you drink? I guess that’s all that’s available at the institution you’re locked up in. Lol! That freeze dried caffine and reefer is making you Beckham crazy.

    Instant coffee is actually used to make a number of coffee drinks but isn’t worth shit alone.

  • Sandra, smell the Nescafe? Oh man, you are talking to a Seattle person, coffee snobs of the world. Starbucks 1971 for example. But it is way beyond that in this town. This morning I am drinking a fine blend from Kotowa Coffee, of Boquete, Panama. Recently sold at the highest rate ever on the New York Coffee Exchange. $50 a pound! So, no Nescafe in these parts. My tastes are finer than such, soccer very included.

    Oh, you accuse me of smokables? Mother nature you must be referring to. Once again, wrong place of the planet to talk about that one. We have the worlds best in that, and the nations best in soccer. Seattle University won the NCAA Division 2 championships in soccer. A team made up of offspring of great USA players from the 70s Seattle Sounders, a team Harry Redknapp played for wholeheartedly for years. A hometown favorite. It is in the blood in these parts.

    We’ll see who gets to sit back and laugh on this whole issue. The USA is developing at the sport. Coffee, herb and soccer is our contribution to general pop culture. Oh yeah, grunge also. Who cares? As long as I can get it here, I’m OK with it all. Ain’t trying to force things down anyones throat. I am into silencing idiocy with fact and wit.


  • Sandra, what a laugher. My statements of comparison are very exact.

    USA is very much like classical music in the execution of its play. Every single play made has pages of exact movements each player makes. Classical music, each musician has charts of music for every concerto. It is a very precise chess match played step by step. Soccer is a very freeflowing game with its movement created, like jazz music, going much on the ‘feel’ of the music or the game.

    Sandra, you really don’t know. Sports business? Guess what? I was on sports committees as a part of the city government here in Seattle in regards to the redevelopment of professional soccer here in town. My living dollar comes from another entertainment business, music. So I have a good comprehensive view on all this stuff. Have actually worked with and consulted some really rich people on this subject (I am in the land of Microsoft Stock Optioners, who I am refering to). They were consulted well. Funny how the local Seattle “A league” franchise has a home stadium nicer than any european team.

    So anyway, another one of your effette attempted slams is another embarrasing failure to make a point.

    Now we are down to “my team is better than your team”. Don’t laugh, 10 years from now the USA will be showing respectability on a world level (they kinda are right now actually) and within 20 years should have a few runs at the top groups in World Cup play.

    What have I been smokin’? How much do you drink? Are you on medication?

    I never said the world has to even pay attention to USA Football! It is a very unique sport. That is it. It is not a sport to be played in a world market. USA Football is not an Olympic sport, nor should it ever be. It is only for the USA. Who gives a shit? As long as we got it, that is good.


  • Sandra Smallson

    Oh dear dear dear! Dougie, you are living in la la land. I suspected it but now it’s confirmed. You have flown over the cuckoo’s nest. Let me quote you..”USA soccer will at some point become a world rated dynasty. We’ll have our run like Brazil, England, Italy, etc.”…

    It will be a cold day in hell before that happens. But that I can forgive and put down to blind patroitism…

    THIS, I quote you again …Mr Doug Mays when referring to American football “If it were compared to a music form it would be classical music”

    For that comemnt you should be stoned, flogged,shaved and then incarcerated till you come to your senses.
    Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and the rest will be rolling in their graves. In fact I think Mozart has damn right woken up and walked straight out of the pit to come join in hurling stones at you.

    That comment above is the straw that has broken my back. I tell you, I have been debating with a bufoon. American football if in music form would be classical music?..HA! You must be smoking something. If any sport should be compared to classical music it would be sports like tennis, i.e..played with more grace and style. Comparing American football to classical music is like comparing Boxing to classical music. I would rather you even compared Ice Hockey because at least there we have some graceful movers on the ice. American football? You really must stop smoking that shit!

    Once you stop, you will wake up and smell the nescafe. You are not a sports star. You are not a sports business man. You will never be as good as Europeans or south americans in soccer and american football is not as admired or as appreciated as you would like it to be anywhere but America. Many countries would rather watch CRICKET and that’s saying something cause I consider cricket the most boring tv sport ever. Please wake up!

