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Who Can Bush Blame?

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I know we’d all love to discuss Janet’s Boob for hours. I mean, it’s a lot less depressing than to think about the state of the Nation. However, we must be vigilant.

The real news today is this:Bush announces outside probe of Iraq intelligence. Well, finally, it seems that people are starting to realize that the Bush Administration got something very wrong. There were no WMD’s in Iraq. There was no smoking gun and the American public was misled in going to war with Iraq. There is a lot of egg on many faces but the most interesting thing is that now they are trying to find heads to roll. Interestingly enough, its not “Bush’s fault” for having bad intelligence, but the agencies of the FBI and the CIA. The Bush administration only acted on intelligence that he received from the FBI and CIA. Agencies that he had great faith in at one time, even saying:

“I have great confidence in our FBI and CIA,” the President said in
Berlin, adding that he feels the agencies are already improving their
information sharing practices. “

So we cant blame Bush for a huge mistake such as this- Or can we?

It seems odd that after a Congressional Report in February of 2002, stating a lot of the failures of the FBI and CIA that could have prevented 9/11, after the various warning signs that intelligence might not have been up to par (see links at bottom of post), or that the FBI and CIA were even working well together, one would not make the decision to commit to war.

But go to war in Iraq we did, with George W. Bush issuing the following quote before the invasion:

Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt
that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most
lethal weapons ever devised. This regime has already used weapons of
mass destruction against Iraq’s neighbors and against Iraq’s people.

The regime has a history of reckless aggression in the Middle East. It
has a deep hatred of America and our friends. And it has aided,
trained and harbored terrorists, including operatives of al Qaeda.

The danger is clear: using chemical, biological or, one day, nuclear
weapons, obtained with the help of Iraq, the terrorists could fulfill
their stated ambitions and kill thousands or hundreds of thousands of
innocent people in our country, or any other.

And off to war did the Bush administration take us. After a quick route, Iraq was ours, but even then, there were cracks in the façade and unanswered questions. Still, even after all the reports of problems, after all the warnings, after all of the questions, Bush relied on his “intelligence”, saying in July of 2003:

“I take personal responsibility for everything I say, of course.”

And now, it looks like he was wrong. The American public was mislead, and it’s not his fault but the fault of his “intelligence”.

The funny thing is that he is at the same time right, and the same time wrong in this assessment. He wants a full investigation. “By setting up the investigation himself, Bush will have greater control over its membership and mandate.” After everything that has happened, I am not sure that is wise. Frankly, after all the other deceptions, I don’t think Bush is responsible (or honest) enough to do this.

The best way I can compare this is to football which is also somewhat fitting at the moment. A coach calls a play on what he thinks the other team is going to do. He calls this play maybe on his personal observations or maybe from viewing video files of the other team in action. The thing is that if he calls the wrong play, the worst that can happen is that he looses the game. If he looses too many games, he will loose his job.

In the case of George W. Bush, he called a “preemptive-” war based on faulty intelligence. Intelligence that he was aware may not have been good from the very beginning. The problem in this case is that the United States didn’t lose a game, it lost lives- both American and Iraqi. I dare say more innocent than not. In the meantime, Bush has plundered the treasury, and created laws that infringe on the civil rights of all Americans. This was done all in the name of a “bad call, a “mistake, or “faulty intelligence”.

It certainly destroys his case for “preemptive” war.

It is irresponsible.
It is inexcusable.
It ruins all of George W. Bush’s credibility.

At the end of the baseball season, a lot of managers were fired for not taking their team to the World Series, or for having so many losses and not enough wins.

The Bush Administration has lost life.
The Bush Administration has lost money with a deficit of 521 billion projected for fiscal year 2004.

Think about what the parents, widows, widowers, and children of dead service men and women are thinking and feeling as these “intelligence failures” are coming to light.

These are all things to think about and remember when November comes around.

Feel free to download and use the following images if you like:

FBI Issues and 9/11, BBC Newsnight, (Date Unknown)(You will need Real Player to play this report)
Partial Transcript of Above Report

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Whistleblower Complains of FBI Obstruction, FoxNews.com, May 30, 2002

Bush Opposes 9/11 Query Panel, CBSNews.com, May 23, 2002

CIA Says FBI Told of Eventual Hijacker as Congressional Probe of 9/11 Failures Opens, FoxNews.com, June 04, 2002

Report: FBI, CIA need overhaul, CNN.com, July 17, 2002

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