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Who Indeed: Music Choices’ Who is the Certified Boss? Jay-Z vs. Diddy

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In case you didn’t know… consider yourself informed! There is a place you can go to vote and let your opinion be known concerning particular cultural phenomenon that may leave some stumped. Seriously, there is an avenue out there that gives fans the opportunity to vote on which artist, they believe, is at the top of their game. Music Choice On Demand compares today’s most popular artists on their search to find who is the best of the best. On their most recent episode, Music Choices' Certified asks “Who is the Certified Boss?” Jay-Z vs. Diddy?

Let’s be honest, people, this is a good question! What baffles me is how in the world anyone can decide. Well, Certified, does a great job of breaking it down in order to allow fans to build it back up and make a decision. As stated in the video, Jay-Z and Diddy are the #1 and #2 money makers on the Forbes list of hip-hop mogul success stories. However, Certified takes it a step further and actually shows fans considering which mogul has achieved the American dream, who has the better clothing line, and which discovered the best acts in music. Some fans even go as far as to analyze which has the better lady on their arm.

Eventually, the discussion comes down to how either of these celebs will be able to end their game, or if they will, for that matter. What we do know is that neither is ending their game right now, Jay-Z has recently released Blue Print 3 and Diddy’s highly anticipated, Last Train to Paris, is right around the corner. But, before the latter drops, Certified segment "Sound Off," allows fans to draw their own conclusions on which one is the standout trend-setter. Previous to the wrap up of this debate, fans line up to hear Certified’s panel expert give her final analysis before they cast their final vote.

Want to cast your vote. Music Choices’ Certified Who is the Certified Boss? Jay-Z vs. Diddy can be seen at the Music Choice website. Last I checked, Diddy was beating Jay-Z, 57% to 43%. I cast my vote after watching, I suggest you watch and cast yours too.

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