  • Sandra Smallson

    Oh dear dear dear! Dougie, you are living in la la land. I suspected it but now it’s confirmed. You have flown over the cuckoo’s nest. Let me quote you..”USA soccer will at some point become a world rated dynasty. We’ll have our run like Brazil, England, Italy, etc.”…

    It will be a cold day in hell before that happens. But that I can forgive and put down to blind patroitism…

    THIS, I quote you again …Mr Doug Mays when referring to American football “If it were compared to a music form it would be classical music”

    For that comemnt you should be stoned, flogged,shaved and then incarcerated till you come to your senses.
    Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and the rest will be rolling in their graves. In fact I think Mozart has damn right woken up and walked straight out of the pit to come join in hurling stones at you.

    That comment above is the straw that has broken my back. I tell you, I have been debating with a bufoon. American football if in music form would be classical music?..HA! You must be smoking something. If any sport should be compared to classical music it would be sports like tennis, i.e..played with more grace and style. Comparing American football to classical music is like comparing Boxing to classical music. I would rather you even compared Ice Hockey because at least there we have some graceful movers on the ice. American football? You really must stop smoking that shit!

    Once you stop, you will wake up and smell the nescafe. You are not a sports star. You are not a sports business man. You will never be as good as Europeans or south americans in soccer and american football is not as admired or as appreciated as you would like it to be anywhere but America. Many countries would rather watch CRICKET and that’s saying something cause I consider cricket the most boring tv sport ever. Please wake up!

  • hhhmmm…I don’t know, but reading this whole deal it sure seemed to be the issue.

    The size weight strength speed of US f-ball is just to give an example of how tough and dangerous it is. That all seemed to be woven into the arguement.

    US Football is much favored. A very interesting strategy. A very complex set of rules and plays. There is no game like it anywhere. But you can get it here. If it were compared to a music form it would be classical music. International Futbol I would compare stylistically more to freeform jazz or such.

    Alright, this thread was like an extreme version of “best damn sport show”. A shout out in a sports bar…

    Sandra, all I can say is if I get my way, I have an idea that would work. Very attractive soccer is the issue as far what even brought me to this article in the first place. I’ll remember this thread looking back…USA soccer will at some point become a world rated dynasty. We’ll have our run like Brazil, England, Italy, etc.

    peaceloveguidance (dammit! listen to that part)

  • Sandra Smallson

    LOL. It must be me but it seems neither have you have a freaking clue what the argument is. You both just have issues that this poor thread has got to bear with. Where do I argue the weight of any player? Where do I argue the technicalities of either sport? What does it matter to the main crux of the debate if Tim Howard who is now dropped to the bench is playing for Man United? Who is arguing about there not being more money to be made in the USA? How does that throw away from my points? I mean, you are floundering throwing points that have nothing to do with anything.

    For the last time, MBF. If Beckham takes home 120,000 a week. Thats, 5.7 million POUNDS approximately a year. That is practically 10 million dollars a year. I don’t know what his percentage is on his shirt deal, and I stress, this is diff from sponsorship deals with companies like Adidas. I also stress that this is after tax. Now, what brought up this part of my argument is you, ignorantly thinking that soccer players were the poor qhwn compared to American sports stars. I am assuring you that they are equal and in some cases richer. You can believe what you want. It makes no difference.

    Why don’t you try and find out how much Nike pay an American sports star in comparison to Ronaldo? Or how much they pay an Adidas star in comparison to Beckham? LOL. Soccer stars have world appeal. They can be marketed everywhere and THAT is the point. Not too many people can name 2 American football stars, but all over the world, the top soccer stars are as famous as Madonna and Michael Jackson. In fact, Beckham arrived in Japan and China and the tourist industry said and I quote” It’s like Madonna and MJ arriving together” that was the alleged impact. We know the Chinese have cash to spend that’s why we love them. That’s why film stars and sporting stars go and do tacky ads for 10 seconds and pick up huge cheques.

    Both of you are the ones going around calling people maggots and hooligans. What’s the problem? What is all the inner anger about?!

    I have stated my opinion. It certainly will not and can not be changed by two people of the likes of MBF and Doug because you just seem angry. Doug..look.. I don’t care if you played American Football, Rugby, Hockey, Basketball…what have you! If you have no sense..you have no sense.

    I can assure you that my “rants” will not appear as childish jokes to any sporting business man and seeing as you are a failed sportsman in ANY sport and by your comments, certainly a failed business man, you wouldn’t know a sporting business man if he sat on your face. So forgive me if I don’t take your word for what they would think of my comments.

