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Who Are These “Best Sports Weblogs?”

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2010 Weblog AwardsLargely unspoken among blogging's many benefits is the masturbatory reward through obtaining recognition from others. The Weblog Awards (the TENTH! annual Weblog Awards) are one such example of achievement that any blogger would love to have. A large group of people just said you're the best at something. Nobody hates that.

But it's with this pure concept in mind that I must ask: what the hell are these five blogs nominated for best sports weblog?

Three of the five — Bike Snob NYC, Fat Cyclist, and Steve in a Speedo!? Gross! — are cycling blogs. A fourth, Up in Alaska, is about an Ironman triathlete, so technically 3 1/3 are bike-related. The soccer blog The Offside rounds out the nominees.

(Aside: how long have I been with BC … almost six years? Throughout the tenure, I couldn't count the number of times I explained to newbies that, no, it's not a website that criticizes blogs. It's not really even a blog anymore. I mean, we're all bloggers, and we critique the world around us, but … man, we should really change our name. And here I am today, being critical of blogs.)

Without reading any of these blogs, it would be disingenuous to declare that none are deserving. They probably are. Considering that Fat Cyclist and Bike Snob NYC are even up for Best Writing (Fat Cyclist is also a Weblog of the Year candidate) that further demonstrates their qualifications.

One could point at the pretentiousness of an award organization that gives out copious nominations to cycling blogs and still freely uses the word "weblog." ("Dial into the Information Superhighway to cast your vote!") But the less offensive question is: where are all the other major players? Did somebody omit all those football/basketball/baseball/hockey/MMA/golf/NASCAR/ blogs that countless people read every day?

I'm not sure how to interpret this. Perhaps the loyal communities of all the revenue-sports blog readers just don't care that much to nominate their folder o' bookmarks. It's entirely possible that these five blogs in particular stand out because a lot of the mainstream-y and team/sport-oriented blogs all proffer the same subjects, just with different flavors and styles. Conversely, how many blogs delve into Alaskan biking? Perhaps this is the best time for me to start up that blog about being a washed up college curling legend who now writes sports articles on the Internet.

Maybe originality is exactly what the Bloggies crave. Then again, look at the gossip blog nominations.

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