    Nice joke Dr Pat. By the way, what did u see in the wife that made you realise he was right? Just curious.

  • DrPat, love it! Yes, I see club rugby players with bumper stickers that say “Rugby players do it with leather balls”.

    Oh sorry for being an asshole punk (see #40) but hell, some maniacal name calling to join the rest of the barbs thrown on this thread was only fitting.

    Oh, Sandra, British football style is may favorite and most learned. All the Brits that made it to Seattle in the early 60s (drafted by Boeing) had a big influence in stepping up the quality of junior soccer play.

    I learned how to win games on Sundays with a Saturday night hangover. The Brits are the best still…


  • Sandra, we were told in South Africa (where each mine had a rugby team) that it takes leather balls to play rugby.

    One apprentice friend got into trouble trying to decline the “invitation” to play. He said, “I’ve got better use for my balls than rugby!” I met his wife, and he was right!

    Oh, and Bend It Like Beckham does refer to this Beckham, the idol of the main character, a girl who wants to play soccer despite her family’s opinion of the proper place for women.

  • MFB

    I actually like soccer. I played about six season’s many years ago. I watch a bit of it too when I get the chance. I just like to give people like that some shit when they babble on.

    It takes tremendous talent to play at the highest level in any pro sport. Talent that I don’t have.

  • Dude, I know…I just had to join the comic relief of it all. Sandra was starting to get on my nerves…

    But yeah, the extrapolating (sp?) of figures is different, like the taxation feature and merchandising woven into the base contract (unlike the USA, which is a seperate contract from a different corporation, etc.). Anyway they have different ways of squeezing out the money which is effectively the same for all super athletes. The best way to figure it is to evaluate what the athletes actual net worth is.

    But in the USA, athletics is big money. Look at Shaq or A-Rod. Holy shit!

    Anyway, I’m a maggot brain too!

    peace and goddamn love with some fucking guidance…..

  • MFB

    Dude, I’m just stateing the fact’s as I found them. That includes that buffoonery ‘bend it lkbeck’ of a movie. I’m getting a laugh. I’m sorry if everyone is getting their beckham loving panties in a wad.
    peaceloveandfuckyourself! Maggot?

    Hell Peyton Manning made more in one stroke of a pen than fagnaldo/beckham together the last two years combined.

  • Also, you know nothing about the physical needs of USA Football vs. Rugby. I know you don’t care. That is all just simple denial. Let me put it this way, Your average lineman in USA Football is 300 lbs, can pench press 500 lbs., can run 40 yards in 5 seconds, is very flexible and eats phonebooks for breakfast. And more…

    Any professional rugby player would have a hell of a time completing an “NFL combine” (test of physical abilities). Try doing ‘pyramids’ at 85%. You have no clue what that is, but it is part of the picture.


  • OK, OK, OK, I’ll join the fight. First of all, Sandra, MLF, I officially will call you both “arrogant moron jackass fucking bastard-bitch maggots”

    OK, as far as the money goes, there are different ways of cutting contracts. On the whole, it all works out the same.

    Sandra, you “refer to above definition”, it ain’t a pipedream. I know way more about the game than u do for sure. Besides simple things like creating “offside traps”, “through balls”, switches”, etc. (not from an airchair, but actually setting it up and doing it on the field).

    To any sports business man, your rants are childish joke business. Funny how Manchester United had a starting AMERICAN goalkeeper (with Premier League shutouts to his credit). And Mr. Howard is only one of many in europe in a starting position. Funny how the USA has qualified and posted quite well in the last couple of World Cups.

    Anyway, all I can say is eat shit you maggot fuckers.


  • MFB

    I don’t have to do any math I’ve already found the proof I need within Fifa and other european outlets. Maybe after endorsements and that fucking hair-brained ‘harlequinade’ of a movie, the stupid son of a bitch might have cleared $15Million. That is if all of those preteen teeny boppers actually paid to see bend it like Beckham. My guess is that half snuck in.

    You need to spare yourself the fucking tears because those weak bastards will never make close to what American athletes make. Let’s see Beckham’s lame ass go head to head with an NFL player, he’d shit on himself. Notice that I spelled european with a little ‘e’ cause that’s the way it is.

  • Sandra Smallson

    The likes of Beckham and Ronaldo are paid b/w 100,000 pounds to 150,000 pounds A WEEK after tax. You do the math. That’s for actually playing football. The likes of Ronaldo et al, get a percentage from their respective clubs of shirt sales with their numbers and names on them, and whatever other souvenir they have going. This is not including their personal sponsorship deals with Adidas/Nike and the rest. Therefore, whatever you looked up is either wrong or you misunderstand what it is actually telling you. My summary is absolutely correct.

    It is my view that Rugby is a far tougher sport to play than American Football. I don’t care what Roosevelt or whoever else did about helmets and pads. It’s quite simple really..if a sport involves people tackling each other, knocking them down with brute force and on one hand some wear padding and on the other, the others don’t, I don’t need statistics or scientists to tell me which one is more dangerous. I have no figures regarding rugby injuries but I am sure there have been lots.

    I certainly have seen bloodied men stretchered off and swollen heads bandaged as they soldier on.
    I never claimed any specialist knowledge on American football..but I don’t need to have specialist knowledge to know that when Deon Sanders is knocked down, he has padding to cushion his fall, and when Martin Johnson in Rugby is knocked down, his head and whole body practically bounce off the pitch with nothing for protection.

    Mind you, I don’t know where you get the impression that I am brawling with MBF…re: your “hooligan” comments. Don’t get angry that one can’t help you with this pipedream of yours. I wish you all the luck in the world.

  • #35, MCH, good way to put it. Already out here in the outlying Seattle area we have had a kid or two already die this year. Every football season is just a case of “who is gonna be killed off this year?” True,true true. Every year, people die playing the game WITH FULL PADDING ON from amature to professional rankings!

    USA football is the modern day version of sending ’em to the Lions in ancient coliseum’s.

  • But, MLF and Sandra, OK, International Futbol is the worlds biggest sport. For good reason, it is the peoples sport, a common language. It is very pure. Shit I won’t get into it. I probably posted it in comments ABOVE.


    As an American who has had the advantage of being bred in an American sports system with great soccer credentials (40 years worth), I do have a very good plan….The bottom line–being good equals money, anywhere…


  • MCH

    Re comments 29 and 31;

    Just for the record, in 1904, when they still wore leather helmets and flimsy padding (and before professional football), 18 deaths occurred in the United States in high school and college football games. The sport was on the verge of being banned, if not for the intervention of president Teddy Roosevelt.

  • Why ask such a stupid fucking question? David Beckham is a footballer! Der.

  • OK,OK,OK!!!! You know, MLF and Snadra, maybe you two hooligans (metaphor…) can go hang out in a pub and shout it out.

    Wouldn’t that be great? Almost as good as putting Robert Downey Jr., Courtney Love and Scott Weiland in a crack house with only one piece of crack and watch them fight over it.

    Very true, USA athletes are where the big sports money is, like in music. Breaking into the Americn market will make you very rich. But, Manchester United is the world’s biggest sports entity. Way bigger than the Yankees. The USA has better sports unions. Who is getting the dollar? Addressed to all athletes not from the USA…

    but that is all for another blog to answer.

    peaceloveguidance (goddammit Sandra and MLF! Nikki says my word is good)

  • MFB

    I searched a few sites and found that the fag Ronaldo, and Beckham were the highest paid in the range of $5 to $7 million. The rest was way less in the low to mid six figure range. Soccer will never compete with ny American sports when it comes to $$$.

  • Sandra, good of you to put the money thing in perspective.

    But one thing that alot of people don’t understand. Rugby is WIMPY compared to USA Football. Don’t worry, I played both. In American Football, padding must be worn, or the would be many deaths everygame. I’m not kidding. American football is a very complex bloodsport. Any world level rugby player would have a very difficult time playing American football. The type of contact made in Rugby is for girly men, hehehe.

    Good for setting MLF straight. But you really don’t have a clue about American football vs. rugby. The conditioning standards for US football are so extreme. Put an unpadded US football team against a rugby team. The rugby team would learn what getting the hell beat out of ya really is.

    Anyway, any of ya that think rugby is tougher is way off base. Gotta alot to learn on that one…


  • MFB

    I’m bored too but I want waste as much time as you.

    Take whatever shithole of a contry your from and wipe your cunt with it. The Us and US sports is better, bottomline, get over it!

  • Sandra Smallson

    MFB, after reading your response, I’m not even sure if you are worth the bother but I’m bored so I will respond:)

    Suffice to say your monetary figures are ignorant. You haven’t a clue the big bucks soccer players make on the pitch let alone off the pitch. Might I also remind you that due to your current president..60million dollars is now 30MILLION pounds..approximately half..LOL. So each time you see a soccer player making 30 million at the end of the yr after tax..or 20 million..he is earning in the regions of your so called 60million which I know is spread over several years.

    How much did Kobe get for 7 yrs to stay at the Lakers? 100plus million dollars. Thats about 50plus million pounds. A top soccer player equivalent to Kobe’s superstar status can make that AFTER tax, in half the time it takes Kobe to tie his ass to the Lakers give or take a year. So what are you on about?!

    As for taking the whole world to get more viewers than your Superbowl? What nonsense! It takes only the continent of Asia and Soccer already has more viewers than the SuperBowl…my point was to stress the popularity of the sport as in participation and viewer figures. If we are dealing on viewer figures only, the Superbowl is no competition for Soccer, worldwide and that’s a fact.

    This is not about my football is better than yours. This is about putting straight a person who for some reason has taken out his lack of interest in Beckahm by disparaging the sport of soccer.

    I couldn’t care less about American Football better known as RUGBY FOR WIMPS on these shores. Your sport is rugby with a helmet and pads..my dear man. American Football is like Rugby as far as physical contact is concerned if not more so on the rugby front. Over here where the big boys play, we don’t need helmets or pads to protect. It’s Man-to-Man. So while you are on this adrenalin rush of bravado..simmer down a bit. You know nothing significant about soccer and your bravado is misguided and misplaced.

  • #23 MFB, are you for real?

  • It is all just hype that sells the game in a modern era. It is no different than hype overkill of USA athletes. So what!?

    Anyway, we have Adu.


  • MFB

    “And why would Beckham want America when America doesn’t want him? It’s simple: ego. Beckham is beloved the world over except the United States. He’s on a mission to change that. I say good luck.”

    This last past of the post say’s it best. Big fucking deal. Beckham ain’t gonna happen in any big way here. End!

  • #24. Ok, here is the deal. Major teams, say Manchester, Liverpool, etc. do the 35,000-55,000 per match. In the USA 5-6 matches are played at home. Soccer (a game that it is humanly possible to play more than 10-20 games a season). Soccer plays many more matches a season. Say Division 3 teams
    will draw 10,000. They are from smaller towns. Anyway, the money thing.

    What is everyone so fucking hyped about? “my football is better than your football, nnnnnaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!

    Oh yes, there are many BIG paychecks in professional soccer. I don’t know who has the top contract. $100,000,000 shows up every once in a while…


  • MFB

    Oh and where I’m from there is no less than 104,000 people on college football weekends and 75,000 for NFL.

    Oh and I think even 10,000 is a big stretch for an average game.

  • MFB


    It takes the whole fucking world to watch a goddamn soccer game to pass the superbowl. If we’re lucky maybe a few of those arena’s will collapse with a bunch of those smelly assed euopean drunk fuckers in them.
    How many $60 milion contracts in soccer? 0! Probably not even a $2million. David Beckham my white ass. Damn spice-girl loving fag!

  • Sandra, you ROCK! Uh, well, almost. Let me put some detail in perspective. International Futbol on a world level actually would benefit from the USA being involved. It is showing as more and more Americans are making an impact in Europe. Casey Keller to start.

    As far as European teams coming to America. It is about money. When Manchester United played here in Seattle vs. Celtic, 70,000 seats sold at $125 a ticket. Gate fee is part of the picture. Making sense? You mention piddly crowds of 10,000. That is actually more like the world average attendence. The rub is that the USA expects more, like 50,000 a game to keep itself happy. That is the American problem, soccer doesn’t need to be that big to get over.

    Here in Seattle, Manchester United just opened the first youth training facility for the USA. I guess a few more are planned in the USA. Why Seattle? It has been organized on a high level out here for a long time. I have 40 years of hardcore playing experience. Kids out here now have grandparents that know the game well. We do have that ‘in the blod’ factor going this way. I know I could kick the ball around with Beckham and not be laughed out of the picture. I can bend the ball as good as anyone, Beckham included. Professional opportunities were not available in my time. I have a wicked shot on goal that rates with the best.

    I wish I had 10million dollars to invest in an MLS franchise. Being an American who has played tens of thousands of hours of soccer against quality enuf competition, I do have something figured out that could put the USA on the world front as far as playing very attractive soccer. Something that would give the USA a known style. Right now there is no recognizable style in USA play.

    Anyway Sandra, all I can say is “look out”, the USA is going to be a tough competitor in the sport on a world level. In the USA, we want alot, not just more. Get it? Just some tweeking of details to do.


  • Sandra Smallson

    Soccer is the most popular sport all over the world. My favourite sport is tennis. Still, I am aware that soccer is the most popular all over the world.It is not popular in America because Americans are not good at it. That’s the bottom line.

    Heaven forbid that something they are not very good at is the major sport the world over. Don’t give me that crap about your womens team either. More people watch cricket than watch women’s soccer.

    It doesn’t matter if soccer doesn’t make it big in America because it doesn’t have to. The World Cup has more viewers all over the world than any other sporting event, including your superbowl and what have you.

    More people play soccer all over the world than baseball, hockey and “American football” combined. I put American football in inverted commas because it is actually called football in the rest of the world but America and one or two others.

    For the person who had no clue what the leagues are called..let me expand your sporting knowledge even though you don’t give a toss..Premier league(England) La Liga(Spain) Serie A (Italy) Bundesliga(Germany) Scottish Premier League(Scotland) J League(Japan) and so on and so forth.

    I don’t think Americans should be force fed football either. You have enough going on that you clearly find more interesting. Why ACMilan, Juventus and all the big European clubs bother to travel your way and play matches escapes me, but I guess if there are companies willing to pay them to come over, they could not care less if it’s only 10,000 watching. They are not paid by the gate fee.

    They take the cash and run. Come over to the rest of the world where the big boys play and use that cash to buy players, improve their grounds or whatever else. If you guys catch on, thats great, if you don’t, that’s great too. American lack of interest in soccer/football is no loss to the game.

    As for Beckham, he just wants to be famous. I used to love him but recent reports of reckless philandering has taken the shine off him for me and right now I could not care less about his actions on or off the field.

  • jo, good job. It actually does put things in perspective. It is a world game. The world is much bigger than just the USA.

    For instance, during their day, who was better known on a world level, Pele or Micheal Jordan? Of course, the answer is Pele, hands down by a major amount.

    Manchester United is the worlds biggest sporting franchise. Way more money than the NY Yankees.

    Some Americans have got to get out of their ‘arrogance capsule”. Anyway, you get the picture….


  • jo

    David Beckham is one of the most respected athletes in the world, author your opinion is shyte!

  • Mark, you got it on that one. One name, Pete Rosell, that ol’ NFL executive that really got sports television to the level it is today.

    In baseball TV gets to cut to commercials every half an inning. Golf can cut anytime thanks to editing, etc. Soccer, I know that when I’m watching on FOX World Sports (channel 401 out here) I will change the channel for a minute and miss a goal or something crucial. It always happens. The nature of the game. Conversely, if I don’t change the channel, nothing happens.


  • yea guys, i think that’s really what i was getting at with the ‘major’ aspect of the sport. it’s lack of tv-appeal.

    though all of this is kinda weird, because i can watch baseball and golf for hours…and both sport have tons of ‘dead air’ time, so to speak.

  • Phil, very true about the television aspect of things. And the problem with soccer is that it is very difficult to broadcast because of advertising. The game runs continuous with no time-outs or stoppage of the clock, even when a player is mutilated on the field and has to have his carcass dragged away. The clock keeps running. The referee just adds on time at the end of regulation time to make up for such lost time during the match. Anyway, no time to cut away for an advertisement. If that was done during playing time there is a good chance that a crucial part of the match would be missed.

    I’m with you on that one.


  • Douglas (#12): Good point. Hockey is hardly seen as a “major” sport here in the US on a good day, and the Dallas Stars sell out 18,000 tickets 41 times (home games) a year, with another 41 road games that probably do nearly as well. That’s 738,000 tickets just here in Dallas, before the playoffs start! The Dallas Cowboys, meanwhile, play only eight home games each year, and while I’m not sure *exactly* how many seats are in Texas Stadium, it would take 92,250 of them *each game* to match the number of tickets sold each year for the Stars.

    So if the football and hockey teams sell roughly the same number of tickets each year (both of them far outstripping either indoor or outdoor soccer, of course), why is football a “major” sport and hockey a “minor” sport?


    Compare the ratings for the NHL Stanley Cup Finals with the Superbowl or the World Series, and there is your answer. Hockey (or soccer) will be considered a major sport when people watch it on television, and that simply isn’t going to happen. It’s not the sort of sport most people watch on television.

  • Joe, good question about Freddy Adu. hhhmmm…I say the kid is good, but could fall victim to the American overkill machine. Hopefully he will just keep his eye on the game and will improve to be a true superstar as he grows up. Say when he is 23 years old, his body is developed and his skills are extreme, yeah, the guy can be a superstar. Although, there is a kid here in Washington State, just east of the mountains (Seattle is west of the Cascade range) that is claimed to be at least as good as Adu. Freddy should adopt a one name thing, like Pele, Renoldo, etc. ADU!!!

    Soccer is a sport that taps onto the youth. Look at Michael Owen in England. He was quite young when he got picked up professionally.

    Oh, regarding overhype. The USA has to look out for that one. The NASL of the 70’s and early 80’s basically bought itself out of existance. But man, they had some great players.

    Oh man, look at how long my comments are. You can tell I’m a soccer junkie. It pisses off the wife sometimes. “Change the channel!” she says.

    Thanx man,

  • Joe

    Do you think the emergence of Freddy Adu will have an impact? If he lives up to expectations, he could be the first American soccer superstar.

  • Oh, Mark, to answer your statement “I see no evidence that it will ever be a major sport here”.

    OK, to put it all in perspective, we have the question of what qualifies as major? In the USA football stadiums draw 60,000 people to a match. Here in Seattle the Mariners (baseball) right now are drawing 35,000 people a game. Soccer, worldwide doesn’t draw that much. Only on specific matches do the huge crowds come out (World Cup, FA Final, etc.). In general, maybe 15,000 to 30,000 is the average attendance to a league match most anywhere. Manchester has a higher attendance, etc. Lower division teams may draw 5000-10,000 a match.

    The point being is that no, soccer will not be major in the American sense of things. It doesn’t need to be to survive and be successful and develope world-class players etc. We are the nation of many nations, so the USA better get on the ball. That is the problem with the MLS, it is overhyping itself and needs to of the American public. Attendance-wise, all it needs to do is draw that basketball-baseball level of people and things will be alright.

    OK, I love the game and I could yak for hours about many aspects of it. But I’ll shut up now unless there is a good point to respond to.

    Thanx people,

  • Aaron! Right on! Yah, I pretty much play British style soccer. Create space, use the real estate, push the ball around. Draw the other team to one side of the field then lay a cross on them, etc…

    You know who I liked during the mid 90s was Stan Collimore (sp?) when he played for Liverpool. I love taking shots from the perimeter 15-30 yards out from the goal. Didn’t Stan loose his mind for a while?

    What about Micheal Owen, Alan Sherrer(sp?) etc. Aaahhh, Beckham has the looks and rock star status. Oh, he can play quite well also. He is a master setting up the play (see above style of play). It sure sucked in the World Cup in France when he was carded and sent off. A harsh decision, referee!!!! England was gaining momentum and could have won to advance to the next series. I can’t remember who they were playing.

    Anyway, blah blah blah,

  • Joe, good find. The main question here is the criteria. the ESPN list is based mainly on the ‘getting the shit beat out of you’ factor. The physical demand we are looking at is on the actual energy expended. Calories, electrolytes, etc. ESPN based their list on the manly extreme killing each other idea. If this were the old west, gun fighting would win. Or midevil times, jousting. Suprised to see rodeo so low on the ESPN list. I mean, those guys have to have their retinas reattached in their eyes!

    For example, freestyle wrestling. Ever do that one? Sometimes that can be a hell of a workout. You just have to last a few 3 minute rounds though. Football? There is a good reason there are only 16 games a season. It is humanly impossible to do much more. Oh god, the pain the next day after a game. But you get to stop and walk every 10 seconds after a play.

    That is the deal I think. Soccer, 90 minutes, no time outs, clock continues to run throughout the match. Player contact is low. The better you get, the less you hit each other. As kids, you bruise the hell out of each other. But that factor has nothing to do with the physical demand evaluation. The goalkeeper doesn’t run much but has to be mentally aware and get clobbered every so often. Midfielders have to run their asses off till they puke and keep their senses together the whole time.

    Anyway, the criterea is the crucial factor in this question.

    Thanx man,

  • I happen to live in a soccer crazy part of the U.S., so I must disagree with one of the legs of Niraj’s argument.

    I also believe Niraj is underestimating the pull of celebrity. If you talk to the kind of people who actually buy the tabloids at the supermarket (instead of just peeking at them) there is a kind of obsession for them. They do not care what the celebrity does, if the person has landed in the spotlight of fame, they’re on him or her. (How else to explain Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie?) And, if the vapidity of the target matches theirs, it is a marriage made in heaven. Beckham is probably important to millions of people who just know he is a celebrity.

  • Wow, can i just say, as a citizen of the United UK or whatever, it is unbearably delightful to see an article titled “Who Is David Beckham?”
    I never thought i’d see such a sight.
    It is quite odd, i must admit. I mean, where are the vanity fair articles for Paul Scholes or whoever else plays the football kicking?

  • Narij, what a shallow, self absorbed article. Statements like “nobody gives a damn about soccer” sure needs you getting a finger on the pulse of the public.

    this is something that soccer purists have been saying for years….but i see no evidence that it’ll ever be a major sport here.

  • PW, good question. This is one of those statistics that came out of the 70’s when athletic medicine and sports psychology were on the upswing.

    For instance, American football is pure physical demand, especially if you are a running back, puking blood after practice, getting hit all the time. Or how about a tri-athalon?

    Anyway, I have always wondered also when I first heard that stat from many sports medicine sources. I think it has something to do with expended energy or something. Soccer, think of it as doing 9 miles of 100 yard dashes. Motocross, you are using your whole body to control a 200 lb. lots of h.p. machine over rough terrain.

    Anyway, I have always wondered about that exacting detail also. All I can say is having played many organized sports I would have to agree, soccer is a hell of a workout.

    Thanx man,

  • Joe

    Actually, ESPN did an analysis that had soccer at tenth for overall degree of difficulty.

  • Douglas — who decides, exactly, what is the world’s most physically demanding sport, and using what criteria?

  • Oh, did you know that soccer is the world’s most physically demanding sport? Motocross is #2. a typical player runs 7-9 miles a game, at an extreme pace!!! At about the 70th minute of a match they say that it feels like the 20th mile of running a marathon.

    Oh, it is also the international language (like music or something). I have been able to pull out a soccer ball around people who can’t even speak English and wah-lah! We are kicking around like we have been hanging out for years.


  • Narij, what a shallow, self absorbed article. Statements like “nobody gives a damn about soccer” sure needs you getting a finger on the pulse of the public.

    OK, my story. In 1965 my family moved from Illinois to Seattle when I was 7 years old. I get out here and find out all the kids played soccer. I didn’t even know what the game was. We played everyday at recess. I join a team, the Newport Huskies. We ended up being good, winning continuos state championships year after year. By the time I was out of 6th grade I had over 1000 hours of playing experience. By the time I was 14 I discovered I could smoke any USA college player in the land (so could most any of the thousands who played around here). I played my way through college and have had a few professional tryouts in the USA.

    In the 70s there was a pro-league in the USA (NASL) that brought many overseas players to the US, including Pele. He is the Michael Jordan of soccer. Now, you might have heard that name, like people in other countries have heard of MJ. When Pele first came to town he commented “these people really know their soccer.” Here in Seattle the local pro team (Seattle Sounders of the NASL) averaged 25,000 per game attendance in the late 70s. Nobody you say?

    Last summer Manchester United, the worlds richest sports franchise (bigger than the NY Yankees) toured the USA with exhibition matches. Here in Seattle it sold out well in advance. Nearly 70,000 people attended with tickets going for up to $125. Revenue.

    David Beckham is currently the darling of sports marketing. Can you dig it now? Soccer (International Futbol) is my #1 sport. American Football is #2. All other sports fall behind that. I keep up with the Sonics, Mariners, Storm (WNBA). Hey, curling is cool. I occasionally watch that. But soccer, I watch it all the time on one of my many cable TV channels. I understand it deeply.

    The USA is finally catching on a bit. The current pro league (MLS) kinda sux but is improving. Should be able to hang in there on a world level in a few years.

    So Niraj, get a clue. I could ramble on forever about styles of play between various countries, classic matches, etc.. It is the worlds #1 sport for good reason. It is a game I will play till I die. In the meantime it keeps me in pretty good shape. It is finally breaking ground in the USA, a country with so many sports that it is having a hard time keeping up.


  • Hmmmm. That name sounds familiar. Does he have a brother? I think I’ve heard of him. Benditlike Beckham?

    I played little league soccer from the age of 5 – 12 and I still have no interest whatsoever in watching, reading, or even thinking about the… hmmm, what is it even called? The PSL? PSA? MLS? NSL?